The Rules of Wealth: Seven Takeaways


If you’ve ever navigated to the world of prosperity and wealth building, you’ve probably heard of or at least read about The Rules of Wealth: A personal code for prosperity by Richard Templar.

This book is one of the classics of personal wealth and prosperity, and is definitely one of the books that you should read first if you don’t know the first thing about wealth and how it wholly relates to yourself as a thinking, feeling being.

First published in the United Kingdom in 2006, the book has been reprinted multiple times because of the demand and is now considered a pillar stone reading in prosperity.

Our take of the book is: it’s a hands down, no hold barred inspirational book on building personal wealth.

Other books on wealth are often hard-edged because they’re written by really passionate people who don’t like excuses, but this book somehow softens the transition and helps people understand that wealth building is a process, and it’s a day by day effort.

The Seven Takeaways

The book is of course a set of “rules” that aren’t really rules but more of guiding concepts that are flexible and are meant to be philosophized a little bit so they can apply to everyone’s social status and life conditions. Suffice to say there’s something for everyone in the book.

1. Define your destination

According to the book, you need to first decide on a definition of what being wealthy means to you.

It can be as simple or as complex as you want, but you have to make the concept as concrete as possible.

Only then would you be able to create goals and figure out how to get to your new destination. So the place you are now was a destination, it’s now a matter of transporting yourself to another place, and this is defined by how you perceive wealth.

2. Put in the hours

Templar doesn’t mince words in saying that most people want the wealth, but don’t want to put in the hours. Wealth means working your socks off, and putting in more effort than the next guy.

There really is no shortcut, other than wishing that the wealth will just arrive by accident or chance. He believes that people want this type of wealth route because it’s not “tainted’ by hard work. In short, the real evil here is laziness, or the lack of desire to work for the wealth.

3. Know the difference between price and value

Rule number 15 talks about the difference between these two. Price doesn’t equate to value and vice versa. Something can have high value for you, but little to no value to other people.

The price of something is determined by the capacity of people to pay. An object that is worth thousands of dollars can only become ‘real’ in the sense that it can create wealth for you only if people are willing to shell out the price that you wants. Therefore, what you really need is to do is to start creating value before you think about price.

4. Put yourself in a fantastic place while working

We all know that work can be draining. Many people hate work. But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Hatred of work will only drain you, and the only person who can change this perception is yourself. Therefore, Rule 35 states that you need to “work as if you didn’t need the money.”

This rule is focused on the mindset that you have when earning your bread and butter.

When you are angry and stressed, you become less focused, and less likely to hit upon those eureka moments.

Instead of being angry or stressed, we want you to be relaxed and inspired. Put your heart in what you are doing, even if it means that you will feel inspired to do something that you thought was boring or uninspiring all these years.

5. Develop a keener eye for detail

Developing wealth is actually a game of being an eagle for all the smallest details that can affect your wealth-building efforts. You have to be critical, and your lens has to be as clear as the sky at all times.

Alongside the keen eye for details is the ability to have an open mind while simultaneously being critical of the things that are being offered to you.

We’re talking about loans, interest rates, the works. All the small things add up, and some ‘small things’ aren’t really what they seem. They can have huge repercussions on your life.

Rule 56 is an essential take on a life skill that everyone should never stopped developing past the age of seven – being observant and inquisitive at the same time. Relearn these two and your dreams of wealth will become that much more concrete than ever before.

6. Don’t ignore your hunches

Hunches, also known as instinct, are the agglomeration of your life experiences and the wisdom you have so far. People have uneven quantities of instinct in their lives, because we have different life backgrounds and social statuses.

So all we can ever work with is the type of instinct that we have. Instinct may not be measurable and people struggle to express it, but you must not ignore these.

The mind is giving you a hint based on past experiences, a memory, or a pattern that it remembers. Act on your hunches but make sure that you measure the risk and costs associated with acting upon your hunches.

