Best Standing Desks Under $500 For 2020

Standing desk

Whether you are a gamer or working professional with a home office, investing in a sturdy standing desk or desk converter just makes complete sense, especially if you are after the health benefits.

If you are planning to invest less than $500 for your first desk converter or standing desk, you are in for a treat as today’s roundup features the best standing desks under $500. Let’s get it on!

FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk

The one thing that we immediately noticed about the FlexiSpot M3B is who wide they’ve made the main workspace.

The extra space beside the two sample displays shows that this desk is longer than its counterparts, and thus, a good choice if you have a tendency to put additional gear or stuff on the main space of your working station while you are typing or reader.

The desk has a generous 47” width that puts it on a league of its own in the dual display niche. The desk also comes with a single-handle elevation mechanism, which simplifies raising and lowering the desk when you want to sit down or stand up.

The manufacturer guarantees that you will never have to use additional energy or effort to raise or lower the desk, unlike other brands.

The desk is also capable of changing its height within its own base’s dimension or footprint, which means you won’t have to move around anything when changing the height.

The desk has a wide and long keyboard shelf that is simply perfect for a keyboard, mouse, and even additional gear like your mobile phone and even a glass of your favorite beverage.

The FlexiSpot M3B is ergonomically built, so you won’t suffer from sore shoulders or wrists while using it.

SHW 55-inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk (Cherry)

This standing desk is literally huge and is probably the widest table we’ve seen in this category of risers/standing desks.

The SHW 55-inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk is equipped with its own 4-setting digital memory control system that allows the user to enter pre-set heights for the table, which simplifies height manipulation on the whole.

The base height of the table (the workspace) is 28” and the table rises to a maximal height of 45”. Take note that the table uses telescoping legs, which makes the height adjustment/transition smooth and wobble free.

The supports are made of industrial-grade steel and there are additional grommets on the table that will allow you to keep those cables as organized as possible, especially when you are adding multiple devices to the table while working.

The dimensions of this table are 55” W x 28” D x 28-45” H.

Seville Classics Airlift S3 Solid-Top Electric Adjustable Desk with Dual Motors

Seville is a well-known brand in desk converters and electric desks, and the Airlift S3 is a huge leap for fans of standing desks.

The working space is streamlined but durable, with smooth contours that make the table look more professional and perfect for any working space.

The thick, telescoping legs are jointed three times, allowing for fast and sturdy elevation when it’s need.

The base itself has the length and width which allows for endless hours of work on the table with zero worries of wobbling or unnecessary movements. The solid, single-piece top measures 54” x 30” and is covered by a 3D vinyl laminate.

The smooth curve on the edge is ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the wrists while working and improve the overall accessibility of the table.

The table also has a digital LED display controller that displays the actual height of the table and this is where you will be controlling the dual motors that are running the telescoping legs.

This is indeed a high end table that’s perfect for your home office. And best of all, it is ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-compliant, making it one of the safest work tables around.

EleTab Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desk

When you are looking for the functionality and space of the larger tables but would like to spend even less for your new full sized standing desk, you need the EleTab Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desk.

This is a manual sit-stand desk that requires only the tiniest of efforts to increase or reduce the height of work surface itself.

Elevating your computer displays cannot be simpler and easier, and in the process you can help your posture and improve your overall working conditions when you get tired of sitting for long periods.

The table has a minimum height of 29”, and can be elevated easily to 47.6” when you operate the simple crank system.

The frame is manufactured from stainless steel and the entire structure can handle up to 88 pounds of load easily.

Some installation is required, but the manufacturer provides explicit instructions on installation so you wouldn’t have to worry about that. Definitely a good investment if you are into middle-tier electric tables.

Eureka Ergonomic V2 Gas Spring Standing Desk Converter

The Eureka V2 Gas Spring Standing Desk Converter looks legendary because of thick base and x-bracket, and its ergonomic design.

The desk is designed to elevate within its own footprint, and the thick metal base ensures that none of your stuff are going to move when you decide to change the height of the table.

The desk features a step less mechanism and dual gas springs for ease of use. The main workspace can handle up to 35 pounds of resistance, and you can use up to two displays at once, with a maximum display size of 27”.

