Best Twitch Streaming Desktop Microphones Under $200 For 2019


In this article we’ll be looking at the best desktop mics under $200 for streaming on Twitch or Youtube.

A microphone is one of the most important items in your streaming arsenal if not the most, so picking a good one is very high on the importance scale.

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Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone

The Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone takes our top pick on this list. This mic is USB connected which is the most convenient in most cases (for gamers anyways).

You’ll notice very clear voice recording on this mic and it definitely gives your podcast/stream a much more professional type of feel to it.

You can adjust the mic as needed with the on-mic mixer witch is very simply to use.

This microphone comes with a tripod stand, pop shield and ring mount which is impressive because you’ll see a lot of mics require you to purchase things like that as a separate purchase.

For the quality you get with this mic it will be hard to find anything better in this price range.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone is the most popular mic on this list and it has earned that right through it’s amazing quality/price.

This mic is super simple to setup with a basic plug and play system for it.

It has a multiple pattern selection for cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo.

Crystal clear voice output that will truly impress you when you hear yourself on it.

This microphone is perfect for those who do not want many buttons or options to have to fiddle with but still want high quality output.

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB PLUS Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

The Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone is a great pick for a desktop mic for podcasts, streaming or heck just gaming in general if you really want a high tier setup.

It has a very simply control system with the easy adjustment settings being right the on the mic front.

This mic reminds me a lot of the Blue Yeti that we just discussed, with its easy setup but high quality output it makes for a solid option to choose from between those two.

Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone

The Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone is an impressive piece of equipment that doesn’t have that hefty price tag to match it.

Just by picking this thing up, you can tell it’s got an impressive build quality to it.

Similar to the other mics listed, it has a simple plug in play type of use to it with USB connection.

This mic does have a couple more setting options that you can mess with like the instrument setting.

The one thing I would suggest is trying to pick up the shock mount and pop filter bundle option to really get the most out of this microphone.

Overall though, even if you don’t get it, you’re still getting a fantastic piece of equipment in this microphone.

Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

The Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone is a superb mic that will surprise you with its quality.

Don’t let the size of this microphone fool you because it is one of the best that you can find. It’s has a very simple setup which makes getting started with it a breeze.

Something I really like that most might take for granted is the rubberized feet this mic has.

This has helped me so many times with me accidentally hitting it with my forearm that would have otherwise made it fall over or knock it across the desk.

One thing that surprised me with this mic is the absence of background noise ( this is a good thing), I didn’t expect it to be this good in that department.

My only recommendation is go for the nickel or black color version, something about the chrome look has a slight distraction for me, even out of my peripheral vision.

Just my personal thought there, the quality doesn’t change.

Razer Seiren Elite USB Digital Microphone

The Razer Seiren Elite USB Digital Microphone was one of the newer type of microphones to be tried and honestly I wasn’t even aware Razer made desktop mics.

I’ve used Razer products for gaming so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me they started making these types of mics which have become very popular for Twitch streamers.

This mic can easily switch up to four (Cardioid, Stereo, Omni, Bi-directional) different dedicated recording patterns to suit a variety of audio capture needs.

Which means you can choose between these settings to work for pretty much any type of use that you can think of like streaming, podcasts, voice-overs, instruments, vocals, conference calls or anything else you might think of.

Another bonus to this is I really like the look of this microphone, especially when it’s plugged up because you get that razer symbol lite up, which I think looks sweet.

Turtle Beach TruSpeak Stream Mic

The Turtle Beach TruSpeak Stream Mic is a great all around streaming microphone not only for your computer but consoles as well.

Now even though you can use this microphone for other things, Turtle Beach prides this mic as being built for streaming.

Turtle Beach is known for their gaming headsets which come with a built in mic, but this is much different with it being a desktop microphone.

This mic is very easy to setup with a simple plug & play type of setup.

The settings are very easy to understand if you want to mess with anything.

I like how adjustable the mic is so you can tilt it up or down on what’s comfortable for you.

Plugable Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

The Plugable Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone is an impressive mic, that has some fantastic specs.

