Pure Rawz SARMs Review 2019

SARMS Vendor

This is our review of Pure Rawz, a US-based company that produces and sells SARMs. In contrast to other companies that retail SARMs, Pure Rawz also sells ancillaries and cannabis-based products.

Recommended SARMs Vendor: Check out ProvenPeptides for purchasing SARMs. They provide 3rd party testing of their products & have a full lineup of SARMs available.

The following payment methods are accepted upon the confirmation of orders: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum (and other cryptocurrencies), Venmo, Google Pay, and PayPal.


They offer transdermics, stacks, and raw powders. Under transdermics, they have RAD-140/S-23, RU-58841, SR-9011, and SR9009 (Stenabolic). Under stacks they have Atlas (capsules, liquid, and tablets), Behemoth (capsules, liquid, and tablets) , and of course, their long lineup of raw, research powders: 6-Parclol, AC-262, AC-356, Adrafinil Powder, Agomelatin, Alpha-GPC, Alpha-GPC 50%, Andarine S4, Aniracetam, Cardarine GW 501516, Centrophenoxine, Citicoline/CDP Choline Sodium and Clomiphene.

The following research liquids are also for sale: 1-Andro, 4-Andro, AC-262/356, ACP-105, Adrafinil liquid, Aicar, AMP Citrate, Anastrozole, Andarine S4 and Armistane.

There is also a variety of SARMs and related compounds in capsule form: AICAR, Cardarine GW, Clomiphene, GW-D742, LGD-3303, LGD-4033, MK-677, and Ostarine MK-2866, PEA with Lavagen, Phenibut FAA, Phenibut HCL, RAD-140 Testolone, S-23, S4 Andarine, SR-9011, Stenabolic, and many more.

Pure Rawz is one of the more comprehensive sources of SARMs among US distributors, but then again it would be really up to the researchers to say which distributors are delivering in terms of purity and exactness in weight.

Ordering & shipping

All confirmed purchases (after payment) will be shipped out in two to six business days. Take not that this is counted in business days, and not calendar days. You will be receiving an email confirmation of your order once you have forwarded payment to Pure Rawz. In case you run across problems, simply email them at support@purerawz.com.

Once you receive your order, you have seven days to notify the company of any problems, so they can take appropriate action. This applies to appeals for refunds or replacements for products. Pure Rawz does not tolerate scammers, false chargebacks, and “testers.” In the event that you are judged as being any of these, you will automatically be put in the company’s “no sell” list.

With this in mind, the company assures its customers that 99% of issues with replacements/refunds are resolved, and you simply have to email or call them to fix any issues you may have, provided that you are not merely ‘testing’ their products. The products have to be returned to the company in a non-tampered state before they can process any refunds/replacements.

The company ships out orders Monday through Fridays, with the exception of holidays. Once your package has been shipped out, you will receive a tracking number and email, and you can track your package until it arrives on your doorstep. In case your order is over $80 in value, the shipping fee will be waived.

However, if your order is more than $150, the package will require a signature once it arrives.

If this is not tenable because you are not at home during daytime/regular delivery hours, simply let Pure Rawz know and they will do what they can so the package will be delivered with no signature. However, the company takes no responsibility if your package is tampered or lost if the value is =/<$150.

Pure Rawz is a US company and ships everywhere in the US and internationally, except in states where it’s not possible to ship pharmaceuticals like SARMs.

If you are having SARMs shipped to an international location makes sure that you have checked with local laws to avoid delays or problems with receiving the SARMs. The customer will also be responsible for dealing with customs and associated fees with receiving an international package.

International shipping can take anywhere from eight to seventeen days, on average. However, take note that international shipping can encounter a lot of delays, and it is possible that your package will take longer to arrive. Customs is usually the cause of big delays in international locations, so be aware of customs procedures and be ready to possibly fetch your package if needed be.

