Best Male | Female Fitness Youtubers Channels 2019

fitness youtubers

I’ve decided to put together a list of the top male & female fitness youtubers.

I’ll be breaking this article up into two sections: One for men & other for women.

Also if you stick around to the end, I’ll explain what I think about fitness youtubers in general.

Women Fitness Youtubers

Nikki Blackketter

First up we have of the Nikki Blackketter, who was one of the first female YouTube fitness channels I started watching when I was first getting into the gym.

She has grown to be one of the most popular fitness channels that you can find for women.

Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey or DLB has a YouTube channel that is closing in on 400k subs at the time of writing this.

You can find her & her husband Rob Bailey hitting the gym together in a lot of videos.

Major props to Rob for the music that you find in a lot of her videos!

Heidi Somers

Heidi Somers is very similar to Nikki Blackketter in terms of their channels in my opinion.

I’m not 100% up to date on the drama but as from the backstory of what I do know is that Nikki Blackketter was dating Christian Guzman who then started dating Heidi after they broke up.

This was actually a pretty huge thing for a lot of people so just wanted to give some sort of info on it.

Aside from that she has a big following with 540k subscribers on YouTube.

Men Fitness YouTubers

Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman is one of the biggest in the Fitness industry amongst YouTube with over 750k YouTube subscribers.

He also has his own gym, along with having his hand in other fitness entrepreneur type stuff.

He’s also the one I mentioned above with having the drama going on (past tense I think) when he was dating Nikki/Heidi (not at the same time).

You can read about it above under Heidi Somers.

Elliott Hulse

Elliott Hulse is a much different type of fitness YouTubers than most on this list.

Instead of competing, trying to get shredded he is more heavy lifting & motivational speaking/coaching type of videos.

He does a lot of videos where he basically just vlogs the entire time, where he’ll answer questions people have submitted to him, which is really cool.

Steve Cook

Steve Cook has become a big name in the fitness world in such a short time.

Unlike most of the people I mentioned here, Steve became well known before starting his YouTube channel.

With that being said he does put in a lot of work on his channel & it has grown to be a great resource for lifting/nutrition.

Bradley Martyn

I can’t do a fitness youtuber list & not have Bradley Martyn on it.

His channel has over 1 million subs & he pumps out videos (no pun intended) very often.

He gives a lot of tips that can be seem small like grip placement for example, but it can make world of a difference in your workout.

Calum Von Moger

In one of our recent articles we talked about Calum Von Moger.

This bodybuilder has surged in popularity in the past few years, with that he has made the most out of it with starting his own supplement brand, clothing apparel & putting out videos on his YouTube.

Best Men’s Facial Hair Care Grooming Products 2020

beard grooming products

Within this post we’re going to cover the best men’s products to use for grooming facial hair.

Different Types of Products Men Can Use to Groom/Style Their Beard

We all know that beards rock – but when was the last time you took the time to pay attention to how your beard really looked?

Have you ever tried to groom and style it to make it more striking and pleasing to the eyes?

If your answer is “no, I haven’t thought of that at all!” then today’s discussion is just perfect for you.

We’re going to share some insights on the best beard/mustache tools and products you can find out there in the market, so you can start collecting the essentials for beard care. Let’s go!

The Tools

Beard Comb

The classic beard comb has shorter teeth than regular hair combs and is usually made of high grade plastic, wood or steel.

The individual teeth of beard combs are also wider and more tapered, designed to untangle naturally unruly facial hair.

Plastic beard combs are perfect if you want something lightweight that’s easy to put in your back pocket. Wooden and steel combs are heftier and often come with carrying cases.

You can produce good results with any type of material; the difference is purely aesthetic, unless the comb is equipped with add-ons (like a bottle opener) or a better grip (wooden grip on a steel comb).

Buy a beard comb that is most convenient to you.

For example, if you like touching up your beard in the middle of the workday then a folding beard comb with a durable, built-in case is more suitable because it will generally be more durable than plain plastic beard combs.

Beard Scissors

Beard/mustache scissors are a must if you have a luxuriant growth and would like to maintain it by trimming it a few times a month.

Instead of using a plain razor, use scissors so you have more control of the trimming process. To save on cash, try finding a scissor-and-comb combo that comes with a free pouch or carrying case.

Beard Trimmer

While a regular hair clipper can be used to remove large sections of beard or mustache, a beard trimmer is necessary if you want to get a smooth shave.

