Best Travel Passport Wallets For Men In 2019

mens travel passport wallet

To help you find the top choices, we’ve listed some of the best travel passport wallets for men for 2018 in this review article.

Using just the ordinary wallet when traveling may not be enough especially when you have so many things that you need to carry with you.

To help you become more organized, it is better that you have an all-in-one wallet where you can put all of your stuff so you can be sure that you won’t have a hard time searching for them and that you wouldn’t end up losing your cards and IDS.

This list gives you some of the best travel passport wallets that you can use for traveling.

Bellroy Travel Wallet

This wallet features a slim design where you can put all of your travel documents including pen and other papers. It has specific sections where you can put in your tickets, bills and passport.

You can put about 4 to 10 cards in your wallet. And since it is made from top-grain leather, you can be sure that you have a really durable wallet.

It is a very stylish wallet that is double tanned and that this wallet will surely stand the test of time. The brand offers 3 year warranty coverage.

With its sleek design, you can easily carry it around while you are traveling with ease and convenience.

Robrasim Leather Passport Holder

Made from handmade and quality leather, the Robrasim Leather Passport Holder has the right fitting dimensions.

It has a unisex design which suitable for both men and women. What is nice with this wallet is that it is not too bulky. It is a multipurpose travel wallet that is created that is very convenient.

It comes with 2 credit card slots, 2 big inner pockets where you can put in extra cash and other documents.

Depending on your preference, you have the option to choose among 3 different colors.

Dialed Notebook Wallet

If you are searching for a cheaper alternative, the Dialed Notebook Wallet might just be the best choice for you.

Made from leather and ballistic nylon, this might be slightly cheaper compared to other wallets but it is durable enough to use even when you are traveling. It is made from genuine leather and it features micro suede lining.

The Dialed Notebook Wallet can hold IDs and credit cards so you can just put in all of your cards and other documents in one wallet.

Since it has RFID blocking technology, you are worry less that your private personal information and details are well-kept and will never be stolen.

It also comes with elastic strap so even when you are traveling around, you have additional security.

New Leather Men’s Zippered Pocket Passport Clutch Wallet J522

For those who are searching for a much more durable option, the New Leather Men’s Zippered Pocket Passport Clutch Wallet Purse J522 is a good one.

It is made from cowhide leather that is dry milled in the natural way which gives you that classic vintage and retro look that will never go out of fashion. This wallet can hold your IDS, credit cards, tickets, and other documents.

What makes this wallet a really good choice is that it features 15 card slots where you can put all of your cards, 1 coin pocket, 1 separate bill compartments.

Recommended for both men and women, the New Leather Men’s Zippered Pocket Passport Clutch Wallet Purse J522 is a very useful wallet either for personal and business travel since you can just put all of your necessary items in one wallet.

Buxton Men’s RFID Blocking Passport Wallet

If you are really on a tight budget and you are also looking for a durable and high quality wallet, the Buxton Men’s RFID Blocking Passport Wallet is the one for you.

This is a passport holder that is made from leather and features RFID blocking material which only means that you can protect yourself against thieves who might steal your private information.

The style of the wallet is just simple but it does not disappoint especially if you are just looking for a simple passport wallet that you can use.

On the other hand, if you want to put more IDs and cards, this may not be the one for you. There are other better options but you just have to pay a bit more.

Best Mens Cheap Wallets Under $50 For 2019

cheap wallets for men

To help you find the best and the cheapest wallets under $50, we have summarized a list of some of the best choices available.

Nice wallets don’t have to cost you a lot. There are tons of choices available where you can spend about $50 or less to find a wallet where you can put all of your IDs, money and cards.

Fossil Men’s Ingram Extra Capacity Trifold Wallet

An American brand, Fossil has been known to produce quality products over the ears. And if you are looking for a good brand of trifold wallet that is not too expensive but can give you the quality you need, you can never go wrong with Fossil.

This Ingram Extra Capacity Trifold Wallet is made from 100% leather that gives you durability and not only that, the materials lining are also 100% man made.

It may not be as modern as other options but this is a truly stylish wallet that where you can safely put your cards, IDs and other valuables.

Rawlings Double Steal Trifold Wallet

The Rawlings Double Steal Trifold Wallet showcases a tanned leather made from brown Nubuck. This is a very stylish wallet that comes with 5 card slots and different compartments that include 2 slide pockets, mesh ID window and double money slot where you can put your IDs, credit cards and money.

