Wearing Pants That Actually Fit You

mens pants length

This is a topic that actually makes me shake my head as I write it because it’s just somewhat baffling.

Nowadays you will see that skinny jeans is somewhat of a common thing among st guys and it makes absolutely zero sense.

Now before I start just let me state that I understand that not everyone should or wants to look the same as everyone else. This Is perfectly fine and I actually encourage men to go after their own look but some things such as how tight/loose you wear your clothes is not something that falls under this in my opinion.

Just the same as men should not wear their shirts super tight to look muscular or for whatever reason they choose to do this.

On the flip side of that men wearing oversized pants so that they can sag them down also falls under this same category with not making any sense. Luckily this trend actually started dying out a few years ago so at least a thumbs up for guys becoming aware of how foolish this made them look.

Laying The Foundation

There are many things that play a factor in your style like your watch, shoes, color of your outfit and so on but don’t even think about those things until you can at least get the correct size in your clothes. Think of this as the foundation of your style so make changes here first before working on anything else.

Do Girls Like Guys Who Wear Skinny Jeans?

I’ve actually asked this question to quite a few girls just to pick their brains. I don’t remember the exact number here but an overwhelmingly percentage of them said no, hell no or some variation of the word no.

What surprised me about this is that a lot of the girls I asked were more alternative in their style so they hung out with guys who wear skinny jeans on a regular basis. I figured they, out of all the different types of girls I asked would be for it but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Some said they didn’t care as long as it’s not tighter than the jeans themselves wear, which most guys who wear skinny jeans seem to be aiming for.

Make Friends With A Belt

Going off the skinny jeans topic if you for whatever reason have jeans that are to big for you then there is a simple cheap solution being a belt.

I don’t know how many times I have seen guys walk around having to keep pulling their pants up. I would just think to myself how annoying this must be for them having to keep doing this every 4 steps they take.

I understand that some of us have don’t have the money to go out and buy clothes at any given time but there should be no reason you can’t buy a belt, you can find one for about $5.

The Length Of Your Pants Matters

mens pants length
If your pants stop 3 inches before they touch your shoes then your pants are not long enough. We’re not aiming to look like pee wee herman here.

To long is just as bad as to short in this situation so if your pants fold over more than twice at your feet then you need to consider getting shorter pants or getting the ones you have taken up by a seamstress or tailor.

Getting Your Pants Altered

If you don’t know of anyone personally that does sewing then you need to find someone to alter your pants.

Finding someone to do this can be tricky depending on where you live but it’s a good start to google “tailor or seamstress near me” if that doesn’t pull up anything then trying replacing near me with your nearest major city.

Depending on the store there is usually someone there that will measure you for recommended pants length which is something most do complementary.

Of course price will vary depending on state and the store but this will save you money overall than having to go buy a new pair of pants.

*Note I’m not talking of altering skinny jeans here. If you have those then you will have to purchase new pants, there is no saving those things.

Antonio at realmenrealstyle.com has put together a good alteration price guide to get a better idea on what you’re looking at cost wise.

Wrapping Up This Article

Getting your pants to fit is something that 90% of men are not going to have trouble with but that 10% sure do stick out in the worst way. This article is for them and hopefully it helps at least one of them out there.


A Man Who Keeps His Word

men giving their word

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “I give you my word”, be it in a movie or someone saying it to you.

This phrase plus a handshake was the strongest binding agreement that you could imagine between two gentlemen.

Unfortunately this no longer constitutes as proper agreement terms for many reasons.

Why Do Men Not Keep Their Word Anymore?

First is because there has been a huge downfall in the quality of men in today’s times.

Sure there are still plenty of great men out there who still keep their word but it has become increasingly hard to tell who those men are.

Second is that the courts seem to have to decide everything for us now because of so many people going back on their words or just flat out trying to scam you out of some money.

This has led to more professional & legal binding arrangements such as your typical agreement typed up, signed and a witness signature as well.

I might be getting ahead of myself here, let me actually break down what this phrase actually means.

What Does I Give You My Word Mean?

men giving their word
A man’s word is something that no one can take from you, only yourself can lose it. You do this by not upholding or staying true to something that you promised someone.

Think of it like the olden days where a Knight would take an oath to do something like protect his king or kingdom.

If the king died while you were fighting to protect him that does not mean you have gone back on your word (oath) because you did everything you could do. However if the kingdom came under attack and you hopped on your horse and took off then this would be an example of you not keeping your word.