The ergonomic build of the desk is enhanced by the generous 35” x 22” size of the workspace, and the wide-angle make of the keyboard shelf, which makes it even easier for people to work longer periods of time whether seated or standing up.

The manufacturer uses an industry-leading and patented z-shaped construction that has been tested to withstand up to 20,000 movements, all done with no exposed gas struts.

Best Standing Desks for A Three Monitor Home Office 2020

Standing desk

The more displays you have, the more productive you can get: this much we know.

When you are shifting to a standing disk, we know having three displays is going to be a pain in the neck because the majority of standing desks are built for a maximum of two displays only.

But don’t fret: your displays will have a home if you are serious about working or gaming with three displays while standing up because we have create our own “best of” list of incredible three-monitor home office standing desks.

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Electric Standing Desk Converter

Mount-It! is a standing desk converter designed to hold up to three digital displays at once. The table offers premium, top of the line features that you might not expect from other standing desks or desk converters that you have used in the past.

This desk features a large working surface and measures 28.3” x 18.9”, and this space can be used for your keyboard and accessories. There’s plenty of space available, should you need a separate laptop along with your three displays.

The desk is designed with a triple VESA compatible monitor mount that easily tilts, swivels, and rotates depending on your needs while working.

The maximum monitor size that the mount can accommodate is 32”, and the table is also compatible with much larger mounts should you want to upgrade your desk converter: the VESA 100mm 3.9” – VESA 75 mm 3”.

This desk is also completely ergonomic which should help folks who are suffering from back and shoulder soreness from working all day while being seated.

Mount-It! also comes with its own electric motor that allows for push-button adjustment of the mount (vertical). The desk has a heavy duty motor that is super quiet and has a total load capacity of 55 lbs. for moving the loaded display mount.

Stand Steady Techtonic Electric 3 Arm Monitor Mount Standing Desk

Techtonic has really outdone itself with this electric 3-arm monitor mount standing desk. The mount itself is thick and sturdy, which ensures safety for all three displays should you decide to use all three brackets.

The work surface is average, but the extended keyboard area is something to look forward to especially if you like to put a lot of stuff on your desk while working, like your mobile phone, or even a book or two. Keyboard space is definitely something we all need to be able to work comfortably.

The desk has a total of three levels (that’s one extra level compared to other brands) and provides 6.5 square feet of extra space for the main work area.

The installed mount is flexible and adaptable, and will allow you to work with all your monitors at the exact height that you need them to be. The mounts support 24” inch monitors.

The desk itself has a modest footprint measuring 31.25” x 20”, which should allow you to place it on almost every kind of table or surface where you need to. And best of all, the adjustment mechanism is simple and easy to operate.

Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 Inch Standing Desk with 55 Inch Clamp on Shelf – Easy Crank Design

If you don’t want a mounted-type desk for your three displays, Stand Steady offers another variant for people who want to use a standing desk ASAP – the Tranzendesk.

This massive standing desk is not a desk converter – it is a full sized standing desk that is ready to use and it is designed to promote ergonomic use of computers and improve productivity and focus in your work.

Perfect for office spaces, the desk is designed to bring all monitors or displays at eye level when standing up, which helps eliminate shoulder soreness, neck pain, and back pains.

This is a super talk desk that operates with a smooth crank mechanism that allows you to move the entire desk upward from the level of the leg supports.

The height of this desk goes from 29 inches all the way up to 46 inches, and can easily be used by tall persons, even those whose height is 6’4”.

The Tranzendesk comes with a clamp-on shelf that is as wide and long as the main work surface. This clamp on shelf can be used for your keyboard and other working or gaming accessories.

The desk shelf has an additional tilt mechanism that you can use to adjust it inward or outward, depending on your needs.

Overall you will have a work surface of over three square feet. Perfect for nearly all working needs.

AITERMINAL Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter with Triple Monitor Mount Monitor Arm

AITERMINAL’s vision of a desk converter makes a turn for the futuristic because of their sleek and minimalistic design. This should be an easy choice for people who want clean lines and lots of space while working in their office.

The desk comes with a super quiet electric motor that takes care of the vertical movement when you are adjusting the height of the monitors.

There will be no additional strain on your part when you use the table and there’s not even a need to turn a crank. All vertical adjustments are done through button-controlled electric mechanism, and there are a total of two shelves that you can use all your work needs.

