Gfuel Review: Using Gfuel As My Pre-Workout Supplement


This is my review on the Gfuel supplement & why I decided to use it as my pre-workout supplement rather than traditional supplements that are marketed specifically for pre-workouts.

Gfuel is marketed as a supplement for gamers to help them with energy & focus.

So, let’s go into why I use it as my pre-workout.

Pre-Workout Supplement Without Beta-Alanine!

My biggest reasoning for going with this is I could finally get a pre-workout supplement without beta-alanine.

This is what causes you to feel all tingly or itchy after you take it.

On top of that I also didn’t care much for other stuff that has become popular in pre-workouts, such as Yohimbe.

Yohimbe, makes me sick to my stomach & that is common from what I’ve read.

Gfuel Focus Complex

Along, with the energy boost from Gfuel it has ingredients for their “Focus Complex”.

This is added to help you stay focused on what you’re doing rather than using all that energy all over the place, it helps with utilizing that energy on what you’re trying to get accomplished.

This would be getting a good workout in in my case, others it may be studying or pvping.

A lot of pre-workout supplements also have a lot of focused based ingredients as well.

Does It Have Enough Caffeine?

Most pre-workouts you find these days will be at a minimum 200mg of caffeine per serving, with some as much as 400mg!

Gfuel has 150mg which is perfect for me, as I hit the gym after work, and I don’t need anymore issues with trying to fall asleep at night.

Even with my timing of the gym I still fine anything more than 200mg too much for me.

Sure, if I was to take 200-400 mg then lay around then it might not be too bad but I’m up moving, lifting weights doing cardio. Blood is pumping, I don’t need my heart to have any extra stress than it needs.

I just need something to help me get going.

Well why not just use coffee or an energy drink?

Glad you asked!

No Sugar Crash & Love The Taste

I’m honestly tired of drinking coffee & it doesn’t give any extras than just the caffeine boost.

I like how Gfuel tastes and they have a ton of flavors, with more coming out pretty much every month it seems like.

Energy drinks do have a little extra kick to them & I do like the taste.

However, for the price, I’m losing money compared to using gfuel & also I can feel the sugar crash.

The price point is huge for me. Especially if you can catch one of their BOGO deals that they seem to run fairly often.

Antioxidant Complex

The antioxidant complex in gfuel is just a bonus. It’s not a must have for me as it’s something that they have in it because it may help with keeping you healthy.

I say “may” because I have zero clue how much it helps.

Here is a quote from this article, that is pretty much my sentiments on the antioxidant complex.

“I wouldn’t expect to see any ergogenic benefit from this complex, i.e. you won’t aim any better, or make decisions any faster. Adding some antioxidants to your diet, however, isn’t usually a bad idea. They’re generally healthy, and it’s possible that other good active molecules may be coming from the fruit and veggie extracts provided as well.”

Best Place To Buy Gfuel

At the time of writing this, the best place to buy gfuel is from their website which is usually not the case for most supplements.

Most of the time (with other supplements) you would find a better deal from a vendor.

With gfuel there is more than one reason why I buy it directly from gfuels website.

Reward Points

You earn points in a variety of ways but the main one is when you make a purchase through their site.

These points can be used to pay for more products or can be used for insane rewards such as a video game console at the highest tier. (This is what it says at the time of writing this, this may change in the future).


Another big factor is that they run deals pretty often & not crappy 10% off type deals either but like BOGO deals on their gfuel tubs.

Hopefully this doesn’t change in the future!

Final Thoughts

This has been my go to energy supplement, not just for pre-workouts but for any caffeine.

Compared to buying a soda or energy drink everyday for my caffeine I’m saving money by using gfuel.

I would say the only reason I would swap to something else is if they jacked up the price, added an ingredient I didn’t like or if I got tired of the taste.

The latter I don’t see happening because of how many & how often they launch new flavors.

Bodybuilding Techniques: Ripped to Shreds 2019

Whether you are new to bodybuilding or already months or years into it, it pays to understand the actual techniques that you can use to reach specific results.

There always has to be a system if you want consistency in the way your workouts affect your body. In this post, we’re going to examine the different bodybuilding techniques that are frequently used in the industry, and what they mean for you when you use them.