It comes with a simple setup desktop stand, with an equally simple plug and play type of setup for getting it going.

This mic is ideal for home studio recording, podcasting, and YouTube voice-overs but not limited to these of course.

For the price of this mic you get an incredibly impressive piece of equipment that your viewers/listeners should love.

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

The Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone is our second Blue Microphone to be featured on this list following behind the awesome Blue Yeti Mic that was featured towards the top of this list.

This microphone is no where near as good as the Blue Yeti but it’s no where near the price as well.

This microphone is still a great mic however and you’ll notice a good difference if you go from using this from a gaming headset mic.

The good thing about this mic is the price more than anything because it allows a midway option between gaming headset mics and better desktop mics.

Which Mic To Choose

From top to bottom is how I ranked the mics on my own opinion so I would tell you to pick in that order but everyone’s taste are different.

There is a good range of mics on this list price wise so if you have a certain budget you’re going by then you have some great options to look at here.

Other than that just do a little bit further look into each mic that you’re thinking of getting by reading some reviews over on Amazon to see what those who bought it think of it.

Gym Rules: Tips On What You Should Not Do At The Gym

Empty Gym

This list is a gym etiquette based list which is focusing on basically how to act in the gym so don’t expect to find any advice for which workouts are best for building X,Y,Z muscle.

I put this list together through mostly my own gym experiences over the years and seeing things like this happen that just made me shake my head, so even though some of these items might sound ridiculous, just know that someone out there has done it.

Don’t Put On Cologne/Perfume To Come To The Gym

Before I even start, I want to clarify what I mean here.

When I say wearing it to the gym I’m not meaning you having it on from your work clothes and coming inside to change with it on.

I’m meaning getting into your workout clothes THEN spraying your cologne/perfume on.

This is almost as bad as not wearing deodorant in my opinion, no one wants smell your perfume/cologne when they come to work out, no matter how good you think it smells.

Don’t Forget To Put The Weights Back After You’re Done With Them

gym rules put the weight back after you use it

Don’t be that person in the gym who just leaves weights wherever after you get through with using them.

This goes for dumbbells being left on the floor to taking the actual weights off the bar.

By not re-racking the weights back you not only start to piss off other gym members but this is also becoming a quick way for you to potentially lose your gym membership if it becomes an ongoing issue.

Don’t Try To Claim Multiple Areas Are In Use For Your Circuit Workout

A circuit workout is where you will do multiple exercises in that will basically make up as 1 set.

This is fine if you are doing this on the same machine such as a cable machine where you can just swap out different attachments to do whatever you need.

The problem begins where you start your circuit on the cable machine but also are using that bench and also that triceps machine.

Unless the gym is dead empty then this is usually a no go.

Don’t Adjust The Thermostat Temperature

This isn’t a very common issue but I have seen it happen.

Most gyms nowadays will have a lock on the thermostat for this very reason.

However just because you don’t see it locked up, don’t see that as “fair game” on adjusting the temperature to whatever you want it to be.

Make Sure Someone Is Done With A Machine Before You Jump In

If you’re needing a certain machine and someone is using it then make sure they’re completely done with it before you decide to start using it.

This doesn’t mean if they walk away to get water then you think it’s fair game, most of the time you should actually ask them if they’re still using it.

Be Aware Of How You Smell

Don’t just assume since you’re working out that you’re supposed to “smell bad” and just leave it at that.

This means to make sure you don’t work out in the same clothes every day without washing them, trust me everyone in the gym can smell it.

Also be sure to have on deodorant, a lot of people will quickly call you out on it if you repeatedly come workout with any on.

Don’t Forget To Wipe Down Machines When You Finish Using Them

This is mainly meant for wiping any sweat off that you would have left when using the machine.

Usually you’ll find wipes in the gym to be used for this, if not then you might have to bring your own towel.

Don’t Give Out Unwanted Lifting Advice

Don’t be that guy who has started reading about proper lifting techniques, so you decide you’re an expert so you go around giving everyone pointers on what they’re doing wrong.

The only exception to this is if they have either asked you for lifting advice in the past or they’re doing something that could seriously hurt themselves.

