How to Make Money Engraving Watches or Other Jewelry

engraved watch

If you are interested in engraving jewelry because you already have the artistic bent and your hands are quite steady when doing lettering, then all that’s left to do is to learn how engraving works.

Watch engraving/jewelry engraving can be picked up as a regular hobby, and you can move on to making money from it when you have mastered how it’s done, and you have accumulated the basic equipment needed for engraving metals.

What is engraving?

Engraving is the process of marring or marking the surface of metal to create a design. Usually, people have their jewelry engraved to add a name, string of words, or a date to the jewelry to commemorate an important event.

Engraving is considered a nice way to customize jewelry, and both old and new jewelries can be engraved and customized nicely. One thing you have to realize about engraving is that it is considered a permanent alteration to the metal, so you have to be careful and precise when adding marks to any kind of jewelry.

Actually, we encourage beginners to practice on cheaper metals before experimenting with silver or gold jewelry. Just developing the right dexterity for engraving takes a few weeks or months to develop, so don’t rush it.

Manual or rotary engraving tools can be used on most surfaces, from glass to wood to soft metals. However, if you are planning to engrave on crystals for instance, you may have to shift to laser engraving to get better results.

What you are really paying for when you invest in a laser engraver is the ability to create really precise marks on the surface of the gemstones minus the need for extreme elbow grease. Laser engraving is also a good choice if you’re planning to create intricate designs on glass pendants and similar jewelry.

What tools do you need for engraving watches and jewelry?

There are multiple tools you can use to make engraving easier, but the first thing that you should invest in would probably be a graver, or an engraving pen.

There are three kinds of gravers: carbon steel, HSS, and carbide. HSS gravers are considered “middle of the road” when it comes to cost and efficiency, and they’re also less likely to chip if mishandled. We recommend HSS gravers for beginners.

If you need something that’s sharper, go for carbon steel blades. In terms of durability under normal use, carbide steel gravers are best but if you don’t know how to a graver properly, they are more likely to chip.

Pair your new blade with a graver handle (metal or wood), as these are designed for quick change (a boon if you are using multiple blades to accomplish certain things while engraving metal).

While engraving metal, you will immediately notice that small metal pieces move around a lot, and this can make engraving a pain in the neck. Luckily, there are vises that are designed specifically for watch and jewelry engraving.

These vises have a solid base and are meant to clamp on to pieces of metal while you work on them.

These vises are called block ball vises and they come in a variety of builds. The most expensive ones are used for center positioning and have the most number of functions. The economy models are just simple vises where you have to perform the measurement and centering on your own.

he cost of block ball vises range from $190 to a high of $998, depending on where you are buying. Obviously the European builds that are heavier and are meant for commercial or industrial use are going to be more expensive than the ones meant for light use or DIY projects.

Are there engraving machines, too?

Yes, there are automatic tools for engraving on metal, and each one has its own pros and cons. Self-contained kits have their own large motors and cables, and are meant for prolonged use. These can be use on a variety of metals, from copper, gold, silver, steel, titanium, etc. The best thing about these self-contained units is you can easily switch blades and control the rotation of the blade itself (RPM), and you can also change the pressure on the metal while engraving.

Would it be easier to engrave using self-contained engraving machines? Yes, but the output would still depend on your artistic skills. So we recommend that you work on your artistic skills alongside your engraving skills as these two would come together to bring the best output for your customers.

If you want something that is less bulky, but will less power as a result of being less bulky, you can try vibrating engravers. Vibration engravers don’t have larger, separate motors, so this affects the power that these engravers can deliver.

If you only plant to engrave on softer surfaces like wood, steel, and softer metals, you can try your hand on these smaller engravers. Be sure to check out how many strokes per minute your handheld engraver can deliver before making a purchase.

Now if you are really serious about setting up your business, you need a commercial-grade flat jewelry engraving machine. These machines have a flat, sliding surface for engraving multiple lines of text, an adjustable, swinging arm connected to the engraver and blade, and a massive motor to deliver lots of power.

We recommend using this type of machine if you are planning to engrave objects on a commercial scale. You can also invest in a benchmate system for your engraving tools. These support systems allow you to clamp jewelry on the side of your table and apply a graver on the contours of the jewelry.

