Best Men’s Facial Hair Care Grooming Products 2020

Within this post we’re going to cover the best men’s products to use for grooming facial hair.

Different Types of Products Men Can Use to Groom/Style Their Beard

We all know that beards rock – but when was the last time you took the time to pay attention to how your beard really looked?

Have you ever tried to groom and style it to make it more striking and pleasing to the eyes?

If your answer is “no, I haven’t thought of that at all!” then today’s discussion is just perfect for you.

We’re going to share some insights on the best beard/mustache tools and products you can find out there in the market, so you can start collecting the essentials for beard care. Let’s go!

The Tools

Beard Comb

The classic beard comb has shorter teeth than regular hair combs and is usually made of high grade plastic, wood or steel.

The individual teeth of beard combs are also wider and more tapered, designed to untangle naturally unruly facial hair.

Plastic beard combs are perfect if you want something lightweight that’s easy to put in your back pocket. Wooden and steel combs are heftier and often come with carrying cases.

You can produce good results with any type of material; the difference is purely aesthetic, unless the comb is equipped with add-ons (like a bottle opener) or a better grip (wooden grip on a steel comb).

Buy a beard comb that is most convenient to you.

For example, if you like touching up your beard in the middle of the workday then a folding beard comb with a durable, built-in case is more suitable because it will generally be more durable than plain plastic beard combs.

Beard Scissors

Beard/mustache scissors are a must if you have a luxuriant growth and would like to maintain it by trimming it a few times a month.

Instead of using a plain razor, use scissors so you have more control of the trimming process. To save on cash, try finding a scissor-and-comb combo that comes with a free pouch or carrying case.

Beard Trimmer

While a regular hair clipper can be used to remove large sections of beard or mustache, a beard trimmer is necessary if you want to get a smooth shave.

The steel comb of beard trimmers are spaced more closely, to latch on to facial hair more quickly. Hair clippers are designed to handle long strands of hair.

Only a small percentage of the bearded population has facial hair that exceeds a few centimeters.

Buy a beard trimmer if you have a thick beard that you occasionally shave clean. If not, you’re going to fare better with a pair of beard/mustache scissors.

Beard Brush And Apron

Why spend swathes of dollars having your beard shaved off professionally?

If you already have a beard trimmer or beard scissors at home, all you need to feel professionally clean after clearing your facial hair is a beard brush and a special apron to catch your facial hair after a reduction.

Is A Beard Brush Really Necessary?

Well, you can cut your facial hair without it but you definitely need a brush if you’re trimming a sizeable growth.

The brush will take care of ‘stragglers’ or bits of hair that get stuck on the cheeks and chin. Add a bit of baby powder to a beard brush and you’ll freshen up instantly after a shave.

It all boils down to convenience and comfort, really.

Another type of beard brush that’s excellent for styling too is the horse hair beard brush.

This beard brush is wide as it is long and is designed to condition your beard and make it shinier by distributing natural oils from the skin.

It can also be used to remove straggling hairs after a shave.

Grooming And Styling Beard Products

Taking care of your beard requires more than just washing it with shampoo. Get a lowdown of our top picks for your glorious beard:

Beard Softener

A beard softener prevents facial hair from drying out.

Much like your regular conditioner, beard softeners lock in natural oils and moisture, which makes your beard easier to style, trim and manage in the long term.

Beard softeners come in small plastic tubs that would look awesome in your bathroom, too!

Beard Fragrance

Yes, there are fragrances for beards. A touch of beard fragrance can help you smell fresh all day. No one likes walking around with the sweaty beard scent, right?

If you smoke, you need this to counteract the smell of burnt tobacco.

Beard Oil

Beard oils moisturize both facial hair and the skin.

If you don’t want to buy other creams and fragrances for your beard, then at least buy a small quantity of beard oil to keep your facial hair in tiptop condition.

Apply beard oil before styling your beard and you’ll get better results because oil prevents hair from sticking out in odd angles.

Beard Grower

Beard growers are formulated with hair follicle stimulants.

Their job is to stimulate hair growth in bald areas of the chin or any other region of the face that has bald patches.

Nearly everyone has at least one small bald patch. Even out the beard landscape with a beard grower!

Beard Wax

Like hair wax/clays, the beard wax was formulated to hold beards in place after they’ve been styled. Use only a small quantity at first to see how it reacts with your beard.

Not all beards are the same – some respond poorly to styling agents. Also, using too much wax can make your beard look stiff – something that we generally don’t want to happen!

There are two types of beard waxes – synthetic ones and all-organic waxes. All-organic waxes have a beeswax and oil base. We recommend organic beard waxes for men with sensitive skin.

While it’s true that synthetic waxes also make use of some organic ingredients, it’s best to stick to all natural wax if your skin easily develops a weal when a new grooming product is introduced.

The End Is Near…

Hope this article helped you learn about the different types of products you can use on your facial hair.