Don’t Hog A Machine While You Text Your Girlfriend

If you’re using or claiming a machine then be using it.

Don’t be just chilling on it while you text your girl or talk with your buddies.

This is fine to do in between your sets. (Time in between sets should be a MAX of 2 minutes)

Don’t Get In Front Of Someone In The Mirror

If someone is lifting don’t get in front of their line of sight of the mirror.

The mirror is there for more than just seeing how pumped you look.

It plays a big role in helping with maintaining a good form when lifting as well.

Don’t Play Your Music On Speaker Mode For Everyone To Hear

Lifting with music is perfectly normal but have your headset/mp3 on.

Turning your music on and blasting it on your phone is a no go unless you’re the only one in the gym.

Don’t Lift Without A Shirt On

Just don’t be this douche who tries to lift without wearing a shirt because you think it may help you pull one of the chicks you’ve been eyeing.

Most gyms out there will quickly make you put your shirt back on but just trying to save you the embarrassment here.

Don’t Try To Splash Water On Your Face At The Water Fountain

Just use common sense here, go to the bathroom and do this.

Don’t Try To Take Pics Of Girls In Your Gym

I get it, there are a lot of good looking girls doing squats in yoga pants.

Looking is fine but once you start taking pics of them then you’re just asking for problems.

Don’t Sing Out Loud With Your Music

The bass drops, you’re feeling pumped up and it’s your favorite song.

I got you, but just head bang or sing it in your head.

Don’t Try To Eat While Chilling On A Machine/Bench

The only thing I can say would be fine is drinking your pre workout or post workout.

With that said this is only OK if there is no one in the gym needing any of the equipment.

Bringing food is out of the question.

Don’t Do This With Chewing Gum

I don’t see to many people lift with gum but I still want to throw this out there.

If you do have gum then don’t go around blowing bubbles and popping it repeatedly.

On top of that don’t stick your gum under one of the benches, throw it in the garbage!

Don’t Use Chewing Tobacco In The Gym

The main reason for this is because every time I see someone try to do this they think it’s fine to spit in the garbage or heck even the water fountain.

Don’t Go Up To Everyone Asking What Supplements They Take

This is fine if you’re having a general conversation with the person or have chatted before but don’t just go asking this to random people.

Don’t Ask If Someone Is On Steroids Or Where To Get Them

This is not something people openly talk about in gyms (at least with random people) no matter what you may think.

Don’t Try To Use The Same Machine More Than 30 minutes

Someone may be waiting to use that machine whether you know it or not.

Try to arrange your workout to where you utilize different gym equipment.

This rule can be bent a little if you’re doing multiple exercises on that same machine but try to be considerate of others.

Don’t Put Your Stuff In A Locker That Already Has Someones Else’s Items In It

Sometimes there may not be any gym lockers available which isn’t uncommon around rush hour.

This doesn’t give you the green light to stuff your stuff into any locker you feel like.

You may need to go back to your car and put your stuff while you keep your car keeps in your pocket when working out.

Don’t Leave Lifting Chalk Everywhere

Some lifters like to use lifting chalk which can make a mess.

If you do use this then just make sure to clean it up and not leave it on any machines you use.

Don’t Take Up Equipment That You Don’t Really Need

What I mean by this is don’t do curls in the squat rack when you can do curls anywhere in the gym, you don’t need the wrack to curl but other people do need the wrack to squat.

Don’t Put Weights Back In Random Places

For example the dumbbells are aligned in weight order so if you pull some 15lbs DBs off, make sure you put them back in that spot.

This goes for actual gym plates as well but its typically not as big of an issue.

Don’t Talk Loudly On Your Cell Phone At The Gym

Talking on your phone is fine as long as your not talking loud for everyone to hear.

For the most part if you know it’s going to be a long conversation then step outside or just wait to call them back after your gym session.

Don’t Stay Exposed In The Locker Room For Longer Than You Need To

It never fails any gym I go into there is also this older man who is naked and has a captain morgan stance on the only bench in there.