1. Accentuated Eccentric Workouts

This technique focuses on eccentric or negative phase of movement.

When you curl a dumbbell for example, you usually pay a lot of attention to how you fight gravity to lift the dumbbell from waist level to shoulder level.

With accentuated eccentric workouts, you pay closer attention to the ‘weaker’ phase of the movement, where the muscle is more challenged – the eccentric phase.

Technically, you can lift more because your muscles are only fighting the descent due to gravity.

So if you can only lift fifty pounds per hand during dumbbell curls, with accentuated eccentric workouts, you will be able to build up your strength more quickly and lift more with your one rep max set.

Some people might say: well, wouldn’t that mean that you are only performing half of the actual movement? Yes, technically that is true, but the thing is, your body doesn’t know that.

All that it knows is that it is fighting against a higher weight or resistance on the eccentric movement. The additional tension that your body feels will signal to your body to release more chemical compounds in the bloodstream that will help heal and build lean muscle tissues. This is what we want – more muscle-building processes, and ultimately, more muscles.

To try out this technique, ask two spotters to help you out on the shoulder press machine or any other rack or machine that you want to use.

Shoot for going 20%-40% above your known one rep max resistance.

Ask the two people to help you lift the additional resistance, but work alone when lowering the weight. Repeat as many times as your body can take.

You will have a little help going up, but the eccentric phase will be all yours.

2. Drop-Set Workouts

Drop workouts were used by legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger to build massive amounts of muscle in shorter periods of time during season.

What’s interesting about this approach is that it emphasizes both training to exhaustion and using reduced resistance so you can do more reps.

Here’s how you can apply drop workouts:

1. Begin with two sets where you are near your maximum. Keep the reps low so the resistance will be set as high as you can. The final set should be extremely challenging to complete, taking out all your endurance and physical strength.

2. When you’re done marauding your muscles with your first two sets, it’s time to lower the resistance. Reduce the weight by 25% and do more reps – as many as you can. When you reach exhaustion, drop by another 25%. Continue until you’ve doubled or tripled the amount of reps from your initial baseline of two sets.

What this technique does is it triggers the release of additional metabolites in your body, and these metabolites signal for more muscle growth in particular areas of strain.

Essentially, you will be signaling to your body repeatedly that you need more muscle “here and here” because there is additional strain that needs to be dealt with.

3. High Repetition Workouts

With high repetition workouts, the emphasis will be on the volume of reps and not on the level of resistance itself. The science behind this technique is that with higher weights, you only hit the fast-twitch muscle fibers, and neglecting the slow-twitch ones.

Studies show that by reducing the weights or resistance during workouts, you will be able to focus more on your slow-twitch muscles because of the longer duration of the workout and the extended time that these muscle fibers have been exposed to physical tension.

Does this mean that you have to let go of the heavier sets from now on? Not at all. The higher resistance works on the fast-twitch muscles, but you just need to pay attention to the slow-twitch fibers.

We recommend that you simply add this tweak to your workout system once or twice a week. Work with lower resistance to get that volume up. Sets with higher reps will definitely benefit you if you are after symmetry and bigger muscles in specific areas.

If you’re still unimpressed, here’s another benefit: when you expose muscles to longer periods of strain, protein synthesis increases, and this greatly improves the formation of actual lean muscle tissues. In the end, the experts say that you will have bigger, thicker, more durable, and more impressive muscles.

4. Paired Workouts

Paired workouts are often done to add strain to associated muscles and keep the tension going in those target regions. The idea is you are going to perform two workouts or movements back to back without stopping, and the target should be opposing muscle groups. Quads and hamstrings, for example, can be attacked effectively via paired workouts.

The science behind paired workouts is the concept of reciprocal innervations, where it is believed that the associated or opposing muscle groups are readied by the previous movement of a nearby muscle group. So with extra pump and strain, you may get better results in the end because the target muscles have already been primed by the previous sets and reps.

5. Work-Stretch Sets

Work-stretching is using light weights to extend muscles so they would ‘pop’ and trigger the process called splitting.

