GAEMS Vanguard Review: Best Portable Gaming Case And TV 2019


Inside this post we’re doing a review of the GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment, which is our pick for the 2018 best portable gaming case.

Let’s kick things off by looking at the pros & cons of the GAEMS Vanguard.

GAEMS Vanguard Pros And Cons


Before making a purchase, it is important to weigh the pros and cons:

  • Features an amazing LED screen that allows you to see stunning images and videos while you play
  • The sound coming from the stereo speakers is really impressive.
  • Has a sturdy design that is portable and very easy to carry around wherever you go
  • TSA-friendly which means that you can hand-carry it when you travel
  • The case is built to last.


Now how about the downsides of this product?

  • The price is on the expensive side.

Experiencing how it is to play in a “Personal Gaming Environment” is something that appeals to any avid player of video games.

The experience that you get when you play your console in a reinforced suitcase that has a high-definition screen in it, the GAEMS Vanguard Personal Environment is an innovative product that elevates your over-all gaming experience to a whole new level.

You get to self-contain your gaming environment.

Product Description

The GAEM Vanguard is specially designed to transform your space and make your own Personal Gaming Environment.

With its sleek design and portability, you can play your favorite video game anytime and anywhere you want to.

Considering that it comes with a screen and you have to put your gaming console in it, its design and size are not too bulky. You simply just have to pop it up. Plug the device and start playing.

It is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Elite, PlayStation 3 Slim, and PlayStation 4. Basically, you can just put any of your gaming consoles in and start playing.

Product Build and Design

When you first see the GAEMS Vanguard, what catches your attention is its armored shell.

It has this armor looking design that makes it look rugged(In a good way).

When you hold it while traveling, no one would even know what’s inside the case.

How About Durability

The external design but it is built to last. The case weighs 11.5 pounds.

What you will like about GAEMS is that the product is designed not just to add more life to your gaming experience.

It is also portable so you can easily carry it around and play even when you are in transit.

The Vanguard comes with a remote control which makes it easy to use and a PGE Sling so you wouldn’t have a hard time carrying it wherever you go.

It is TSA friendly. So, you are an avid gamer and you have a long flight ahead?

While waiting for your next flight or during layovers, you no longer have to get stuck somewhere waiting for your flight. This is the one for you.

Interior Storage

When you open the Vanguard, you see the built-in monitor on the side and on the other is the console.

Your console is secured with the brand’s foam base as it is specifically designed in order to ensure that the Xbox One perfectly fits.

There are two big black straps that you can find in the foam base.

Make sure not to remove them as these two straps secure the console while it is in the case.

You just have to tighten the strap to make sure that the console is properly secured in its place.

Once you close the case, you can be sure that everything is secured.

GAEMS Vanguard Product Features

It comes with a built-in high definition 19’’ 720p El-LED non-reflective display that allows you to experience the stunning visual images and videos as you completely immerse yourself in the game.

This is one of the solid selling points of this product especially since many want to still have that feeling of being in the game even when they are not at home.

For the size of the screen and the quality that it can produce is really nice.

Imagine playing your favorite video game and still feel as if you are at home playing.

GAEMS Vanguard Sound Quality

Another thing to like about GAEM Vanguard is that it comes with chambered speakers (metal-coned) giving that clear and rich sound which makes you feel as if you are really in that game.

The speakers are quite big enough to produce a really impressive sound quality. For quality sound, it comes with large two speakers.

It does sound impressive considering the size and the built of the case. However, you can’t expect too much since it is not as nice as surround sound speakers.

But considering that this is a portable system, you will be surprised at the quality of sound that it can produce. Most would use a headset which is also a good alternative.

The Vanguard is very easy to use and to operate.

It has control buttons that include the power, volume, brightness, and menu button. You can also use the small remote control that has the same button.

Below the control panel, it has an HDMI input, power jack, and 3.5 mm headphone jacks.

Almost all of the basic features and specs that you need for a portable gaming system are already there.