The generous main working shelf can easily accommodate three displays and additional laptops if need be. The desk comes with its own standard VESA Mount that can handle 15”-19” monitors easily. Simply mount the monitors, plug in, and you a ready to go.

The desk truly encourages people to get organized and to work with a clean work space, for more productivity. There are also extra levels when you elevate the monitor area so you can have extra space for your accessories and gadgets, too.

When choosing a new table, consider if you want a desk converter or a full sized standing desk.

Best Computer Chairs for Working Long Hours 2020

Computer Chair

Working long hours seated at home can make anyone sore, thanks to the poor posture that usually results from not being able to move around that much while working.

What you need is a computer chair that provides the right kind of support, when you need it.

Here is our list of best computer chairs for working long hours.

Statesville High Back Office Chair

The Statesville High Back Office Chair is manufactured from bonded leather, which can provide up to 24 hours of extreme comfort while you are working.

It has a high back and large seat, and the design itself aims to support the back fully, including the vulnerable lumbar area. The chair gets close to the lower curve of the back, and makes the waist relax as well.

The chair has an adjustable height of 20.3” to 24”, and it also has a rear angle tilt lock system that you can use any time to change the angle of the chair’s back.

This is extremely important especially if you are working long hours and you need to stretch your regularly to prevent your posture from worsening.

The chair is not just modern; it’s comfortable, elegant, truly durable, and responsive to the needs of the user. If you happen to be a gamer too, then you’re in luck because the Statesville can double as your gaming chair – it’s built for that kind of long use, so don’t worry about wearing down too soon.

Get ready for a sturdy and classy office chair that delivers high comfort all day, and has a built-in inflatable airbag for lumbar support, thick, padded flip-up armrest to make sure that your wrists and forearms are not being strained when they’re not elevated, and a 250 pound capacity, which makes it rank high among the affordable heavy duty office chairs around.

Ergonomic Mesh High Back Chair

The Ergonomic Mesh High Back Chair is a top of the line addition to any workspace, because it simply works.

What we love about the design obviously is the high grade mesh used instead of the usual leather or foam, which makes air circulation better on the back.

When your back is against a material for hours, you’re going to sweat a lot.

Mesh back chairs prevent that from happening because the support that your back needs will be handled by the specially designed back that is placed at a perfect angle to the meet the needs of the user.

This ergonomic office chair also has an adjustable headrest, because people’s heights vary, and you definitely need to have just the right amount of support for your neck if you don’t want to strain it after hours of typing or being at the computer.

Take note that the mesh material extends all the way down to the rear cushion, so you have this great, breathable textile providing excellent air circulation everywhere.

People who work office jobs

know that having poor air circulation can lead to rashes and skin irritation on the thighs and even the upper calves.

If you have such problems, go for mesh instead of leather or cloth.

Built by Smugdesk, enjoy these benefits when you get your own ergonomic high back mesh chair: recline adjust (up to 117° recline), headrest adjust functionality, 3D armrests that swivel left, right, back, and forth, excellent lumbar support for reducing the fatigue on the lumbar area after long periods of work, and full height adjustments (lowering and raising, as well as tilting).

Tilting is often not included in other chairs so if love your chair being at an angle, this chair is definitely a good option.

Contracted Comfortable Office Chair

Another excellent chair by Smugdesk, the Contracted Comfortable Office Chair is in a league of its own because it combines the smooth texture of more traditional office chairs and the obvious benefits of mesh-backed chairs into one smartly designed high back chair that is perfect for any office or workspace.

This chair is highly ergonomic and comes with a padded pillow and a sturdy, reinforced framework, including a mesh back support that allows for better lumbar support and increased air circulation along the upper and lower back.

If you have been looking for a chair that has both high support and excellent air circulation, this would be it.

We can call it a hybrid office chair because the upper back design is for mesh chairs, while the lower half looks like your conventional high back office chair.

The foam seat is built for long hours of work because the manufacturer, Smugdesk, outfitted this chair with high density foam, so it won’t sink or deplete quickly, since it is built for long periods of use daily.

The installed headrest is also sliceable, and can be removed if you don’t want it, or adjusted (height-wise) to meet your needs.