7. The wise know when to stop

Happiness and wealth are two different things, and knowing when to stop the process of acquiring wealth (whether temporarily or for good) is a good skill to develop.

Why? Because we don’t want to sacrifice your life in exchange for wealth. Eventually, you will hit that level when wealth will appear like a placebo and it is no longer a need, and it becomes an obstacle to happiness. If you hit this place early on, you know what to do. Just remember Rule 88.

How to Achieve God-Tier Monk Mode Starting Today


It is official, guys. We now live in the age of Anxiety and Uncertainty. But uncertainty and anxiety over what things, specifically?

Men have lost their intellectual and psychological rudders, and are being swept to and fro by currents that are now too strong for them. Men used to lead, and are the natural alphas to the world’s omegas.

This is what monk mode tries to resolve, or at least tries, because the outcomes will be completely up to you. You, yourself – in monk mode. Monk mode is not a magic bullet.

It is a concrete, hardcore method of self-improvement that aims to deliver you from your weaknesses. It aims to recreate you, so you can become better in most aspects of your life. It is a beginning worth taking, and if you love yourself, even a little bit, you would pay closer attention to how it’s done properly.

The Pillars of Monk Mode

The heart and soul of monk mode is its three I’s. They are introspection, isolation, and improvement. It’s best to go through these life-changing principles with an open mind. Imagine yourself a blank slate.

Control your inner resistance to change, because monk mode is all about change – the toughest kind of change around. Inner change. And that’s going to take some inner fortitude and strength you thought you never had. Let’s get started.

1st Pillar: Introspection

Introspection is a form of looking inward, of determining the relationship of the “I” with Truth.

Overinflated egos prevent men from even seeing their weaknesses, and the process of introspection doesn’t end with just knowing that you have weaknesses. The point of the first pillar of monk mode is you are looking inward to find solutions and fix problems with yourself.

To have weaknesses is human, but to ignore them because of your pride or laziness is never a good thing.

We can say that such tendencies edge closer to self-destruction in the worst way possible: in stasis, because you chose not to act. Introspection should be done regularly, and the output of introspection is knowledge of what must be changed, and not just a begrudging acceptance that you have weaknesses.

2nd Pillar: Isolation

Monk mode requires a certain level of isolation in order to work. Our take of isolation is you have to start distancing yourself from activities and people that are flat out distractions to self-improvement.

You are probably already well aware of what these activities are: time wasters, excessive desires, and so on. While we do not want to put a cap on your happiness, it is vital that you realize that many of the activities that eat up your time are unnecessary for your self-improvement and only drain you of the essential energy that you need to start changing.

Additionally, the isolation element of monk mode will pare down your social obligations and interactions to the absolute necessary ones only. Of course, if you have a 9-5 job, you won’t be completely isolated. But you can be isolated enough for you to begin forging yourself anew in the white-hot fires brought about by your regular introspection.

Take note that introspection is by no means associated with obsession or any other negative activity or process. Like the depth of the ocean, introspection allows you to move from the bone dry land of your bad habits toward the unfathomable depth of your own human potential, your own wells of confidence, motivation, and natural love for change.

Humans used to be brave, quick, and adaptable. That’s how our ancestors were able to carry our genetic lines to the modern era.

They were adaptable. What we learned from the age of Anxiety and Uncertainty is that modernity isn’t what it’s cut out to be. Modernity didn’t bring us joy. It brought us a truckload of weaknesses that have eroded intrinsic human strength as we know it.

3rd Pillar: Improvement

Assuming that you are performing both introspection and isolation in a balanced manner, you probably gained more than half of your life back.

You have additional time on your hands, time you are no longer wasting on activities that simply take but never give back.

This is where the third pillar of monk mode comes into play. Now that you have more energy and time, it’s time for improvement. But what can you improve?

Remember the main goal of introspection? We try to be more introspective of our lives because we want to weed out our weaknesses. These weaknesses belong to us, and us alone. In the same breath, no one else can take responsibility for these weaknesses but us.

