Should Men Shave Off Facial Hair & Beards For A Job Interview

Man Shaving

Trying to decide whether or not to go clean shaven for a job interview is something many men ponder on the days leading up to their interview.

I personally have a very different opinion than what I’ve seen from a lot of men but I think my reasons are justifiable, which I’m going to lay out in this article for you.

Why Go Clean Shaven If You Don’t Plan On Staying That Way

Here’s the first dilemma in my opinion, if you don’t plan on looking the same way after you get the job then you’re basically selling them a different person in the job interview.

For example, I had a job interview in the corporate setting which I decided to go clean shaven for.

After I got the job I grew my facial hair back to the way I had it in which my boss had an issue with it.

This is where I decided that if I would’ve kept my facial hair then I wouldn’t have got the job offer which would have been a good thing because I never want to be in a job that tells me to that degree how I’m supposed to look.

Do You Have A Higher Chance Of Getting Offered The Job If You Shave

This is very difficult to tell but for the most part I would yes, especially for more corporate types of jobs. I say this because most guys look more professional clean shaven vs having facial hair because more often than not I see men who don’t keep their facial hair looking neat & clean.

If you keep your facial hair/beard look professional, then I don’t see why it would keep you from getting a job but it honestly really comes down to what kind of person the interviewer is.

If it’s a dire situation where you really need this job, then I would lean on the side of caution and go ahead and shave.

Then if you get the job offer ask your boss about their stance on facial hair.

What About Stubble Is That OK To Keep For An Interview?

Keeping your facial hair at a stubble length has become more of a facial hair style rather than the I didn’t feel like shaving type of look that it used to be seen as.

Unfortunately, I think stubble may be worse than actually having a full beard.

This is because the interviewer may not know that this is how you actually wear your facial hair but may misinterpret it as you just didn’t feel like shaving today because you don’t take the job seriously, you were running late or whatever possible reason that they can think of.

Why Do Jobs Make Such A Big Deal About Facial Hair

Luckily this trend of jobs throwing such a huge fit about facial hair is starting to go away rather quickly but you’ll always run into certain bosses who basically want to make their employees look exactly how they want them to.

I honestly think as long as you have a professional look to you then you should be fine and that the only major thing that bosses should look at besides that is your personality, skills & resume.

However, what I think should go into how I look at hiring someone is probably a 180 difference in how someone with a totally different background may look at.

I Still Don’t Know Whether To Shave Or Not!

I hear you and I wish I had a simple yes or no answer here for you but that would be impossible for me to answer but I do have an idea that may help you. Before your interview go on the company’s website, in which most businesses’ have one these days and try to see if you can find pictures of employees working there.

If there is no website or any pictures to look at then try to look up the owner or person that will be interviewing, you on social media like LinkedIn. Doing this may possible give you some sort of an idea on what to expect because who knows you might have just shaved off a great looking beard only to get to the interview to find out that your potential boss has an equally impressive one who also is a beard oil enthusiast.

Basically to sum up this article there is no clear right or wrong answer here that anyone can give you without knowing the job your looking at, your potential employers, the location where you’d be working and stuff of that nature.

Do a little homework before the interview and try to decide what you should do from that, heck if worst comes to worst then your beard will always grow back.

Best Mens Brown | Black Leather Strap Watches Under $500


In this article we’ll be looking at my best picks for mens black and brown color leather strap watches under $500 dollars.

There are so many watch brands out there nowadays that it has become increasingly more difficult to pick out which ones are good ones to choose.

I will be basing my review off of 4 main components: Build Quality, Looks, Features & Comfortability with the importance of each going in that order.

Here is a comparison table of all of the watches we’ll be discussing about in this article so that you can see a good look at them side by side.

Emporio Armani Men’s ART3004 Black Leather Hybrid Smartwatch

The Emporio Armani Men’s ART3004 Black Leather Hybrid Smartwatch is unlike any other watch that you will find on this list, not only does it have the looks but it comes with the features as well.

