Striving For Better

Multiple topics covered aiming to help men improve their lives.


how to face your fear of joining a gym

Joining A Gym

Want to join a gym but don’t know where to begin? Here is a good article on what to expect.

relaxing hobbies

Relaxing Hobbies

A look at our list of relaxing hobbies for men to enjoy. Recommendations? Let us know!

best mens leather watches


Our recommendations on great looking wristwatches that don’t break the bank account.

twitch streaming equipment

Twitch Streaming

A guide to what equipment/software you need to get started with streaming on Twitch

Testosterone plays a vital part in men, far more than most men realize.

Follow my TRT journey 

The Art of Dating

Get expert advice on dating, relationships & even bedroom tips from experts in this field. 

Getting In Shape

There is so much fitness information on the web that it’s mentally exhausting trying to figure out where to even begin. We want to help you just get started with getting in better shape, then introduce new tiers of new information as you progress, rather than all at once.

Knowledge Is Powerful

Recommended Books/Podcasts/YouTubes

We have put together a list of the podcasts, books & YouTube channels that we recommend for men to check out. This is a wide range of categories that will help men better themselves through their everyday lives.

Take Pride In Your Looks

How you look says a lot about you as a person. Not just in the dating scene but through all aspects in life. Take pride in how you look.