Find A Date: Where Is The Best Places To Meet Single Women


Chatting up a pretty girl can already be a difficult task for most guys but something that makes it even harder is finding them to even begin with.

This Is why I decided to write this article to discuss the best places to meet single women. I realize online dating sites have become the major trend here lately but I think so many people are burnt out on them, guys and girls included.

For this article we’re going to focus mainly on actual physical places (not bars or clubs) to meet women as opposed to logging into all of these different dating sites or the new dating app.

Just forget they even exist, at least for the sake of this article.

Meeting Women At The Dog Park

My absolute favorite spot is the dog park for many reasons. First women love dogs and the ones that bring them to the dog park are usually good looking.

A major perk of meeting women at the dog park is it that it’s super easy to strike up a conversation with them which is half of the battle. Just compliment their dog or ask what breed it is.

This can get a conversation rolling and a lot of times the ladies will actually come up to you (not necessarily to meet you but to pet your dog).

I suggest that you actually bring a dog with you, not just go there to try to pick up girls.

The dog park is great but what makes it great is actually having your dog with you (he or she) is your best wing man so don’t leave them at home!

Meeting Women At The Grocery Store

I’d say there is at least one good looking girl in the grocery store in every time I go, sometimes it’s an employee but most of the time it being another customer.

A great thing about meeting them at the grocery store is that you can get within conversation distance easily without looking like you’re actually trying to hit on them.

Just pretend you’re shopping for something in the same isle that they’re in unless they’re buying female products which will probably just make it obvious to them what you’re doing.

Games & Practice

This one requires you to have a either a kid, niece, nephew or maybe a god-kid. Being at your kids practice (assuming your single) is a great way to chat up moms who are also single.

The best part about this is usually all parents get in a text messaging group with each other to be updated with whats going on practice/game wise.

I don’t recommend texting one you’re interested in until they actually show some interest in you and until you know they’re single.

This could make for a very long season if you don’t.

Getting Dates At Work

First off I do NOT recommend dating co workers for many reasons in which I’ll cover in an article just for that topic.

However if you work with the public or meet with different clients here and there then this could be a good way to get your foot in the door with potential dates.

I would recommend walking a line of caution here because “sexual harassment” is very serious in the workplace and many people interpret things in different ways or at least that’s what they’ll tell HR anyways so be very careful here.

Also what happens if you make a move on a co-worker and she rejects you? You have to deal with seeing her however often which usually means awkward occasions from that moment on. Just food for thought.

Picking Up Women At The Gym

There are many good reasons that make picking up a date from a girl at your gym a smart choice and also a lot of bad ones. I will list both and let you decide if the pros out way the cons here.

The Pros

  • Getting A Good Pump Can Make You Look Better
  • The Gym Allows The Women To Start Conversations (What Does This Do?)
  • Large Amount Of Potential Candidates
  • Allows You To Show Off Without Showing Off

The Cons

  • More Competition Between Other Males
  • Rejection Can Lead To Future Awkward Encounters

On second thought I don’t think the gym is a good place for picking up women.

Meeting Ladies At Clothing Stores

I know most men don’t go shopping for clothes no where near the amount of time that women do but you can use that to your advantage.

There are so many potential opening liners that don’t come off as you trying to pick them up but just generally wanting their advice.

Throw out some questions like, “Which shirt looks better?” or “Can You Tell Me Which Of These Colognes Smells Better To You?”

Women realize that men generally do not know as much about style and whats matches so playing dumb on certain things can help you get a foot in the door with some conversations.

Look For Dates In Places That Match You’re Interests

This may seem like common sense but most men overlook it, they usually just try to go where there is the most good looking women available as there “hunting grounds”.

The problem with this is your may not have anything in common with her or end up having to pretend to be so that the date doesn’t come off as super awkward.

For example if you hate dogs don’t go to the dog park trying to pick up women or but maybe you’re a big gamer then maybe look for local gaming conventions.

This is if you’re actually trying to start up a relationship, if you’re just trying to get laid then all of what I just said is off of the table. I’ll end this article with this final thought.

It’s hard for someone who knows nothing about you, your hobbies or personality to tell you where the best place to find women is because well it’s a big shot in the dark.

The places I listed above are really just common places not directed to any sort of type of people but hopefully one of those might help you out or at least get your brain rolling to come up with other potential spots that you may have been overlooking. 

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men Cologne Review

Fragrance Bottles

Recently we did our best of article review for mens cologne with Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani For Men taking the top spot on that list which makes me very excited to give you a more in depth review on this cologne! Some of the information here will be stuff I’ve already mentioned in the best of men’s cologne article but we’ll also go more in depth and cover a lot more information on here as well about this cologne.