The steel comb of beard trimmers are spaced more closely, to latch on to facial hair more quickly. Hair clippers are designed to handle long strands of hair.

Only a small percentage of the bearded population has facial hair that exceeds a few centimeters.

Buy a beard trimmer if you have a thick beard that you occasionally shave clean. If not, you’re going to fare better with a pair of beard/mustache scissors.

Beard Brush And Apron

Why spend swathes of dollars having your beard shaved off professionally?

If you already have a beard trimmer or beard scissors at home, all you need to feel professionally clean after clearing your facial hair is a beard brush and a special apron to catch your facial hair after a reduction.

Is A Beard Brush Really Necessary?

Well, you can cut your facial hair without it but you definitely need a brush if you’re trimming a sizeable growth.

The brush will take care of ‘stragglers’ or bits of hair that get stuck on the cheeks and chin. Add a bit of baby powder to a beard brush and you’ll freshen up instantly after a shave.

It all boils down to convenience and comfort, really.

Another type of beard brush that’s excellent for styling too is the horse hair beard brush.

This beard brush is wide as it is long and is designed to condition your beard and make it shinier by distributing natural oils from the skin.

It can also be used to remove straggling hairs after a shave.

Grooming And Styling Beard Products

Taking care of your beard requires more than just washing it with shampoo. Get a lowdown of our top picks for your glorious beard:

Beard Softener

A beard softener prevents facial hair from drying out.

Much like your regular conditioner, beard softeners lock in natural oils and moisture, which makes your beard easier to style, trim and manage in the long term.

Beard softeners come in small plastic tubs that would look awesome in your bathroom, too!

Beard Fragrance

Yes, there are fragrances for beards. A touch of beard fragrance can help you smell fresh all day. No one likes walking around with the sweaty beard scent, right?

If you smoke, you need this to counteract the smell of burnt tobacco.

Beard Oil

Beard oils moisturize both facial hair and the skin.

If you don’t want to buy other creams and fragrances for your beard, then at least buy a small quantity of beard oil to keep your facial hair in tiptop condition.

Apply beard oil before styling your beard and you’ll get better results because oil prevents hair from sticking out in odd angles.

Beard Grower

Beard growers are formulated with hair follicle stimulants.

Their job is to stimulate hair growth in bald areas of the chin or any other region of the face that has bald patches.

Nearly everyone has at least one small bald patch. Even out the beard landscape with a beard grower!

Beard Wax

Like hair wax/clays, the beard wax was formulated to hold beards in place after they’ve been styled. Use only a small quantity at first to see how it reacts with your beard.

Not all beards are the same – some respond poorly to styling agents. Also, using too much wax can make your beard look stiff – something that we generally don’t want to happen!

There are two types of beard waxes – synthetic ones and all-organic waxes. All-organic waxes have a beeswax and oil base. We recommend organic beard waxes for men with sensitive skin.

While it’s true that synthetic waxes also make use of some organic ingredients, it’s best to stick to all natural wax if your skin easily develops a weal when a new grooming product is introduced.

The End Is Near…

Hope this article helped you learn about the different types of products you can use on your facial hair.

Calum Von Moger Net Worth | Supplements | Workout Routine

gym routine

For this article we’ll be going over the workout routine, supplement use & net worth of Calum Von Moger.

If you don’t know who Calum Von Moger, he is a sponsored bodybuilder & termed as Arnold 2.0 which makes sense after look at him.

How Much Does Calum Von Moger Make From Youtube Videos

With about 500k subscribers it is estimated that Calum Von Moger makes around 130k a year just from his Youtube videos.

The net worth of Calum Von Moger is estimated to be around $1 million dollars.

This includes his sponsorship & Youtube earnings.

What Workout Supplements Does Calum Von Moger Take

Heres a look at the pre-workout, protein & other supplements Calum Von Moger uses.

Calum Von Moger has recently started his own supplement line called Staunch Supplements.

Here is a look at those.


While I’m assuming he does use these, he may swap between the two.

If anyone knows for sure on this, please shoot me an email to let me know so I can update this.

His company is very new so not a lot of information to go off on it but if you want to check it out head over to their website.

I’ve never personally used any of the new Staunch supplements but Ive read positive reviews on it online.

