Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset Review

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In this article we’ll be doing a review of the VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset made by Corsair.

Corsair has been one of the top brand names in many types of computer part products and that includes computer gaming equipment.

I’ll be covering the tech features of this headset along with what I like and dislike about it as well.

Let’s get started shall we?

The Pros And Cons

As you can tell the tech specs of this headset are no doubt impressive, especially for the price.

The only thing that I had an issue with, if you can even call it an actual issue was it took me a little bit of time to get used to the how the headset felt comfortable when I was wearing it.

This may have been just a personal thing that most of you might not have but most headsets follow a very similar design and that’s what I’ve gotten used to over the years.

After a couple of weeks of using this headset I was good to go.

How’s The Sound Quality?

One of the best features of this headset is how good the sound quality is.

With the 50mm drivers and genuine Dolby 7.1 audio drivers, you can tell Corsair had a major focus on how good the sound was.

They topped it off with the earcups that cover your ears to help trap in that audio for amazing sound quality.

I don’t think I could find something to complain about in this area if I tried to even nitpick at something.

What About The Microphone?

The Corsair RGB Gaming Headset Microphone has some impressive features that I see becoming a must have in the near future for gaming headsets if they want to be competitive.

This is features such as the noise-cancelling that you’ll find Corsair has built into this headset.

With that said I can still see room for improvement with the mic in potentially updated versions in the future.

Is It Comfortable To Wear?

As I mentioned earlier in this article It took me a little bit to get used to wearing this headset.

I mainly contribute this to how unique the design of this headset is along with how long I’ve been using the same style of headsets prior to that (many years).

If I had to put an analogy on it I would say it was like breaking in a new pair of shoes, first week or so it felt kinda weird but after that it just as comfortable as I expected from this headset.

Where To Buy

I bought mine off of Amazon which is where I usually go to get most of my gaming gear.

Of course this isn’t your only option but one of the first places you should look in my opinion.

There aren’t to many gaming specific stores that sales gaming gear around where I live expect some of the bigger chains such as bestbuy.

So if you have any of those around then of course check around there to see what kind of deals they have.

Other than that check out or Corsairs website.

Should You Buy This Headset

As far as wireless headsets go this is one of the best ones on the market at the time of writing this.

I personally couldn’t be happier with this headset, especially for the price that it is listed at.

Of course if you know exactly what you’re looking for in a headset in terms of specifics then go through the tech specs and see if you like what you see.

If you’re still on the ropes on whether you want to buy this headset or not after going through this article then I recommend reading the reviews over at Amazon to see what others who have bought this headset say about it.

Plantronics RIG 600 Gaming Headset Review

gaming headset

In this article we’ll be looking at my review of the RIG 600 Gaming Headset made by Plantronics.

This is one of my newest headsets to be able to try and I’ve been looking forward to it since I’ve read pre release information on them.

What you’ll find in this review is the pros and cons, along with specification information on this headset.

Pros And Cons

I cover the pros pretty good throughout the different section of this article but I do want to touch on what I mean by, “Some People May Not Like That The Mic Can Be Removed”.

The fact that the mic can be removed is a turnoff for some because A.) they don’t want to feel like they have to keep up with pieces and B) they may not like adjusting options they want a simple layout that you don’t can’t fool with.

Does This Headset Have Good Audio Sound Quality

One of the first things I look at when buying a gaming headset is the sound quality, now most people on the technically side of the things will immediately look at the numbers.

This makes sense for the most part but can also be a pit deceiving.

This is because of the different technology used in the headset can make a world of a difference.

With that being said this headset features High-fidelity 40 mm drivers which puts out very clear balance distortion-free bass audio.

That basically means you hear more detail in the sound when gaming (or anything really)

A great addition that makes the sound quality even better is the earcups going over your ears help lock in the sound to give it that more immersive feel which we all want while gaming.

Is The Microphone Good For MMO Games?

Yes & Yes, I say it like that because it comes with two interchangeable ones.

The first one is a noise-cancelling boom mic for team chat which is more for gaming and the second one is discreet inline mic for mobile devices to control volume, mute, and call answer/end.

Honestly, I hardly ever use the second one but it’s still a nice option to have.

When in Skype or Ventrilo I constantly get compliments on the voice quality and get asked what mic I’m using.

How Comfortable Is It?

Let’s face it all of the other stuff is pretty much worthless if it’s not comfortable.

Most gamers don’t think about this when looking to buy a new gaming headset because they start looking at the tech specification and different features that each mic offers.

With that said you don’t have to worry about comfort with this mic because Plantronics covered that part perfectly.