Upon checkout, the Pure Rawz website will ask for your phone number as a simple anti-fraud measure as banks in the US prefer additional details upon processing bank transfers and card payments. Don’t worry: Pure Rawz will not use this information for marketing purposes. By saving your information in your customer account on the website, you can save a bit of time later on when processing new orders.

Entropic Labs SARMs Review 2019

SARMS Vendor

A look at our review of Entropic Labs, a Utah-based manufacturer and distributor of SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators.

Recommended SARMs Vendor: Check out ProvenPeptides for purchasing SARMs. They provide 3rd party testing of their products & have a full lineup of SARMs available.

According to the company website, Entropic Labs is different from the competition because it brings to the table not just high quality SARMs for laboratory and research purposes, but unbeatable customer service.

Their primary aim is to bring the best possible products to the market, with a process that is made even easier. They also offer fast shipping for confirmed and paid orders, shipping out packages to customers in just one to two days after payment. This is a big contrast to some manufacturers/distributors that can take as long as three days before they can ship out orders.

Entropic Labs has a GMP-certified manufacturing facility, which ensures the quality and purity of the SARMs, so you won’t have to worry about that when buying the chemical compounds from them. Orders shipped out to customers from the US will arrive in their intended addresses in just five to seven days after confirmation of shipping from the manufacturer.

All SARMs are shipped out via USPS first class mail package, and all customers will receive their unique tracking numbers so they can take note of where their orders are in the delivery chain, up to the point when the box is ready for delivery by the USPS.

If you are from abroad (outside North America), unfortunately, you will not be able to order from Entropic Labs as they are not currently offering international shipping.

But then again, there’s a way around this: there are mailbox services from within North America that specialize in receiving orders from US companies and they would also be responsible for having these packages shipped out internationally. So this is one option that you can take if you really want to purchase from Entropic Labs.

Take note that Entropic Labs does not accept returns of potentially tampered products. What this means is that if you receive the package and sign for it, then it will be considered un-returnable. Is there a way to ask for a refund if you changed your mind or if you think you made a mistake with your order? There is. What you have to do is to reject the package once it is delivered by the USPS. If it never leaves the hands of the courier, then Entropic Labs might consider your appeal for a return and a possible refund.

You will have to coordinate with the company itself if this is the case for you to make sure that your case will be heard out. The reason for this policy makes sense: potentially tampered SARMs are unusable, so if there is even a small chance that it may have been opened, then there’s no way that the company will take it back.

Be sure to send back your proof of purchase to their return address. The company will then inspect the package and inform you if you are eligible to receive a refund. If they think the package has been tampered, then the refund appeal will be rejected and you will also be made aware of this.

Entropic Labs accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) and advises its customers that the charge on their credit card bills will appear under a different business name (not Entropic Labs).

The company advises to make sure that your billing address and shipping address are the same so there would be no confusion. This will ensure that your order will also arrive more quickly as they use higher fraud protection in their ordering system.

Currently the company manufactures and sells the following: S-23, MK-2866, LGD-4033, YK-11, S4, and RAD-140. SARMs are currently widely researched around the world because of their ability to increase lean muscles, bone density, and physical strength.

Many SARMs began as test drugs to combat wasting in cancer patients and other individuals who are suffering from muscle-wasting diseases that are chronic (acquired) or genetic in nature. Muscle wasting is extremely degenerative and terminal patients for one, require all the help that they need.

SARMs are also being researched for their potential human use in enhancing athletic performance which is why it is considered a highly experimental batch of drugs that are not yet fit for human consumption. None of the products being sold by Entropic Labs are for human consumption, nor should they be considered safe in any way for use by people. They are only for laboratory or research use.

SARMS Global Review 2019

SARMS Vendor

This is our review of SARMS Global, a Canadian distributor of SARMs compounds that can be used for research and laboratories.

Recommended SARMs Vendor: Check out ProvenPeptides for purchasing SARMs. They provide 3rd party testing of their products & have a full lineup of SARMs available.