The quality of gaming experience may not be as great as when you are at home with a really big screen and surround sound speakers.

But simply looking at how this gaming system is specifically designed and created, it is something that avid players would really want to have.

What’s Included?

When you buy the GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment Package, you get to have the following items included:

  • PGE Sling and PGE Remote
  • Accessory Storage Bags
  • Custom Fit EVA Foam Base
  • Xbox One Upgrade Kit Included
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Supply
  • 19″ LED HD display

What Is A Personal Gaming Environment

For people who are constantly on the move or even those who just want to play games wherever they are, it is always a struggle to carry a gaming console let alone enjoy the gaming experience.

How do you carry the console and the screen along with all the other accessories? But GAEMS Vanguard has changed the way how players can experience video games.

With the Vanguard, it is now convenient to house your game console.

Having a portable case allows you to use your gaming console whether you are at home or while you are traveling. At first glance, you might think that it is just an ordinary case and for its price.

Why not just buy a case where you can put your gaming console?

What sets it apart is that it is not just an ordinary casing for your console. It is specifically designed with video game players in mind.

The product has the features that you need to have that gaming experience even when you are outdoors.

The brand designed the GAEMS Vanguard keeping in mind the specific needs of players and what they need when they play video games.

Final Verdict

Is the GAEMs Vanguard worth the buy? It actually depends. If you are willing to invest in a product that is well-built, portable, and gives you that personal gaming environment, then this product is worth the purchase.

It offers practical functions and at the same time, enriches your gaming experience whether you are at home or when you are outside traveling.

For people who are always in transit and still want to enjoy playing their favorite video games, this is a good investment although for some it may come across as quite pricey.

The design is sturdy and it has the necessary features and specs that you need in order to enjoy playing video games when you are outdoors.

On the other hand, for some people, this might be a really expensive choice considering the price is almost that of the console.

Then again, it all boils down to personal preferences. For people who are willing to spend to have their own personal gaming environment, they will not regret having GAEMs Vanguard.

Best Custom Modded Xbox One And PS4 Controllers 2019


These are my picks for the best custom modded controllers for both Xbox One & PS4 to play games like Overwatch, Call of Duty, Destiny, Halo or really any FPS game for 2018.

If you’re looking to buy on then take a look at our picks below. Check them out!

Xbox One Modded Controllers

Soft Touch Blue Xbox One ELITE

The Xbox One Elite Controller is very simple and easy to use since you just unbox it and plug it in.

It comes with detailed instructions to help you start playing Battlefield, Black Ops 3, COD Infinite Warfare, and all FPS games.

The controller gives you a whole new level of gaming experience with its various features.

Master mode includes drop shot, jump shot, rapid fire, akimbo, mimic, quick scope, tactical drop shop, and sniper breath among many others.

Skull Blue Xbox One ELITE

The Xbox One Elite Rapid Fire Custom Modded Controller features a unique “Skull Blue” design that is simple to use and elevates your gaming experience when you play Black Ops 3, COD Infinite Warfare, and other FPS games.

It comes with various featured including 10 mode of rapid fire that is fully adjustable, drop shot, jitter, akimbo, fast reload, mimic, quick scope, GOW Active Reload, and much more.

When you buy the controller, it comes with all the original accessories and controller instructions.

American Skull Xbox One Controller

The American Skull Xbox One Custom Modded Controller is one of the top-rated controllers that is designed for all shooter games.

It takes your game to a completely different level as it comes with features like auto burst, drop shot, auto spot, rapid fire, and drop shot.

The controller also offers ease of use since you do not have to configure.

It comes with the instructions that you can easily follow to start playing your any of the popular FPS game you want to play.

Master mod includes akimbo, mimic, rapid-fire, drop shot, GOW active reload, auto spot, sniper breath, and tactical drop shot among many others.

Blood Dragon 5000+ Xbox One Controller

If you are willing to spend and you want a beautifully designed Xbox One Controller, you can never go wrong with the Blood Dragon 5000+ Modded Xbox One Controller.