You can’t expect your partner, girlfriend, or spouse to be the one ironing out the kinks and setting you on the straight path.

That simply is not tenable. You have to go about on your own, in monk mode.

There are five levels of needs according to Maslow: physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. You don’t have to go level by level.

It’s actually better if you can identify weaknesses that correspond to each level and work on them as frequently as possible every day.

By doing so, you will be able to create new routines and change your lifestyle in the process.

Does this sound dry and undesirable? Good. It’s supposed to feel that way because no one likes change on Day One.

But there are many more days ahead of you, and many more chances of quitting. We’re sure that you are not the one to quit on yourself.

If you feel that you are not worth the effort, then that simply means that you have not found the things that are of value in yourself. And we go back to the first pillar again, which is introspection.

As you find your weaknesses, so must you find the inner strength and values to counter these weaknesses. They are already there, the resources that you need. And by just having these resources, you know that you are already worth fighting for.

Do Pheromone Colognes Actually Attract Women?

Man Flirting

Pheromones are chemical substances produced by the body specifically to signal to your outside environment.

Pheromones have been observed throughout the Animal Kingdom – it is by no means new in the evolutionary sense, but science is only beginning to understand how pheromones impact human males and females.

There have been scientific studies before that link the exposure to pheromones to effects as drastic as the slowing down or acceleration of the menstrual cycle and ovulation in human females.

Therefore, pheromones definitely have concrete and very real effects on the human body. They work on the outside, influencing other members of the same species, compared to hormones that work predominantly inside the body.

Can pheromones attract women?

All evidence points to the positive, though you have to be careful when using pheromones as these substances can either magnetically attract women or repel them, depending on their personalities.

If you are in the game to attract women through your raw sexuality and manliness, then you also have to put in some effort to find women who have the same predisposition and personalities so the pheromones can amplify the attraction between you and the women that you want.

Basically, pheromones just work with what you already have, and make you doubly or triply magical to women.

Pheromones can be likened to steroids – they’re not magic bullets, but if you’re doing your bit in becoming attractive to women, they sure help a lot in the buildup of that sexuality and appeal that you have wanted for so long.

Use pheromones if you have been struggling to make yourself attractive to women, or if women are repelled for one reason or another. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with what you say, but it may have something to do with what your body is signaling chemically. How do you compete with that? You can’t. You have to correct it. If your body is sending out poor, wacky, or faulty signals to potential partners or mates, that’s not the way to go at all.

What kind of pheromone colognes can I use to attract women?

There are plenty of colognes on the market, but we’ve rounded up some of the ones that hold a lot of promise for beginning players who are out to find their ladies.

Alpha Q

Made by S1CK, Alpha Q demonstrates several abilities that every player will surely find useful. Those who have tested Alpha Q report the following:

– They are able to emulate the signals of high social status and they are respected as the alpha male in packs.

– Women are hooked by the mysterious and edgy player personality that Alpha Q helps project. They are drawn to the users of Alpha Q and subsequently, it’s easy to develop the perfect environment for crushes to occur.

– Troubled by social acceptance? Don’t be anymore. This formula has been known to ease away the awkwardness associated with first time meet-ups, as well as the dead air in conversations.

Say goodbye to the pesky gap that happens every time you meet someone new, and get ready for women who warm up easily just because you’re there.

We recommend Alpha Q because we believe that it can give your confidence a much-needed boost in different situations, and everyone needs to feel accepted especially when you are with someone that you really like.

It’s also a nice touch that both males and females are affected by the pheromones packed into Alpha Q, ensuring that the alpha male is respected in social situations.

Alfa Maschio

Developed by Alpha Dream, Alfa Maschio is an excellent choice if you are after the “bad boy” feel that many women find intimidating and irresistible at the same time.

Why “bad boy?”

The bad boy vibe is actually a misnomer. What this concept is really referring to is sexual superiority and domination, both aspects of male human sexuality that occur naturally when a male is in the presence of females.