Then of course it would be a good idea to invest in stencils and sharpeners, too. Graver honing kits will allow you to re-sharpen your blades, and hone wheels will provide the right amount of sharpening for the type of blade you have at home. Sharpening fixtures will hold the graver blade in place while you run the honing wheel. Adapter kits can also be used for dual angle fixtures.

Seiko vs Citizen vs Tissot vs Casio vs Bullova Watches


Buying a new watch to complete your professional look or to aid you in your fitness or sporting endeavors can be challenging if you have no idea about the strengths of the most popular watch brands for men: Seiko vs Citizen vs Tissot vs Casio vs Bullova.

To help you decide, we’ve come up with our own summation of these five heavy contenders.

Seiko Watches

Seiko is considered as one of the pioneers in luxury men’s watches globally, and its current series of men’s watches are still delivering, price-wise and functionality-wise.

We love the fact that Seiko has created multiple tiers for different budgets, so everyone can invest in a nice Seiko watch without breaking the bank. Seiko has also moved away from exclusively stainless steel bands because they are trying to attract new customers in the sports watch market, too.

The Seiko SNE331 Sport Solar Watch has a nylon band and has an easy to read face (large, clear digits, black background), which actually looks good for both sporty endeavors and for the office.

The battery can power the watch for an average of ten months once fully charged, and the watch itself can resist water for up to a depth of 330 feet. Really not a bad deal considering the price of this watch, which makes it a cool, first choice for someone who is just starting to invest in sports watches. Definitely a good first sports watch.

The Seiko SSG010 COUTURA Japanese Quartz Watch may well be the quintessential, modern Seiko. The COUTURA receives standard radio signals from Japan, China, USA, Germany and the United Kingdom, and is water-resistant to up to a depth of 330 feet.

The watch can also auto-correct its calendar to up to December 31, 2099, and has both a manual and automatic reception function. Definitely an ideal watch for folks who frequently traverse different time zones.

Citizen Watches

Citizen men’s watches are highly regarded for their craftsmanship, large timepieces, and the great care that’s been put into the features that make these watches a cut above the rest.

Durable and always fashionable, the current series of Citizen’s watches are on part with Seikos, and there are sports watches and luxury watches galore if you want to buy a new Citizen watch any time soon.

The Citizen Promaster Professional Diver has a solid timepiece with unidirectional bezels and luminous markers. If you’ve worn Eco-Drive watches before, you would know that Citizen prides itself in watches that don’t need battery replacements in order to work. All your watch needs is movement and a bit of light, and you’re good to go.

The mineral dial window is protected by a 48 mm stainless steel case, and the watch is driven by Japanese quartz technology, too.

What we love about this watch is perfectly balances its luxury look and feel with its rugged nylon band, which is perfect for submersion. The Promaster Professional Diver can withstand up to 666 feet, and you can shower, snorkel, and swim with this watch.

Tissot Watches

Tissot is a luxury watch brand from Switzerland and the brand produces watches for both men and women. Tissot’s timepieces for men are first class, and come in a variety of styles that suits various applications, from casual, sporty, to luxury.

Its Swiss chronographs are scratch-resistant, and can withstand submersion to up to 100 feet. The dial windows are often made from sapphire, with the case material being stainless steel.

Tissot excels in making casual watches look luxurious. For example, the Tissot Men’s Quickster Chronograph is made of dark stainless steel, has luminous hands, and three additional subdials.

The genuine leather with buckle closure is a nice touch, and gives an air of luxury to the sapphire-covered timepiece. Definitely a good choice for folks who don’t like wearing stainless steel bracelets. The 42 mm display isn’t a bad size either, and luminous markings are a boon if you’re driving at night.

Casio Watches

Casio is known the world over for its unbeatable G-Shock series of watches. G-Shocks are durable, stylish, and come in a variety of styles that suits every taste.

For those who want the more retro feel of the eighties, there’s the Casio F91W-1 Resin Strapwhich is as simple as you can get with Casios.

The F91W-1 has a stopwatch function, a basic digital display (really streamlined and easy to read, which is signature Casio), and what else can you ask for, if you’re gunning for a basic digital watch?