To make this worse he tries to casually have a conversation with you while awkwardly thrusting his junk out even more.

Don’t Treat The Locker Room Like You Own It

This means get in and out with your shower.

Don’t spread all of your shaving, toothbrush, deodorant etc.. across the counter which makes it where everyone has to work around you to get to the sink.

Don’t Dress Skimpy Then Get Mad If People Look

This one is for you ladies, don’t wear the tightest/shortest pair of workout shorts that you can find then do squats in front of a bunch of guys and expect them not to look.

That’s just common sense but I think it needs to be said.

Don’t Come To The Gym High Or Drunk

Yes, I’ve seen this happen and of course it didn’t end well of course.

Not sure what to say here that most people wouldn’t already know but yea, just don’t do this.

Don’t Deny Someone A Spot Just To Be A Jerk

Spotting someone is where you hover them to make sure they don’t drop the weight on themselves.

This is a common thing that you’ll be asked to do in the gym so if someone asks you just try to help them out.

Why I Wrote This Article

When I started lifting I had zero idea not only what in the heck I was doing routine wise but also I didn’t know a lot of the things mentioned in this article.

Sure, a lot of them are pretty much common courtesy or heck even common sense types of stuff but some things I had to learn on my own.

Most gyms don’t actually go into detail on what proper gym etiquette is so you’re kind of left with being unsure on a lot of things.

So basically this article was written with people who are just starting out in the gym to have at least some sort of information to go off of.

This article can also be a subtle way of letting someone that goes to your gym that they are probably doing something on this list, just mention it on your social media if they’re friends with you and maybe they will see it.

Thats basically it, I will be adding on to this article as I come across new things or if I have recommendations from others on something they would like added to this list.

With that being said, just submit me you’re idea on something if you don’t see it here but feel it should be added and I’ll gladly consider it to be added on.

Citizen Eco-Drive Mens BM8475-26E Watch Review


In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the Citizen Eco-Drive Mens BM8475-26E Watch.

Many who wear watches tend to worry about functional batteries especially when you have a battery-operated watch.

The good news is that with Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s BM8475-26E Stainless Steel Watch, you no longer have to worry about the winding battery.

Created by Citizen which is one of the oldest and most established watch brands in the world, if you are looking for an excellent timepiece that is anchored on the brand’s principles of quality and creativity, this watch might just be the one for you.

Pros & Cons Of The Citizen Eco-Drive Mens BM8475-26E Watch

What makes the Citizen Eco Watch a highly-loved timepiece? Let’s go into its product features and specs.

Product Features and Specifications

Citizen is a global brand known for its innovative and amazing timepieces. And in deciding to go for the Citizen Eco-Watch, you can enjoy the following product features:

Citizen Eco-Watch sports a 42 mm stainless steel that comes with mineral dial window.

It is a round watch that features luminous hands with beautiful Arabic indices and day window located at 3 o’clock.

The watch has an analog display using Japanese quarts movement.

It uses faux-leather brand with buckler closure.

Citizen BM8475-26E is water resistant to 330 ft.

Beautiful Aesthetics and Design

For many watch lovers, it is not just the functionality and specs alone.

The design and over-all aesthetics of the watch is also considered.

When you look at Citizen Eco-Watch is a very aesthetically pleasing timepiece.

The hour markers colored orange is refreshing to the eyes because you do not see this kind of color scheme very often.

It is stylish in a sense that it looks modern. But the nice thing about this watch is that you can wear it anytime and anywhere whether it is formal or informal.

The unique color scheme is complemented with its tan leather strap. Depending on your preference, you can easily change the strap.

Solar Powered E011 Eco-Drive Movement

One of the things that you will like about this watch is that it operates with a standard date/day complication.

With its solar powered movement, it gives you reliable accuracy unlike no other which only means that you do not have to worry about getting the right time and date settings.

When you wear and set the watch, it is accurate all throughout the day. You do not have to adjust the time.

Dial, Crystal and Case

Citizen Eco-Watch is a well-built timepiece since it is made from stainless steel.