According to the company, it is the most competitive when it comes to SARMs pricing online, and is helping increase the availability of SARMs research compounds in Canada and elsewhere. To purchase from the website, you have to enter your email and they will be emailing you with the money transfer details to complete your purchase.

Ordering SARMs

The company primarily accepts eTransfer from financial institutions. No credit card or Bitcoin will be accepted when ordering any chemicals from SARMS Global. Also take note that all purchases will be billed in CAD, and if you are using a different currency, the conversion will automatically take place to match the CAD foreign exchange rate against your local currency.

It’s easy to complete transfers to the company. You can send your eTransfer payment to sarmsglobal@gmail.com, using the password ‘sarmsglobal’ if this is required. The following details have to be filled up:

  • Recipient of eTransfer payment: sarmsglobal@gmail.com
  • Comment: the email address you used to register to the SARMS Global website
  • Security question: the answer to this would be the name of their website – SARMs Global
  • Security answer: sarmsglobal
  • Shipping location: Your address

Make sure that you fill up all the details so the company can confirm receipt of your payment.

Otherwise, they won’t be able to ship. The company levies a flat rate of $20 on all shipments, but if you are going to order more than 200 CAD, the shipping fee is waived. If you can confirm your order and pay for it before 5 PM, the travel time of the order will be within 24 to 48 hours only.

The online store currently sells the following products: Andarine capsules, Cardarine capsules, Ibutamoren capsules, Ligandrol capsules, Ostarine capsules, Testolone capsules, YK-11 capsules. They also offer these products in liquid form (vials).

As of this writing the purchase of SARMs in Canada is not illegal, though the website makes it explicitly clear that none of their products were designed for human consumption.

If you are ordering from an international location (not Canada), you have to make sure what your local laws say about the purchase and subsequent importation of chemical compounds like SARMs so you won’t come across any difficulties later on after paying for your SARMs.

Do You Need Prescriptions For SARMs?

This being said, if you are from Canada, you do not need any form of medical prescription to buy SARMs as they are not to be used by humans anywhere. However, if you are interested in laboratory work or scientific studies, then you can source them from this company.

Take note that if you are conducting any studies on SARMs, the company will ignore any requests for clinical or scientific information about SARMs as they relate to use in animals or humans.

The reason for this is the company does not want anyone getting the idea that they want people to consume the capsules or liquids as this would constitute misuse of the SARMs.

However, the company does state that the scientific effectiveness of powder capsule SARMs and liquid SARMs are equal or identical. So getting either would be a matter of personal preference, but you will get the same impact on your study.

Some fillers are added to the capsules to stabilize the contents, but the SARMs content itself has guaranteed high purity and no contamination. They are placed in sturdy bottles in packs of 60.

Why Study The Effects of SARMs?

SARMs are now being studied extensively because of the specificity of their effects on androgen receptors in the body. SARMs are being touted as a possible safer alternative to anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids have been linked to numerous health conditions such as adult acne, “roid rage,” breast tissue development in males, testicle shrinkage in males, and many more.

SARMs started out as experimental compounds for cancer patients and other patients who are suffering from bone and muscle wastage.

What makes them special is that SARMs seem to know what anabolic and androgenic are, which means they don’t cause the same type of side effects as anabolic steroids. While minor side effects have been observed, they are nowhere as severe or serious as what anabolic steroids have been known to cause.

Currently, SARMs are still banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency as they are sometimes used to enhance physical performance, build lean muscle mass, improve bone density and strength, and increase strength and stamina. The ability of SARMs to stimulate androgen receptors in muscle tissue and bone tissue are of primary contention with the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Sarms4You Review 2019

SARMS Vendor

A look at our review of sarms vendor Sarms4You.

Recommended SARMs Vendor: Check out ProvenPeptides for purchasing SARMs. They provide 3rd party testing of their products & have a full lineup of SARMs available.

Sarms4You is a European distributor and retailer of selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs.