Let’s dive into some general details about this product followed by the pros of what I like about this cologne. Alright that’s enough of the box label stuff, some people do like to read that general information about the product so I do like to add that into the reviews for them.

Now let’s get into why I chose this product as my overall winner for the top cologne for men.

I could keep going on with this list but I think these 5 points cover a lot of what most of you may be looking for question/answer wise.

There are a lot of colognes made for specific events such as one style of cologne would be made specifically for date night while another has a more professional wear to the office smell to it.

However, there are some that just work perfectly as an all-around cologne and Acqua Di Gio falls into that category. Alright I hear you, let’s get to the important part.

Do Women Like It

Here it is, drum roll please! A big ole yes to that question! I honestly can not count how many times I’ve been complimented by the ladies on how good I smell. Let’s just say if I got out with it on and don’t get at least 1 mention of it by the end of the night then I would be very surprised.

A lot of men ask about it as well just because they want to buy some as well which is a compliment in it’s own right as well.

If you main reason for buying a cologne is hoping it will help you out with the ladies then I think this cologne will be a great wing man for you.

How Long Does Each Bottle Last? (Scent & Amount Wise)

A good question that most people over look when buying cologne is how long the scent lasts on them after spraying it on.

They usually go straight for how it smells and forget everything else which isn’t the best way to pick out a cologne. I usually spray about three sprays each two front and one back before leaving for work around 7:30 AM.

I really quit noticing the smell around 2 but I have asked co-workers just to get a better answer and they say they can still smell it as I’m we’re leaving work which was kinda shocking for me.

Of course the scent isn’t as strong as it was earlier in day but the fact that the scent is really even noticeable after 7 hours makes it one of the longest lasting colognes that I have personally used.

So basically between 4-6 hours is a good scent life for this cologne.

Where To Buy

Finding local stores that carry the cologne you’re looking for is always hit or miss usually ending in a disappointing night with no cologne and gas being wasted.

This is why I literally buy most of my grooming products online with cologne falling into that category. I always buy mine through amazon which always works great for me and I’m not even a prime member (which I should be now that I think of it) so if you’re prime member that’s just icing on the cake.

There are a few other online based sites that sell them but I always ran into issues with it being out of stuck or price being to high.

So if you’re one of the lucky few to have a walk in shop near you that sells it then grab it up if not I suggest buying it through amazon. 

Who Was Alan Turing And What Did He Do

This article is going to cover why Alan Turing is a hero and why he earned a spot in our notable men section.

Now I know you have either questioned who that was or have already googled him. That’s OK because I’ll explain why here soon and it’ll make much more sense on why you don’t know his name.

Before I go any further the movie “The Imitation Game”movie is based off of Alan Turing and his story so if you haven’t watched the movie yet or plan to then you’ll come across some spoilers in this article which I won’t be able to avoid since It’s based on real life events.

I just wanted to mention that before I go any further.

Still with me? Great! Then let’s get to discussing about Mr. Alan Turing shall we.

What Did Alan Turing Do To Help Us Win WW2?

I like to think of Alan Turing as the world’s best spy to ever live.

No he didn’t go undercover and infiltrate the ranks or any of the typical stuff that you associate with being a spy but he did allow the British to see almost directly into the battle plans and movements of the German forces in WW2 without them becoming aware.

Knowing your enemies every move sounds amazing right? Of course it does and it saved tens of millions of lives.

Going to break it down for you in my terms on how Alan did what he did. Germany had this device called enigma which allowed the Germans to communicate to each other about troop movement, where they were striking, locations and all kinds of high level information.

Even though the Allies could intercept the messages they had no idea how to decipher what the messages meant because of this enigma machine which was like a complex digital safe that had millions of different possibilities for the password but the problem was the password would change every day.

This had the Allies at a major disadvantage because the AXIS were able to intercept our transmissions, at least some of them while we were flying blind per say.

Alan Turning was able to build a machine that cracked the enigma code every day which basically let us listen in to pretty much their every move.

Why Have I Never Heard Of Alan Turning And Why Wasn’t He Famous

This part directly relates to how “The Imitation Game” movie ends so once again if you aren’t trying to get any spoilers then look away now.

Alright, good glad to have you still reading.

The reason no one has really heard of him, not until most recently of course with the movie being a big exposure for this is because they had to keep it a secret. They as in the government section that he was working for.