With muscle splitting, you are essentially turning one muscle fiber to two, and so forth.

Hyperplasia is encouraging the body to begin producing more independent muscle fibers, so there is visible growth in certain parts of the body.

Though there still has to be more studies to determine the effectiveness of this technique, there is definitely no harm in trying.

Develop The Millionaire Mindset


Everyone can be a millionaire, but only a handful is able to carry the journey through to its natural conclusion. Developing the millionaire mindset is crucial if you want to lead a life of financial independence and if you want to retire early, too.

The millionaire mindset is no guarantee that you will become a millionaire instantly – but it will definitely help you get there. Below are some of the best traits and practices by CEOs and millionaires from around the world. Since they’re already there, their words surely hold water when it comes to creating wealth in immensity.

1. It Starts With a Vision

At one point in your life, your mind will be ripe with ideas that might make you wealthy. The problem is that people don’t go ahead and mind-map their ideas.

They treat their ideas as if they didn’t have any value at all. We have to remember that everything in this world began with powerful ideas, and it is only when these ideas are pursued to the ends of the Earth that they became stardust: the stuff that makes millionaires out of people who previously were just ordinary Joes and Janes.

One way to motivate yourself to build a worthy vision is by thinking of all the good things that you will be bringing into this world when you pursue your millionaire’s goal.

Apart from building your empire that would make you financially independent and more or less bulletproof for years to come, what else do you want to make of your business?

Wealth is created when something useful or good is added to the world. How would communities benefit from your ideas and efforts? Map these things out, as your ideas are now starting to take shape. Soon enough those ideas and your vision will be ready to be born.

2. Start Loving Life

The journey to becoming a millionaire is definitely going to be a life-changing one, which is why you have to start loving life right now if you want to be able to start this unique journey in full force. Loving yourself and then loving life will transform your mindset and will help you adopt a more solution-oriented mindset.

Because if you love life, you are not going to dwell on the negatives but instead, you will be focused on treating failures and stumbling blocks as merely things that require solutions. Every challenge becomes an opportunity for you to grow, and you are simply going to be amazing when you see how much you can grow in a short span of time as you pursue your dreams.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

Embarking on a millionaire’s journey is a unique time because it exposes you to all of the different facets of business and creativity that you formerly were not exposed to.

It’s important that you do not shy away from failures but instead, use failures as merely situations where you are getting feedback on the overall system that you have put in place.

The common mindset when it comes to failure is that something is not working, and it’s easy to become depressed when you see faults in the overall plan or blueprint. If you want to become a millionaire, you need to do away with this common mindset.

Instead of treating setbacks as a manifestation of personal weakness, it’s better to treat these setbacks as merely feedback that you can then use immediately to find solutions to your problems. So it’s high time that you changed your overall mindset. There is no failure – only feedback. Remember this important principle and you’re good to go.

4. Become a Natural Leader

You will be meeting a lot of people along the way, and the one thing you have to realize right now is that if you are not a natural leader, you are going to have a tougher time changing circumstances to make it easier for you to reach your goals.

A business is only as good as its leader, so ask yourself: what kind of leader do you want to be, ultimately?

How should you be relating to employees and other businesses?

Read books on leadership and business, and make sure that you internalize the important traits that high-ranking business people use to make their jobs more effective and ultimately, easier.

5. Never Stop Learning

This is a huge step in your journey to becoming a millionaire. It’s easy to say that “you don’t go to lectures, you give them.” This is a huge mistake on your part because even a 99 year old can still learn new things. Not wanting to learn means you are automatically limiting yourself and your business’ growth.

Your mind has to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. We see it all the time on TV: business owners who don’t want to change tack, because what they’re doing presently has been done for three or more decades. Change is inevitable, and learning is your shield. Learn and you are going to thrive. Avoid learning and the opposite is probably going to occur.

6. Trust Your Instincts

Risk mitigation is an important part of business, but so is taking risks. In fact, a huge part of the journey of becoming a millionaire is becoming someone who is accustomed to taking calculated risks.