It features mineral crystal which is a standard for most of the watches that you can find within the price range.

The case is ion plated. In affordable watches you notice that the coatings of watches easily wear off. But the good thing is that it is not the case with Citizen Eco-watch.

Quality Strap and Clasp

Citizen Eco-Watch BM845 comes with a tan leather strap and it is a very durable one.

It does not wear out easily even if it gets stretched out.

This can be attributed to the use of synthetic leather strap. This material is rubbery compared to using genuine leather. The clasp uses a black plated buckle.

Water Resistant

Another thing to love about the Citizen BM8475-26E is that it is water resistant to 100 m.

This is a pretty much good feature compared to other watches.

Now, you can still wear your watch when you are snorkeling or swimming. But keep in mind that you cannot use it when you are scuba diving.


For its price, Citizen Eco-Watch is truly a value for money watch.

It gives you a very stylish design that comes with a reliable functionality that is lacking in some watches.

Although it may not look like an expensive watch, it has the necessary features that you need a timepiece.

You no longer have to think of winding battery with its solid battery life.

In terms of accuracy, you can rely on it since you do not have to constantly adjust the time and date settings.

The design of the watch is not your classical watch as it uses unique color scheme.

The strap does not easily wear off and you can basically wear it in different settings whether it is formal or informal.

Plus, it is water resistant to 100 m. So even when you are doing water activities, you never have to worry about your watch getting wet.

Over-all, Citizen Eco-watch is a good buy for entry level watches.

Nixon Mens A105 Sentry Watch Review


In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the Nixon Mens A105 Sentry Watch.

Finding the right watch with all the different options to choose from is challenging.

So your choice of timepiece would depend on your lifestyle and preferences.

Nowadays, people place high emphasis on the style and design but as well as the essential features.

Some brands only focus on the aesthetic designs while others offer more.

The Nixon A105 is a very popular choice among watch lovers.

It is known for its fashionable design despite some say that it focuses more on the design compared to over-all built and performance.

Then again, everyone has varying preferences.

Let’s take a peek at this beautiful watch to see what it can really offer.

Pros And Cons Of The Nixon Mens A105 Sentry Watch


Product Description

A beautiful leather watch, Nixon A105 uses printed seconds track, luminous fill, solid stainless steel case, a wide leather strap and is packed with other features and specifications.

Simply by looking at the design and aesthetic appeal, there is no doubt that the Nixon Watch is a well-designed timepiece which caters to those who really place high value on the style and design.

If that is one of your main considerations, this product is already a fine choice.

About the Brand

Nixon started out in 1998 and is considered to be one of the known brands in the watchmaking industry.

With offices in America, Europe, Asia and Australia, the brand continues to create and launch amazing timepieces perfectly suitable to the needs of modern professionals.

So if you are looking for a quality brand, Nixon is the one to have.

But the challenge lies in choosing among a wide range of models of watches with varying prices and specifications.

Product Features and Specifications

A Fashionable Timepiece

What makes Nixon A105 stand out above the rest is its fashionable style that gives you versatility in a sense that you can partner it with any type of clothing whether you are wearing simple shirt and jeans or a format suit.

The saddle woven look of this watch is very eye-catching which makes it a good fashion accessory.

The watch dimensions (42 mm in diameter and 11 mm thickness) just fit right on your wrist.

It uses brown leather that comes with a buckle to ensure that the watch is in place.

Not to mention that this watch only weighs 2.40 ounces so it gives you a lightweight watch that is easy and comfortable to wear.

It exudes a classical design but it is the type that never goes out of style. You can also change the bands depending on your preference.

The only downside is that there is only 1 band using cloth. The rest are made from genuine leather.

Durable Build

Just because it is a stylish watch does not mean that it cannot have durable build.

The Nixon A105 uses triple gasket crown that has enamel fill and it uses a 23 mm leather band with stainless steel buckle.

This watch can last you long especially when you use it with care.

Japanese Quarts Movement

The Nixon A105 is a fashionable watch but it can still give you that precision, accuracy and reliability that you need especially from a top brand like Nixon.