Calum Von Moger Workout Routine For: Chest | Arms (Triceps & Biceps)| Back | Shoulders | Legs | Abs

Chest Workout

Arms Workout

Back Workout

Shoulders Workout

Legs Workout

Abs Workout

Calum Von Moger Fitness Clothing Apparel

Calum Von Moger does have his own clothing apparel brand that has some good looking designs.

A good bit of time I usually cringe when I see certain brands of fitness clothing because it tends to have some corny gym type reference which makes you look like more of a douche for wearing it more than anything.

I can say without hesitation that this isn’t the case with Calums stuff.

The Father of Dragons design has to be my favorite of them all.

Check out his stuff on his websites shop.

The End Is Near…

At age 27 (at the time of writing this), Calum Von Moger is really just get starting in his fitness prime.

I’m not sure how far or how long he plans to keep competing but besides that he seems to have a strong future in being successful with YouTube.

Don’t forget to sub to him on YouTube, he uploads very often so there some good stuff on there.

He also sells nutrition, coaching & workout programs on his website so if you’ve have some money to spend then go check it out.

Heidi Somers Net Worth | Workout Routine | Supplements

staying fit

Inside this post, we’re going to go over the net worth, workout routine, diet, clothing apparel & what supplements Heidi Somers uses, also known as Buff Bunny.

I do like to give a brief intro on these articles for who this is, just in case you found yourself to this article without searching for it.

Who Is Heidi Somers | Why Is She Famous

I use the term famous loosely here but maybe popular is a better word for it but either way her name recognition is growing every day.

Heidi Somers is a popular fitness Youtuber, who is also dating another popular Youtuber Christian Guzman, who we did this style of article for a few weeks ago.

What Workout Supplements Does Heidi Somers Take

What I like about the supplement stack of Heidi Somers is that not only has the supplements to help her workouts but also has a strong focus on overall health type supplements.

Most of us seem to forget this when all we want to do is build muscle or get that six pack showing, so I give a thumbs up to Heidi for focusing on a well-rounded supplement stack.

Disclaimer: This is not me telling you to take anything, consult with your Doctor if you have questions on what to take.

How Much Does Heidi Somers Make From Her YouTube Channel Videos

At the time of writing this Heidi Somers has almost 540k subscribers on her YouTube channel & that is estimated to make her around 75k per year.

She also owns her own clothing apparel called Buff Bunny, which we have no clue how much that’s make her.

She is also sponsored by a few companies as well.

With all of that thrown in, we estimated the net worth of Heidi Somers to be somewhere around 750k, at least for now.

She becoming more popular every day so it would no surprise to use to see the number grow every month.

Heidi Somers Workout Routine For: Butt (Glutes) | Arms (Triceps & Biceps)| Back | Shoulders | Legs | Abs

Butt Workout

Arms Workout

Back Workout

  • Warm-up Battle Ropes (if your gym doesn’t have these youtube “dumbbell battle ropes “)
  • Reverse cable crossover 3×12×14
  • Straight Arm pull down 3×10
  • Assisted pull ups 12-10-8-6
  • Single arm cable pull down 4×8
  • Back extentions 3 sets (10 weighted + 10-15 body weight)

Shoulders Workout

Legs Workout

Abs Workout

Heidi Somers Fitness Clothing Apparel

Like I mentioned above, Heidi Somers aka Buff Bunny has her own clothing apparel that you can find on her site.

At the time of writing this she just has women’s clothing & no accessory type items.

From a male perspective I think it has a good look to it.

Heidi Somers Diet Plan & Meal Prep

Heres a look at what Heidi Somers eats & also how she goes about doing meal preps.

The End Is Near…

I’ve tried to cover just as much as I can regarding Heidi Somers, if you want to keep more up to date with whats going on with her then make sure to follow on her YouTube channel which is where all of the videos above are from.

Also make sure to check out some of our other articles like these for: Furious Pete, Jeff Seid, Bradley Martyn, & Steve Cook to name a few.

Furious Pete Net Worth | Workout Routine | Supplements

gym routine

Inside this article we’re going to be looking at the net worth, workout routine, clothing apparel & supplements of Furious Pete.

I will give a brief intro of who this is, just in case you stumbled upon this article besides searching for it.

Who Is Furious Pete, Why Is He Famous?

Furious Pete is an insanely popular Fitness Youtuber & also a competitive eater as well.

He as a cool story of going from being anorexic to beast modeing it up in the gym, building up a solid physique, while also doing the last thing anyone would of thought of a former anorexic person to do, becoming a competitive eater!