In more modern day terms you might give your word to your granddad that you will help him with yard work this weekend.

An example of failing to keep that word would be you just not showing up because you’re not feeling it or some crap like that. You catching the flu or a serious issue coming up like a friend has gotten into a bad wreck are things that can be seen as legitimate reasons for not being able to keep your word.

I’m not showing you these examples to help you find a way to make you not feel bad about keeping your word but more to show you that there is a grey area here.

What Do You Do If You’re Not Able To Keep Your Promise aka Word?

This definitely falls on a per situation basis but I’ll give you an example on how to properly go about it in a certain situation involving paying someone money you owe them.

Let’s say you bought a lawnmower from a neighbor down the road but it was on your word because you didn’t have the money at the time but needed the mower to go ahead and cut your grass, so he went ahead and let you take it with you.

The Agreement: You would pay him the entire payment on the 1st of the month once you got paid.

The Problem: Your car messes up; dog needs an emergency vet trip whatever reason that causes you to not have the money.

What Not To Do: Not call your neighbor and explain the situation. He could be expecting this money for something important such as his power bill.

The Correct Approach To This: Call him let him know the situation to at least keep him informed. Keep his mind at ease so he doesn’t think you just stole from him.

In this situation you could offer to pay him what you have now and the rest later if he is fine with that or work off the money you owe him. If neither of these are acceptable then you would resort to asking family/friends for the money and then pay them back or going as far as pawning some stuff for the time being. Any of these would be an acceptable approach to keeping your word.

What To Do If Someone Does Not Keep Their Word To You?

Not only take a mental note to yourself not to trust said person again but if that person knows any of your friends and family I would reach out to them to give them a heads up just in case they run into that person with a similar situation. Of course the severity of that persons word warrants how far you take this (getting into courts, police, etc..) but for this situation we’ll leave it at just a word of mouth type of thing.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Word

When we are born we all start out from different paths in life. Some rich others not so much, the one thing all men start off with equally is that they all have their word.

It’s not a physical item anyone can take from you but it means more than your weight in gold (yes I actually said that).

Your word is truly what defines you not only as a man but as a person in general.

The one thing I hope you takeaway from this article is that even though a mans word doesn’t seem to hold its overall weight in society that it use to it still follows you for the rest of your life.

Some people call it karma which is fine, call it whatever you’d like but know that eventually not keeping your word will come back to bite you. Maybe not tomorrow, it could be 10 years from now when you’re in a job interview but it’ll always be a major factor in determining what type of man you are and people see that.

Narrows Labs SARMs Review 2019

SARMS Vendor

Here is our review of SARMs by Narrows Labs, a US-based company that produces and ships selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs. According to the website, the founder of the company initially became interested in the benefits of SARMs should it become approved for human consumption, but also noticed the exorbitant prices that other companies levy on these products.

He didn’t like the fact that earlier SARMs companies were jacking up the prices so hard that the researchers (consumers) began to suffer because the chemical compounds have become so expensive.

Recommended SARMs Vendor: Check out ProvenPeptides for purchasing SARMs. They provide 3rd party testing of their products & have a full lineup of SARMs available.

He envisioned giving the market a low-cost but quality source of SARMs, because these compounds can really revolutionize the medical field and the field of athletic performance, and this can only be done if researchers from all over will have access to SARMs that don’t have prices that have been jacked up to up to 10x the actual value of the products.

In addition to improving the access to SARMs by bringing low-cost but quality compounds to the market, the founder of Narrows Labs also noticed that shipping times were slow and that people often did not have access to speedy customer care should they have inquiries before and after their purchase.

If other products in the market have life phone support, then why should SARMs be any different? With their focus on affordable products, quality, the best shipping times and quality customer care, Narrows Labs is set to create an indelible mark in the US SARMs industry for sure.

Narrows Labs currently offers the following products to the US market: 1-Andro Max Pro Hormone, 4-Andro Extreme Pro Hormone, Andarine S-4 Capsules, Cardarine Capsules, CBD Capsules, Epi-Elite EpiAndro Pro Hormone, Ibutamoren ( MK-677), Ligandrol (LGD-4033), NL-T2 Metabolic Enhancer, Orlistat Fat Blocker, S-23 Capsules, Spartabolic, Stenabolic (SR9009) Capsules, Testolone (RAD-140), TUDCA Capsules, Wolverine Premium TUDCA and NAC Cycle Support, and YK-11 Capsules. You can also purchase suspensions of the following SARMs: Andarine S4, Cardarine, Ibutamoren, Ligandrol, S-23, Stenabolic, Testolone, and YK-11. They also sell raw powder SARMs: Andarine S-4, Cardarine Powder, Ibutamoren Powder, Ligandrol Powder, S-23 High Purity Powder, Stenabolic Powder, Testolone Powder High Purity, and YK-11 Powder High Purity.