It is designed and built to last as it is made from a hydro dipped shell which means that it is not prone to chip scratch.

The controller allows you to customize your gaming style with its features which include jump shot, auto aim, burst, akimbo, adjustable, auto burst, drop shot, dual trigger, jitter, and rapid fire.

When you buy the package, the complete instructions are also provided for you to start playing your favorite game with ease.

Special Edition Orange Urban Controller

Another great buy is this special edition controller that features custom imaging faceplate that has a stock black backplate.

This controller has some really cool features which include trigger buttons, Precision Directional Pad, and Wi-fi Direct Stack Radio support. It is designed for all types of game from FPS, fighting, sports, etc.

Not only do you get a controller that has a unique design, it is also optimized for D-pad movements.

PS4 Modded Controllers

Blue Splatter PS4 Modded Rapid Fire Controller

The Blue Splatter PS4 is a controller that is designed to improve your gaming experience as the brand only uses 100% original PS4 Sony Controller.

It comes with features drop shot, rapid fire (10 mode/10 speed), auto aim, auto spot, drop shot, sniper breath, fast reload, akimbo, burst fire, jitter, and jump shot.

Magma Red Custom PS4 Controller

If you are searching for a much cheaper choice, the Magma Red Custom PS4 Custom Modded Controller is a good choice.

It has hits nice red design that features crystal finishes and custom mixed paints.

Master mod includes akimbo, mimic, quick scope, sniper breath, auto aim, auto spot, autorun, rapid-fire, drop shot and jump shot.

Skulls Blue Ps4 Controller

This ModdedZone Controller has a unique and very appealing design that features crystal finishes and custom mixed paints.

Its rich graphics really makes this controller stand out from the rest.

The controller comes with 10 different modes which include autorun, mimic, akimbo, sniper breath, auto aim zombie mode, active reload, jump shot, quick scope, jitter, burst fire, drop shot, and rapid-fire among many others.

The brand offers a 1-year warranty on the MOD chip.

Blue Out PS4 Controller

The Blue Put PS4 Rapid Fire Modded Controller is designed to work for all games giving you the fastest speed available.

The controller comes with different features like drop shot, burst fire, fast reload, quick scope, sniper breath, auto spot, auto aim, mimic, fast reload, and rapid-fire among many others.

Standard Black Custom PS4 PRO Controller

Compared to other controllers, this has a simple and yet striking and elegant design. It is a reasonably priced controller that gives you an amazing gaming experience.

This controller comes with different features which include rapid fire, burst fire, mimic, sniper breath, autorun, auto aim, left trigger rapid fire, and quick scope.

Alas, We Have Come To The End

 Your choice of controller whether you are playing your favorite Xbox or PS4 game can affect your gaming experience.

This explains why many are willing to invest in a custom modded controller as it offers various features that you cannot get in an ordinary controller.

These custom modded controllers take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

How To Stop Hands From Sweating When Playing Video Games

sweaty hands when playing video games

There are a few different options on how you can go about stopping your hands from sweating while playing videos games.

Unfortunately all of these options require buying something but it’s worth it in my opinion, especially if you’re on the more competitive side of gaming like pvp or raiding games.

Let’s take a look at our options, starting with my favorite.

GamerGrip (Our Top Choice)

GamerGrip is a liquid solution that keeps your hands dry for many hours after you put it on.

This product has had rave reviews about it since it came out, with a lot of those reviews coming from eSport level players, along with popular YouTube/Twitch gamers.

It’s a very easy to use product that does exactly what it say’s it intends to do.

Simply apply some in your hands, rub your hands together until the liquid is dissolved (is that the right word?) into your hands.

After that you should be good to go for hours.

Here are the pro’s and con’s of using GamerGrip in my opinion.