We can’t help it, actually. What Alfa Maschio does is it takes your raw sexuality and makes it more evident and people are able to take notice more quickly. Why? Because of pheromones, that’s why.

Try Alfa Maschio if you want the following effects:

– Women perceive you as a dominant “bad boy” with raw sexual powers, and that you will not take no for an answer (even if you aren’t really doing anything!)

– Create the projection that you are an attractive fellow and it makes complete sense to be attracted to you. People will feel great that they are crushing on you, or downright sexually attracted, and people will also be more willing to open up because of the effects of Alfa Maschio.

– Your attractive personality shines through, putting you at the center of the action. You are going up as an independent boy, someone who likes women, and you don’t feel like you have to apologize for being you.


Developed by AKA Corpo, Corporativo is one of the more balanced formulas in the market and it is a good choice if you are finding it hard to relate to women because they are intimidated of you.

Let us put it this way: some formulas make men overly dominant and appealing, to the point that women feel repelled by the raw power. Corporativo balances out the self-effects of the pheromone formula, and gives you a more open projection that will not scare away women.

Basically, with Corporativo, the net is cast much more widely because you will not be stuck with just the females who are already open about their sexuality or being attracted to males in general.

Corporativo can be used for a variety of purposes because it is considered the multi-tool of the pheromone world for males.

Use this one if you need a balanced boost in every aspect of your personality, from your swagger to your general confidence in talking with people. If you want to gain the upper hand in different social situations without being overly dominant, intimidating or overpowering, then formulas like this one are a boon.

Learning To Code: From Websites To Cool Apps 2020


It is never too late to learn how to start coding, and the Internet is filled with free and massively useful resources for every type of learner. We’ve rounded up references, resources, and even apps that you can use to make your study of coding easier.

Coding Websites

If you are interested in website architecture and programming beyond the tweaks afforded by WordPress sites, you need to learn how to hard code.

Luckily, there are websites that are dedicated to newbies who want to know how it’s really done by the pros. We’re not saying that you will master everything in one week, but if other people have done it, why can’t you?

W3 Schools


W3 Schools is dedicated to providing free resources on HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

It’s a neat website for locating code to accomplish specific things while coding, and it’s a cool reference for all levels of programmers.

What we especially love about this website is that after it provides the instruction on how to code, it has several enrichment sections like exercise and quiz where you can apply the new skill or code, so you can find out if you truly understood the information.

Code Academy


Java is one of the oldest and most useful programming languages that is used for almost every imaginable application, from websites to creating apps for mobile phones.

The earlier operating systems for mobile phones used Java extensively to deliver rich mobile experiences to users. Java is influenced by C++, its predecessor, and its latest iterations have improved the issues that have bugged it since inception, including slower implementation.

If you want to learn how to code Java, Code Academy is offering its own Learn Java tutorials. Their tutorial includes the Java Program Structure, Variables and Data Types, Object-Oriented Java, and more. There’s also a premium/paid upgrade option for people who want more resources.

Learn Python


Like Java, Python is a versatile programming language that is used mainly for websites, mobile devices, and other experience-rich digital interfaces. It has been described as easy to learn and vital for the well-rounded programmer.

Several digital boot camps and courses online offer Python, including Learn Python. LearnPython.Org is an interactive training course for people who want to learn how to code Python.

The syllabus includes the basics, data science tutorials, advanced tutorials, and more.

You will learn about variables and types, lists, basic operators, string formatting, numpy arrays, pandas basics, list comprehensions, and other aspects of Python programming that will turn you from newbie to expert in no time.



C++ is the grand daddy of programming languages, and remains an important language that every serious programmer should consider learning, right after HTML, CSS, and Java. C++ is used not just for browsers and Web applications, but also for PC games, and animations.

It is one of the most developed languages around, and we owe many of the best games in several generations to C++.

Learn C++ is a free resource for people who want to know more about this programming language. The lessons, which are already laid out in the home page of the website, are divided into chapter and sub-chapters.