Unlike other SARM companies, Narrows Labs offers free shipping on all US/domestic orders. International orders are charged an affordable flat rate of $20 wherever you happen to live. Once the package has been shipped out, you can expect it to arrive in three to five business days if you live in the United States, and 7-21 business days if you live outside the US.

As you may already know, international shipping can get a little delayed at times because of customs procedures so if you live in a country that doesn’t have an efficient customs bureau, expect longer delivery dates.

The best solution would be to make sure that are constantly tracking the package and you know how to contact customs in case your package is held for additional verification or customs charges. Additional customs charges are usually paid before packages are released to the owner or the local shipping company that will be responsible for door to door deliver.

Narrows Labs uses USPS shipping and this shipping option is available to domestic customers with a PO box, rural route, or APO/FPO/DPO addresses. If you happen to have a PO box or rural route, the delivery date will be slightly longer at seven to ten days. For APO/FPO/DPO addresses, the extended delivery period of three to five weeks will apply and not the regular three to five days from the date of dispatch. In the even that there will be additional verifications or mistakes at any point in the delivery process, it is possible that there will be delays so take this possibility into consideration as well.

Shipping of confirmed and paid packages happens from Monday through Friday, and the cut-off time daily (business days only) is 3 PM PST. What this means is that if you can have your order paid and confirmed before 3 PM PST, count 24 hours and your package will be shipped out the next business day. Take note that all credit card payments will remain pending until stock availability is confirmed and the card has been verified by the processor. Narrows Labs only accepts major credit cards (international), like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diner’s Club International.

Chemyo SARMs Review 2019

SARMS Vendor

This is our review of Chemyo SARMs, a US-based pharmaceutical company that engages in the manufacture and sale of SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators. They accept payments via Checkbook – Secure eCheck, cryptocurrencies and altcoins (these are given 10% discount by the website’s store) and Visa & Mastercard at an additional 12% fee.

Recommended SARMs Vendor: Check out ProvenPeptides for purchasing SARMs. They provide 3rd party testing of their products & have a full lineup of SARMs available.

Chemyo highly recommends that you purchase using Checkbook – Secure eCheck so you can get a 3% discount on your purchases. And unlike other stores from the US, Chemyo accepts orders from international locations, as long as the customer has ensured that he knows the local laws on the purchase of compounds like SARMs, then you can order from Chemyo.

Chemyo specializes in solutions mainly, but they do offer one raw powder SARM – RU58841 (5 grams). The rest of their products are prepared liquid solutions that are ready for use in research or laboratories. They currently sell the following: RAD140, Andarine S4, S-23, GWS501516, MK-2866, LGD-4033, MK-677 and RU5884.

It’s really easy to make a purchase on their website. Simply create an account, choose your products and checkout. Chemyo operates from 9 AM to 4 PM, from Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

You can shoot them an email at support@chemyo.com if you have any inquiries. Chemyo is clear in its policies that they are not selling SARMs for human use or consumption. Buy these only if you are engage in research about the effect of SARMs on living tissue. The company invites old and new customers to review their terms and conditions before making any purchase.

In the event that you tried to make a purchase but was declined by the website, it is possible that even though your credit card is good or viable, that your billing address and shipping address are different. If this is the case then simply update your card details and you should try purchasing again.

The company reminds its customers that the zip codes and addresses on both the shipping address and billing address must match. If you continue to have problems buying from their website, you can just email their support so that support can manually place the order for you via email. Then you can just confirm the payment through the website.

After the confirmation of your order and payment of the SARMs you have purchased, you should receive a confirmation email containing the details of your order. When the package is finally shipped out, you will be able to obtain the tracking information of the package. If the order originates from the United States, the package will be shipped out via USPS priority mail. You do not have to sign for the package once it arrives.