Casio’s been experimenting a lot with form factors, which would explain why they have an even chunkier version of your run the mill G-Shock: the G-Shock XL.

Price-wise it’s really reasonable, but one can’t help wonder why they’ve made this one beefier than it already is. The King of G-Shock model is definitely a good alternative sports watch if you want something rugged that would not break apart if you accidentally hit it with an axe or something.

All in all, Casio seems to be a good brand to turn to if you has very specific sports watch needs.

Bulova Watches

Bulova is the lone American brand in our gladiatorial match-up of men’s watches, and it’s holding its own pretty well, if you ask us. Bulova’s designs are modern, outgoing, and classy, with bold stencils and displays in a variety of color combinations.

The Bulova Marine Star Chronograph Watch is a classic example of the brand’s great workmanship.

The Marine Star combines a black stainless steel with gold tones, and the timepiece can withstand up to 330 feet of submersion – it can be used for showering and snorkeling, but not deep diving.

The strap is made of silicone, which is awesome for people who can’t tolerate stainless steel bracelets. The Bulova Men’s Automatic has a double-curve mineral face, a self-winding mechanism, and is submersible up to 100 feet.

We recommend Bulova if you’re looking for dress watches, mainly. The variety of designs makes the hunt for a new watch exciting, and the solid build of the timepieces will ensure that your new Bulova watch will be serving you for a long, long time.

Reviews of the Best Tudor Watches To Buy In 2020


Let’s take a look at our reviews for the best Tudor brand watches that you can buy in 2019.

Tudor watches are among the most expensive watches in the luxury scene, but there is still plenty of demand for them simply because the materials and craftsmanship still make them a good investment.

The current collections are varied in their functions and applications, and we can say that the self-winding rotors have been upgraded to provide at least 30 hours of power per self-winding.

Tudor Black Bay

The Tudor Black BayCollection comes in four variants: rivet steel, aged leather, burgundy fabric, and black fabric. The dials also come in three colors: red, black, and blue.

The watches measure 41 mm and come with a self-winding mechanism (MT5602 Calibre), and has a power reserve that will last approximately 70 hours from last self-winding.

The aluminum winding crown is embossed with the signature TUDOR Rose insignia. The bezel is also made of anodized aluminum and is unidirectional. Black Bay watches can survive up to 660 feet of submersion.

Tudor Pelagos

The Tudor Pelagos collection features all-titanium builds (black and blue), which is recommended for people who have a nickel allergy/metal allergy and cannot wear stainless steel or other types of metal watches.

The Tudor Pelagos’ titanium case measures 42 mm and contains a self-winding mechanism, with a power reserve of 70 hours.

Since the Pelagos is a diving watch, its mechanism can withstand incredible water pressure to up to a depth of 1,640 feet, and also has a helium escape valve at the 9 o’clock position, too.

The display cover is made of sapphire, which is one of the hardest minerals used in watchmaking, which should make the Pelagos a worthy companion while adventuring.

Tudor Fastrider Black Shield

Tudor Fastrider Black Shield watches are characterized by their unidirectional, ceramic winding bezels, as well as their all-black construction that should be a big hit with people who simply love black.

These timeless pieces come with beautiful black leather straps that are luxuriant however way you look at them. The matte black case measures 42 mm, and has been bead-blasted to produce the unique ceramic finish. Like other Tudors, the Fastrider Black Shied is self-winding, and has been equipped with Calibre 7753 chronograph mechanism.

The Fastrider Black Shield’s power reserve is approximately 46 hours. The mechanism can withstand a depth of 500 feet, and the dial has both 30-minute and 12-minute totalizers located at the 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions. The winding crown is stainless steel and is PVD-treated, before being embossed with the signature TUDOR Rose insignia.

Tudor Heritage Advisor

True to its name, the Heritage Advisor collection looks every bit a classic, from its sharp numerical stencils to its stainless steel build, properly contrasted by its deep cognac finish.

The Heritage Advisor has a 42 mm stainless steel case that has a polished and satin finish. The watch employs a Calibre 2892 self-winding mechanism (Swiss chronograph movement), and has a bonus alarm feature that’s patented by Tudor.