This watch is a hybrid of a smart watch and a regular watch which means you get the look of a regular watch but you also get some features that you would find in a smart watch.

When I say the look of a “regular watch” I feel like I’m not giving this watch enough credit because the look of this watch is freaking amazing!

I don’t like the look of smart watches but love the features so I was on cloud nine when I found out about hybrid watches.

The mix of blue/black shade in the dial is perfect for this watch and really goes well with the overall professional yet new tech that this watch is.

It comes with tons of features like: taking a photo, call your phone, control your music and track your activity are just some of the option that are available with this phone.

If you’re in the same boat as me that wants to keep the traditional type of look of a watch on your wrists but still would like to step into today’s time with all the cool features that smart watches offer, then I highly recommend this watch.

These are some of the reasons behind why I chose this watch as my overall favorite.

*Note that the Emporio Armani Men’s ART3003 Blue Leather Hybrid Smartwatch is very similar but with a slight bit of a different look to it if the dark color isn’t your thing.

SEIKO Mechanical Elegant Model Mens Watch SARB065

The SEIKO Mechanical Elegant Model Mens Watch SARB065 takes our second place pick for an abundance of reasons.

As you can tell just by looking at this watch it has a very professional and elegant look to it, yet it also has a subtle way about it as well.

The very light blue tint on this watch really makes it standout just enough to really be eye catching without all of the bling that many watches resort to for eye candy.

It is water resistant to a certain degree which is great for me because I don’t know how many times I’ve accidentally knocked it into the sink when getting ready in the mornings.

SEIKO has earned a very high quality name for their watch builds which I give the nod of approval for, especially with this watch.

The leather band fits perfectly and very comfortably around my wrists which really makes this just the cherry on top.

I highly recommend this watch, especially if you’re looking for a new dress style one.

Hamilton Men’s H39515754 Black Watch

Coming in at third place is the Hamilton Men’s H39515754 Black Watch it’s also a dress style watch, sporting a black leather strap.

My absolute favorite thing about this watch is how different the strap and dial are yet how good they look together.

By that I mean if you look at the dial it screams high class style of a watch but if you look at the strap it has a worn it leather look to it when usually goes along more with the casual look.

I like to think you get the best of both worlds (dress & casual) with this watch which really impressed me that they went for this design.

Very comfortable strap and the dial lays at the perfect size on my wrist. This is a great watch made by Hamilton, huge thumbs up on this one.

Tissot Men’s T0636371603700 Stainless Steel Brown Watch

The Tissot Men’s T0636371603700 Stainless Steel Brown Watch is our first Tissot brand watch to make the list and earns it through some very unique features on this watch.

Before I even start I don’t know if it bothers anyone else but I wish watch makers would name their products something cool sounding, like how colognes are named.

Most watch names just look like someone rolled their hand across the keyboard then went with whatever came up on the screen.

Anyways back to point here, this watch has a great classy style look to it with a great looking brown colored strap.

The dial is the where this watch truly impressed but not in the traditional numbers or the overall case but the features in the center and around the dial.

Most watches do have some sort of date feature somewhere on their watches nowadays but it’s very low key and boring.

This watch has the full month (1-31 days) going across the bottom of watch, with the months and days of the week in its own section towards the middle.

I absolutely love how they laid this out because it looks perfect, zero cluster. This has to be my favorite layout across any of the dial layouts I’ve seen, feature wise.

Victorinox Swiss Army Black Dial 241552 Men’s Watch

The Victorinox Swiss Army Black Dial 241552 Men’s Watch is a great watch that can work as a dress or casual wear type.

With this watch there isn’t one thing that I can pick out that truly makes this watch stand out on why I like it so much like I’ve done with other watches in this article.

This watch is just very well rounded with a solid build quality, a great black on silver look which goes good with tons of outfits, including most suits.