According to the company website, Sarms4You is a one-stop destination for all things SARMs related, and you are guaranteed that you will not be getting underdosed and low quality products from there.

SARMs From Europe

Underdosing and contamination are big issues in the SARMs industry as some companies do not use third party laboratory testing to ensure the purity and potency of their products.

This can be a problem especially if you are using SARMs in the laboratory setting, as you can get false-positives or even outright wrong results if you are using impure or low dose SARMs.

According the company, their products go through rigid testing (not just one test to ensure purity), and they are screened heavily first before being sold. They ship worldwide and once you have confirmed and paid for your order, Sarms4You will ship out your order within 72 hours.

The company currently sells what is called the “Research Series SARMs” that are perfect for research and laboratory needs. You can order SARMs in convenient capsule form, or in raw powder form, which can then be placed in capsules or constituted or combined with water.

You can give the company a call any time if you have further inquiries as they have a 24-hour helpline with agents waiting for customers who have questions.

Sarms4You accepts the following payment methods: iDeal, Bancontact, credit card with 3D security requirement, Giropay, SOFORT Banking (just make sure that your bank supports SOFORT Baking before making a purchase), and the cryptocurrency Ethereum. If you have any additional questions on the availability of payment methods in your area, simply call Sarm4You’s helpline.


When you place an order for SARMs at the website, you will receive a confirmation email from them, with the status of your order as well as the receipt if you have made payment.

72 hours is the average maximum time before packages are shipped out to customers. It is possible that is some cases they will ship their goods out even faster, like within a day or two. Sarm4You ships from within Europe, but ships internationally to different countries.

Take note that customs duties as well as making sure that it is legal to import or purchase SARMs fall under the responsibility of the customer. If you are unsure about the local policies about purchasing items like SARMs in your country, it would be best to find out first before placing an order.

After the shipment of your package, you can perform a trace of it to find out at what phase it is in, in the delivery process. International orders require a few more steps before delivery as it will cross international borders and will be examined by customs bureaus at each stop.


In addition to SARMs you can also purchase associated products from Sarms4You’s online store, like the Gemini 20 Milligram Scale, Micro Scoop, and Syringes. Available raw SARM powders in their store include Cardarine, Ligandrol, Ibutamoren, Ostarine, Testolone, S-23, Andarine, RAD-140, SR-9009, YK-11, and ACP-105.

People are lining up to purchases SARMs for research purposes because these compounds provide something that anabolic steroids have never been able to give: produce positive effects on the physical structures of the body minus the side effects.

Why research SARMs?

Androgenic effects of anabolic steroids have been known to cause abnormal tissue growths and a host of other problems in test subjects. SARMs on the other hand, have been shown to cause positive effects in animal tissue by amplifying certain gene expressions.

While SARMs do have some side effects such as the suppression of hormones, these side effects are nowhere near the side effects of anabolic steroids. We’re talking about two completely different set of side effects, with anabolic steroids bringing much of the harm to the human body.

In laboratory settings, SARMs can be ‘stacked’ or combined to create different effects on animal tissues. Common combinations or stacks include Testolone and S-23, and Testolone and Ligandrol.

The stacking will depend largely on the aim of the research, as each SARM has a specific observe effect on living tissues. Some SARMs are more specialized in the sense that they focus on amplifying the growth of bone density, which is great for people who are suffering from osteoporosis.

SARMsPharm Review 2019

SARMS Vendor

This is our review of SARMsPharm, a US-based company that produces SARMs for laboratory and research purposes.

Recommended SARMs Vendor: Check out ProvenPeptides for purchasing SARMs. They provide 3rd party testing of their products & have a full lineup of SARMs available.

Its claim is that it is the USA’s number one SARMs supplier, and they manufacture and distribute high quality selective androgen receptor modulators, which have been proven to increase muscle mass/density and bone density in-vitro in animal trials and some human trials.

