TeamGraphika Logo Creation Service Review

teamgraphika review

I’m very excited to talk about a recent service I have just used from a company called TeamGraphika, which is who created my logo for me that you can see at the top of my website.

I’m not sure what others may think of the logo as I haven’t had it long enough to get the opinions of others but I absolutely love it!

The actual look of the logo can speak for itself but what about all of the other stuff that goes into getting a logo created like the customer service, the creation process, the pricing and stuff of that nature. These are some of the main things I’ll be talking about in this review.

The Ordering Process


Placing my order was very quick and easy.

They have a very brief and straightforward order form which only took me about 3-5 minutes to fill out, I filled out some detail specific stuff on the logo so it will probably take you less time than I did.

You can tell them what your ideas for the logo are, what you want it to look like and also able to upload any images to help give the designers any sort of ideas of what you’re thinking of.

After that you simple pay, which is done through PayPal which is just about the only way I will buy stuff online nowadays.

How Did The Logo Creation Process Go

Original Draft Concept They Created
Original Draft Concept They Created

Within 24 hours I had an email from Steve who informed me that they had already starting drafting up logo ideas for me to choose from.

I chose the Business Package which comes with 6 design concepts from two different designers.

Within 48 hours I had my initial 6 design concepts sent over. Out of the 6 I could see real potential in about 3-4 of them so I was glad to have some options.

After telling Steve which logo concept I liked I also sent him some more detailed information on how I would like the logo to look in which he passed everything along to the designer working on my logo.

Phase 2 Version
Phase 2 Version

After about 24 hours I had 2 good looking different variations of the logo concept I picked out in which I chose to go with the one that was actually opposite of how I was envisioning it to be.

I was already happy with the logo to be finalized at this point but I opened up the design process and asked Steve to let the designer come up with any recommendations that he might have to make it look better.

They made a small yet impactful change to the lettering which really made this logo come to life and I was very happy that he came up with this idea.

After that I was very satisfied and let Steve know that he could finalize everything to be sent over.

How Was The Customer Service

I was very pleased with the customer service.

I had the privilege of working with Steve who was very prompt with replies and also seemed to have a good understanding of what I was envisioning of my logo from what I was telling him.

Overall Steve was excellent, he handled all of my requests, questions and concerns very professionally.

Was It Worth The Money

Absolutely, I was very shocked by how cheap the services with such high quality design and service.

I’m usually one of those if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is but this is one of those times where it really is just a high quality, competitively priced service.

I see so many people who go to fiverr or other similar sites expecting to pay $5 or $10 bucks and wanting a $100+ quality logo designed but that’s not how things work.

I realize the time/talent that it takes to create an appealing logo so this price was no issue at all for me to let go of.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully I covered any questions that you may have but if not check out their site logo design section where they answer a lot of common questions that I’m assuming people ask them.

They also have a portfolio of some of their designs to give you an idea of the quality you can expect to see from them.

I covered pretty much everything I was hoping to talk about and then some so I hope you found this review helpful, thanks for reading!

Kenneth Cole Black Mens Cologne Review

Fragrance Bottles

The Kenneth Cole Black is a unique mens cologne that has become one of my favorite fragrances to wear. A detail I wanted to mention before we really started getting further in this review is that there is also a Kenneth Cole black aftershave balm which is not what we’re reviewing in this article.

I just wanted to clarify that in case that might be what some of you are looking for.

Now that we know got that out of the way we can focus on reviewing our featured product for this article.

Kenneth Cole Black takes a different approach to its cologne in my opinion and that’s shown as soon as you take a look at it.

Cologne manufacturers have been making their colognes where you can tell they put a lot of focus into the design of the cologne bottle and also having a complex pronouncing name which might possibly entice buyers.

This cologne looks to take a more basic approach with a very simple packaging look with an even more simple name.

I know I can see you saying it now that you don’t care what the cologne looks like just what it smells like but I just wanted to talk about the product as a whole. Let’s move onto the important part then.

Do Women Like The Smell

This is the one question that can literally make or break a product such as this. If the ladies don’t like it then what in the heck is the point of wearing it, right? Well I can say that this cologne has not gotten as popular as it has by women not liking it.