The material used features crimson striped lining and grey which makes the Rawlings Double Steal Trifold Wallet really stylish. What separates this wallet from others is that it has this really nice flare which will complete your over-all look.

If you are in a search of a stylish wallet that gives you that additional flare and can give you enough capacity, this is the one to get.

Fossil Men’s RFID Blocking Derrick Bifold Wallet

The exterior material is made from 100% leather with measurements 4.5’’x0.75’’x3.5’’. This wallet has just the right fit which is not too bulky but can give you just enough capacity.

It comes with 8 credit card slots where you can put in all of your cards, 2 ID windows, 1 bill compartment which is enough to put your flat money bills and 2 slip pockets.

With this wallet from high quality leather, it is durable and it is soft which guarantees you that it will still look good even after you use it for a really long time.

The wallet features a specific lining that is used to protect RFID or Radio Frequency Identification chips in debit and credit cards. With this feature, you can be sure that your cards are protected from any unwarranted scanning.

Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Flipout ID Wallet

The Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Flipout ID Wallet looks like a bifold wallet but when you open it the wallet is actually a trifold. This product features a very slim design that comes with trifold flip out where you can put in your card and IDS.

The wallet features 12 card slots which more than enough for all of your cards. It also comes with a bill section and 1 ID window.

The Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Flipout ID Wallet is made from genuine leather which guarantees you that this wallet is durable and can last. On top of that, when you buy this wallet, not only do you get a stylish and durable one, you can also help feed hungry children since the brand has tied up with organizations that feed hungry children.

Polare Men’s RFID Blocking Crazy Horse Leather Bifold Wallet

Compared to other wallet, Polare is made from real cow leather which is also of the same high quality. It has a much bigger dimensions with 4.2’’ in length and 3.7’’ in height.

The Polare Men’s RFID Blocking Cowboy Genuine Natural Crazy Horse Leather Bifold Wallet comes with 3 card slots, 2 money pockets, 1 zipper pocket and 1 ID window. Although the card slots are few compared to other wallets, Polar gives you the highest RFID protection as it can protect your personal information and data.

Their wallets are proven in terms of security and protection. To ensure customer satisfaction, the brand offers a 1-year money back guarantee.

Note that some of the prices/warranty type of offers I mention in this article are just at the time of writing this and may change in the future.

Best Cool Money Clip Wallets For Men In 2019

best money clip for men

To help you find the top choices, we’ve listed some of the best cool money clip wallets for men in 2018 in this review article.

When it comes to searching for a wallet, there are simply lots of choices available. Depending on your preference, you can choose the kind of style, type of wallet, features and materials used.

Who says you have to spend a lot just to get a stylish and functional wallet? If you are into money clip wallets, we give you the list of some of the best choices;

Viosi RFID Men’s Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet

The Viosi RFID Money Clip Wallet is made from fine grain cow hide leather that exhibits superb quality in terms of style and durability. It features 2 bigger slots, 3 card slots and ID window.

What is nice with this wallet is that it uses rare Earth magnets that will hold on to your bills making sure that they are secured.

On top of that, the brand also uses RFID shielding that is certified by TUV Germany to protect from common frequencies. For its price, you have a durable and stylish wallet that can protect your valuables from theft.

HOJ Co. Deacon ID Bifold Front Pocket Wallet

If you are looking for a more affordable option, the HOJ Co. Deacon ID Bifold Front Pocket Wallet is also a good choice as it is made from hand crafted leather with multicard construction.

The design is very slim which gives you convenience and ease of use. It comes with ID bifold pocet wallets that has a silver money clip.

This wallet features 2 interior receipt pockets, 6 interior card slots, 1 exterior card slots, silver money clip and exterior ID window where you can put your valuables like cash, IDs and cards. In the ID window, it features plaid menswear lining.

The wallet comes with a gift box which makes the HOJ Co. Deacon ID Bifold Front Pocket Wallet a nice gift choice for your loved ones. The price is also relatively lesser compared to other options.

Carhartt Men’s Magnetic Front Pocket Wallet

The Carhartt Men’s Magnetic Front Pocket Wallet is made from 100% leather so you are guaranteed to have a durable wallet that is built to last.

Same with the previous brand, it is also much cheaper not to mention that this is an imported wallet that features contrast-stitches and has reinforced spine, magnetic money clip with logo in it.

It may not be as expensive as the other wallets out there but it can give you the basics you need. The wallet has 3 side windows. In terms of features, you cannot expect much from this wallet but it can cover the basic needs.