The goal is to make you as relaxed as possible during your busiest working days. When you need any adjustment, then just tilt the sliceable headrest backward or forward.

There is also a tilt lock mechanism under the chair’s seat which can adjust the headrest angle to up to 120°. The armrests are also manufactured for extreme comfort, with the main support set at 120° and the upper support set at 30°.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Rollerblade Wheels

The Duramont Adjustable Office Chair is a top of the line high back office chair that boasts of numerous adjustable features, so you can find the best possible angle for the most comfortable sitting position.

The headrest is fully adjustable, and you can adjust both the vertical position and the depth of the support, too.

The armrest’s position/height can also be changed so your shoulders aren’t strained or forced to be stationary at an awkward angle.

The same adjustments can be made on the seat’s height, the tilt angle of the high back rest, and the tension of the tilt as well.

The premium high back support of the chair is also made of high quality, breathable mesh and cool air will circulate while you are working.

If you have been looking for a cool, sweat-free solution, then this premium chair is what you have been looking for.

Parallettes Training Guide: Best Exercises And Bars 2020


Parallettes may not look the part, but these low-lying bars that simulate the larger parallel bars that gymnasts use to build strength and flexibility are amazing fitness tools.

While parallettes resemble the ubiquitous pushup bars that some people use to improve their grip and add a bit more challenge to their pushup workouts, these portable dynamos of fitness are anything but.

You can parallettes if you are interested in building your core strength and making your upper body ripped and stronger than ever.

Because parallettes place the resistance on your shoulders, arms, upper body and core muscles, your fitness level will be tested sorely, and you get a better idea of how strong you really are.

How do you hold parallettes?

Developing the right grip is essential to using parallettes. Start by placing your thumbs on top of each bar. Your thumbs should face forward, with the side of your palm (the fleshy part) making immediate contact with the surface of the bars.

Wrap your fingers around the parallettes, making sure that you have a nice, strong grip for support later on.

Your wrist should be neutral, and your forearms, shoulders, should feel the resistance immediately and all associated muscles.

Your wrist should not be doing any heavy lifting or rotating. Do not bend your wrist either, either inward or outward. Doing so may result in injury.

How far should the parallettes be?

There are three orientations for the distance of the parallettes to each other. The first one is narrow, which is roughly the length from the tip of your elbow to your wrist.

This is considered the beginner’s width because the closer your arms are to each other, the more stable you will be when performing movements.

However, we recommend that you try the medium distance (from the tip of your elbow to the end of your closed fist) to give your body a good workout.

If both distances no longer challenge you, then what you can do is try the farthest distance, which is equivalent to the distance from the tip of your elbow to the end of your fingertips.

Experimenting with the distances can also reduce fatigue as sometimes the distance between the bars can have an effect on some muscle groups when performing movements.

How high should your parallettes be?

There is no single, right answer to this question because this would really depend on three factors: the preference of the person using the parallettes, his general fitness level, and his ability to balance.

Generally speaking, setting the parallettes higher can make movements easier to perform, but the ability to balance will be slightly impacted.

On the flipside, setting the parallettes lower will make balancing much easier, but the performing a variety of movements can be more challenging.

Again, we suggest that you try different configurations with both the distance and the height to make sure that you have optimum form when performing exercises.

Which type of parallettes is better for beginners?

Many experts recommend wooden p-bars because they’re lightweight and fairly sturdy, but there are also metal parallettes and plastic ones.

If you have used similar implements like p-bars before, you can base your decision to purchase from that. But all in all, they offer the same type of functionality and there’s really no ‘superior’ material for parallettes. What matters more is what you do with the p-bars while working out.

What Are parallettes Exercises?

Individuals who are serious about getting strong know that bodyweight exercises are a crucial part of their training.

Bodyweight exercises are extremely dynamic and recruit so many muscle groups at once, because the body hast o remain in equilibrium throughout the movement.

Compared to more classical movements that involve weights, you will be able to engage the whole body, not just the main muscle groups that you want to work out for that day. Below are some great workouts that you can try with a pair of p-bars today.

1. Dips

Dips focus on working out the triceps, and you will be using your body’s own weight to put pressure on your triceps. Begin this movement by sitting between the parallettes bars.