Growth is often spurred by risks, because you never really know how the world is going to react to your business if you don’t try. Your instincts are more than just gut feel – they actually represent the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that has distilled over the years. Not listening to your instincts is tantamount to saying that you do not trust the things you’ve learned over the years.

The best combination is to listen to your instincts while paying attention to the concrete and readable signs if something is going to prosper or not. You can combine data and gut feel to make the best decisions. You become more analytical this way, without sacrificing your own wisdom on things.

Gearing Up To Become An Instagram Influencer 2019

Instagram Influencer

The social media influencer industry is booming. The definition of an influencer has changed radically in the past few years, thanks to huge leaps in technology.

Just the fact that people are spending more time on Instagram now than ever before is a sign that there’s profit to be had, and you can definitely try your hand in becoming an influencer yourself. Here are some solid guidelines to get you started.

1. Pick Your Niche

Your social media identity is going to be built around your niche, or the portion of the larger market that you’d like to focus on. Picking your niche is important as you need to focus on being as passionate as possible within it.

People who follow influencers have certain expectations as to what type of content they will be getting, and in order to show people that you know what you’re posting regularly, you need to demonstrate your level of involvement with that niche.

A case in point would be Instagram folks who love makeup. Many of the influencers in this niche just love makeup – and the majority of them didn’t really plan to be influencers in the beginning.

They just produce quality content on a regular basis and they naturally grew into the mold of what a influencer is. See what we mean? You need to get into that mindset that will make your posts stand out because of your level of passion and involvement.

2. Decide on Your Hashtags

Like Twitter and Facebook, hashtags are used extensively in Instagram to organize content and it helps the system surface the latest and most relevant photos for specific hashtags. Hashtags make the content on Instagram searchable and you can go back years easily just by picking the right hashtags.

The best practice when using hashtags is to be very specific and to avoid overdoing it. Adding ten or more hashtags doesn’t help, really, because most of those hashtags won’t help with surfacing with the content. To be on the safe side, practice moderation with just three to five hashtags at most.

3. Create the Best Bio

When people stumble upon your Instagram profile for the first time, they’re going to want to know who you are and what you are all about. Apart from the content that you provide your followers regularly, there’s the bio where you can place links like LinkTre.e and other necessary URLs to your other social media accounts. To create the best bio, remember these guidelines:

– Short doesn’t necessarily cut it all the time. If you have to be wordier than usual to create a lasting impact, do so. If you have a lot to say to your potential followers the first time they arrive on your profile, by all means, use the bio space to communicate your message.

– Always remember to tell a good story. But since the space is limited you have to be able to tell your story without running out of space. Using emojis and precise phrases, and a good flow will get the job done.

You can be wordier with your posts, but Instagram has always been about the images and not really the captions, though the captions do give context and additional information that some posts really need in order to make an impact on your audience.

– In addition to attractive posts, what people really love is truthfulness and genuineness of information, even on Instagram. So don’t worry too much about competing with other influencers who have learned the ropes earlier. Stick to what your passions are, and everything is going to flow naturally from your bio to the regular content that you post.

4. Create and Publish Content Regularly

Consistency is huge with the Instagram crowd. While many Instagram users don’t realize it, people actually have mental schedules of when their favorite Instagram influencers are going to post new content.

If the concept is confusing, just think of Instagram as this weird, futuristic TV where people wait for their favorite programs to be aired. By posting content consistently, people will add your profile to their Instagram routine. They will look forward to what you have to post, and their fingers are poised to interact with your posts.

What if you just want to post new stuff, even if it’s not within your regular posting schedule? You can post personal stuff if you want, but if you want to hone your profile professionally, there has to be a fixed schedule throughout the day when people can expect to see your posts. If someone sponsors you to promote a product or service, you can create a series of scheduled posts that will gradually introduce the sponsored product or service into the Instagram narrative.

You have to remember that your posts will be seen as an ongoing story by your followers. Whether you like it or not, they are going to remember what you have posted in the past, and they are going to expect a certain type of continuity with your posts. That’s why consistency is so important with this kind of work.

5. Don’t Forget Interaction

While it’s true that having a million followers is going to be tough on the interaction part, interaction is still going to be a huge part of the job of being a social media influencer. When people comment on your posts, it’s vital that you interact with the most reasonable and substantial comments.