From my own personal experience this has easily become one of my top 3 favorite colognes to wear when on dates because of the amount of sheer compliments I get from my dates.

Does It Smell To Strong

Some colognes smell great but are just to dang strong which makes others not want to be around us.

With that said this is another main concern for cologne buyers whether or not the cologne is overly strong on the nose. It’s somewhat strong but it’s not overbearingly strong.

I like to think of it as being noticeable but also modest as well. What I’m trying to get at is that its got a good balance of the two.

What’s The Difference In Kenneth Cole Black & Black Bold

Just somewhat recently (5 months at the time of writing this) Kenneth Cole launched one of it’s new cologne fragrances called Black Bold.

This had me very confused on whether this was the same fragrance just a new version or if it was an entirely new cologne.

As far as I could find out the regular KC Black isn’t being replaced and black bold is basically a new cologne just with a way to similar name.

I can’t comment overall on the KC Black Bold because I only used it once so I’m planning to buy a bottle of it soon to be able to give it a chance to impress me.

Overall though the regular KC Black is an outstanding cologne that really got me noticing the Kenneth Cole brand more in terms of their fragrances so I highly suggest at least giving this cologne a try. Thanks for reading, stay connect out email newsletter to see when we launch a review for the KC Bold fragrance. 

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Mens Cologne Review

Fragrance Bottles

This review will be about the mens cologne Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren and what the pros/cons of this fragrance are. Most people recognize this cologne or at least the name of it because it was extremely popular back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

That isn’t to say it’s not popular now but there is more fragrances for people to choose from now a days which leads to not everyone wearing the same thing.

Before we go any further let’s look at some details about this cologne.

About This Cologne:

  • Came Out In 1994
  • Classified As A Green Fragrance
  • Recommended For Daytime Use
  • Fragrance Noted As “Fresh, Warm & Sporty Florals”
  • Comes In 3 Sizes (1.35 oz, 2.5 oz & 4.2 fl oz)

The Ralph Lauren Polo Sport cologne is definitely one of the most popular colognes that I’ve worn in terms of it being recognizable to people who smell it on me.

This is one of the downsides, or at least was one back in the day because everyone was wearing this cologne which didn’t give you that stands out in a crowd type of approach that most men hope for. Luckily though this cologne hasn’t remained saturated among st the number of guys who wear it.

Sure it’s still a popular cologne but you’re not running into every other guy wearing it.

Now it has started to make a slight comeback to where the newer generations are starting to use it not knowing how popular it use to be with also some other people starting to use it again.

They describe this cologne as “Fresh, Warm & Sporty Florals” which I see as a good description, the florals part may scare some mean thinking that they don’t want to smell like any kind of flowers but don’t worry this cologne doesn’t remind anyone of flowers, at least no one that I’ve ever spoken to.

This cologne is put in the green fragrance category which means that it’s more of a sweater, cleaner type of cologne. Most people that I know use this cologne whenever for whatever reason so there really isn’t a right or wrong place or time to use this fragrance.

Do Women Like The Smell

The most important question or probably the only question if there ever was one goes to this very important factor right here.

Women love the smell of this cologne without a shadow of a doubt.

If there are any ladies reading this that don’t like it then please shoot men an email, let me know so I can change my figures up here but I’m batting 100% on women liking the smell of this fragrance from my perspective anyways.

I will comfortably say this if the main reason you’re buying a cologne is to hopefully give you a little extra boost in terms of attracting a female then this certainly doesn’t hurt your chances by no means.

Where To Buy

Te popularity of this cologne makes it pretty easy to find in local stores so I would check places like CVS, Sephora or any shopping malls that carry brands of colognes if you are looking to purchase off the internet.

If you’re looking to purchase it online then I would just head over to amazon to buy it from them. Usually over at amazon it’s priced very competitively so I tend to get a good deal when I buy from them, especially if I’m already buying any other items at the same time.

Another great option with buying online is being able to select different sizes which is a toss up on being available with a lot of local stores. 