It has a high class look to it without the major price tag that comes along with it lots of other watches.

If you’re trying not to drop a fortune on a watch but still want a great one then this watch may be a perfect fit for you.

NIXON Men’s Model: A405-1888 Leather Watch

The NIXON Men’s Model: A405-1888 Leather Watch was one of the more recent watches to catch my eye and if I’m not mistaken my first Nixon brand watch.

I like the pristine silver/white colored watch dial that really draws in the looks the white goes great when wearing a white undershirt.

Even though the dial is the real eye catcher here the leather band really helps compliment it with great looking brown leather which closes up with a Nixon branded clasp on the end.

This watch can either go as a dress or casual type of wear.

Emporio Armani Men’s AR2411 Dress Black Leather Watch

The Emporio Armani Men’s AR2411 Dress Black Leather Watch is our second watch from Emporio Armani but unlike the other watched mentioned this one is not a hybrid based watch.

If you’re not of fan of the hybrid tech that was offered in the other watch but still liked the aesthetic look that it was offering, then this watch may be right up your alley.

Of course they’re not identical designs but you can still the overall resemblance that Emporio Armani has instilled into both of these.

This watch is perfect for those who want to keep it simple (maybe a gift for dad) but still want a high class looking watch.

Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry 42mm Watch

The Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry 42mm Watch has something no other watch on this list has going for it, the sheer amount of different color options.

At this moment I can 16 different color options, 16!

Out of all the ones to choose from the Blue/Brown one is the best looking one in my opinion.

If you’re looking for a great watch with numerous amount of colors to choose from then this is your watch.

Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s BM8475-26E

As you can tell just by looking at the Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s BM8475-26E watch it is much different in the looks department compared to the other watches we talked about.

Even though the looks change the quality doesn’t which is where Citizen really makes their watches standout from many other brands.

Along with just a regular numbered dial it also has a military time ring around the outskirts which comes in real handy on certain professions.

The only thing that bothered me about this watch at first was the orange color, mainly because I’m not overly fond of the color but after I got it I realized how much stuff I wore that went perfect with it.

Another superb watch by Citizen which easily earns its spot in this top pick.

Final Thoughts

I believe most men would be stoked to get any watch on this list but that’s the best part about living in today’s time.

We have tons of options to choose from so we’re not all wearing and looking the same way.

Be sure to check out each of these watches specific review which you can find with a link at the bottom of each watches information on this article.

How To Get Rid Of Or Control A Cowlick In Your Hair

Cow Lick

You know those strands of hair that always stand in your way while trying to fix your hair? That stubborn unruly clump of hair that stands up as if they’re the boss of your life.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this journey fighting and struggling just to try and put every effort to make the unruly clump unite with the rest of your hair.

These strands of hair are known to be called cowlicks.

Everyone has their own tricks and tips for how to manage their cowlicks but some tricks work much better than others.

Cowlicks are commonly form at the top of the head, but some people has them in the back or their neckline or it can be in front where the hair parts.

Fun fact that scientists have claimed that the direction which the cowlick may turn may be related to our hand dominance. So imagine if you’re right-handed which we mostly are, expect that your cowlick will be in a clockwise rotation.

Can You Get Rid Of Cowlicks Permanently?

Unfortunately no, however in the times we live in we have plenty of options to help combat cowlicks with hair products and items.

Here are some of the easy tips and tricks how to keep your cowlick behaving the right way it should be.

One of the most convenient way to tame your cowlicks is to grow your hair longer, it’s known that cowlicks are much more noticeable for people who have short hair.

If you have really straight hair, cowlicks can be more prominent and noticeable for you.

For people who want to maintain their short straight hair, you can try and use a variety of hair-care products that is available in the market to help you tame your cowlicks. Products like mousse, gel or pomade then combing your hair in the direction a cowlick’s swirl can help and make cowlicks less noticeable.