Le’aokuu Genuine Leather Magnet Money Clip Credit Card Case Holder Slim Handy Wallet

The Le’aokuu is made from genuine leather so you are guaranteed that you have a money clip wallet that can last for a long time. Weighing just about 0.06 kg, it is very light and has a slim design which makes it very convenient to carry anywhere you go.

The wallet comes with 6 card slots, 1 ID window. What is nice about this wallet is that it has a front pocket wallet where you can put your cards and money.

It is very thin and sleek which is definitely a nice wallet if you are just looking for a good one that is not so expensive.

Goson Men’s Leather Front Pocket Card Holder Wallet with Magnetic Money Clip

To have a really nice wallet, you do not necessarily have to spend that much especially if you just need the basic features. The Goson Men’s Leather Front Pocket Card Holder Wallet is the least expensive that you can find but this wallet has a lot to offer.

It is designed to give you convenience and comfort and it can also be used by both men and women. The wallet comes with 3 card slots, 1 ID card slot that is transparent, 2 slide slots with strong magnetic clip.

It may not be as innovative and stylish as other wallets but it can give you just the basic functions of a wallet. It has this slim size which makes it very convenient to carry few cards.

On top of that, the brand also offers 30 day free return if ever you are not totally satisfied with the product and they also offer 60 day replacement warranty coverage for free.

How To Find A Workout Partner To Hit The Gym With You

how to find a workout partner

Starting to hit the gym 3-4 times a week can already seem like an overwhelming task, especially for those who really aren’t doing anything really in the way of fitness activities currently. Usually once someone gets started, they hit this period where their motivation tanks, this is not uncommon and one of the first things most people plan to do is find a workout partner. This can be for making the workout not seem as boring, help hold them accountable for making sure they actually get their workout done or even help them not be as intimidated by the gym (more common than you think). None of these reasons are wrong, but what most people don’t realize is how hard it is to actually find a workout partner. I’ll be covering some tips on helping you find a workout partner & also things to look for that may help you avoid picking a bad one.

Where To Start…

Your first choice is obviously going to be your close friends or family. This is an obvious choice and tends to be the winner for most people. However, this becomes increasingly difficult as you get older with different schedules and commitments (kids). If you don’t have any luck here, then look to branching out. This could be something like a coworker or maybe one of your friends, friends. Sometimes if a friend you ask can’t meet you at a certain time/place, then there is a chance that other friends asked as well, this friend can be the middleman for telling each of you that so/so is also looking for a workout partner.

Don’t Worry About Being The Third Wheel

If you know of someone that you think would make for a good workout partner but don’t want to ask because they already hit the gym with somebody, then don’t worry because you can have a group for a workout partner. It is very common to see groups of three people working out together. The only issue, in my opinion, is when you start seeing a group of 4+ people together because that starts making your rest period become too long while you wait for others to finish their set. You don’t see more than 3 too often, if you do they’re usually either split up on different machines. So yes, a group of 3 for a workout partner is perfectly fine and not uncommon.

Try To Find A Partner In Your Same Stage Of Lifting (Beginner, Advanced)

Usually, people tend to want to lift with people similar to where they are in terms of strength. This is because they don’t want to have to take off then reload the weights between each set. If you happen to find someone further along, then you in terms of fitness knowledge and is wanting to be your workout partner, then that’s even better! This way, you pretty much get a personal trainer type of gym sessions without having to pay for it. A good exception to show this isn’t an exact set in stone type of rule to go by is if you come across someone who has a different lifting style than you but might seem like he/she would be a good workout partner. For example, you might have person A who is extremely knowledgeable in lifting but does a lot of high reps low weight types exercises vs person B who lifts heavy low reps. In most cases this would seem like a bad match for being workout partners but it can also provide a good way to switch things up and expand your fitness knowledge.

Hire A Trainer

A big reason that people try to get a workout partner besides the extra push to get things done, is that maybe you two (or three) can help each other figure what machine does what. So if you’re worried to go to the gym alone because you don’t know what to do, then look into getting a personal trainer if your finances allow it. This works great because trainers are usually great motivators, knowledgeable, and you get to set the time schedule. Most gyms nowadays, usually have trainers who work for them or can connect you with someone, so finding a trainer is probably easier now than ever. I used a trainer when I first started because I was working night shift and couldn’t find anyone to work out with me, and I didn’t really have a clue of what I was doing. I took a ton of knowledge with me from those sessions and some pretty decent gains!