What if you have to cancel a current order? If you have made a purchase by mistake, the first thing to do is to contact support and Chemyo’s support team will do their best to reverse the order. Of course, if it has already been processed then they will not be able to reverse any fund transfers that have already completed.

Packages are sent out daily (business hours) and a confirmed order should be sent out in about 24 hours. After shipping, you can expect your package to arrive in three to four days if you live within the United States. On the other hand, if you live outside the US, the arrival of your package will probably take longer as there can be great differences in the transit time of international packages.

Take note that companies like Chemyo do not have control over delays in international shipping, so set your expectations when it comes to the length of time needed for your package to arrive. It’s also possible that delays in delivery are due to customs procedures in your own country.

There is currently no letting up in the popularity of SARMs globally because medical science is looking for viable alternatives to anabolic steroids that have so many side effects. If all goes well in the near future, SARMs will become legalized in different countries, and the human consumption of SARMs will no longer be prohibited. Until such time, we will be limited to the research use of SARMs, as laboratories across the world continue to understand how SARMs actually affect animal tissue and the human body.

White Water Research SARMs Review 2019

SARMS Vendor

A look at our review of SARMs from White Water Research, a West Coast based manufacturer and distributor of SARMs. This US company prides itself in selling only the highest grade of SARMs that have been tested using third party HPLC or High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

Recommended SARMs Vendor: Check out ProvenPeptides for purchasing SARMs. They provide 3rd party testing of their products & have a full lineup of SARMs available.

They also focus on offering fair pricing to all customers, without compromising the quality of the products. White Water Research currently accepts the following payment methods: cryptocurrencies (10% off, multiple kinds of cryptocurrencies are accepted), PopMoney, and all major credit cards and debit cards.

Types of SARMs

Their store offers a variety of standalone SARMs and bundles for various kinds of research. Their current lineup of bundles includes RAD-140/MK-677, RU58841/PG, PEG-400, PG solution, BPC-157. As for their raw powders, they are offering RAD-140, YK11, RU58841, Cardarine, ITPP, MK-677, Laxogenin and MK-2866.

They also have solutions if you do not like working with raw powders. Available solutions from White Water Research are Laxogenin 25 mg/ml, MK-677 25 mg/ml, CBD oil (24 mg/ml, 720 mg).

If you happen to need peptides, they offer BPC-157 5 mg, as well as solvents and supplies like mini funnels, 30 ml glass dropper bottles, 118 ml PG, 118 ml PEG-400, 30 ml sterile bac. Water, and 50 ml benzyl alcohol.

White Water Research does not ship to international locations and will only be able to handle payments and orders from within domestic US territories. Once your order has been confirmed and paid, White Water Research strives to ship out packages the next business day or earlier.

They ship via Domestic Flat Rate Priority with the USPS, and you should be able to receive your order in two to four days average. You will receive a confirmation email for your order, which will contain details about the shipment.

These details will include the tracking information from the USPS, which you can then use to monitor where your package is at the moment in the delivery chain.


Take note that White Water Research offers mostly raw powder SARMs, unless the product is listed under the solutions tab in the website. The raw powders are double packed and one gram bags, and are then placed in a separate plastic container to protect from heat and contamination.

If you need to combine the raw powders into a solution, you might want to take a look at their Solvents & Supplies tab, so you can purchase in one go everything you need to proceed with your research on SARMs and its effects in-vitro or in-vivo.

White Water Research uses two kinds of testing procedures to ensure the quality of their products: high performance liquid chromatography, and proton nuclear magnetic resonance or proton NMR/HNMR). The company vows that it will never list in its website any product without a current third party testing certificate.

They have gone so far as to say that if you want to validate the findings on the test results that you will be receiving when you buy SARMs from them, you can call the laboratory that performed the testing and find out yourself. This great transparency is really what the SARMs industry needs to thrive.

Why SARMs are popular

SARMS have been getting a lot of media and scientific attention lately because of their ability to simulate the effects of anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids have been associated with different side effects, none of which are pleasant especially to patients who are experience muscle wasting and other degenerative physical conditions.

Many SARMs like Ligandrol and Testoline have been associated with increasing lean muscle mass and bone density, are now being studied extensively for use in athletics.

What’s great about the situation is that even though SARMs have yet to be approved for human consumption, it is legal to buy them if you are engaged in scientific studies or laboratory studies. If you are interested in finding out how SARMs improve animal tissues for instance, they are alright to buy.