It’s important here that your followers feel that they are able to establish contact with you and not just an echo wall. The more ‘intimate’ the experience of being able to communicate with an influencer, the more people are going to naturally trumpet and promote your IG account. That’s just how things work: people like repeating what they like on social media.

6. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one-off tidbits that serve as highlights for each IG account. Millions of people are using Instagram stories to create even more space for the things that they like to share on their network, so it’s an indispensable part of your journey to becoming an IG influencer.

Why She’s Not Into You: Decoding Bad Dates

Bad Dates

We’ve all been there: dates that just didn’t cut it. Dates that barely felt like dates. We’d rather forget about these flops, because the last thing we want to remember when engaging someone from the opposite sex is the memory of our last bad date.

But then again, it’s important to keep learning from our mistakes. Our bad dates are actually passageways to better dates – in the future. If you keep forgetting everything that’s happened in the past few bad dates, you are going to have a lot of trouble fixing your approach.

Is It All About You?

This is probably the worst approach to dates: making it all about you. By all means, make the conversation interesting. The girl is there to find out more about you, that’s the point.

She’s trying to figure out what kind of person you are. But there’s a catch: when you make the conversation all about you, you miss a vital opportunity to let the other person reveal what kind of person she is.

This means you are not really establishing a crucial connection with the other person. In addition to impressing the other person, it’s vital that you show your date that you are interested in what she has to say, and who she is.

What’s the solution?

There is a singular solution and it’s called active listening. Active listening is a communication technique that works wonders in all situations, not just dates. The principles are easy to follow:

1. In active listening, you listen more than speak.

2. The star of the conversation is the subject (your date) and not the speaker.

3. You calibrate your responses or feedback based on what the other person says.

We know what you’re thinking: would it be all about the other person? Not at all. You are still going to put your best foot forward to impress your date. But, you will not be leading the conversation – not in the way that we normally think we should lead.

Instead of just making the conversation about you, you are going to listen very closely to what the other person is saying so you can match your responses accordingly. This way, you will be able to provide the type of information that the other person wants to hear, as opposed to shooting in the dark.

Are You Using Feedback?

This is connected to active listening, but it’s another aspect of the communication process. Eliciting feedback means you are going to build your fortress of attraction on the basis of what the other person is communicating as opposed to just saying. When you elicit feedback, you forget your own preconceived notions of what makes a good conversation and hone in on what the other person is interested in.

Remember: if it is the first date, the other person will be wary of how you perceive her. Your date is going to be uncomfortable in some moments, simply because there is no rapport yet.

What is rapport?

The simplest definition of rapport is harmony. Harmony between two people is when they complement each other, like music or dance. When there’s harmony, there is no conflict or friction, and the flow energies between people are excellent. This is the sort of state that we want between two people who just might have the right chemistry to become partners.

Unfortunately, people usually fail to establish rapport in the beginning of the interaction and they end up thinking that the lack of rapport is due to absolute lack of chemistry. This is largely not true. Two people can have chemistry, but to rely on the first interaction for this chemistry to manifest is a tall order indeed. In order for chemistry to manifest, there has to be harmony between two people, first.

How can you establish rapport?

The simplest way to establish rapport with the other person is through the process of mirroring. Mirroring is different from mimicking or mechanical copying. Mirroring is allowing the other person’s verbal and nonverbal signals to influence your own. Think of how two old friends talk. One person smiles, the other one smiles, too.

One laughs, and the other reciprocates with laughter, no matter how old or corny the joke is. Unless the two are talking about mathematics or physics, the accuracy of the information involved in the interaction is of secondary importance. What is more importance is there is instant rapport between the two, and it shows with how they mirror each other.

The best way to begin the mirroring process is to think of the other person in the interaction as someone you know for a long time. This is an important junction because what we want you to do is to communicate as naturally as possible, without showing any fears or anxieties.

Sadly it’s easy to feel uneasy when you are out on a date, simply because you keep thinking that you are not doing enough to be “interesting” or “likable.”

