Ali A Controller | Gaming Setup | Net Worth | 2019

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For this article, we’ll be looking at what gaming headset, keyboard, webcam, Xbox/PS4 controller that Ali A uses in 2018, along with his net worth & some background information on him.

Ali A Gaming Headset

What gaming headset does Ali A use?

He uses the Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800X Premium Fully Wireless Gaming Headset.

Ali A Monitor

What monitor does Ali A use?

He uses the Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor – AW2518H

Ali A Gaming PC

What gaming PC does Ali A use?

He uses the Alienware Area 51 for his main computer.

Not sure of the exact tech specs of what’s inside the PC.

Ali A Gaming Keyboard

What gaming keyboard does Ali A use?

He uses the CHERRY MX 6.0 Mechanical USB Keyboard

Ali A Webcam

What webcam does Ali A use?

He uses the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Ali A Controller

What controller does Ali A use when playing Xbox or PS4?

He has a few different ones he uses. He uses the regular controller with enhanced grips from KontrolFreek.

He also has his own custom ones made from ScufGaming.

Ali A Merch Shop

Ali A has a lot of cool clothing apparel with his brand logo on it.

On top of clothing he also has other stuff like backpacks, fidget spinners, & also his new book!

I will say this, a lot of logos I see for personal type brands tend to be ‘meh’, however, Ali-A’s really has a nice look to it which I wouldn’t mind wearing out n about on a shirt.

Ali A Net Worth

How much does Ali A make from his YouTube gaming videos?

Ali-A makes an estimated $3 million a year, just from his two YouTube channels alone.

With other sources of income, such as sponsorship’s & his merch sales brings his estimated net worth to around $7 million & growing ever so quickly.

Who Is Ali A & What We Can Learn From Him

There are lot’s of things I could go over on what you could learn from Ali-A, but he does 2 main things that most don’t realize.

He keeps his channel focused around what got him most of his viewers, which is Call of Duty gameplay videos.

Now he does record some other types of games here n there, along with some vlogs but he has stayed true to Call of Duty being his main video game videos for that channel.

The second thing goes together with the first point.

He created a second YouTube channel which has a majority focus on Pokemon/Minecraft.

By doing this he most likely has earned a good bit of subscribers on each channel that probably didn’t want half of the videos to be about the games he plays on his other channel & vice versa.

Basically, he keeps an overall general theme for both of his channels which is bigger than most people realize.

One more thing!

With his new book launch, he started a book tour, where he goes around meeting fans & signing books.

This dude is literally making all the right moves as an entrepreneur, but it’s also cool that he’s meeting fans as well just from a personal

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