The few things that I have mentioned might or might not work for you. If that’s the problem, let’s see If the following can help you to fix the cowlick problem. The list will be for people who spend tedious amounts of time on their hair or they just really want perfect and polished hair.

1.) Try To Blow Dry Your Hair Right Away.

Don’t wait for your hair to start drying naturally or else it’ll want to stay how naturally the hair sits which is for you will be forming a cowlick. So make sure that you start blowing out your hair whichever direction you would want it to go.

2.) Prep Your Hair Properly Before Styling It.

Make sure to give extra time to your cowlicks before you start styling it. This step is crucial and people tend to forget that a prepped hair is a good foundation for styling hair.

This can help make your strands more cooperative and allows you to maintain the shape of the hair that you’re attempting to make.

3.) Use A Brush That Gives You A Good Amount Of Tension.

You have to keep in mind when buying a brush to get one that can grip every piece of your hair and can smooth it all out in the same direction that you’re going.

4.) Consider Getting A New Hairstyle.

If you’re not up for the time consuming styling with your cowlick, why not go for a new hair style?

I have a major cowlick in my front bangs so I went with a hairstyle that looks like my cowlick is actually just how I try to style my hair.

5.) Why Not Wear A Hat?

When I say wear a hat I don’t necessarily mean having to wear it all day.

When you first get out of the shower try putting something on your head such as a hat or a beanie to force your cowlick in the direction you want it to go and it should stay that way at least for awhile.

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack Review


In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack.

Can I just say that this bag is a must-have and it’s definitely a steal for it’s very affordable price!

First off, I am a man who is in his mid 20’s who does freelancing work and loves to travel a lot so I have to carry most of the essentials items wherever I go.

This bag is amazing when you’re traveling and you need to bring a lot of different items with you.

Thanks to the different sizes of the compartments this bags has tons of space with a great layout to find those items quick and easy.

For a person who loves to travel a lot like me, this is by far the best backpack that I have used when traveling. I can say that it’s totally fine to use this bag for everyday use especially if you’re commuting from your house to school or to your office.


  • Great Amount Of Big & Small Zippered Storage Compartments
  • Great Internal & External Organization Availability
  • Cushioned Backpack Straps
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Available In Multiple Color Options

This is convenient to take everywhere and stylish with different colors to chose from. I will honestly suggest getting the black one for everyday use, but whichever color you choose this bag still rocks and quality is at it’s best no matter what.

I always carry this bag whenever I am off and would love to do some freelance works outside of the house, this bag can totally hold an Apple MacBook Pro 15” and have also looked online that a MacBook Pro 17” can also fit in this backpack.

There are a lot of great features for this bag, I love the fact that it has easily adjustable contoured shoulder straps!

You can adjust the straps easily even while wearing the bag which is really convenient for me and I know everyone who loves using backpacks will agree with me on this.

The adjustable hip and sternum strap will add extra security to your things inside the bag. It will also make you feel secure when traveling abroad in an unknown place.

I think this bag can also be great for hiking, camping or even storing items for emergency cases.

This might be ideal for long hours hiking into the mountains. It doesn’t matter if it’s rainy or dry season you will still feel that your items are still intact and can last you till you’re done with the hike.

For some reason, I can also see myself using this for emergency cases or might be storing things that I will be needing to surpass a typhoon or any calamities.

This bag is really versatile piece of gear that anyone can have in their life!

This might also be a lifesaver for someone is looking for the most ideal bag that you can use if you’re on the go or a professional who is looking for a bag that you can carry around while you’re traveling or working.

I will definitely buy this bag again and will recommended them to my friends who are looking for the best durable bag in the market.

This is really heavy duty and I would love to get some more to be given to my friends who is interested who likes extreme sports because I think this is the best present that they can have this coming holidays.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up my experience with this bag, I can say that this bag didn’t disappoint me.

It’s not that bulky and I can honestly say that I safe using this bag even carrying my important things with me such as my laptop especially while traveling because I know this bag has proven to me to be a great overall backpack.