Grip the bars and lock out your elbows, so your hips are parallel to the ground, and your triceps are getting a good strain from holding your body upright.

Complete one repetition of this movement by slowly dipping your hip and slightly bending your elbow, all the while keeping your arms close to your ribcage. Breathe out when you dip down, and breathe in when you elevate your body again. For a more challenging workout, place your feet on a low bench or coffee table for added resistance.

2. Push-ups

Doing the push-up with parallettes bars is challenging because the elevation is beyond what normal pushups require, and you are instantly in an advanced front plank position when you begin the movement.

Make sure that your legs are straight, with your feet neutral and simply keeping your body aligned with the ground. Lockout your elbows at the beginning of the movement and slowly bend upward as you lower your chest.

The elbow should move back and upward, and not flare out. The hips must remain stable and straight throughout the movement.

If you need a more challenging workout, lower your chest to below the p-bars and slowly go back up. There is no need for fast o explosive movement when use parallettes. Slow, controlled movements are all you need to get the job done.

3. The L-Sit

The L-sit is probably the most recognizable of workouts associated with gymnastics. Unlike the dips, the requirement for this workout is to hold the position for a few seconds before relaxing. Start the L-sit by sitting between the parallettes.

Grips the bars and lockout your elbows, raising your entire lower body off the ground. Raise your legs and point your feet. Breathe out and just enjoy the movement.

After a few seconds, gradually lower yourself and get ready for the next repetition. To make this workout more challenging, each successive repetition can be held for a few seconds longer than the previous repetition.

Parallettes exercises are among the most challenging in the world of body weight exercises, and if you haven’t been doing body weight exercises that much, you’d be surprised at how much pain and strength a pair of innocent looking floor bars can bring to the table.

Now we know that you are interested in knowing what the best parallettes bars are, and we also know that it can get confusing since there are so many in the market today.

So we are basing our recommendations on special features or advantages that we think would be helpful for certain kinds of fitness enthusiasts/users.

So in essence, you can use just about any parallettes bars for your exercise needs, but once you get right down to it and you start using the bars more frequently, your choice of bars will become more specific, because certain bars bring different things to the table, as we would be discussing below.

Ultimate Body Press Parallettes XL Push Up Stands

The XL Push Up Stands are huge at 12” x 24”, and these are better suited for people who need more clearance and height while exercising. The extended clearance may arise because the user is bigger or taller, or just because his frame requires more clearance than the average.

The T-bar design is also perfect for people who are into crossfit and other high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.

Each parallette bar is also outfitted with two pairs of rubber skid guards, so you won’t have to worry about slipping while performing a movement. Highly recommended for fitness centers and home gyms that require heavy duty paralettes bars.

Lebert Fitness Parallettes Push Up Dip Stand

The Lebert Fitness Parallettes are made of stainless steel, so you can expect them to be tough as nails but also lightweight. If you have a high body mass and would like something that won’t bend even during the most intense workouts, then pick stainless steel parallettes. Stainless steel parallettes will also easily resist sweat stains, and they look pretty nice in home gyms.

The Lebert Fitness Parallettes measure 12” x 25” (slightly wider than the previous model we reviewed) and have enough clearance for all types of movement, not just the staple ones like dips, push-ups, L-sits, and different kinds of stretches.

These parallettes have a T-leg width of 16”, a grip width of 13”, and they’re perfect for travelling. You will get two Frank Medrano Signature Series Lebert Parallettes Bars in Chrome, and a FREE PDF Workout Program with Frank Medrano, too.

Garage Fit Steel Paralettes

If you have broken a couple of parallette bars before, or you are anxious that you might break one while working out, then you need reinforced bars.

Enter Garage Fit Steel Parallettes, which have been redesigned so they will not suddenly snap during the most strenuous of exercise. These bars are categorized as being extra heavy duty, and they are double welded at the joints so they don’t break apart while you are trying your best to get those movements right.

These bars are made from stainless steel and are painted with rust-resistant paint to improve its aesthetics and to prevent the look from ever weathering.

Take note that these are low paralettes bars (12” x 12”), and they are suitable for beginners and novice users.

Expert users who want more vertical clearance may want to look at the first two bars we reviewed (Lebert and Ultimate Body). But nonetheless, this is an excellent deal for people who have a tendency to snap metal at the joints.