The earcups are cushioned and also breathable which helps preventing your ears getting warm from being covered up.

Along with that you also have cushion on the top half of the headset which tops it off (no pun intended) in terms of comfort because it rests easy on your head.

Where To Buy

If reading all of the above has made you decide to pull the trigger on buying this headset then congrats you’re in for a badass headset.

I personally bought mine off of Amazon which is where I recommend to go look first.

If for some reason their out of stock or you just prefer shopping elsewhere then you can try to see if bestbuy has them or you can buy them directly from the manufactures website.

I rarely see a headset I’m looking for on store shelves so I’ve given up on that but with so many online buying options these days it doesn’t bother me one bit.

Should You Buy This Headset?

If you’re still on the fence on where you want to buy this one or not then do a comparison of it with the other ones you’re looking at.

Along with that read some reviews on amazon/online of what other gamers have said about their experience with it.

Other than that maybe ask someone in your guild online or gamer buddies if they possibly have it and what they think of it.

The only thing I really want to press is that you make sure to take into all accounts when looking to buy, not just how good the audio quality is.

Make sure to give comfort a high priority, especially if you play for long periods of time.

Hopefully this article helped some of you decide!

Rushfit Vs P90X3 Vs Focus T25 Vs Rip:60 Vs Insanity Max 30

There are a lot of different home fitness DVD programs to choose from these days and you could have zero clue on which one to decide to go with.

This is why I decided to write this article to help give you a comparison on Rushfit Vs P90X3 Vs Focus T25 Vs Rip:60 Vs Insanity Max 30, to help you decide which of these may work better for you.

Here is a comparison table below on all of the ones we’ll be looking at in this article.

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What Type Of People Is The Rushfit Workout Program For

Rushfit is pretty similar to P90X in my opinion with a good mix of body weight exercises, weight lifting exercises and cardio exercises.

The people who this program works best for is those looking to not only shed some of that fat weight off, build a little bit of muscle and get into better cardio shape for an event like a marathon.

If you don’t want to use any weights then you may want to looking into some of the others on this list.

Will P90X3 Be A Good Workout Program For Me?

As I mentioned before this program and Rushfit are very similar in the types of exercises/results you can expect but not exactly 100% identical of course.

The biggest difference in my opinion is P90X3 workouts are 30 minutes each while Rushfit has 45 minute workouts.

This may not seem like a big difference but for some people who have very little time to devote to workout everyday, this can make all the difference on them finishing the program or having to bail on it.

You can expect similar results as Rushfit in terms of weight loss, better endurance and some muscle gain.

Should You Do The Focus T25 Workout Program?

Focus T25 is one of the newer fitness programs and it is a great fit for a lot of people.

When I started doing the program it made me think of where it took some parts of P90X with a lot of the Insanity program throw in.

This program works best for those looking to focus more on cardio and body weight exercises more than weights.

You’ll get great results in your chest, abs and fat loss. This of course means better endurance overall as well.

With that said you may not see as much muscle growth in your back, shoulders and arms compared to the other body parts that I just mentioned.

So if you really want to get into good summer shape while not really trying to worry to much about overall muscle growth then this program is right up your alley.

Is The Rip:60 Workout Program Right For You

Rip:60 has become popular because it has a well thought out training program along with some great trainers pushing you through the workouts.

With that said what really makes this program stand out from the others is the way that you do the workouts. Instead of traditional body weight exercises you get a unique twist to doing them with the rip:60 straps that come with the DVD kit.

This is the heart and sole of what makes this program as great as it is.

This program is perfect for those wanting to tone up, lose some fat and more importantly for those find themselves getting bored easy in the other programs because it’s the same old type of routines you’re use to.

Even though this program was hard I truly enjoyed doing it which is kind of weird as I usually just want to hurry and finish to see the results.

Is Insanity Max 30 More For Weight Loss Or Muscle Building

Insanity Max 30 is a program that focuses on cardio and body weight exercises. Doing this program, you can expect great weight loss results with some muscle toning.

The endurance you build up is actually quite impressive in my opinion as well so if you’re training for something like a tough mudder or marathon then this is a good starting point.

If you don’t want to use anything but your body, like no weights or resistance bands then this program leans more for you.

This program also has shorter workout lengths which are only 30 minutes, just something else to keep in mind when deciding on which one to go with.

Which One Should You Go With

As I mentioned in the article, this is incredibly hard for me to choose for someone I’ve never met because I don’t know anything about you or your fitness goals.

Even the article didn’t help you decide and are still confused on which one to go with then maybe read some reviews on the products over at Amazon to see what others who have bought the program think of it.