  • Doesn’t Take Much For It To Work
  • Long Lasting (3-4 Hours For Me)
  • Doesn’t Stain Clothes Or Leave Any Residue On Your Controller (Huge Win Here)
  • Non-Sticky, Non-Toxic, Fresh Scent, FDA Approved Ingredients


  • It Runs Out Eventually (Duh)

That’s all I got for the pros & cons.

One thing I did wanted to mention is even though it says non-toxic & FDA approved ingredients, still be sure to check the ingredients yourself before using because I haven’t a clue who you are & what you may be allergic to.

Air-Flow Video Game Controller

Yes, this is a real thing.

These types of controllers work my having small fans in the handle of the grip parts of the controller to keep air blowing to your hands.

Simple enough right? Air keeps hands cool = less sweat!

There are multiple types of brand options for these so I won’t go over any specific one but I will give my pros & cons of using a air-flow controller in general.


  • Can (Potentially) Be a One Time Purchase
  • Can Control The Fan Speed Settings (Some Can Do This)
  • This Doesn’t Stain Your Clothes Either!


  • Fan Noise Might Get Annoying
  • May Not Be Enough To Keep Hands From Getting Sweaty
  • Potential For The Fans To Stop Working
  • Not Enough Options For Brands/Styles

Using one of these might be perfect for your hands but for others it may not work enough.

With that comes the option for turning up the fan but then that comes more noise, even if it’s a faint sounding noise it can still get annoying after awhile.

I’d rather not having air blowing on my hands when gaming if I can avoid it.

Wearing Gloves

Wait! Just hear me out with this.

I’m not say go grab your moms gardening gloves here but there are some cool gloves that might work for you to play video games in.

Also, yes wearing gloves might make your hands warmer which may cause them to sweat more, but the main goal goal here is not let our hands get sweaty where they affect our game play.

I’m not aware of any real brands specifically making these gloves for gaming, except for one called GamerGloves.

These are specifically made for gamers (no duh) to help have a better grip on the controller.

The inner part of the hand has rubberized material on it spread out through the glove.

Also the glove is made of a thin type material, so yea you’re not wearing winter mittens here.

Here’s my pros & cons of using gloves when playing videos games, more specifically about the actual glove we were discussing.


  • Can Be A One Time Buy (Potentially)
  • Keeps Sweat From Getting To The Controller
  • Grip Support Across The Entire Inner Hand
  • Isometric Rubber Grip Fingertips For Preventing Joystick Slipping.


  • Wearing Gloves Every Time You Want To Play A Game
  • Having To Keep Up With Them
  • No Venting Method On The Gloves
  • Wish There Was Different Types of Pam Rubberized Layouts To Choose From

The cons pretty much go with any gloves but a few things I would like to see in these gloves in a future model/version.

Add some sort of venting method to the gloves, even though it’s thin material, it’s still another layer of material over your hands which is gonna make them warmer.

Even though the layout they have works, I would like to see some different styles to choose from.

One that has a more enhanced wrist support would be a good idea, as I know I get wrist issues when PC gaming.

Overall though, using gloves, may not fix your hands sweating problem but it can help eliminate the problems that it causes in regards to playing video games.

Now that we’ve gone over some options for helping with sweaty hands, I want to talk about why are hands even get sweaty when playing video games.

Why Do Hands Sweat When Playing Video Games

This is my theory, so I’m not a medical doctor or any of that non sense.

So check this out, you’re the last man alive on your team in a ranked match in Call of Duty or you’re about to down a raid boss for the first time in WoW.

For a lot of people, this causes an elevated heart rate, adrenaline pumping as we’re running to keep our little pixelated character out of the line of fire.

This gets intense & our body acts on it just as it would if we we’re running for our lives in real life.

Our brain doesn’t just say “It’s pixels on a screen, chill out bro”.

We get so caught up in the game, that our body reacts like it would in a fight or how it would if we were actually fighting a dragon (no, not pissing your pants) but activating the fight or flight response in our bodies.

I think a lot of this has to do with how realistic video games have become.