After building this monumental device that literally steals Germany’s battle plans per say they couldn’t reveal that they had cracked the enemies’ communication device or they would just stop using it or change it up.

Fast forward to when the war ends, still no one had become the wiser that ‘enigma’ had been cracked by Alan Turings machine.

It wasn’t until 29 years after the end of WW2 (1974) that it was revealed that they had cracked Germany’s cipher machine enigma.

I’m telling you this for a reason because this information was not revealed until long after Turing had died (1954).

How would it feel to know you had done the one of the greatest things in the history of the world and you could not tell a soul about it? Would be very hard right?

Well it must have been much harder for Alan because not only was he a hero and could not tell anyone but he was ridiculed and put through trial for being a gay which was against the law then.

So not only was he the most important person in the country in my opinion but he could not let anyone know who, why or what he had done all while being put through their judicial process and through his death (suicide).

This speaks volumes of Alan to keep all of this in and I truly hope I can meet Alan someday to have a conversation with him.

How Alan Turing Re Defines The Term Alpha Male

We have spoken about what an alpha male is and it usually would be pointing to very specific types of men with that being stuff like well spoken, tough, demands respect and so on in that fashion.

People like Alan Turing are the reason that labels don’t work because if I was to compare Alan to all the things I described as alpha he wouldn’t match up.

However, he is probably the most alpha of them all because he faced ridicule, pushed himself through incredible odds and literally saved tens of millions of lives all while not telling people how great he was and how everyone should literally be thanking him.

To wrap this article up I appreciate you staying with me until the end and even though I do tell a lot about information you see in The Imitation Game move I still highly suggest you watch it if you haven’t seen it.

Which Is Better For Chest: Barbell Vs Dumbbell Vs Machine

Bench Press

What is better for working out your chest, equipment wise: Barbell Vs Dumbbell Vs Machine are the different types we’ll be looking at.

When you think of how to gain muscle in your chest most people resort to the typical bench press with a barbell.

Let’s take a look at why doing your chest exercises with dumbbells or machines can provide a good alternative way to grow those pectoral muscles.

Should You Use Barbell Or Dumbbells

You can still achieve great chest workouts with the barbell so don’t think I’m completely giving barbell the cold shoulder. A chest workout routine can be done with either and still be equally effective but these are some of the things Ive noticed that make dumbbells work better for myself.

When doing barbell bench press you will notice you lift more in terms of actual numbers compared to dumbbells, ever wonder why? This is because your front delts (shoulders) are helping out your chest.

If shoulders are doing most or even some of the work on chest day then the chest isn’t being worked to its full potential which means your chest is probably thinking “to hell with growing, delts have my back”. If your chest doesn’t have a reason to get stronger then of course it’s not going to.

By using dumbbells I feel my chest gets worked much more with even half the weight of what I was using on barbell bench press. Numbers only matter for the ego focus on working that muscle!

How Do I Know If I Should Change To Using Dumbbells?

The saying don’t fix what isn’t broken applies here more than ever, so if you’re seeing results with barbell bench press then stay with it. However if you’re at a major plateau with your chest then it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein

There is no clear path to pick but there are little things that can help you pick dumbbells over chest. If using barbells causes you pain or discomfort (which is not uncommon with people who have bad wrists or shoulders) then look to using dumbbells which will give you a little more free range of motion to work with.

Another good reason is that if you want to lift heavier than what you think you can press but still want to try and don’t have a spotter around in the gym.

Some people get better results with dumbbells so don’t be afraid to just try it out for a few chest workouts to see.

The Pros Of Using Dumbbells

Another great perk of doing your chest workouts with dumbbells is that you don’t have your wrists in a locked motion that the bar would keep your hands in. If you needed to turn the dumbbells slightly then you could and still continue on.

This was great for me, someone who broke both of his wrists in high school. A small adjustment could make it more comfortable for my wrists and allow me to continue on.

Another great perk is that dumbbells allow you to go as heavy as you would like without the need for a spot. By that I mean if you go to heavy on barbell then you could get stuck under the bar, with dumbbells you just let them go beside you.

Are Chest Workout Machines Worth Using?

These can have varying results and hard to pinpoint because there are so many different types out there.

The good thing about them is you don’t have to rack and de-rack the weight, you just move them pin to the weight scale you want.

The bad thing is that you have extremely limited motion because well the machines is built to only go certain ways.

Chest machines are great for beginners but for anyone lifting over a year would have better results with barbell or dumbbells in my opinion.

One exception here is the flye machine, it work great for doing chest flyes.

Why You Should Use All Of These

Yes I said it, using all of these is a good option (no not at the same time) and let me explain why.