The watch can run for approximately 42 hours from last self-winding. The Heritage Advisor is waterproof to a depth of 330 feet, which makes it safe for showering and a little swimming. The cover is a domed sapphire crystal, which makes it more shatter-proof than other watches that are equipped only with mineral crystal.

Tudor 1926

The Tudor 1926 collection is breathtaking, and brings back memories of the more classic designs that have defined the ultimate gentleman in Europe in the bygone decades.

Timeless and elegant, we love how Tudor has brought back the timelessness of the older mechanical, analog watches through the 1926 collection. Lightweight and perfect as a dress watch, the Tudor 1926 combines gold and silver tones perfectly, with its large golden stencils, and stainless steel background.

The watch case measures just 41 mm and is polished and satin to the eye. The collection sports a Calibre 2824 self-winding mechanism and can be used for 38 hours from last winding. The watch is waterproof to a depth of 330 feet.

The face of the watch features a rose gold bezel and the silver-embossed face is perfect for any occasion. Also comes with a sapphire crystal window for added durability.

Tudor Glamour

The Tudor Glamour Double Date collection has five variants: diamond-set dial steel and yellow gold bezel, diamond-set dial steel and yellow gold bezel, steel and yellow gold bezel with steel and yellow gold bracelet, steel and yellow gold bezel with champagne colored-dial, and diamond-set dial with steel and yellow gold bezel.

Glamour watches are extremely beautiful with the smallest detailing, and they are perfect as dress watches. The case measures 42 mm and has a polished finish, and the open back is made of sapphire crystal, too. The self-winding mechanism is backed by a Calibre MT5641 rotor system and the watch also has a deep power reserve of 70 hours.

The screw-down crown is made of yellow gold and is embossed with the signature TUDOR logo.

Glamour watches are waterproof to up to a depth of 330 feet, and come with steel, rose gold, diamond, or yellow gold finishes. Tudor installed domed sapphire crystal to protect the display of this series, and you can also expect polished center links in the bracelets.

Tudor Classic

The Tudor Classic 38 mm has the most number of varieties, but many of them have yellow gold bezels and yellow gold bracelets. As the name implies, the Tudor Classic champions the wider, classic design of Swiss watches, and stainless steel is used for much of the construction.

The case measures 38 mm, and comes with a fluted bezel in yellow gold. Classics come with a Calibre 2824 self-winding mechanism (the same one used in other collections), and has a good 38 hours of power before it winds down.

The Classic can withstand water to a depth of 330 feet and has a date window at the 3 o’clock position. The watch is also covered by domed sapphire for clear viewing, and the steel and gold bracelet has a patented Tudor folding clasp for secure wear.

How To Make Money Boosting Accounts In LoL 2020

league of legends guide

A way to earn some side income is by boosting other peoples accounts in league of legends, so how do you go about doing this?

League of Legends has millions of players globally, and the market for elo boosting is huge. If you are a LoL player and have a lot of time on your hands, you could definitely star making money boosting accounts in LoL.

What is elo boosting?

You may have come across the term in message boards or in chats while playing LoL yourself. “I’m massively boosted!” Elo boosting happens when a higher-level player signs in to a lower-level account and helps that account achieve better ranking.

The act is called an “elo boost” and the account is called “elo boosted.” LoL players sometimes have “smurf accounts” just so they can help boost other players’ stats for free.

But then again, there are dedicated LoL players who, for one reason or another, are unable to dedicate sufficient time to rank their characters up in LoL.

These are your potential customers: people who want to rank well, but don’t have time to play more. You will charge them for playing their accounts.

Professional players of different levels or degrees can offer elo boosting services, for monetary compensation. Some of the things that you should think about if you want to get into boosting LoL accounts are:

– Your skill level in LoL. How well do you play the game and can you really help lower-ranking players achieve higher divisions?

– Time needed to rank up. Professional elo boosting services usually have a turn-around time of just one day per division. Can you match this, or provide even better services?

– Your free time. It’s important to figure in your free time into the equation. Boosting accounts will eat up hours at a time, and you should only try LoL boosting if you don’t have anything else to do throughout the day. There are professionals who spend most of their days boosting accounts and they can earn a decent amount of money on a monthly basis. Are you mentally and physically prepared to go overdrive to make other people’s LoL accounts better?

What is the code of honor of elo boosting?