I say this because, I honestly can’t remember if my hands got sweaty when I was playing mario on my N64 growing up.

Maybe I just couldn’t tell because all of the Cheetos all over my hands, who knows.

So this is my theory, got a different one? Then let’s hear it.

Let me know what you think causes hands to become sweaty when gaming in the comments below.

Ali A Controller | Gaming Setup | Net Worth | 2019


For this article, we’ll be looking at what gaming headset, keyboard, webcam, Xbox/PS4 controller that Ali A uses in 2018, along with his net worth & some background information on him.

Ali A Gaming Headset

What gaming headset does Ali A use?

He uses the Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800X Premium Fully Wireless Gaming Headset.

Ali A Monitor

What monitor does Ali A use?

He uses the Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor – AW2518H

Ali A Gaming PC

What gaming PC does Ali A use?

He uses the Alienware Area 51 for his main computer.

Not sure of the exact tech specs of what’s inside the PC.

Ali A Gaming Keyboard

What gaming keyboard does Ali A use?

He uses the CHERRY MX 6.0 Mechanical USB Keyboard

Ali A Webcam

What webcam does Ali A use?

He uses the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Ali A Controller

What controller does Ali A use when playing Xbox or PS4?

He has a few different ones he uses. He uses the regular controller with enhanced grips from KontrolFreek.

He also has his own custom ones made from ScufGaming.

Ali A Merch Shop

Ali A has a lot of cool clothing apparel with his brand logo on it.

On top of clothing he also has other stuff like backpacks, fidget spinners, & also his new book!

I will say this, a lot of logos I see for personal type brands tend to be ‘meh’, however, Ali-A’s really has a nice look to it which I wouldn’t mind wearing out n about on a shirt.

Ali A Net Worth

How much does Ali A make from his YouTube gaming videos?

Ali-A makes an estimated $3 million a year, just from his two YouTube channels alone.

With other sources of income, such as sponsorship’s & his merch sales brings his estimated net worth to around $7 million & growing ever so quickly.

Who Is Ali A & What We Can Learn From Him

There are lot’s of things I could go over on what you could learn from Ali-A, but he does 2 main things that most don’t realize.

He keeps his channel focused around what got him most of his viewers, which is Call of Duty gameplay videos.

Now he does record some other types of games here n there, along with some vlogs but he has stayed true to Call of Duty being his main video game videos for that channel.

The second thing goes together with the first point.

He created a second YouTube channel which has a majority focus on Pokemon/Minecraft.

By doing this he most likely has earned a good bit of subscribers on each channel that probably didn’t want half of the videos to be about the games he plays on his other channel & vice versa.

Basically, he keeps an overall general theme for both of his channels which is bigger than most people realize.

One more thing!

With his new book launch, he started a book tour, where he goes around meeting fans & signing books.

This dude is literally making all the right moves as an entrepreneur, but it’s also cool that he’s meeting fans as well just from a personal

Whitney Simmons Net Worth | Workout Routine | Supplements

staying fit

Inside this post, we’re going to go over the net worth, workout routine, diet, clothing apparel & what supplements Whitney Simmons uses.

Along with that we’re also going to talk about who she is for those who may have stumbled upon this article another way than searching for her.

What Workout Supplements Does Whitney Simmons Take

Who Is Whitney Simmons | Why Is She Famous

Whitney Simmons is fitness YouTuber, who has gained a major following of almost 800k subscribers at the time of writing this.

Most of her videos, focus around teaching others how to do which exercises to workout which muscle. Along, with that she focuses on cardio, nutrition & other  normal topics you would find in the fitness realm of things.

How Much Does Whitney Simmons Make From Her YouTube Channel Videos

It’s estimated that Whitney Simmons makes around 15k a month or around 190k a year just from her YouTube channel alone.

She also sells her own brand of merchandise through her website.

On top of that I’m guessing she has some sponsorship’s with some fitness companies (couldn’t find any exact info on this) its just an assumption that she would be.