It uses Japanese Quartz movement that powers the watch to give you reliable time setting.

Mineral Glass Case

To protect the components of the watch, it uses mineral glass case. What is nice about this glass case is that it is scratch resistant.

Ease of Use

Another highlight of this product is that it is easy to use. You can see the day, date and time right away when you look at the watch.


Nixon offers 2 year warranty coverage for this watch.


With the way how Nixon built this timepiece, you get to have a fashionable watch that is not lacking in terms of the basic features and specs that you need.

It is a beautifully designed, durable, reliable and water resistant watch that is perfect for daily use and even when you are underwater.

The analog display is enclosed using a stainless steel case complemented with mineral glass and beautiful dial.

You can see the date, time and day easily. In terms of durability, this watch can last long.

There are downsides like for instance you may have to change the battery and the leather may get damaged when submerged in water.

Then again, weighing the pros and the cons, there are still so many things to love about Nixon A105.

Emporio Armani Classic AR2411 Watch Review


In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the Emporio Armani Classic AR2411 Watch.

Classic design watches will always be one of the top favorites of watch lovers.

Even if it’s your first time to buy one or you have been collecting different timepieces, having a classic watch is a must have in your collection.

And since many brands come up with this kind of design, it wouldn’t be that difficult for you to find the one that best fits you.

It is just a matter of finding the one that fits your personality, style and personal references.

The Pros And Cons Of The Emporio Armani Classic AR2411 Watch

The Emporio Armani Classic Watch is a simple yet highly defined watch packed with different features.

Ever since the brand introduced this classic piece, it has taken the market by storm. What makes Emporio Armani AR really popular among watch lovers?

Product Description

A desirable timepiece, this classic watch is simple yet it is packed with refined features.

With a 43 mm stainless steel case complemented with the contrasting details, this is an eye-catching watch that looks really striking and classic.

The brand blends the modern functionality and the elegant design giving you a beautifully made watch perfect for any type of clothing.

The black baton dial looks really chic and in terms of performance, this watch is powered by quartz mechanism which is reliable, something that you can only expect from a top brand.

Product Features and Specifications

When it comes to features and specs, you have so many things and other details to like about the Emporio Armani Classic Watch which include the following:

Classic and Striking Design

The Emporio Armani Watch gives you a very classic and striking design with its jet black dial coupled with a black leather strap.

It uses black dial color with black leather featuring a 43 mm stainless steel case and 11 mm watch that is just the standard fit for any man’s wrist.

Unlike other black watches that look ordinary and bland timepiece, this watch gives you a stylish and highly bold design simply perfect for professionals.

The watch is designed in such a way that it gives you versatility.

Whether you wear it in formal occasions or when you are in your leisure clothing, this watch fits just right.

Japanese Quartz Movement

In buying a watch, you want to purchase a timepiece that gives you accuracy and reliability.

And with this brand using Japanese quartz movement, you can be sure that the timekeeping mechanism is accurate and reliable.

You can rely on the precision of this watch’s daily performance compared to other watches.

Durable Case and Strap

The Emporio Armani Classic Watch is built using brushed silver stainless steel case and black leather strap that comes with a buckle clasp.

The black leather strap complements the details of the watch which adds more class and elegance to this timepiece.

The width measures 22 mm which fits your wrist just right.

Mineral Crystal Window

To protect the dial, it features mineral crystal that is also scratch-resistant.

The only thing is that despite this feature it still gets scratched which is one of the downsides of this product.

Bold Black Dial

The black dial and the silver tone hands as well as the hour markers of the watch adds aesthetic value to this watch.

It is then accentuated with the luxurious looking logo of Emporio Armani.

Additional Features

This watch has a date display window at 6 o’clock position. It is water resistant (5 ATM).

But keep in mind that this feature is only to protect the water against any water splash.

You cannot submerge it in water. Unfortunately, it is quite lacking when it comes to essential and innovative features compared to other choices.


The brand offers 2 year warranty coverage.


At first look, you see a very classic and beautiful watch in Emporio Armani Classic Watch.