Professional boosters follow a strict code of conduct designed to protect the reputation and status of the account being boosted. Among the most important rules are:

– Speed of delivery. Like we mentioned earlier, you should be able to rank up the account given to you for boosting at least one division every 24 hours. This is the bare minimum, all things considered.

– Zero interaction during game play. When an LoL account is being boosted, the booster should never interact with any person from the boosted account’s friend list.

The friend list is considered a no-go zone, and this will also reduce the chances of being found out. Reputation-wise, boosted accounts are 50-50 in the LoL community.

Some boosted accounts get positive rep, while many use the term “boosted account” in a derogatory manner. This may be due to some inexperienced boosters performing badly during rank matches.

– Absolutely no flaming. While flaming is extremely common in the LoL community, that doesn’t mean the booster has the right to flame anyone using the client’s account.

Player honor is huge, and is a primary requirement for professional boosting teams on the Web. Simply put, if a booster can’t keep himself from flaming other players, he has no chance of staying a professional booster because this is not what boosting is about in the first place.

– Rank is important. Many boosters have at least Diamond 1 rank before they proceed to boosting other accounts. This is a mark of game proficiency, and is a huge assurance to the clients that they are being handled by someone who has been able to overcome the divisions. The higher your level, the more trustworthy you will appear to potential customers.

How can you improve your chances of being hired as an elo booster?

You should create a social media account that is dedicated to elo boosting. A dedicated website is fine too, as long as there is a social media component that will allow people to find you on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. The following can be used as marketing materials to promote your elo boosting services:

– Your turnaround time. How fast can you improve the rank of other players? Screenshots and timestamps are invaluable for providing proof.

– Testimonials from other players. LoL players don’t have to be listed as their player accounts. Get genuine testimonials from people you have boosted before and put them up on social media and your website.

– Your player credentials. Your league rank will encourage people to have their accounts boosted. Players know just how much effort is needed to reach Diamond 5 and above league, and this is your primary badge or credential to make people sign up for your services.

– Case studies. Simple case studies that describe your process and how fast you can get things done will definitely encourage customers to hit that chat button or give you a call. Every boosted account is another medal for your services, and it just makes perfect sense to record your experiences as an elo booster and show them off.

How will you get paid?

There’s a huge chance that you will eventually find people who will pay you for your services, so make sure that you sign up for different payment services so you can get paid. PayPal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies are a good idea.

Give your customers different payment methods so they will find your services convenient, and they usually gravitate to providers who have a lot of payment methods available.

Having a bank account to receive funds from Neteller, Transferwise, or PayPal isn’t a bad idea either, as some customers will be transferring funds from their bank accounts instead of EMV cards or credit cards.

But then again, before you get lost in the plethora of possible payment methods, be sure to follow our guidelines for making your marketing materials and put them up on your website first!

Color Psychology: What Colors Say About You


It is undeniable that our fashion sense is always pre-determined, and no matter what kind of clothing is in front of us, we are always preoccupied with color. Some might think that it is mainly because of the aesthetics, or the affect of that color has on the viewer.

That’s not incorrect, but neither is it the whole story. Color psychology tells us why we choose certain colors, and how you can project a different kind of energy or even personality by changing the colors that you were on a daily basis. Let’s get started.

What does ancient knowledge tell us about colors?

Before we jump into the modern science of colors, it would be interesting to understand what the ancient Hindi philosophy of chakras has to tell us about the relationship of colors and vibrational energy.

Vibrational energy is a representation of your inner energy, or spirit energy that links you to the Universe, or the Godhead. Whether or not you are into spiritual thinking, the following information might pique your interest.

1. RedRed is associated with the root chakra, or the root chakra. It is the base chakra or energy wheel, and is associated with being balanced and grounded.

The root chakra is also responsible for our survival instincts, and what we do to overcome life’s challenges. In spiritual healing, red represents an over-abundance of negative energy, or even pain.

2. OrangeOrange is associated with the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the seat of your spirituality, creativity, and sexuality. A healthy sacral chakra means your creative powers can be easily unleashed, and you have healthy intimacy with your partner or significant other.