Some powerful SARMs like Testolone have been directly compared with anabolic steroids because of the general scope of their effects.

In the context of competitive sports like professional bodybuilding for instance, should SARMs like Testolone be approved for human use, we will probably see a lot of great changes in the bodybuilding industry as the side effects of anabolic steroids will be reduced.

People will now have a choice: SARMs or anabolic steroids. We think this is an important junction in the development of professional aids for sports and enhanced performance.

Sarm Labz Review 2019

SARMS Vendor

This is our review of Sarm Labz, a Florida-based SARMs manufacturer and distributor that aims to provide the market with 100% pure, lab-test and certified selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) for laboratory or research purposes. Their main goal is to provide the best SARMs in the market at a low price, making SARMs more affordable to more researchers.

Recommended SARMs Vendor: Check out ProvenPeptides for purchasing SARMs. They provide 3rd party testing of their products & have a full lineup of SARMs available.

Products & ordering

They ship within the continental United States and worldwide, so if you are from another country, you can order from them and have your package shipped internationally.

Take note that all of the SARMs being sold by Sarm Labz are not fit or safe for human consumption, and are only being manufactured and sold for scientific purposes. Sarm Labz offers SARMs in capsule and liquid forms.

The current lineup of capsules is: Mass SARM Stack (YK11, RAD140, LGD4033), Power SARM Stack (YK11, S23, MK677), Shred SARM Stack (S4, Cardarine, Stenabolic SR9009) , Andarine S-4, Cardarine GW-501516, Ligandrol LGD-4033, Nutrobal MK-677, Post Cycle Therapy Capsules ( Laxogenin, Armistane) , S-23, Stenabolic SR-9009, Testolone RAD-140, and YK-11.

Take note that the capsules they have right now are a combination of stand-alone SARMs compounds and stacks or combination of SARMs with different proportions and weights. If you don’t need capsules that contain raw SARM powders, you might be interested in their liquid SARMs: 3-in-1 Mass SARM Stack Liquid (YK11, LGD4033, RAD140) , Ligandrol LGD-4033, 3-in-1 Shred SARM Stack Liquid ( S4, Cardarine, Stenabolic) , Nutrobal MK-677, S-23 Liquid, Stenabolic SR-9009 Liquid, Testolone RAD-140, and YK-11 Liquid.

Sarm Labz accepts the following modes of payment: Bladepayments, major credit cards, Cash App, Google Pay, and Bank Quick Pay via Zellepay. If you wish to pay via bank transfer, you can use Zellepay. Unfortunately the company currently does not accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of SARMs

For more than a decade now, scientific researchers and athletes have been eyeing the potential medical use of SARMs for the purpose of improving strength, muscle mass, etc.

The current line of research suggests that SARMs can create the same effects of anabolic steroids on the human body minus the side effects. What this means is that in studies, the human body will have all the benefits of anabolic steroids minus the androgenic effects that have been associated with serious conditions like roid rage and testicular masses.

Let’s talk about the general health effects of SARMs on the human body based on past medical studies.

Ligandrol has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, which makes it perfect for patients who are suffering from muscle wasting disease. From an athletic point of view, it may be able to assist individuals who want to bulk up or increase the volume of their muscles through body building or general resistance training.

This particular trait of Ligandrol has been identified as one of the reasons why theoretically it is also a good substitute for other stacks when cutting, or reducing overall body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

Testolone on the other hand has been touted as a “steroid clone” because of its immediate, positive effects on the body. What scientists have observed is that it increases muscular aggression, volume, and strength when a person is exposed to it. This can definitely help bodybuilders theoretically when they need to make big gains by increasing the intensity of their workouts.

To observe the effects on the body it is recommended that during formal studies to start with a lower dose of this SARM, for example, a dose of 10 milligrams per day is sufficient just to observe how it interacts with the person’s body and what he is currently doing to improve his strength and muscle mass.

What about Ostarine? Ostarine has been linked to increased muscular strength, endurance, and improved recovery. What this means is that if the test subject is having a tough time recovering from strenuous movements, he should be able to recover faster and more effectively with the help of Ostarine. In other studies, Ostarine has been used to maintain muscular drive and strength with caloric deficit diets.

Caloric deficits are a natural requirement for health programs where weight loss is required. It is possible to get a sufficient amount of protein, carbohydrates, and a little fat in your diet and still get a caloric deficit (for instance, by reducing the amount of simple sugars in your diet).