Your body gets use to doing the same exercise over and over while learning to better adapt to it.

This means less muscle growth overall. A good way to prevent this is change up your workouts often in which you can change the way you do your exercises.

For example doing barbell chest press every week for 3 months your chest has gotten use to it most likely by this point. Swap over and do chest press with dumbbells for a month or two then go back to barbells or machines, the goal is to keep your body confused.

To wrap this post up, find what works for you. These are all details I found out through trial and error over my time in the gym. Like I’ve mentioned what works for me could be completely opposite for you.

Male Body Grooming: Should Men Shave Their Chest & Arms

man shaving his chest

Male Body Grooming: Should Men Shave Their Chest & Arms

There was a time where men would be straight up ridiculed by his fellow man and probably women as well if he was found out to shave his chest or anywhere on his body (maybe not the back).

This came from men are suppose to have hair on their bodies type of minds which I do agree we are made this way. With that being said some men are just more hairier than others to which it would be a reason for women to turn you down.

With mens fashion/grooming becoming more popular every year male body grooming has become a common thing nowadays but I still read many questions on the internet of guys asking if they will get made fun of and should they shave their chest/arms?

This is why I decided to write this article because the internet is the place where men will turn to find this sort of answer because it allows them to keep their anonymity while researching this ‘taboo’ topic.

Is It Ok For Men To Shave Their Chest?

Very rarely do I see a guy with the perfect amount of chest hair to where it looks manly but still very mild to where women wouldn’t approve. It’s usually either no chest hair or to much, very rarely do you see an in between.

Well if you’re part of the unfortunate bunch who has to much chest hair (myself included) then you have few options. Option A would be shave it and Option B would be keeping it trimmed like you do with facial hair.

Option B is something many men do and shaving companies have begun selling specific products solely for this reason.

The only downside here is that it can be a time commitment having to do this so often to keep it at a good length. On the flip side with Option A it will last you much longer because not only do you get it shaved all the way down but after it grows for a few weeks it can still look good because it’s reaching the part where most men usually keep their chest trimmed length wise.

A simple way to look at it. If shaving your chest gets you more women or your lady likes it more which usually will run into more bedroom time then go for it.

If your boys make fun of you then simply tell them much more you get laid since you started shaving it.

It’s a very non defensive approach that twists it from throwing the gay jokes out at you to telling them it has the polar opposite effect of you getting more poon.

Well What About Arms, Is It Okay For Men To Shave Their Arms?

There are certain areas that are okay to shave but shaving your entire arms usually doesn’t fly and even ladies might call you out on it (seen it many times). Like I said though there are some areas where it’s fine to shave. Those areas are the underneath side of your forearm and the upper arm (from your elbow area upwards).

Not many guys have hair on the bottom side of their forearm but those that do feel free to shave this because not many people would notice because you hardly see anyone with hair here.

Hair above the elbow up the arm is also fair game to shave in my opinion.

This is another area where you don’t notice to many guys with hair but if you do it usually looks bad (especially with dark hair).

Don’t Go Overboard With Shaving

What I mean by this is don’t start shaving your chest, arms then go crazy wanting to shave everything on your body because you think it will look better.

Common area where it is OK would be chest, arms, back, neck and your face of course. Starting to shave areas like your legs will be to much in terms of man grooming.

Overall every person you’re going to run into will have a different view on whether they believe it’s acceptable for men to shave anything but their faces but that’s just part of it so don’t overthink it if someone has a negative opinion on you doing this because the next 10 people would probably agree with you on doing it. 

Facial Hair Pros And Cons: Clean Shaven Vs Stubble Vs Beard

Beard Guy

A topic that comes up a lot is whether men should grow some facial hair and if so should they go for the clean shaven vs stubble vs beard look.

There are many things to consider with each of these, which is why I’ll be breaking down the pros and cons of each of these in this article.

Here’s a good shaving kit if you decide to shave.

Why You Should & Should Not Go Clean Shaven

The Pros:

  • A Major Plus With Some Employers (Sometimes A Must)
  • A Clean Shaven Face Makes You Appear Younger
  • Makes You More Approachable
  • Low Commitment Time To Maintain The Look
  • Face Not As Hot In The Summer

The pros for going clean shaven really go into looking more professional/presentable. That seems to be the common reason on why most guys go clean shaven is because of work or they have crappy facial hair genetics.

Also depending on where you live having a beard in the summer can really suck for the fact of how hot it can make you. With me being in the south United States where summer temperatures usually stay around 95 degrees + it just wasn’t an option for me to deal with that.