3. YellowYellow is linked with the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is near the heart, but is actually responsible for logical and intellectual pursuits in life. Logical decision-making and the ability to utilize instinct is also controlled by this energy wheel.

4. GreenGreen is associated with the heart chakra. This chakra is connected to the energies responsible with personal and romantic relationships, and can spell the difference between healthy, loving relationships and toxic, abusive ones.

5. BlueBlue is up there, in the throat chakra. The throat chakra helps you express yourself, so that you will be able to speak your truth without any inner resistance. A blocked throat chakra can mean you are unable to get your voice across when in front of others, and you feel trapped with your throats.

6. PurplePurple is associated with the eye chakra, and is linked with spiritual plane activities like ESP, and psychic energies.

The eye chakra is also the channel used by the third eye, which is not only the eye on the spiritual plane, but also a doorway for vital intuition and universal knowledge.

7. White – White is the crown chakra, or the chakra located at the top of the head. It is the most powerful energy wheel of all, and controls your connection with the spiritual world, the Universe, and all of material creation.

Healing energies are transmitted from the crown chakra, and so are balancing forces that allow you to be grounded regardless of the stress you are experiencing in life at the moment.

What does color psychology tell us about colors?

1. RedRed is the most stimulating of colors, which is why it’s often used in fast food restaurants as a theme, to get people going with food and appetite. It is a most aggressive color, too, and is associated with war, stimulation, excess energy, and strength.

Depending on your own mood and personality, red may present you in a positive or negative light. Red signals danger to people, and in a social situation, it is an attention-grabbing color that makes people watch your every move and listen to your every word.

2. BrownBrown is associated with the gentle earth, which is balanced, mild, reliable, dependable, and universally loved. It is a most calming color, and is often used in clothing if the wearer does not wish to attract attention to himself.

If you have an excess of energy, or if people feel that you are too intimidating or forward, you may want to use brown to control that energy projection, so you can draw people toward you on a more positive note.

3. OrangeAnother stimulating color, orange tends to increase the happy vibe of an environment by raising its energy, and by refreshing the visual landscape.

If you are an enthusiastic and energetic fellow and would like to share some of that energy with others in a way that doesn’t make them feel that you are overstepping their personal space, wear orange.

4. BlueBlue is associated with uniqueness, calm, and focus. It is a most balanced color whose hues can communicate anything from peacefulness to absolute power.

Blue cuts across other bright colors easily, and stands on its own in a room full of rainbows. Wear blue if you want to communicate leadership, calm, perspective, and a constructive mood.

5. YellowCan be used as an easy source of happiness and warmth, but too much can easily cause imbalance and negative feelings.

A little splash of yellow can be a good thing if you don’t like orange or red. May have a negative connotation in some settings because of the old adage of yellow being the color of cowardice.

6. GreenA most calming and soothing color. Green is the color of Mother Earth and nature, and is a solid foundation for other earth colors. Its darker shades are associated with wealth, and carry with them the cultural power of many generations.

The color representations intelligence, faithfulness, and sturdiness. Wear green if you want to make new friends and establish yourself as a peaceful person among a throng of highly energetic individuals.

7. PinkYouthful and playful, pink is a relative newcomer to the color family. Pink means gentleness, happiness, and love.

It has some of the power of red, and the energy of orange, but none of their negativities. Wear pink if you want your femininity to come to the fore. Experiment with different color combinations to create the perfect color profile with pink.,

Movado vs Tissot Watches: Which Is A Better Buy?


We’re going to cover the difference in Movado vs Tissot watches for those who are in the market to buy a new watch.

Movado Watches

Movado is an American watchmaker that specializes in producing minimalistic watches. This brand is well-known for its timepieces that have minimal markings (no stencils of digits), making the displays look clearer and clearer-looking.

The brand’s most popular and iconic watch is the Movado Men’s Core – Museum Classic Watch, which is incredibly stylish and minimalistic, given that the timepiece doesn’t have the usual markings, save for the shimmering dot on the 12 o’clock position.

Movado originates from Switzerland before it was purchased by the American company in the 1980s.

The Swiss watchmaking technologies and standards have been retained, and the brand is still rocking patents and awards to this day, having more than 100 patents to its name, and at least 200 awards.

The Museum Classic Watch is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters, and sports a stainless steel construction from the watch’s case, link, and bracelet.