Man by Bvlgari Cologne For Men Review 2019

Fragrance Bottles

I’m excited to give my review of the Man by Bvlgari cologne for men, which is the first romantic wear cologne that we’ve really spoken about. If I had to describe this cologne in one word I would say “respect” fits well for it.

By that I mean by smelling it you think of some high quality cologne that some of the most top tier elite people would wear. With a lot of the colognes we’ve reviewed lately there has been some that tend to work better for more a certain age group, this usually being the (20-40 age group).

With this cologne you sort of get the exact opposite feeling, as it tends to make me think (scent wise) that it’s for more of a higher end quality group of men that only they can afford like doctors, lawyers, judges, businessmen and etc..

This is just how the smell of this resonates with me for some reason in which my girlfriend thinks I’m crazy for thinking that but oh well!

OK there’s my intro of this cologne so now I will go over some details about this cologne followed by the pros of it.

About This Cologne

  • Made In Italy
  • Released in 2010
  • Recommended For Romantic Wear & Casual Use
  • Comes In 4 Sizes (1fl oz, 2fl oz, 3.4fl oz & 5fl oz)

Man by Bvlgari is very young compared to a lot of some of the big name colognes.

With only being released in 2010, that makes this cologne literally in the child stages of really getting out there. I expect in another 5 – 10 years it will be one of the more recognizable colognes for men.

With this cologne you only need just a little bit to get it’s full fragrance effect so this means you can make one bottle last much longer compared to other where you need 2 or 3 sprays to really get the smell noticeable.

Strength wise this cologne is overly strong unless you really spray way more than is needed which I don’t think a cologne should ever be sprayed more than 3 sprays.

You can wear this cologne without effecting someone a table over in a restaurant but still provide your date across from you to be able to smell it which is exactly what you want in a romantic type of cologne.

Do Women Like The Smell

Seeing how this cologne is mainly used for dating type of cologne it would be pretty worthless if women didn’t like it.

This cologne has produced nothing but positive remarks on all of my dates, a long with nods of approvals with girl friends that I hang out with.

The only exception is that my 8 year old daughter doesn’t like the smell of it but I’m not sure if that actually counts as a bad review because she would probably prefer if I smell like play dough 24/7.

This can’t speak for all women of course because some women may have not liked it and not said anything or just been being nice but from my overall experience it tends to have a very positive result with the ladies.

Where To Buy

As I mentioned earlier this cologne is pretty new compared to other colognes which can be good & bad in terms of finding it in a local store.

Good because stores like to put out new hotness type of product that might intrigue sellers because they haven’t seen it before. Bad because stores usually have a limited amount of shelf room and they want to put out products that are proven to be good sellers.

With that being said calling up local stores such as Sephora can’t hurt to see if they possibly have it but don’t be disappointed if they don’t.

I usually buy my cologne directly from amazon just because I’m not overly fond of store shopping plus I’m usually making a purchase through them anyway so I usually don’t pay any extra for shipping since it’s such a small item. 

Best Comfortable Workout & Running Sweatpants For Men

Men sweatpants

Hey fellas, let’s take a look at my picks for what I’ve found to be the most comfortable sweatpants for us men to be able to wear for when we’re working out in the gym or out for a run.

Even though the main focus will be on comfort for my picks I will have looks also being a factor but it will be a small factor compared to how the sweatpants actually feel.

Just a heads up, a strong focus point for my picks is the material used and how the waist band feels. Now let’s take a look at my picks shall we, I have them listed from my top pick down.

Nike Mens KO 3.0 Sweatpants


  • 100% Polyester
  • Relaxed Fit At The Hip & Ankle
  • Sleek Looking Design
  • Comes In 2 Colors (Grey & Black)

Our top pick of this list is the Nike Mens KO 3.0 Sweatpants. A very high quality feel of these pants matches the high quality look them.

I bought these one day while browsing around for some shoes and when I purchased them I didn’t even try them on, I just really liked the look of them.

After I tried them on at home that night I went back up to the store the next day to pick up the same pair in the grey color as well. These fit great around the waist and lay perfectly at the ankles on your shoes.