Don’t Wait For A Partner To Get Started

Something I see happen a lot is that people start looking for a workout partner and won’t start hitting the gym until they have got someone. You’re just wasting time here because it could take months for you to find a workout partner so don’t lose that valuable time to just get started! If you’re worried about not lifting weights correctly or doing something wrong, then at least get into the gym and do some cardio. Then you can slowly start to ease yourself into certain types of lifts that you feel comfortable with. Tip: Watch someone being trained in the gym to get an idea of what equipment does what, I’ve learned a lot this way. Another great benefit of just starting is that you may find a workout partner at the gym. I’ve found a few of my workout partners just by us being at the gym at the same time, then eventually just started working out together.

In Conclusion

Having a workout partner can be great but don’t rely on them to be your sole source of motivation or training knowledge. There are countless free guides and workout’s plans on the Internet that you can download or heck evens apps for your phone that can help guide you through a workout. Also, make sure to be strict when selecting a workout partner because someone may be more of a hindrance than a help. Or heck they might just be annoying as all get out and you start trying to find ways to not go to the gym, just to avoid your workout partner. So a workout partner can definitely be a double-edged sword but luckily for myself, I’ve had a good ratio of good to bad work out partners. I hope this article has helped you get some sort of an idea on workout partners in general, and hopefully you’re able to find a good one to knock your workouts out with. 

Dollar Shave Club Vs Harrys Vs Gillette Vs Bevel Vs Razorun

In this article we’ll be looking at some of the best shaving subscription services and how they stack up against one another.

The companies that we’ll be looking at are Dollar Shave Club Vs Harry’s Vs Gillette Shave Club Vs Bevel Vs Razorun.

Tip: Here is a good shaving kit if you prefer to get one without any subscription service.

Some of these names you may recognize, like the Dollar Shave Club commercials were always playing about a year ago.

Also some real big names like Gillette will be covered in this article but what a lot of people aren’t aware of is that they have started their own subscription type of service recently.

Note any prices I mention in this article can change in the future, this is just what they are at the time of writing this.

Alright enough babbling, let’s get started!

Dollar Shave Club

dollar shave club info

Let’s start off with pricing, this was the main thing they focus on in their marketing efforts, so you would think it’s priced well, right?

Well, you would be correct. For everything that you get within the boxes you get an insanely good deal.

They have it where you get your first box for $1, I guess to get your foot in the door and let you judge the products for yourself.

I like this because it allows you to gauge not only if you like their product or not but you get to see how long the blade will last you, that way you can set up your schedule on how often you will need them delivered.

In terms of brands, there isn’t a lot of different variety to choose from when it comes to the different products to go in the box, however the brands that are available have to cover multiple products.

For instance, if you want a hair product, you have Boogies brand but you can choose between: pomade, clay and hair gel.

The actual razors come with 3 different options: The Humble Twin (2 Blades), The 4X (4 Blades), & The Executive (6 Blades).

The Executive seems to the favorite among st most men, especially those with thicker beards from what I’ve gathered.

Overall Dollar Shave Club is a solid brand and has helped change price of shaving for the better!

Harry’s Shaving

harrys shave club info

Harry’s is another type of subscription shaving service that I noticed around the same time that I did with DSC.

It may have even began sooner but, DSC grabbed my attention first just from the sheer amount of commercials I seen from them.

Let’s start off with the pricing. Harry’s has two choices on it’s started set, the difference in them is the razor.

These kits start at $15 & $25, which may change in the future, this is just at the time of writing this.

They offer a free trial, which all you have to do is cover the cost of shipping, this is a great option to let you get an idea of the quality of their products.

The main difference between Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club is selection from DSC is slightly better, as you have more options on products to choose from.

Also the items that Harry’s carry is actually their brand, instead of Dollar Shave Club offering different types of brands for certain products, like their hair gels for instance.

This can either be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

One of the best things I like about Harry’s is The Winston razor, it gives you a real premium type of look/feel to it for only $20.

There is also a really neat option to have engraving added into the razor when you’re at the checkout option which makes it even more unique and a can make for a cool gift option by adding that into it.

Gillette Shave Club

Gillette shave club info

Most men know the name Gillette when it comes to shaving. It’s one of the biggest names in the shaving industry and it’s no surprise that they have launched their own monthly subscription shaving service.