Tumble Trak Portable Parallette Bars

They’re cute, they look like Lego bricks, and yes, they are fully functional Tumble Trak Portable Parallette Bars. What made Tumbl Trak stand out for us was the design and craftsmanship of these parallette bars, which are meant for people who may not always have the time or opportunity to train in a gym.

They’ve made parallettes bars as portable as possible, with a sturdy aluminum core and a durable polymer lining to protect your hands from the metal. These bars are also backed by 30+ years of manufacturer’s expertise, and they are committed to athletes around the world.

Vita Vibe Wood Parallettes

Some people just like working and holding wood, and they provide a different tactile experience, which may help enhance your performance while working out. If you have been looking for reliable wooden paralletttes, we recommend Vita Vibe, which is offering a pair of 24” long parallette bars.

These wooden parallettes are manufactured from natural hardwood (ash bar), which has been sanded to perfection for the smoothest and most comfortable grip.

Don’t fear while using these bars as they can support up to 250 pounds easily, and they are one of the toughest wooden bars around. The rubber feet on the supports are also non-marring, so you can safely use these bars on any surface. All Vita Vibe Wood Parallettes come with a 10 year warranty, and these bars are manufactured in the USA.

Ultra Fitness Gear Parallettes

If you need 18” parallettes made of wood, there’s Ultra Fitness. These lightweight, portable bars are perfect for travelling, and are non-slip, too. Perfect for folks who don’t need a lot of clearance to perform different exercises, and also ideal for people who are just learning how to use parallettes bars.

Ultra Fitness Gear Parallettes have also been tested to withstand up to 400 pounds, and they are designed in such a way that they will not fall apart regardless of the intensity or type of the movement being performed.

This is extremely important for people who are just getting used to moving with paralettes bars as beginners tend to exert excessive pressure on one bar while trying to balance. Ultra Fitness bars are given a company warranty of up to one year after purchase.

DIY Parallette Bars

If you have some talent with carpentry, you can definitely make your own parallettes bars at home. Just make sure that you use the sturdiest wood you can find (tip: pick hardwoods) and make sure that the joints are properly fused so they don’t break apart while you are performing a movement.

Reviews of The Best Sturhling Watches For Men 2020


Stürhling is an American company that produces watches and accessories. Stürhling’s timepieces are incredibly detailed, classy, and elegant, which makes them easily stand out even if they are placed side by side with older Swiss brands of watches.

Always a good investment or addition to an existing collection, Stürhling continues its mission of producing quality timepieces for the global market while adhering to the high quality craftsmanship found in the Swiss tradition of watchmaking.

The brand’s current collections of watches are radical and youthful, with unique twists to classic approaches to Swiss watchmaking. These watches are definitely headturners.

In today’s review, we’ve rounded up the latest and best collections of Stürhling watches for men so you can finally find the Stürhling watch of your dreams.

Stürhling Legacy

The Stürhling Legacy Collection features the bold and daring skeleton dial aesthetic that few other watchmakers are able to pull off without a hitch. Stürhling’s take on the skeleton dial is balanced, modern, with a touch of hip that many younger watch collections and wearers will simply love.

The colors on the dial are beautiful and polished, and the designs are powerful and fitting of any maven or forward-thinking individual looking for a brand new watch. Backed by a fully automatic movement and a durable exhibition case back, Legacy watches are a powerful addition to your men’s watch collection.

Watches in this collection have an AM/PM indicator, second time zone indicator, and a polished stainless steel bezel.

Finished off with an alligator leather strap, these wonderful Legacy watches are casual yet elegant, modern but classically substantial. You will also get Dauphine style hands, Arabic numerals, Krysterna crystal case back, Krysterna crystals on the front and back, and waterproof watches to up to 5 ATM or 165 feet.

Stürhling Aquadiver

No beautiful watch collection will be complete without a sturdy diving watch, and Stürhling has its own Aquadiver Collection to rival other diving watches in the market. Stürhling diving watches are built for tough conditions, and many of them are resistant to up to 200 meters, or 600 feet.

Made with both silicone and stainless steel bracelets, expect no less than a lifetime of use from these pressure-resisting timepieces.

