My Defy Medical / Empower Pharmacy TRT Review 2020

testosterone replacement therapy

This will be my review of Defy Medical & also Empower Pharmacy for my process of getting put on Testosterone Replacement Therapy ( TRT).

Now most of this will be centered around Defy Medical but since Empower Pharmacy was the pharmacy to fill the medicine I decided to add them into the review as well.

The short & sweet. I give both of these companies a big thumbs up based on my experience. I was very impressed by both of them.

The prices I mentioned in this article are what I paid at the time. The vendors may change prices in the future. I won’t be updating this article every time they change their prices. Please do your own research on prices before deciding on anything.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started on TRT With Defy Medical 

Here are the first things you’ll need.

  1. Lab Work – $270
  2. Initial Consultation – $250

So we’re looking at roughly $520 to get started. This doesn’t include the fee that you pay for your local doc to do a physical. Which was just $20 for my co-pay.

After you’ve done your initial consultation then you’ll order your meds. You order 3 months worth of meds each time. Mine came out to be roughly $250 for 3 months worth of meds.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about how to do how to get started with them because they have some excellent people who work on “New Patient Intake”.

The person I spoke with was Jesse, he was super easy to talk too, answered all my questions & did all of this without making me feel like he was trying to sell me anything. Basically felt like I was talking to a friend.

Here’s his email if you want to get in touch with him.

How Did The Initial Consultation With My Dr. Go?

I swear the 3 week wait felt like 3 months. I was very excited/nervous to get nervous which made the wait feel like this.

As the day finally came, I got my call from Doctor Calkins.

He was very thorough about first going over the main parts of each lab work, especially if anything seemed off (high/low) with any of them.

Luckily most of my labs were looking good, except the testosterone obviously.

After getting every bit of the full hour out of our meeting I felt a sigh of relief that it went well.

During the 3 week wait for my appt I probably came up with a million different ways in my head how this appt wasn’t going to go well.

But alas, it went great.

I ended up getting put on this protocol.

My Defy Medical TRT Protocol

Testosterone Cypionate – 70mg injected twice per week

hCG – 40 units twice per week

Anastrazole – .125mg twice per week

He recommended holding off on the Ai until/if high e2 symptoms start to arise since I had very low e2.

Which brings us too..

Empower Pharmacy Review 

My prescription was sent to them on a Friday & they shipped out my prescription on Monday.

I paid for next day air shipping since I was so eager to begin, so I received my package on Tuesday.

I was insanely surprised by how fast they got everything filled.

Was expecting that it would ship out on Tuesday at the earliest but holy cow, much quicker.

Everything came professionally packaged, just like you would expect if you picked up your medicine at any other pharmacy.

Came with instruction papers for how to inject, mix the hcg etc..

Overall I was very happy with them.. obviously.