Gillette is much more straight forward with their subscription service, with offering just pretty much the basics for what you need for shaving, no extra grooming stuff (at the moment anyways).

A look at the different tiers of shave plans they offer (at the time of writing this anyways) is in the picture just above.

So if you like Gillette’s products and don’t care for any of the extras that other shaving companies offer then this would be a good pick for you.

I didn’t notice a “low cost first time trial” type of offer that I the other two had offered but with a brand that’s a big as Gillette is, you can always just run down to pretty much any local store to buy one if you want to test out their products.

Bevel Shave System

Bevel Shave Info

Bevel is a lesser known compared to the others but it hasn’t been around too long, so I expect this to change immensely in the near future.

Bevel offers a shaving subscription service, which gives you all of the products you will need for an amazing shave, all created by Bevel.

Instead of just your basic razor, shaving cream type of setup you can get that as well as some great extras like the priming oil and restoring balm.

You can also get a shave brush to help apply the cream but like most men nowadays we tend to just use our hands.

With that being said, the brush is a great tool if you have little kids, like my daughter likes to use a brush to help me apply the shaving cream.

Compared to the other mentioned on this list, Bevel is a little bit pricier but you also get a lot of extras that you don’t usually get with the other services.

So if price isn’t a major factor in your decision then give Bevel a look to see if those extras are something that maybe worth it for your shaving routine.

Razorun Shaving

razorun shaving info

Razorun is another subscription shaving service that recently began in 2014 (I think).

The style of this service is really cool and screams manliness from the types of items they use, all the way down to how they even pack the box with straw type of packing.

They have everything you need for a perfect shave and then some.

In their boxes you can find: Double Edge Safety Razor, Shaving Brush, Blades, Soaps (shaving cream basically), Aftershave, & for the coolest part is their mystery item.

The mystery item is a nice touch that puts some excitement into when you get your box, props to Razorun on that.

As you can tell you get everything you will need here for a complete shave, the only thing that you may have to buy is shaving cream if you prefer the thickness of the cream over shaving soaps.

Overall though this is a company that I see becoming a major player in the shaving scene very quickly.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell shaving subscription services is starting to become very popular and even though there are just a handful today, I see this industry surging in competition in the next 4-5 years.

All of the services I mentioned in this list tend to have something that sets them apart from each other, even though you might think shaving is shaving, just be sure to truly look into what you’re looking for in your shaving kit before just choosing the first one you see.

Bi Fold Wallet Vs Tri Fold Wallet: Which Is Better For Men

which wallet to choose

Basically there are two common styles available for men: the bifold wallet vs trifold wallet. Depending on your needs and budget, you can find the wallet that best suit your lifestyle.

As with women, men’s wallet should not just be functional, they also have to be stylish and durable. After all, it is where you put all of your valuables and it is also a part of your over-all look and even personality.

So if you are buying one given a wide range of choices available, it can be quite confusing as to which one to get.

Difference Between Bifold and Trifold Wallets

This kind of wallet can be folded in half and has a rectangular shape. What you find in a bifold wallet is that it has a long open pocket where you can put your money and may have different slots where you can put in your receipts, ID cards and credit cards.

Depending on the kind of wallet you intend to buy, there are some bifold wallets that have coin purses in them. Most bifold wallets are made from leather.

Trifold wallets are also rectangular in shape but what makes it different is that it has 2 flaps that fold. Each section makes up about 1/3 of the length of the wallet. It also has an open pocket where you can put your money and different slots.

Compared to bifold wallets, trifold wallets only have vertical slots where you can put in your ID cards, credit cards and receipts. The downside of a trifold wallet is that it is much heavier and then to be bulkier compared to bifold. But in terms of capacity, they offer much more.

Which Wallet To Get

There is no such thing as a wrong choice when you are choosing a wallet since every person is different. Your choice will actually depend on your preferences, budget and lifestyle. For instance, do you want to go for a thick or a thin wallet?

Having a trifold wallet can give you more cash and card capacity but the downside is that they are really heavy and some can be quite bulky.

For some people, it is okay while there are others who want a much sleeker design in which case you should go for a bifold wallet. They are much slimmer and thinners. The only downside is that these wallets don’t have much capacity.

So when buying a wallet, take into consideration your lifestyle and preferences. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming.

Take the time to buy that wallet that best suits your personality and has the functionality you need. It is definitely much better if you can find a wallet that has more capacity and innovative features that can protect your personal data and information.