Hey everyone, I’m Sterling the man behind ChainsToGains. I’m a gamer, fitness fanatic, and currently trying to be a better photographer.

My goal for this website & life is to better myself one day at a time while helping others do the same.

When I was laying out the foundation in my head for chainstogains I wasn’t sure which path I wanted to take it. Should I focus on stuff about how to help men learn to get in better shape or talk about the finer points of style?

What about general topics that every men should know like the importance of keeping your word and having a solid work ethic. These are all things I wanted to talk about but felt that each one was too far off the topic from one another to give chainstogains an identity for a specific type of website.

Was it going to be a fitness based site, a more fashion/grooming type or a more self-help based site.

Finally after spending way to long thinking about this it hit me that all of these are key or the core of what makes men. Even though they are all separate they are all literally the foundations of man.

Things such as staying in shape, knowing how to be properly groomed and just life topics in general all play an overall role in men, be it a small role or big it still affects us overall. This is how chainstogains came to be and will continue to be a site dedicated to men just being better men, plain and simple.

Some of my inspirations for creating this chainstogains are sites such as artofmanliness.com, orderofman.com and plenty others that you’ll see me mention throughout different articles on here.

The biggest inspiration being the sheer disappointment of what men are turning into compared to how men were previous generations before mine (The Millennial Generation).

The cliffs, chainstogains is a site trying to be that big brother to a lot of guys out there who want to be better men but have no idea where to begin.

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