Other than that the only other thing I can think of is to look on YouTube to find some clips of the programs so you can get some sort of idea what you can expect in them.

Rip:60 Home Gym and Fitness DVDs Review 2019

In this article I’ll be covering my review of the Rip:60 Home Gym and Fitness DVD program.

This fitness program features a unique style of home fitness training with it’s rip straps which throws a whole new aspect into workouts.

Along with that you’ll have some noticeable people in these videos which are your trainers!

They are Georges St. Pierre (MMA World Champion) and Jillian Michaels (America’s Toughest Trainer). Let’s start off by looking on some of the pros and cons of rip:60.

The Pros And Cons

There are a lot of positives about this program but of course a couple things that could be a hindrance to some.

The pros pretty much speak for themselves but I do want to touch on the cons to elaborate on them a bit.

The 60 minutes is usually a good time frame for doing workouts and usually that’s the average time for most who go to the gym.

However most people who do home workouts are those who may not have tons of time to spare, this is why you see a lot of other fitness programs cutting their workouts to 30 minutes.

The strap setup is a one time deal usually but it can be a pain to find a good spot and get everything set up, but like I mentioned after you set it up once you’re usually good to go for the rest of the 60 days.

How Long Does It Take To See Results

As with any fitness program/routine it all depends on how out of shape you are and how much commitment you put into it.

I will say I noticed results rather quickly, especially in terms of muscle toning because these workouts were a surprise for my body on how I did them.

Weight loss wise, I noticed my clothes fitting better probably about 3ish weeks in. I wish I would have kept a more accurate type of notes instead of trying to remember it all.

Is Rip:60 Fitness DVDS Hard To Do?

One thing I do like about this program is that it does start off on an easier note rather than going full force right from start to finish.

This gives those who are new to the working out or those that are in really bad cardio shape a chance to build up their bodies to be able to stick with the program.

However the intensity of the workouts does get harder so be prepared to start pushing yourself which is what you want to do!

A easy workout program will produce lesser results than those that really push your body, just a fact of life.

What Equipment Do You Need To Do Rip:60

You don’t need to buy any additional equipment, the workout focuses on using the straps ( comes with the kit) and your body weight.

Other than that you just need a place to hang the straps and of course a TV/DVD player to play the program.

Does It Really Work?

Yes it does, but how much it works depends on you. Simply buying the program doesn’t do anything, you literally have to commit, do the workouts and eat right.

I’ve seen to many people buy the program, only do it once every week and eat like crap then say it doesn’t work. No crap it doesn’t work if go about it like that.

Where To Buy Rip:60 Fitness DVDs

I bought my rip:60 kit off of Amazon and that’s where I recommend pretty much everyone to look buy theirs.

You can check Walmart to see if they have it in stores if you prefer to buy it locally but I think it’s a hit or miss depending on which store.

Other than that I’m not really sure of any other online or local stores that carry it.

Should You Buy It?

I can’t make this decision for you but I do encourage everyone to get in better shape and I know this program does just that.

Like I mentioned earlier if you want a program that isn’t just like every other workout where it may keep you more excited to do the program day after day then this program may just be what you’re looking for.

It provided a great workout that I actually didn’t hate to do! 

Rushfit Georges St-Pierre Home Training Program Review

I’ll be giving my review of the Rushfit Georges St-Pierre Home Training Program in this article which will aim to cover many questions I had about this program before purchasing in hopes to help others not have to search high and low to find the answers that they’re looking for.

We’ll kick off this post with what I do and don’t like about this program.

The Pros And Cons

How Long Does It Take To See Results

When you start doing this program you hit the ground running (no pun intended). So it really depends on how out of shape you are and if you stick through the entire workout each day.

With that said most people that I’ve chatted with or read their experience with this program they noticed actual mirror results after about 4-5 weeks but they notice their clothes fitting better even sooner than that.

I wish their was an exact timeline I could give you but with each person being different it would be the biggest shot in the dark ever.

Is Rushfit Hard To Do?

Well, like I mentioned above, you will hit the ground running so I feel the toughest part is at the start because this is usually when you’re most out of shape.

However as someone who hits the gym regularly I will say it’s definitely more cardio intensive than I was expecting it to be, which I had to build up my body to over a couple of weeks to be able to fully do the program without hitting pause.

Don’t look for something that is easy because nothing easy ever produces great results. If you’re looking for something easy then you’re already beating yourself mentally.