Under Armour Men’s Armour Fleece Team Pants


  • Inside Is Fleece & Outside Is Polyester
  • Wicks Away Sweat
  • Light & Stretchable
  • Elastic Waistband

The Under Armour Men’s Armour Fleece Team Pants are very similar to the Nike Mens KO 3.0 Sweatpants in terms of quality and feel.

Under Armour did a great job with these sweatpants and have become extremely popular among st athletes or anyone really that is into fitness.

They are great for running in as they are light, breathable and still do a great job of keeping your legs warm.

These sweatpants have a great look to them that you can tell that they are high quality just from looks alone. There is also multiple colors to choose from.

Adidas Men’s Wide Leg Fleece Sweatpants


  • 70% Cotton 30% Polyester
  • Inner Drawstring & Elastic Waist Band
  • Zip Seam Pockets
  • Comes In 5 Different Colors

The Adidas Men’s Wide Leg Fleece Sweatpants comes in as our 3rd pick and our 1st non 100% polyester pair. The cotton/polyester blend makes this a unique pair of sweatpants which works great for training. Another new feature to this list is the zippered pockets which I really like for when I’m in the gym. They provide a way for me to hold my ipod without it falling out when I’m on the benches. If you don’t like 100% polyester made sweatpants or 100% cotton ones for that matter then gives these a try.

Russell Athletic Men’s Dri-Power Fleece Open-Bottom Pant


  • 50% Cotton/50% Polyester
  • Quick-Dry Moisture-Wicking
  • Elastic-Covered Waistband
  • 10 Colors To Choose From

The Russell Athletic Men’s Dri-Power Fleece Open-Bottom Pant has a pretty ordinary look to them but they also have a great fitting comfortable feel as well.

If you’re not looking to drop lot’s of money on your sweatpants but still want a good reliable pair then give these a try.

There is a pretty impressive list of colors that these sweatpants come in at the time of writing this is 10.

Russell Athletic products have always impressed me in terms of reliability to that’s another plus with these sweatpants.

Nike Club Swoosh Men’s Fleece Sweatpants Pants Classic Fit


  • 80% Cotton/20% Polyester Blend
  • Straight Leg Fit
  • Elastic Waist
  • 2 Pocket Design

The Nike Club Swoosh Men’s Fleece Sweatpants Pants Classic Fit is another great pair of sweatpants from Nike.

This pair being made more of cotton compared to the 100% polyester pair which came in at our #1 spot of this article.

These sweatpants have a classic look to them and focus on a straight leg fit compared to the more relaxed fit that most of our other sweatpants on this list have been.

The elastic waistband does a good job of providing comfort and not allowing them to slide but if you need to adjust further it does come with a drawstring.

If you’re more of a cotton fan in terms of what you’re sweatpants are made out of then these may be a better fit for your rather than the Nike Mens KO 3.0 Sweatpants.

Where To Buy Mens Sweatpants

Shopping for any kind of clothes in stores can be very frustrating because you have to make sure the stores has the brand you want then hopefully they have the right size for you then that you just hope that the color you were hoping for is available. The good thing about buying in stores is that you can make sure that the clothes fit before purchasing them.

What I like to do is if I don’t know for sure what size I need in a brand then I try to find them in a local store to try them and then I’ll purchase them there if they have my size/color while being reasonably priced.

If there is any issues with those things I mentioned then I just try on the closest size pair and then I can determine which size to order from online. With ordering online you’re usually able to get a better deal and also you usually get a much bigger selection color wise.

Doing this allows you to purchase them in bulk if you wan to get multiple pairs.

Buying directly from the manufacturers website tends for you to pay the most which doesn’t make much sense considering you are cutting out the middle man but that’s what I’ve noticed on almost all clothing.

This is why I recommend looking for re seller stores which price them more competitively or try to buy from amazon.

Another perk of buying sweatpants online is you can shop around for price literally with a few clicks compared to driving all around town wasting gas/time hunting down that one pair of sweatpants. 

Best Jobs For People Who Are Shy, Quiet & Introverts


Finding a job or career has already become somewhat of a challenge these days but finding one with a shy, quiet or introverted personality makes it that much harder to find one that actually fits with who you are.