You will learn about compilers, linkers, and libraries, and how you can configure these three important aspects of C++. There are also tutorials on the technical aspects of C++, like the statements and structures of a program, and how literals and operators work.

Coding Android Apps

Android apps are actually built using different programming languages, with Java receiving the most support from Google at the moment. Which is not to say that you are stuck with using “just” Java. You can also use the following programming languages, like Kotlin, C/C++, C#, BASIC, Corona/LUA, and PhoneGap.

Kotlin is considered the ‘second best’ language for Android programming, as it also uses the Java Virtual Machine and is lauded for having a system that is easier to read and its code is also more streamlined.

Kotlin is great for people who are just beginning to learn how to code with Java, because it doesn’t even mind if you don’t terminate lines with the semicolon. For beginning programmers, any bit of help is important.

Developers Training

Developers Training

This is one of the best places to get free training on Java and Kotlin, specifically for creating Android apps. You will start with Android Kotlin Fundamentals, followed by Android Developer Fundamentals, Advanced Android Development, and more.

The modules are self-paced, and you can take as much time as you need in each modules if you are a self-taught programmer.

They also have an Android Development for Beginners course, and an Android Basics Nanodegree program that you can sign up for. All in all, the Developers Training page is a pretty neat resource for anyone who wants to create Android apps.

Udacity Android Basics


Udacity is also offering several courses on Android development, including its Android Basics course.

We recommend websites like Udacity (because there are several other online schools that offer similar courses) if you want a very structured approach to learning.

Some people like the freewheeling method of learning, of getting resources from different sources at varying speeds. Others simply don’t thrive with this approach, so if you are one such programmer, then there is no harm in signing up for more structured classes.

BONUS: Apps for Developing Android Apps (What?!)

It was bound to happen of course. There are now apps that help developers code and test their apps.

Open your Play Store and check out the following apps to see which you need right now to get started:

  • Android Studio
  • ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
  • AVD Manager
  • Eclipse
  • Fabric
  • FlowUp
  • Gamemaker: Studio
  • Genymotion
  • Gradle
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Instabug
  • LeakCanary
  • NimbleDroid
  • RAD Studio
  • Stetho
  • Source Tree
  • Unity 3D
  • Unreal Engine
  • Visual Studio with Xamarin
  • Vysor

These are all powerful and useful apps with different uses, and each one contributes to a different phase in Android app development.

DIY Fragrance: How To Start Making Your Own Cologne Scents

Fragrance Bottles

How do you go about making your own diy fragrances to have your own personal cologne? That’s something we are going over inside this article.

Colognes and perfumes are probably the most special of gifts that you can give anyone, more so if you prepare the gift yourself. Is it possible to craft beautiful scents, colognes, and perfumes at home?

The answer is yes, because the process of creating perfumes is actually simpler than you may think. The methods and materials aren’t that expensive either.

Of course, you can always scale up your production if you feel like experimenting with signature scents. Is that a small and meaningful enterprise peeping around the corner? We think so!

The science of scents

A single perfume is a blend or mixture of different scents, with one or more scents representing a layer or level within the harmony of scents.

The various levels of scents are called “notes” and each level of notes has a different function and impact. The three levels of scents or notes are: base (or foundation), middle, and top.

Base notes

In terms of proportion, the volume of oils that produce the base notes is the highest, followed by the middle notes and top notes.

Base notes are also responsible for giving the perfume its lingering power, and this is what you smell four or five hours after the application of perfume, when the middle notes and top notes have all evaporated.

Base notes are memorable and usually milder than middle and top notes. Patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk are all used frequently as base notes for all kinds of perfumes from DIY to expensive signature perfumes.

Middle notes

The middle notes are sandwiched between the base notes and top notes. What middle notes do is they set the theme for the perfume.

In music, we can compare middle notes to bass, as bass gives body and character to music even if we don’t really discern the middle notes that much when we apply perfume.