SARMsPharm provides laboratory reports with each order, which guarantees that consumers are getting the best quality SARMs no matter how big or small their orders may be. The SARMs industry continues to improve every year, and the number of SARMs that have different effects in animal testing and other laboratory conditions.

What are SARMs?

SARMs are chemical compounds that have been observed to have anabolic effects on living tissue, such as those on animals and humans, but have not been approved for human consumption and thus, can only be used specifically for laboratory research.

What makes SARMs unique is that they produce similar effects to androgenic substances like synthetic testosterone but have reduced or lowered androgenic after-effects. This means technically, the negative side effects associated with the regular consumption of anabolic steroids are swept away as SARMs are a completely different class of compounds.

Within the body, SARMs act as ligands that allow specific genetic expressions to take place.

Think of them as switches that amplify cellular repair, growth, and expansion – and you have all these effects minus the negative effects associated with anabolic steroids, which can be severe. The regular use of anabolic steroids has been associated with a variety of maladies, including enlarged organs (like the liver) and the growth of cysts on formerly healthy tissues.

From a research standpoint SARMs are being developed as a safer alternative to the anabolic steroids, for obvious reasons. While anabolic steroids ‘can deliver’ the results especially to professional bodybuilders and other athletes, it is undeniable that certain androgenic effects will take a toll on the body.

Benefits of SARMs

Researchers are investigating whether SARMs can be useful not just for enhancing athletic capability and improving physique, but also to aid medical conditions such as muscle wasting diseases and the need for hormone replacement (HRT).

Muscle wasting typically occurs in certain genetic conditions and in people suffering from cancer. Muscle wastage is one of the hallmark signs of advanced stage cancer, and from the data that we have, SARMs seem to be able to increase muscle mass and bone density in patients with cancer.

This is a huge victory medically, because cancer patients are immunologically compromised, have limited mobility and also often encounter problems with eating. Other advantages of SARMs include increase the burning of fat, amplification of lean muscle tissue, and improving recovery after athletic performance.

The company ships orders within one business day and provides free shipping to orders that exceed $100. Consumers received third party laboratory results with their orders, to guarantee that they are only getting the highest quality SARMs. The company is also backed by highly trained and knowledgeable customer service staff.

SARMsPharm sells a variety of selective androgen receptor modulators, including Cardarine, Ligandrol, and Andarine. These products come in both liquid and powder form, depending on the needs of the purchasers.

Raw powder SARMs are often reconstituted before being used in laboratory settings. According to the company, their goal is the provide the highest quality SARMs so they have their products tested with GC/MS and HPLC, to ensure that the highest level of purity is found in all products.

All orders that are confirmed and paid from Monday to Friday before 2 PM MST are shipped within the same day. If you are a retailer yourself and require bulk orders, expect your bulk order to be processed within 24 hours after confirmation and payment.

All orders are packaged discreetly, and as we’ve mentioned earlier, all orders above $100 will be shipped out free. Packages are shipped out to US territories including Guam and Puerto Rico via USPS First Class and usually arrive within three to five business days upon shipment.

This shipping and timeframe applies to orders that are under $100. If your order is above $100, your package will be shipped out via USPS Priority and will arrive two to three days after being shipped out. Usually this applies to order of more than two bottles of SARMs at a time.

Currently, SARMsPharm offers the following products:

  • Andarine powder
  • Cardarine powder – GW-501516
  • Ligandrol (Anabolicum) powder – LGD-4033
  • Ibutamoren powder – MK-677
  • Testolone powder – RAD-140
  • Stenabolic powder – SR-9009
  • YK-11 powder

The powders cost anywhere between $47.99 to $64.99. The company currently accepts Zelle payments, which covers Bank of America, Chase, Citi, US Bank, Wells Fargo, and more.

Best SARMs For Gaining Muscle Mass When Bulking 2019

SARMS Vendor

As the year closes, we’re rounding up the best SARMs for gaining muscle mass when bulking. We’ll take a look at each SARM and highlight its unique aspects, as well as known effects on the body.