For people who loves to travel this is one of the best bags you can purchase.

The quality and price really make this bag a win/win.

I haven’t experienced any problems with this bag and hopefully there will be no problems in the near future.

This is built to last you in every season of your life. This is the best heavy-duty back pack out there being offered in a really good price that you cannot find anywhere else.

Garmin Oregon 750T Handheld GPS Product Review


In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the Garmin Oregon 750T Handheld GPS.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Whether you are up for a challenging hike or you just want to experience fun outdoor sports, having a handheld GPS is sure a big help.

From climbing, hunting, kayaking to trail hiking, you’ll never know which destination you will reach.

If you are looking for a rugged navigator that you can use while you are on the go,the Garmin 750T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld GPS might just be the one you need.

Let’s take a look at what this product has to offer.

The Pros And Cons Of The Garmin Oregon 750T GPS

Product Description

The Garmin 750T is not like any other ordinary handheld GPS device as its give you amazing specs and features. It sports a 3-in. touchscreen display which makes it easier for you to use and navigate the device.

For optimal tracking even in the most challenging conditions and terrain, the brad has redesigned its antenna to guarantee you optimum GLONASS satellite and GPS reception.

On top of that, Garmin 750T also boasts other specs that you cannot find in other GPS handheld device.

It includes a 3-axis compass, automatic geocache downloads, barometric altimeter, wireless connectivity and a whole lot more.

Plus, you can download the software, upload to the online community of Garmin, receive smart notifications and you can even share your location data as well as other geocache information to other devices as long they are compatible.

Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.3 x 2.4 inches

Item Weight: 8 ounces

Key Features

When buying a handheld GPS device, you need to take a closer look at its key features. What makes this device stands out from the rest? The Garmin 750T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld GPS has a lot to give in terms of its key features:

Geocaching Live

It comes with wireless wi-fi and Bluetooth links making it easier for you to have an excellent geocaching experience. The device automatically stays up to date with the latest catches coming from the Geocaching website.

Active Weather

This handheld device is built for any weather and rugged condition. So, whether you want to go hunting, climbing or any other outdoor activity, this device is ready for almost anything.

It has multilink wireless connectivity like ANT+, Bluetooth and Wi-fi along with other key features like Active Weather support with radar overlays and a 1 year subscription of Birdseye Satellite Imagery.

Topo U.S. 100K

Why spend a lot of time and effort finding places and spots for a great adventure?

The device provides you with a comprehensive topographic maps that give you every detail making it easy for you to find the next adventure.

8MP Camera

Apart from being a GPS device, the Garmin 750T also comes with an 8 MP camera that allows you to capture amazing photos.

Each of these photos are geotagged automatically, so you can easily go back to the same spot whenever you want.

Final Verdict

The Garmin 750T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld GPS is a must have for any adventurer.

If you like outdoor sports, you can never go wrong in having this device.

Yes, it might be quite expensive. But then again, when you look at the design, specifications and key features, it is not bad for a $500 handheld device.

You just have to take the time to learn how it works and its functions and use it for your next fun and great adventure.

With all this handheld device has to give, you should definitely use it for your outdoor activities.

Best Books To Improve Yourself On How To Be A Better Man

Man Reading Book

A lot of men these days didn’t have the luxury of having a male figure in their lives to help guide them along the way on key skills of being a better man.

Nothing can really replace the fact of having someone like this when growing up to show you the ropes but luckily with the times we live in we have resources to look to with books and websites to help us out.

Over the years I’ve come across some great authors who really show their passion in their writing about wanting to help their fellow man out, while others seem to just write about whatever in hopes to sell a book or two.

This is why I decided to put together this article to help shine a light on which books I think really can help those who read it to become better men in some way, shape or form.

No More Mr Nice Guy

No More Mr Nice Guy By Robert A. Glover has become more important than ever in my opinion especially in western civilizations. There seems to be a constant portrayal in movies and TV shows that show women just going head over heels for guys who are so sweet to them.