Perfume experts also call the middle notes the core or spirit of the perfume, and they comprise the powerful layer of scents that appear when the top notes begin to fade away.

This layer of scents also determines what general category a perfume belongs to.

A perfume can be considered woody (usually the theme of long-lasting men’s colognes), floral (very common with scents for women from different age groups, but the nature and concentration of the middle notes differ depending on the target market), oriental (usually comprised of a combination of themes and some hints of spice), and so on.

Examples of scents used as the middle layer of perfumes include jasmine, ylang ylang, geranium, lavender, and coriander.

Top notes

And finally, we have the top notes. The top notes represent the fragrance that hits you first when you apply perfume. This strong layer provides a lot of impact on first application, but soon disappears after a quarter of an hour.

Take note that top notes are not the heaviest of the scent layers; it is often striking, but it remains relatively light and ethereal compared to middle notes and base notes.

The main function of top notes is to get the person interested in the perfume. The quick dissipation of the top notes is also necessary as a transitioning from the introduction of the perfume toward the core or spirit of the perfume.

Examples of top notes include clary sage, lemon, grapefruit, strawberry, and so on.

Preparation and blending guidelines

Creating DIY colognes and perfume at home would be more fun if you can follow our best practices for blending scents and oils. Don’t worry, they’re easy to follow.

1. Before buying the essential oils

Familiarize yourself with the different levels or notes, and then the commonly used essential oils for each type of note.

If possible, visit an aromatherapy or perfume supply store to sample and smell the oils yourself. Through constant exposure you will be able to understand how scents affect each other, and how interactions between notes occur.

2. Blend the oils in the proper order.

The first one that goes into the beaker are the oil/s that comprise your base notes, followed by the middle notes. The final layer will be the top notes.

In terms of ratio, the base notes should comprise only twenty percent of the total, followed by the middle notes at fifty percent, and finally, thirty percent for the top notes.

You might be wondering: why is there so much more of the middle notes than the base notes? The reason for this is that base notes often have long lingering power, and you wouldn’t want to overpower the concoction with the base notes.

3. Blend the right number of scents.

You can combine up to four different scents at once.

The ratio of your blending will determine which scent belongs to which level. There are no hard and fast rules in combining, but if you are after a particular scent, check out recipes online or in books.

4. The base notes do not correspond to the carrier oil.

The carrier oil, or the oil that combines all the different notes, usually have a very mild or almost neutral scent.

A perfect example of carrier oil for perfume would be jojoba oil. As long as the oil is nearly or virtually odorless, it can be used for making perfume.

The mixing of the different oils is also easier if you add alcohol to the mix. Surprisingly, perfume makers use ethanol (the kind of alcohol you can drink) but in high proof versions.

If you can find 80-proof or 100-proof vodka, that would be perfect for creating perfumes. The vodka will be the catalyst that allows the entire concoction to come together seamlessly.

5. Use only glass containers when creating perfumes.

Dark or colored glass is preferable especially if you are not familiar with how certain oils interact with heat and light.

Keep your raw materials and perfume-making supplies safely stored away from direct sunlight and from pets and small children. Droppers and beakers should also be stored well away from small hands and animals.

Cool Camping Gadgets To Take On Your Next Trip 2020


Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of being under the stars – and everyone knows that camping has always been a great way to commune with nature.

That’s why this year, we are encouraging everyone to start exploring their local hiking and camping grounds, because who knows? You might fall in love with camping and nature trekking.

Use these gadgets to make your camping more fun and convenient. Don’t forget to tell us if you know any more cool camping gadgets you can use this year and the next!

1. Camping Pillows 

Rugged Camp’s Camping Pillows are the epitome of convenience when you are out on the trial. The pillows provide the right kind of cushion for the head and ideal neck support, which can help you feel refreshed the next day if you have spent the entire day trekking.