SARMs have been revolutionizing bodybuilding and athleticism for more than a decade now, and there seems to be no stopping SARMs from enhancing the performance of athletes.

The capacity of SARMs to selectively activate bone and muscle tissues for increased growth, stability and retention of physical gains has made it a heaven-send for people with metabolic conditions, as well as other health conditions that cause bone density and lean muscle problems.

Where To Buy These


If you’re looking for a reputable SARMs dealer, we recommend ProvenPeptides

Disclaimer: We are not recommending any of these products, yet simply reviewing the products based on our research. SARMS are sold for research purposes only & is not approved for human use or consumption! Please do your own research before making any decisions related to these products.

Andarine S4 

Considered a classic SARM, S4 Andarine is part of the first wave or generation of selective androgen receptor modulators, and is usually where bodybuilders begin with their stacking, in an effort to cut fat and build muscle mass.

Bodybuilders report that Andarine S4 is especially effective in breaking the concrete ceiling of the dreaded plateau, which is a real threat to both amateur and professional bodybuilders who wish to gain more muscle mass, but suffer from plateaus that either add fat or cut previously gained mass.

In addition to better muscle mass, it has also been reported that Andarine S4 stimulates spermatogenesis or the production of healthy sperm cells. This impact has a chain effect that can also potentially improve the sexual drive of the bodybuilder.

Ligandrol LGD-4033

Ligandrol LGD-4033 which is also called Anabolicum, is touted as the closest compound that you can get to synthetic testosterone, while staying completely in its lane as a SARM.

Bodybuilders are especially keen on Ligandrol because of its ability to increase muscle mass in a shorter period of time. Parallel to muscle growth are notable gains in raw strength, which definitely help the bodybuilder improve his performance in the gym.

Ligandrol has also been observed to cut water retention completely, which makes it easier to achieve the venous, dry look that is perfect for in-season bodybuilding efforts.

Cardarine GW-501516

When it’s energy efficiency that the bodybuilder is after, Cardarine or GW-501516 floats to the top as a prime SARM.

Armed with its natural affinity for the muscles and bones, Cardarine GW can help a bodybuilder make long-term gains by influencing genetic expression and by improving how the body routes and releases fat tissues for energy.

Priming the body to burn fat instead of just glucose is complicated, and Cardarine GW simplifies the process by tapping into a person’s fat reserves directly via the genetic expression route.

Ostarine MK-2866

Another foundational SARM that has been doing the rounds for years, MK-2866 or Ostarine is almost always present in cutting stacks for two reasons: it helps metabolize fat while building lean muscle mass, and it also helps protect the joints form damage.

Joint-protective SARMs are an added bonus to any cutting stack, and helps body builders reduce pain and the risk of debilitating injuries during the most crucial phase of preparing for in-season physicality.

Low dosing of Ostarine is common even in professional bodybuilders and users have been known to experience gains with doses as low as 25 mg/daily.

Testolone RAD140

RAD-140 or Testolone is a SARM that was originally designed as an adjunct treatment for breast cancer, because one of its effects is that it is able to halt the extreme division of cancer cells.

However, it also has additional effects that caught the attention of bodybuilders and athletes. Testolone helps build mass and also helps prevent muscle waste.

Muscle wastage occurs when lean muscle mass ‘wastes away’ or is depleted for one reason or another. Muscle wasting is common in cancer patients, which is why this SARM was likely meant to be a holistic response to specific types of cancer, that in the process of halting the cell division of cancer cells, it was also meant to protect the body of the cancer patient, by helping maintain a certain level of bone density and lean muscle mass.

Now transpose all these effects to a bodybuilder’s circumstances and anyone can see easily how Testolone can help improve a bodybuilder’s outlook during the bulking phase.

Maintenance of muscle mass when a bodybuilder has gained so much after the cutting phase is important; otherwise the body will be using its own protein stores from its muscles to fuel the body. In this situation, Testolone can help shield current gains from being ‘cannibalized’ by the body.