Why You Shouldn’t Pick Up Women At The Gym

Trying to decide if you should try to get that girls number you’ve been eyeing at the gym? I’m here to explain to you the reasons why that’s probably not a good idea.

With that being said, I’ll also talk about the exceptions to that and what situations are OK for picking up girls at the gym. Let’s get started with this list shall we!?

What If She Rejects You?

You’ve been seeing this pretty girl on the treadmill with her yoga pants on and she comes in everyday at the same time you do.

You’re feeling good and you decide to ask her out.

BAM: Shes not interested in you. Now you have to see this chick everyday when your working out which can be a major mood kill for working out or just embarrassing, depending on how well you take rejection.

What If She Doesn’t Turn You Down

Same scenario as above but different result, she’s into you and gives you her number or better yet you leave together from the gym. You have a good time resulting in your and here in between the sheets. You gloat to your workout partner and all is well. .. Or is it?

That girl wasn’t just in it for a one night stand and thought y’all had something “special”.

Instead of just ignoring her call or avoiding her you know have to worry about that situation every time you go to the gym.

The I’m Telling On You Girl

Let’s say you not only get rejected but she doesn’t stop their, she decides to go tell the staff that you’re “harassing her” because you asked her out for coffee.

Very rare this will happen but I’ve heard enough stores from trainers at the gym. The staff could easily cancel your membership, depending on the gym of course.

If the staff is this uptight then you may already be wanting to leave but what if this is the only 24 hour gym in your area or the only gym!? Just some things to think about.

OMG He Did What!?

Women love to talk and put them on a treadmill with one of their buddies and they will go ninety to nothing, with the words not the treadmill speed. Combine this with the fact that the gym is where you see a lot of people you know (whether you like them or not).

Well with this it’s only a matter of chance of one of the girls who know you somehow chatting with another girl you tried or did hook up with.

This can lead to it easily getting back to that EX of yours who is determined that you two are only on a “break and not actually broken up”, even though it’s been over a year since the “break” started. And yea..it’s all down hill from there.

The Green Light For Picking Them Up At The Gym

Going to change up things here with what may be considered a good idea to try to make a move on one of the girls at your gym. This is basically a lot of what’s above except in a opposite format.

Let me explain what I mean by that. If you’re out of town in a gym that you’re only going to be staying at for a short time then you don’t have to worry about literally 99% of the reasons I listed above.

This is actually one of the few reasons that I could see myself actively putting in some effort to try to get a girl from the gym.

Another reason would be is if you’ve been chatting it up with this girl and you’re very positive she interested… And that your interested in pursuing something serious with her like an actual relationship, not just a one night stand.

Such A Tough Decision

I realize how difficult it may be to resist trying to talk with a good looking girl in the gym.

You got your testosterone up, the blood is flowing (in your biceps) and you got this good looking blonde in yoga pants doing squats 10 feet from you.

Telling guys not to pursue that is just cruel and usual punishment for most guys and trust me I get it.

This is one of those moments where you need to try to think with your correct head and at least try to weigh in some if not all of the reasons I mentioned above.