What Equipment Do You Need To Do The Rushfit Training Program

To do this program as it is intended, you will need some dumbbells. You won’t need an entire set or anything just maybe grab a couple of 20lb dumbbells for men and for women 10lbs should be a good start.

If you have adjustable dumbbells that would be ideal, that way you can go up in weight as you get stronger throughout the program.

You could do some of the workout without any weights at all but you’ll shorting yourself on the results you’ll get.

Does It Really Work?

Absolutely, this program was designed by Erik Owings who kept Georges St-Pierre (The Trainer In The Videos) in fighting shape through his career.

Erik is well respected in the martial arts/fitness community and he knows his stuff.

Just make sure you actually give it all you got in the program and not skip workouts, eat junk and you should see results.

Where To Buy?

This program came out a good while back so you most likely won’t find it in any local stores. I bought mine from amazon so this is your best bet in my opinion for where to get it.

You could always ask on Facebook to see if anyone may have a copy that they no longer use but of course that’s a long shot.

Should You Buy It?

I can only answer this from my own perspective and that answer is yes you should. I seen very positive results along with getting a new type of aspect on workouts and also I learned a few things that I did not know.

If you’re just started to workout and have no clue where to begin then I like this program for you because you’re in the comfort zone of your own home and you have someone showing you what to do.

As someone who went into the gym and did the same workouts all the time because I had no clue what the other machines were or what I should be doing I wish I would have started out with a program like this as a beginner.

That is not to say this is only for beginners, this program will kick your butt even for those veteran gym goers so don’t expect this to be some stepping stone program to something more your speed.

Overall I think you’ll be happy with this program and the results it provides. 

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Navigator Laptop Bag Review


In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Navigator Laptop Bag.

Even when you are traveling, you want to make sure that your valuable item like your personal laptop is properly stored inside your bag especially when you are traveling or when you are out for an outdoor adventure.

Most bags are not designed to provide storage solutions for devices.

This is what makes the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Navigator Laptop Bag differ from the rest of the choices.

This NAV Bag is designed to give you a storage solution where you can properly organize your personal items including your files, survival essentials and even your laptop. This bag is not just a laptop bag.

The Pros And Cons Of The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Navigator Laptop Bag

Is this the suitable bag that fits your needs?

This product review gives you the details of its features and design so you can see if this is the bag that best fits you.

Product Features

The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Navigator Laptop Bag has the following features making it one of the top choices among outdoor enthusiasts:

Solid and Lightweight Design: What you will like about this bag is its solid design as it features MOLLE webbing all throughout. Since it is made of 600 Denier Polyester with PVC lining, you have a rugged bag that is perfectly suitable for outdoors.

Unlike other bags that can be too bulky and heavy to carry around, this bag offers you convenience.

Weighing just 3.4 pounds with an item size .17x.12x.12 inches, this is a get to go bag that you can carry anywhere you go.

Convertible Strap System: One of the things that you will like about this backpack is that it has a convertible strap system which gives you versatility.

You can change the way how you want to carry the bag depending on purpose and how you want to use it.

You can use the backpack straps or even store it in a zipper sleeve. You also have the option to use just a single shoulder strap which is removable.

Comfort and Ease: Comes with 2 stowable padded straps and sternum strap which makes the bag comfortable wear and giving you stability while you are on the go.

The shoulder straps are contoured so this bag is comfortable to wear as it can balance out the load making it not too heavy to carry.

Big Capacity: This NAV Bag has an amazing big capacity with about 15.5 Liters of total storage so you can basically bring all of the essential stuffs and other items you need.

It comes with 12 compartments and dividers where you can different items from small to bulky ones. You can store even your 15’’ laptop with its internal sleeve.

Flexibility: One amazing feature of this bag is that you can expand the storage of the main compartment as it comes with an expansion zipper which is pretty much the same to that of a luggage.

Multiple Storage Options: Whether you want to store your accessories, electronic devices and other items, you get to have multiple storage options.

It also comes with front utility compartments and key ring (quick release) so you can store your accessories and other utilities.

At the same time, you won’t have any difficulty taking them out when needed. Since the pockets are placed, you can easily see where the items you need are located.


For its price, built and design along with its product features, there are so many things to love about the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Navigator Laptop Bag.

Using this bag, you get to have the versatility and the storage solution for the essential items that you need to bring wherever you go.

Whether you need to bring your 15’’ laptop with your, gear or any other items that you want to take along with you, the bag is has enough space to make sure that your items are organized and well-kept.

It is also available in different colors so you can choose which design best suits you.

Over-all, this is a multi-purpose bag that gives you the storage solutions that you need both for daily use or when you are out on a fun adventure.