In terms of time commitment shaving is low, with it only taking you about 10 minutes MAX in the mornings.

The Cons:

  • Gets Old Having To Buy New Blades All Of The Time
  • Looking Younger Isn’t Always A Good Thing (Baby Face)
  • Possible Skin Irritation Issues
  • A Lesser Manly Look Compared To A Beard/Stubble (Most Of The Time)
  • Cutting Yourself Shaving Can Literally Ruin Your Day From The Start

The cons of going clean shaven tend to rely on more of the annoyance side of things. For instance, having to go buy new blades all of the time and then could be expensive depending on the blades you buy.

I think this is why brands like Dollar Shave Club are starting to become so popular because men don’t want to have to keep up with when they need to get new blades and price wise.

Women usually always want to look younger but with us men that’s usually the exact opposite.

Older men tend to get more respect and the ladies tend to go for the more mature looking men more often.

Aside from that no matter how good of a blade you got you’re going to slip up and cut yourself every once in a while. Also I don’t know what it is about those shaving cuts but they tend to be the most stubborn because they never want to stop bleeding no matter how long you’ve held pressure or had a band aid on it.

Trying To Decide If The Stubble Look Is Right For You

The Pros:

  • Extremely Easy To Maintain
  • Works Well During Any Time Of The Year
  • Save Money On Blades
  • Ladies Love It

The stubble look doesn’t necessarily mean a day after you shaved type of length.

It could be more of few days to a couple weeks depending on how fast your facial hair grows . I just wanted to clarify that stubble mean just barely any facial hair; (See the pic of the guy above to see my definition of what can be described as stubble.)

This facial hair style is very simple to keep up with and hardly takes anytime to do. After that initial purchase of your beard trimmer then you should be saving money if you’re coming from having to shave every day.

Maybe an occasional need to buy blades to shave your neck but it will be nothing like before in terms of how often you’ll need to purchase them.

If I had to pick between clean shave, stubble and beard as to which women seem to like better then stubble easily gets my vote.

The Cons:

  • Being Mistaken As Looking Scruffy
  • Needing A Beard Trimmer
  • Some Employers May Frown Upon It

There aren’t many downsides to stubble in my opinion.

Some people will mistake you as being lazy and just not wanting to shave because they don’t realize that this is how you actual wear your facial hair.

Even though this isn’t too big of an issue you will need to purchase a beard trimmer if you decide to keep it a certain length. These trimmers usually last a long time so if you take care of it then the cost will be minimal compared to shaving.

Some companies want their employees to be smooth shaving so you may run into an issue with this, especially if you work in a corporate setting. Luckily this has changed a lot over the past 10 years so it’s nowhere near as strict as it used to be in terms of facial hair requirements.

Should You Grow A Beard?

The Pros:

  • More Manly Looking
  • Can Hide A Weak Jawline
  • Can Greatly Increase Your Facial Aesthetics
  • Don’t Have To Worry About Shaving Everyday
  • Beards Are A Major Win For Some Women

I’ve noticed some men who legit go from a 5/10 to at least an 8 just from growing out a beard (no homo). The exact opposite can also happen from growing a beard so don’t think it’s an automatic looks booster here.

If you’re are bummed about having a weak jawline then growing a beard is an immediate fix for that since it covers it up.

Some men just loath shaving and they will grow a beard just for this reason so if shaving is something that bothers you then look into growing a beard.

Can make you look older (yes, this can be a perk).

The Cons:

  • Can Be Itchy & Irritating
  • Costs More Money & Time Than Most Think
  • Can Be A Turn Off For Women
  • The Time To Grow One

Most people don’t realize a lot of the cons of having a beard until they actually get one. For one thing a beard can be very irritating if it gets too dry which causes it to get very itchy. Luckily this can be fixed with beard oil which leads me to my next con of beards, money.

Most guys this of how great it is to save money by not having to shave all the time but to truly groom your beard like you should you’ll need to spend some money. This will be from items such as beard oil, a beard trimmer and other items like beard balms.

Some women just do not like beards no matter how much better you think it makes you look.

The final con of a beard is simply the patience/commitment to grow one. Growing a beard is far from easy and can take many months of it not looking so great while it takes the time to fill in to look like a proper beard.

Should You Grow Facial Hair Or Not

I can’t answer this question for you because I don’t know what you look like so it would be a major shot in the dark for me to give you an answer on this.

If your main reason for wanting to grow facial hair is for impressing women then check out a previous article I just finished with to get a better insight on that aspect of things.