If you are looking for a timepiece that has a very striking and bold design perfect for business and corporate settings, this is one of the best choices for you.

It has reliable and precise timekeeping mechanism that guarantees you quality.

However, it has its fair share of drawbacks. If you need more innovative features and if you are quite meticulous when it comes to the quality of even the smallest details, this may not be the one for you.

But over-all given the way how it is built and its over-all design, you have a quality and professional looking watch that you can wear on a daily basis.

Nixon Mens A405-1888 Sentry Quartz Casual Watch Review


In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the Nixon Mens A405-1888 Sentry Quartz Casual Watch.

When it comes to choosing among a wide range of timepieces whether it is your first time to buy a watch or not, many would definitely go for a fashion watch.

Let’s face it we want to buy watches that look good on us when we wear it.

So factoring the style and aesthetic value of the timepiece is one of the main considerations.

But it is not just about the over-all appeal and design of a watch that will make you buy a watch but in its value.

Pros & Cons Of The Nixon Mens A405-1888 Sentry Quartz Casual Watch

Those who like mechanicals have a lot of nice choices to choose from.

But if you are looking for a well-designed timepiece that is definitely beyond the regular style, the Nixon Men’s Sentry Quarts Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch might just be the right one for you.

Nixon Sentry is widely popular and it is for several reasons.

Want to know what makes this watch a famous choice?

It is quite expensive for its price but many still go for this timepiece.

What makes them want this watch?

Product Features and Specifications

Let’s take a look at its design, features and specs to find out what draws people to buy this watch over the others
A Good Looking Watch: What you will love about the Nixon Sentry is that it is just one of those timepieces that has an amazingly good looking design.

With its rose gold features, big leather and distressed dial, this watch gives you that remarkable appearance unlike no other.

It may look somewhat similar from other quartz watches but if you really look at its features, it is entirely different.

Simply by looking at its hands that give you that squellete-style, it looks awesome.

Although the downside of it is that it does not have lume so you can’t really see it at night.

The hour makers are raised giving you that depth. Its rose gold features add more style to the design as well as its engraved rose gold.

Luxurious Looking Dial and Finishings: There is no denying that the Nixon Sentry Watch is a high-end looking watch.

With its tapered indices, it plays with light giving you that extra-rich look as it appears really luxurious.

That is why even for a person who is not really into watches will find this timepiece visually appealing.

There might be some imperfections that you can find on the calendar but without really paying closer attention and without magnification, you can barely see them.

You really have to magnify the details to see the downsides of this timepiece.

Japanese Quartz: One of the main strengths of the Nixon Sentry is that it is uses Japanese Quarts.

This movement is what powers the Sentry giving you a long term reliability unlike no other.

Although in terms of hardware this watch might not be using top-end, it is a pretty much reliable watch for daily use.

Durability: In terms of batter life, you can expect about 3 years of batter life for this watch backed with an accuracy of +/- 25 sec. per month.

This can already give you just enough horsepower. For many, this is already enough and this is just what they need.

Case, Clasp and Strap: At whatever angle the 42 mm steel case that is coated with rose gold is excellent.

The bezel looks really nice and it gives you that look as if it is deeply embedded in the case.

The clasp features rose gold that fits the look of the watch. As for the leather strap which is 23 mm wide, it is soft and has nice stitching.

Warranty Coverage: When you purchase Nixon Sentry, it comes with a 2 year warranty coverage.


Is this product worth the buy? For its price, there are tons of reasons to like the Nixon Sentry.

This watch is quite expensive given its hardware but when you look at it, the watch gives you that luxurious look which makes it look like an expensive watch.

For such a price, you can rarely find a very well-crafted watch that gives you that built and design.

It has its share of downsides but it also has a lot of amazing features to give.

One of the main downsides is that it is not really a top-end hardware.

What does it mean?

Compared to other watches in the same price range, you can say that it does not use top quality hardware considering the crystal uses mineral and the movement of the watch itself is just basic.

Then again, do most people care about that?

If you are looking for a nicely designed quartz watch, Nixon Sentry is already a good choice for its price.