How Much Does Furious Pete Make From His YouTube Channel

With over 4 million YouTube subscribers, it’s estimated that Furious Pete Makes around 350k-500k a year, Yes, that’s 350/500 thousand just from his videos alone.

He also has his own supplement line & clothing apparel.

The overall net worth for Furious Pete is estimated to be around $2 million & growing every day.

What Workout Supplements Does Furious Pete Take

Furious Pete owns his own supplement line called, Furious Formulations which currently has 3 products in its lineup.

  1. Goku Gains (Pre-Workout)
  2. Aminos Baby (BCAA)
  3. Furious Cuts (Fat-Burner)

I really like what he did with the creation of these products, name wise.

For example, his Goku Gains, his most popular product, has the name which reminds you of Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Major props on that!

Even the naming of the flavors is awesome like, “Yummy Gummy Gasms” & “Lemon Mother Pucker”.

Furious Pete Clothing Apparel & Fitness Accessories

Furious Pete has his own brand called, Furious Apparel which has all sorts of clothing like shirts, tank tops, hats & even stuff like necklaces.

Along with that he also has his own lifting equipment like wrist wraps, knee sleeves & lots of other cool items like that to help with your workout.

Furious Pete Workout Routine For: Chest | Arms (Triceps & Biceps)| Back | Shoulders | Legs |Abs

Chest Workout

Arms Workout

Back Workout

Shoulders Workout

Legs Workout

Abs Workout

The End Is Near…

As you can see Furious Pete has a lot going on & is making more of a name for himself & his brands every day.

I was going to cover his diet as well, but with him being a competitive eater it would be kind of all over the place so I’m sure if you search you may find some information on what he eats when he is cutting.

Also, be sure to give him a follow on his YouTube channel which I’ve posted videos above from it.

He uploads pretty much every week which has a good mix of workout type videos & also ones of him doing competitive eating type challenges, which are actually more entertaining to watch than I thought they would be when I first found out about him.

Jeff Seid Net Worth | Workout Routine | Supplements | Diet

gym routine

Let’s take a look at: what supplements, his workout routine, diet, net worth & also the clothing apparel of Jeff Seid.

I will do a brief intro for those who don’t know who this is.

Who Is Jeff Seid, Why Is He Popular?

Jeff Seid is popular in the fitness realm for having a badass physique & also doing it at such a young age.

He has capitalized on that by running an extremely popular youtube channel which is almost at 1 million subs at the time of writing this.

Jeff Seid Clothing Apparel Line

Jeff owns his own clothing line called SeidWear.

You’ll find all sorts of workout apparel from there, link tank tops, sweatpants & you’ll also find some accessory type items as well.

What Workout Supplements Does Jeff Seid Take

This is what we could find for what he takes.

  • Casein Protein (Note sure which brand)
  • Multivitamin
  • Fish Oil

I’ll try to update this as I come across if he’s stopped these or started taking anything else added on.

If you find it before I do, feel free to shoot me an email so I can get it updated.

Jeff Seid Diet Example

Heres a look at what Jeffs diet looks like.

  • 9:00 AM: 5 Egg Whites, 1 Whole Egg, half a cup of Oatmeal & Banana
  • 11:00 AM: Protein Shake & Apple
  • 1:00 PM: 8oz. Chicken Breast, Salad & Sweet Potato
  • 3:30 PM: Ham Sandwich, Grapes
  • 6:00 PM: Protein Shake
  • 7:30 PM: 8 oz. Steak, Sweet Potato, Broccoli & Salad
  • 10:00 PM: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich, 2 glasses of Milk
  • 11:30 PM: Half cup of Greek Yogurt & Blue Berries

This is a very clean diet, that would work great for both cutting fat or building muscle.

How Much Does Jeff Seid Make From His Youtube Channel

Jeff Seids’ net worth is estimated to be around $1 million dollars, while his YouTube Channel is estimated to bring in around 35k a year.

His YouTube earnings may seem low with having that many subscribers but he doesn’t upload new videos fairly often.

Looking at it at the moment his last video he uploaded was about 3 months ago. If he got to cranking out more videos on a weekly basis I would most likely guess his earnings to have a big surge.

Jeff Seid Workout Routine For: Chest | Arms (Triceps & Biceps)| Back | Shoulders | Legs |Abs

Chest Workout


Arms Workout


Back Workout


Shoulders Workout


Legs Workout

Abs Workout

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