Now while this may be true to some extent a lot of men have taken this way too far and have basically become doormats for not only women but to almost everyone they come across.

This book focuses on how not to become or stop being that doormat by giving some little stories and suggestions what to do in certain situations.

This is a great read which I think every man should have and should past down to their sons.

Gorilla Mindset

Gorilla Mindset By Mike Cernovich is much newer book to be released (2015).

In this book Mike focuses on doing what you want to do in a sense by setting goals, keep moving forward and a strong urge on the fact that you control your destiny or at least this is what I took away from reading it.

Overall reading this will really help you with not dwelling or getting to worked up about the little stuff that you have no control over really but to focus on staying positive by doing something about the things you do have control over.

Mike has launched a few books but I haven’t had the chance to check out his others at the time of me writing this.

I highly recommend this book and truly think that it will help those of you who find that have a difficult time staying positive in life.

The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek By Timothy Ferriss is by far the most popular book on this list in terms of how many people have heard about it.

If the book doesn’t ring a bell then the name Tim Ferris might, he has grown his brand and with that his name has become one of the top rising entrepreneurs.

In this book Tim focuses on how not to get locked down by the notion that working 8-5 40+ hours a week is something that you just have to do for any chance of having the type of life you want.

Having enough money to support your family usually comes with committing all of your time to work away from them.

With The 4-Hour Workweek he really aims to try to drive home that this isn’t the only option in life to making money, don’t be stuck in this tunnel vision that there isn’t else besides clocking in and out to be able to support yourself.

This is the impression anyways that I got while reading his book so hopefully I took it the way he intended his words to be taken but either way it left a positive impression on me none the less.

If you’re trying to better yourself mentally & hopefully physically to a better work environment, then hopefully this book will help you as much as it did me.

Details Men’s Style Manual

Details Men’s Style Manual By Daniel Peres is a book about (you guessed it) helping you have a better overall look to yourself through dressing better.

Most men might reject being given advice on how to dress or what looks better unless that advice comes from their girlfriend/wife or maybe even their mother.

I’ll admit I was right there in that sort of thinking with my stubborn mindset being I know what looks good or it doesn’t matter if I don’t match, I make whatever I wear look good no matter what!

Finally, I gave in and decided to look around for tips on dressing better and it led me to finding this book.

If style is something you’re struggling with then I truly think this book will help you with understanding what to wear, not wear, what not to mix and overall things related to men’s style. (Fitness Related)

guide to getting in shape for men

I was going to try to keep this article strictly about books but I couldn’t recommend one over Greg Plitts website.

Gregplitt. com has tons of videos, how to, what’s this thing do and overall fitness motivation videos that will do leaps and bounds more for you than any book I can think of.

I found his site after lifting for about 2 years and I thought I knew a lot about fitness/nutrition but I quickly realized that I had only scratched the surface.

His videos take you inside the gym with him and he literally explains what he is doing, why he is doing it that way and what muscle it is working.

On top of that the shear amount of motivation to want to go hit the gym after watching his videos is unreal, I basically started watching his videos instead of having to take a pre-workout because that’s how roaring to go his videos made me.

Check out his site and look at the testimonials if you’re on the fence about it or watch some preview videos from his YouTube channel.

Final Thoughts

There are so many more books and guides that I wanted to put on here but I literally had to restrain myself from doing it because I didn’t want this to be an endless list of too many options.

I decided just to stick with the main core few that I truly believe that will be able to help you.

My plan is to add a more specific related article for certain style of books instead of an overall better yourself article such as this.

By that I mean I will make an article specifically about mens style guides and another article only talking about mens fitness guide books.

As I said this article is a more rounded one which tries to cover as many aspects as possible about better yourself as a man. I truly hope at least one item on this list help you in some way, thanks for reading.

Update: Here is a list of blogs to read as well.