The pillows are inflatable, and can easily be decompressed when you are packing up to go home. The pillows fit into these tiny pouches that will not take up much space in your backpack, too. The bright colors are also nice, too – definitely a must in a camper’s backpack.

2. Tent Light + Fan

Odoland’s Portable Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan is definitely a must have because it packs three tools in one: a USB-out charging function that taps the device’s batteries for charging your USB devices, an LED ring light assembly, and a DC fan smack in the center.

We love the portability of this device, and the fact that it has a sturdy hook on top that you can use to easily attach the device on a cloth strap above you (while you’re in the tent).

Grab two or more of these to make sure that you don’t run out of light while camping, or hook it up to a portable solar assembly to charge it when you don’t need it.

3. Folding Campfire Grill

While setting up a primitive grilling frame works too, a heavy duty campfire grill is a good idea especially if there are more than two people in the group, and you need to cook a good amount of food over an open fire.

The AmazonBasics folding campfire grill is sturdy yet lightweight, and can be used not just for grilling, but for boiling water, soup, or even frying if you have a pan. The width is there, so we’re sure you can think of more creative ways of using this portable grill.

4. Headlamp

Lighting Ever’s headlamp looks good enough to be taken to a camping trip. Bringing more than one of each gadget is actually a good idea, especially if you don’t have a way of charging your devices.

It’s a good thing that this headlamp runs on batteries, so you can just bring spares to your camping. This headlamp has a generous amount of head strap, and has three settings to provide you with just the right amount of illumination, based on what you’re doing.

5. Hammock

Winner Outfitter’s camping hammock can support up to 500 pounds of weight, and can be used by up to two people at once.

The material used by the manufacturer is also lightweight, which is good news, because you don’t need any additional and unnecessary weight bearing down on your back while you are hiking.

This hammock comes with thick carabiners and sturdy, flexible rope for fast installation.

6. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes may not sound like a big deal when you are still high and dry in the city, but once you’re on the trail and a good bath is a few hours away, you’ll thank us for reminding you to bring wet wipes.

We recommend Surviveware’s Biodegradable Large Wet Wipes as these are kinder on the environment. Use these to wipe off dirt and grime, and even clean any superficial wounds you may incur along the way. It’s safer to use wet wipes on wounds than river water, which is naturally contaminated with bacteria and parasites.

7. Hammer Axe

Make sure that you bring your Swiss knife along when you go camping.

If you don’t have a Swiss knife or any kind of multi-tool, try RoverTac’s 14 in 1 Stainless Multitool, which comes complete with knives, bottle openers, a small saw, and a hammer axe.

Use the hammer axe to drive in nails and to cut wood.

8. Bellows

Bellows are used to increase oxygen around fire, so it should be part of your fire-starting kit.

The Jonhen pocket bellows is a good addition to any camper’s toolkit because it’s small, and it works like a charm.

Use it both on the trail and at home.

9. Entrenching Tool

Being able to dig holes is a boon if you are going to camp for a long while.

Of course, bringing a full sized shovel is not going to cut it, because that would be too heavy and big for your backpack.

IUNIO’s military portable folding shovel and pickax should do the trick.

This larger multi-tool has all of the general benefits of smaller Swiss knives, with the added benefit of having an actual shovel head thrown in for good measure. The tool also folds up easily for storage, and you can just stow it away along with the other tools.

10. Camping Blanket 

The BEARZ outdoor beach blanket is one of our favorite items on this list because it’s a full sized blanket that fits into a tiny purse for easy storage.

The blanket is sand-proof, and comes in multiple colors, too.

We also like the fact that the blanket is waterproof, because the last thing you need in your camping bag is a moldy blanket that’s been splashed with rain or moisture from the ground. Grab it.

11. Emergency Signal

While we can plan for most things, emergencies do happen, and when you’re alone and isolated, you need to be able to transmit a visual signal.

The Weems & Plath SOS distress light fits the bill for the modern emergency signal.

This device can signal for up to 60 hours using just dry cell batteries – amazing!