By projecting the image of a person who is familiar or close to you onto your date, you will be able to ‘switch off’ the part of the brain that has something to do with anxiety and defensiveness.

This will definitely have a broad, general effect on how you communicate with the other person. You can be the most intelligent and astute speaker, but bear in mind that 50% of what we truly communicate does not pass through the verbal channel.

It’s been established that more than half of what we are communicating is projected by the body through nonverbal and vocal channels.

How your voice sounds, how you hold your body while speaking – these all have an impact on the final message that your date then receives before she is able to decode what you are communicating. So you can be talking about how great your Asian adventure was, but if your body is expressing anxiety, there is going to be a huge incongruence between what she sees and what you are saying.

Enacfire Future Plus Wireless Earbuds Review 2019

enacfire future plus

This will be my review of the Enacfire Future Plus wireless earbuds.

Before we begin, my main purpose for buying these was using them in the gym, so reliability & price was my focus when picking out a pair of earbuds to buy.

Why Did I Choose These Earbuds?

I did a lot of searching/comparing before buying these. I decided to go with the Enacfire Future Plus for a few main reasons beside the obvious things such as price & positive reviews.

What really made me go for these is that you can use the charging bank to also charge your phone & the fact that they provide you with a great warranty.

This is my first pair of wireless earbuds, so I have no idea what to expect on how well these hold-up or if Enacfire makes quality products, despite my thorough research process.

I was also searching for a power bank to carry as I’ve been traveling a lot so finding that I could use this to charge my phone was a huge win.

Another positive is they look decent. Nothing crazy, not huge and bulky but just like normal earbuds. I like the low key look to them.

Charging Case Features

The main difference from the future and the future plus is the charging bank & it’s one of the main reasons I bought this one.

It’s a high-quality build charging bank case that charges your earbuds & also doubles as a backup charger for other things such as your phone.

It’s a great weight and size, fits easily in your pocket or in a small pocket of a gym bag.

The charging connectors are magnetic so it automatically pulls your earbuds in the correct spot so that they are charging whenever you start to put them in each charging slot.

Sound Quality

The sound quality on these is maybe just a bit better than the iphone earbuds, (not the airpods idk what those sound like). It pretty much eliminates any background noise because of the snug fit of the ear tips.

They sound just like I expected them to. I realize I’m not buying beats or seinnheiser branded earbuds so if you’re expecting to get that sort of quality in the price range of the Enacfire then I don’t know what to tell you.

Base was a little more noticeable than the regular apple earbuds as well.

How Was The Microphone?

I didn’t really care about the mic options when I was looking for pair of wireless earbuds.

With that being said, I was quite surprised by them in terms of the mic.

I honestly wasn’t even going to test the mic out but I happened to get a phone call on the way home while wearing these and I answered it.

To my surprise the person I was on the phone with said they could hear me perfectly. They said even better than when I’m just regularly on the phone which shocked me.

I figured the mic was going to be sub-par because the mic is built into the earbuds which is no where near your mouth. So I figured I would have to pretty much yell for it to hear what I was saying. This was not the case at all.

I honestly was baffled that the person I was talking to was able to hear me at all, much less at such a high quality that she said she was able to.

Pros & Cons

Here is a quick overview of everything I did & did not like about these.

The Pros

  • Solid build quality
  • Great warranty
  • Price
  • Superior charging bank
  • Looks sleek, not goofy like some wireless earbuds

The Cons

  • Would be nice if you could change the volume directly from the earbuds

Not being able to adjust the volume isn’t a big deal for me since I can pause/play directly from the earbuds but I guess this would be something that some people may find useful.

This might be something we see in a future version of Enacfire earbuds, along with volume control from the earbuds directly then this would be amazing.

Do I Recommend These & Where To Buy

I absolutely recommend these. I’m glad I didn’t go with any of the more expensive earbuds options as this gives me exactly what I need at a reasonable cost.

Now, I’ve only had them for a few weeks so if something should happen that may make me change my mind then I’ll be sure to update this article. 

With that being said that’s where the warranty they offer to take care of it.

Hopefully I don’t need to worry about any of that though!

You can pick these up on Amazon or Ebay.