Whitney Simmons Workout Routine For: Butt (Glutes) | Arms (Triceps & Biceps)| Back | Shoulders | Legs | Abs

Butt Workout

Arms Workout

Back Workout

Shoulders Workout

Abs Workout

Whitney Simmons Fitness Clothing Apparel

If you’re looking to buy Whitney Simmons brand fitness apparel such as shirts, tank tops & hats then head over to her website.

The End Is Near…

Whitney Simmons does a great job with a no bs approach to teaching others how to get in shape.

She seems like a really down to earth type of person from watching her videos & doesn’t seem like she has let her YouTube fame go to her head.

If you found any of the videos I linked up above useful then be sure to follow her channel. She usually puts out a new video there, at least once a week.

Thanks for sticking with us till the end, if there is a specific YouTuber or fitness enthusiast that you think would like us to do a article about then just shoot us an email & we’ll look into it.  

Also make sure to check out some of our other articles like these for: Furious Pete, Jeff Seid, Bradley Martyn, & Steve Cook to name a few.

DanTDM Gaming Setup | Net Worth | Age | Merch | 2019


For this article we’ll be looking at what gaming chair, headset, keyboard, webcam that DanTDM uses, along with his net worth & some background information on how he became popular.

DanTDM Gaming Chair

What gaming chair does DanTDM use?

He uses the GT Omega EVO XL Racing Office Chair.

DanTDM Gaming Headset

What gaming headset does DanTDM use?

He uses the Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones.

DanTDM Gaming Keyboard

What gaming keyboard does DanTDM use?

He uses the Madcatz V5 Keyboard.

DanTDM Gaming Mouse

What gaming mouse does DanTDM use?

He uses the Mad Catz R.A.T.5 Gaming Mouse.

DanTDM Webcam

What webcam does DanTDM use?

He uses the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

DanTDM Net Worth

How much does DanTDM make from gaming?

He is estimated to make around 6 million dollars a year from his YouTube gaming channel. Giving him an estimated net worth of around…well my math isn’t great so let’s just say his net worth is a heck of a lot.

Who Is DanTDM

How did DanTDM become popular?

DanTDM aka TheDiamondMinecart aka Daniel Middleton is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers out there.

At the time of writing this he comes in at having 16,680,219 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His game of choice is Minecraft, but he has also started expanding out to more general type of vlogs as well.

What We Can Learn From DanTDM

What makes DanTDM so popular is his personality so this really isn’t something we can or should try to replicate (always be yourself).

However, there are some key takeaways that can be used from him.

With him recording Minecraft, it makes his audience a wide range for an age group.

I know my daughter has watched his videos (9 years old).

With that being said he keeps it very G rated on his videos, I don’t know if I ever heard a curse word come out of his mouth.

Me as a parent I am fine with letting my kid watch his videos. Which I bet make up a large chunk of his viewership.

Basically be aware of what type of viewers you might have.

Another main factor we can learn is you don’t HAVE to be on camera if you don’t want to.

DanTDM didn’t put a face to his video until he was at like 100k subscribers.

Obviously that’s nothing from where he’s at now but still most people would love to have 100k subs on their YouTube channel.

DanTDM Merch: Clothing, Backpacks, Toys Etc…

Sure he is making a killing off of the digital side of things but he didn’t stop there.

He sells his own actual physical products like DanTDM branded: hats, wristbands, shirts, key chains & even his own branded fidget spinners!

He is building multiple income streams for his brand & doing a heck of a job with it.

Alas, We Have Come To The End…

DanTDM is a great example of where you don’t have to be an eSports skill level gamer to be popular in the gaming niche of YouTube.

If you look at his channel you’ll notice he is consistent on pumping out content which is really what it comes down to.

If you put out quality videos at a regular base, viewers will find you.

It will take time but just keep on keeping on.

Final thing, we’ll try to reach out to Daniel at a later time to see if we can get an interview with him but no promises here.

If we do get it, then we’ll post it here on his page for our site.