Stürhling has outfitted Aquadiver watches with Breguet-style hands with luminious fill, applied Arabic numerals and circular markers, finely brushed and finished coind-edged unidirectional ratcheting bezels, and stainless steel screwdown case backs with the Stürhling wings logo.

Your watch will also be protected by highly durable Krysterna crystal covers, and a push-button deployant with safety clasp. Aquadiver watches are outfitted with Swiss quartz mvoeoment, Ronad 515 mechanisms, Quick Set Date functionality and hors, minutes, and seconds adjustments.

Stürhling Aviator

The Stürhling Aviator collection features gorgeous silver case watches with leather and cloth straps. Stürhling’s aesthetic for the Aviator Collection is very sturdy and classy, with an easy to read display, large numerals, and a nice balance of colors that’s fitting for any getup.

Aviator watches on measure on average 41 mm, is water resistant to up to 10 ATM, or 100 meters/330 feet, and has a beautiful polished bezel. They are equipped with genuine leather straps 21 mm wide, that also make them perfect for daily use regardless of your daily look.

They have luminous Plongeur hands, luminous index markers, polished bezels, a case measuring 9.00 mm thick, and push/pull fluted style crown with the Stürhling S logo and guard, and a steel tang buckle with the Stürhling wings logo.

The Aviator Collection runs with Japanese quartz movement, and has a day of the week function, as well as an indicator for the day of the month. Bring yourself to new heights and expect the Aviator to be right along with you.

Stürhling Symphony

Stürhling Symphony is all about transcending the ordinary every day. There is nothing ordinary about this collection, either. A universe of beauty awaits those who choose a Symphony timepiece, and Stürhling has really outdone itself by adding a moon face to the timepiece’s dial.

Symphony watches also have contoured bezels and genuine bespoke leather bands. Nothing speaks classy for every day wear than Symphony timepieces. These watches are powered by the Swiss Quartz Ronda 706.1 movement, and it has a dynamic, youthful, and confident presentation, too.

The embossed leather strap adds an air of dignity to the design that will make you feel confident about wearing it anywhere, too. Dare to be different with Symphony watches.

Each watch is outfitted with Dauphine hands, applied stick markers, stainless teel coin edge bezel, a case measuring 9.5 mm, a stainless steel screw-down caseback, and all of these are protected by powerful and durable Krysterna crystal. Symphony watches are also water resistant to up to 5 ATM, or 50 meters/165 feet. The 19 mm wide leather straps are alligator embossed, genuine leather.

Stürhling Monaco

Bold and elegant, the Stürhling Monaco collection is definitely one of our favorites. Built with the right amount of classiness and substance, it has the look and heft of a classic men’s watch that’s a true crowd pleaser. The brand also boasts of uncompromising comfort with every wear, and a lifetime of service.

Powered by Japanese VK61 Chrono movement and powerful features that are not included in other collections, like unique bullhorn pushers and the fluted crown at the 12 o’clock position. The bullhead pushers are beautiful and striking, and they actually add to the elegant silhouette of the watch that will be sure to turn people’s heads when you wear your Monaco.

The watches in this collection are also equipped with central second hand and minute totalizer at the nine o’clock position. Your watch will have highly luminescent hands, luminous applied indices, a polished bezel, a case measuring 12.5 mm or more, an engraved caseback with the Stürhling checkered flag motif, a fluted push/pull crown with highly functional pushers.

The watches themselves are designed to be water resistant to up to 5 ATM, or on average 50 meters or 165 feet. Perfect for splashes of water and swimming, but not for diving.

Best Standing Desks for A Tall Person 2020

Standing desk

Getting into the groove of standing while working but your table is simply too low for comfort? We have you covered. This is our personal selection of the best standing desks for tall folks.

While desk risers or standing desks seem to look alike, there are differences in craftsmanship that will affect the final experience of the user.

Note that these are all standing desks that are to go on top of your regular desk. These aren’t ones that can sit in the floor and it be the entire desk function.

If your’re looking for one of those then check out something like this desk, unfortunately it will be hard to find one like that will work for tall people.

FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk – 47 Inch

The FlexiSpot M3B stands out from the crowd with its extra wide table space, at 47”, which is enough for dual monitors. So if you are working with dual monitors, your two displays will fit here nicely.