Sure, you can always push yourself to try to be as social as possible just so that you can succeed in a certain job but it’s mentally exhausting and in return you will most likely come to loathe having to go into work everyday.

This is why I suggest going after a job that doesn’t force you to be a complete opposite of yourself during the work hours. As an example of what I mean if talking to random people makes you nervous then don’t go into sales or telemarketing, shoot for something where you can do something like shipping or receiving.

I have put together a list of jobs that should work well for those that don’t have an easy time with being social at work, this list is in no specific order.

Working In Shipping Or Receiving

For the most part there isn’t much in terms of needed interaction here depending on the actual company you work for but usually it’s either unloading trucks, boxes or packing up boxes and shipping them out.

A great perk of this job is you might get to listen to music or podcasts while you work if you have a cool boss.

The pay scale ranges from low to mid while usually only needing a high school diploma or GED for educational requirements.

Being A Graphic Designer

Working from home, hardly ever having to actually speak to a client can be a introverts dream job which makes becoming a graphic designer a good fit.

The pay scale is really just up to how good/fast you work with how many clients available.

The education requirement can be non existent to needing a higher level college degree depending on if you work for yourself or a company.

Medical Laboratory Technicians

This jobs deals with working a lot with medical instruments and running certain diagnostics on blood, fluid etc..

There is some communication involved with other co-workers but very little compared to other related medical jobs such as nurses.

The pay starts off pretty good in the low-mid range with you needing at least a specific associates (2 year) degree.

Working As A Writer Or Blogger

The good thing about being a writer/blogger is that the only interaction you will ever really need to do is through emails. There should not be much need for any actual talking between you and clients.

Depending on if you work for a company or self employed the educational requirement can go from very low to high.

Money wise can be a toss up because some make enough for a full time job while others make just enough for beer money.

Network Engineer Or IT (Information Technology)

It’s no secret that a lot of really smart computer people tend to be a bit more introvert than other professions. They enjoy looking at code and software more than shaking hands with a customer.

I totally get that and it makes working in computer networking or any real IT job except for (IT helpdesk) a great job for those who have an interest in computers/technology and not so much of an interest in people per say.

Educational requirements are a bit difference in this field as actual previous experience weighs more than a college degree but there is also certifications that can also help with getting a job.

The money can be average to some of the highest paid jobs in the country depending on your knowledge.

Driving Trucks For A Living

Being a truck driver can be a great job overall in terms of pay & job security.

What appeals to most people for this job is no boss to report to everyday (somewhat) and very limited social interaction is needed for this job.

Education needed is getting your cdl which most seem to get through truck driving school. There is loads of money to be made in this line of work.

Night Shift Inventory/Stocking

This job would be putting up new inventory every night for bigger stores like lowes or home depot.

The good part about this position is that the stores are most likely closed so no customer interaction and you (usually) get paid more for being a night shift worker.

Education requirement is low with only needing a GED or high school diploma.

Animal Control

This may not be the safest or glorious position but it (usually) comes with benefits and OK pay.

Some people skills will be required to talk with a dispatcher and residents.

Education wise usually a GED or high school diploma is the only thing required (may vary per state/city)

Video Editor

Becoming a video editor can be a great field for anyone interested in computers/technology.

Education level needed is a bachelors degree and the pay falls in the above average range.

Depending on the exact position some social interaction will be required more than some.

Being A Pilot

Flying a plane is a scary job in my opinion but no where near as frightening as giving speeches in front of large crowds which might make this job a good fit for some of you.

This job will require some communication between some co-workers but not an overwhelming amount.

The pay for this job depends on if you fly a small private jet or big commercials airlines, so they pay scale is what you make of it!

Education wise, you will need a pilots license which takes a certain amount of flying training hours.

Which Job Should You Pick If You Prefer To Be Alone

It’s hard to pick a job where it requires zero interaction ever but the ones I listed above are good ones that require very few amount of actual interaction.

This is only my first run of this article so be prepared to see many more added to this list as I find/think of more which make for a great fit on here.