The company claims that the minimalistic yet precise construction of their watches make for worry-free timepieces that will work as intended, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. The Museum Classic also comes with a genuine sapphire cover, which makes it a truly luxurious timepiece worthy of any attire or event.

Sapphire is also one of the hardest minerals around, which makes it a great cover for such a timeless watch. This is not to say that Movado has not ventured beyond their extreme minimalism.

For those who want minute and hour markings on their watches, Movado has Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Watch that combines stainless steel and genuine leather in such a thoughtful way. The brown leather strap is smooth and casual, while the gun steel casing perfectly complements the deep brown hue of the strap.

The face of the watch is made from mineral crystal, and is scratch-resistant. The Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Watch can resist water to a depth of up to 99 feet, which makes it safe for swimming and showering (and maybe a little snorkeling, but not diving).

For a touch of gold and black, we recommend the Movado Men’s BOLD TR90 Watch. The TR90 features the iconic sunray dot at the 12 o’clock mark, K1 crystal protection, and a cognac leather strap.

What makes the TR90 slightly better than the previous model is the inclusion of the K1 crystal, which is more durable and shatter-resistant than regular mineral crystal and even sapphire. If you want a watch that won’t give up after several drops, the TR90 is a good choice.

Does Movado produce anything for folks engaged in sports and fitness? Definitely! The Movado Men’s Museum Sport Stainless Steel Watch has three subdials, a beautiful black face, numerical markings for the stopwatch function, and a silver sunray dot at the 12 o’clock mark. The window is made of clear and durable sapphire, and the watch can withstand submersion to up to 99 feet.

Tissot Watches

Tissot is one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers and specializes in manufacturing luxury watches. Tissot features both minimalistic and standard designs for their watches. The company also manufactures multiple series of watches for different consumers.

There’s a Tissot model for everybody. The price range also varies, and some Tissot models are even less expensive than Movado watches. Tissot produces mostly analog watches, and its ‘simplest’ design is reflected in models like the Tissot Traditional Analog Watch which has a calendar window at the 3 o’clock position, Swiss quartz movement, and a 42 mm stainless steel case.

This model is water resistant to up to 99 feet, and you can use it for showering and a bit of swimming, but not diving. Tissot uses leather bands for multiple models, not just for its lighter analog watches. For instance, the Chrono XL series, which includes the Classic and Silver/Beige models, is outfitted with leather straps. If you want something heftier and perfect for the road, there’s the Tissot T-Race Chrono, which is inspired by motorcycles and even has “Start” and “Reset” engravings on the button controls.

The chronograph has three subdials, stainless steel time markings, a shatter-proof crystal window placed on a large display. A magnified calendar window can also be found on the three o’clock position. Includes a stopwatch function that fully utilizes the three subdials.

For men who need a dependable watch when setting out to sea, we recommend the Tissot Sailing-Touch Blue Face Watch. Perfectly designed with a bright blue face, large numerals, and black hour and minute hands, the Sailing-Touch Blue Face Watch is sporty, sophisticated, and has more features than other Tissot luxury models.

The Sailing-Touch features a stainless steel construction, a tachymeter bezel, luminous hour and minute hands, a perpetual calendar, and chronograph functionality.

The strap is made of rubber, with a secure clasp lock to ensure a firm attachment on the wrist regardless of activity. The Sailing-Touch can also resist water to a depth of 330 feet, and can produce a histogram of atmospheric pressure for the past few hours.


Movado’s and Tissot’s current lineup of watches show us that Tissot has been focusing on improving their luxury series of watches to attract users who want sportier watches. Movado seems to be focusing on aesthetics, which might mean that they want to continue serving those who are looking for dress watches, particularly.

In any case, both brands have something to offer, and if you’re not going to get wet any way, you shouldn’t worry too much about the submersion limits of the watches.

But if you do intend to get wet because you are into surfing, watercrafting or angling, you may want to focus on “diver” or “sailing” models of watches as these are designed to resist water beyond 100 feet.

In any case, you should be able to get some good choices from both Movado and Tissot, especially if your budget is $400 and up, as this seems to be the range where both brands are really equipping their watches with shatter-proof covers and additional functions.