FlexiSpot has also figured in a single-handle design that makes it easier for folks to make adjustments to the height of the table.

The buzzword here is safety while operating the table: you wouldn’t want to tip over the displays while adjusting the height. The table also has to be stable during the adjustment.

You will never have to use both hands just to stabilize the table and increase/decrease its height while working. You also will not require extra force to achieve the desired height as the mechanism basically does everything for you.

The sturdy base of the FlexiSpot M3B does not shift while you make adjustments, as it has its own sliding footprint that is very self-contained, which adds to the overall convenience of using this great table.

The quick release keyboard also features a wider space so to accommodate larger keyboards and mousepads.

Ergonomic keyboards tend to be longer and wider than regular keyboards, so if you already have one such keyboard, you wouldn’t have to worry about any part of your keyboard sliding off while you are working.

And best of all, this table is perfect for all heights so whether you are a five footer or a six footer, you can take advantage of a total of twelve different height levels to achieve the optimum, comfortable height for working while standing up.

TaoTronics 36” Adjustable Standing Desk

Featuring a slightly narrower construction compared to the FlexiSpot M3B is TaoTronics’ 36” Adjustable Standing Desk.

Aesthetically, we love the blockier, linear look of the TT desk, and we also noticed that the keyboard area was built to be ergonomic and easy on the wrists, too.

The maker states that with this desk riser, you can comfortably transition from a seated position to a standing one instantly, whenever you want.

The wide table can easily be adjusted with little effort, and it also has a total of twelve different height settings to choose from, which makes this table friendly to all folks of different heights.

The desk also comes with a robust and shake-resistant framework, which means your display is safe, even if you go up to having a dual monitor assembly.

The surface of the table measures 36” x 23” and it can accommodate either two displays or two laptops. The table also comes with a great three year warranty.

Casiii Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Casiii Height Adjust Standing Desk features a solid construction with a more traditional-looking keyboard area, and a thicker and more solid design for the feet of the table.

The maker prides itself in creating powerful, ergonomic solutions, and this table will definitely help transform your workplace so you can begin working while standing up.

The Casiii Height Adjustable Standing Desk comes with a single-motion height adjustment feature, but what makes this table unique from the others is the dual gas spring force utilized to lower and raise the level of the table, which brings the effort needed to operate the table to almost none.

This is a huge feat considering that all standing desks are basically mechanical, with no electronic controls whatsoever. The clearance for this desk is 6.5” to 16”.

The surface of the table measures 32” x 22”, and this provides plenty of awesome space for up to two monitors, and you can even mix it up by bringing your PC monitor up and another laptop, whatever is more fitting.

Also comes with a limited three year warranty from the manufacturer.

Rocelco 46” Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

When you need more hardware up on your standing desk, you need to have the right features to accommodate those displays.

This is where the Rocelco 46” Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter comes in. This unique workstation riser was designed to support a whopping three full-sized PC displays all at once.

It also has an ultra wide 46” x 23.62” table that can hold up to two large displays at once, and three displays with the deluxe floor stand attachment, which is sold separately.

The table also has an oversized keyboard tray measuring 25.6” x 11”, which is sufficiently wide for even a regular keyboard.

So in total, you can load three displays and maybe two to three different laptops on the Rocelco desk converter if you need to.

They have also added a nice grommet hole on the desk so you can easily organize your cables – just make sure you get an additional floor mount if you want to use more than two PC displays, okay?

VIVO Single Top Adjustable 32” Standing Desk Converter

Manufactured by mobile company VIVO, we took notice of this single desk converter because of the simplicity of its design and the streamlined look it has that’s perfect for minimalists.

It is an ultra-slim working station that’s easy to move around, is lightweight, and is perfect if you just have one display to move around anyway.

It has a 32” x 21.3” desk surface, which easily accommodates one display (or two small ones) and a keyboard and mouse.

The lifting mechanism moves vertically efficiently, which prevents the nasty wobbling that can shift stuff on the desk (which can be quite dangerous because of the height).

The table comes assembled straight from the box, and you can begin using it the moment it arrives on your doorstep.

VIVO also offers a limited three year warranty on their standing desk converter, which makes it a really good deal.