Best Jobs For People Who Are Shy, Quiet & Introverts

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Finding a job or career has already become somewhat of a challenge these days but finding one with a shy, quiet or introverted personality makes it that much harder to find one that actually fits with who you are.

Sure, you can always push yourself to try to be as social as possible just so that you can succeed in a certain job but it’s mentally exhausting and in return you will most likely come to loathe having to go into work everyday.

This is why I suggest going after a job that doesn’t force you to be a complete opposite of yourself during the work hours. As an example of what I mean if talking to random people makes you nervous then don’t go into sales or telemarketing, shoot for something where you can do something like shipping or receiving.

I have put together a list of jobs that should work well for those that don’t have an easy time with being social at work, this list is in no specific order.

Working In Shipping Or Receiving

For the most part there isn’t much in terms of needed interaction here depending on the actual company you work for but usually it’s either unloading trucks, boxes or packing up boxes and shipping them out.

A great perk of this job is you might get to listen to music or podcasts while you work if you have a cool boss.

The pay scale ranges from low to mid while usually only needing a high school diploma or GED for educational requirements.

Being A Graphic Designer

Working from home, hardly ever having to actually speak to a client can be a introverts dream job which makes becoming a graphic designer a good fit.

The pay scale is really just up to how good/fast you work with how many clients available.

The education requirement can be non existent to needing a higher level college degree depending on if you work for yourself or a company.

Medical Laboratory Technicians

This jobs deals with working a lot with medical instruments and running certain diagnostics on blood, fluid etc..

There is some communication involved with other co-workers but very little compared to other related medical jobs such as nurses.

The pay starts off pretty good in the low-mid range with you needing at least a specific associates (2 year) degree.

Working As A Writer Or Blogger

The good thing about being a writer/blogger is that the only interaction you will ever really need to do is through emails. There should not be much need for any actual talking between you and clients.

Depending on if you work for a company or self employed the educational requirement can go from very low to high.

Money wise can be a toss up because some make enough for a full time job while others make just enough for beer money.

Network Engineer Or IT (Information Technology)

It’s no secret that a lot of really smart computer people tend to be a bit more introvert than other professions. They enjoy looking at code and software more than shaking hands with a customer.

I totally get that and it makes working in computer networking or any real IT job except for (IT helpdesk) a great job for those who have an interest in computers/technology and not so much of an interest in people per say.

Educational requirements are a bit difference in this field as actual previous experience weighs more than a college degree but there is also certifications that can also help with getting a job.

The money can be average to some of the highest paid jobs in the country depending on your knowledge.

Driving Trucks For A Living

Being a truck driver can be a great job overall in terms of pay & job security.

What appeals to most people for this job is no boss to report to everyday (somewhat) and very limited social interaction is needed for this job.

Education needed is getting your cdl which most seem to get through truck driving school. There is loads of money to be made in this line of work.

Night Shift Inventory/Stocking

This job would be putting up new inventory every night for bigger stores like lowes or home depot.

The good part about this position is that the stores are most likely closed so no customer interaction and you (usually) get paid more for being a night shift worker.

Education requirement is low with only needing a GED or high school diploma.

Animal Control

This may not be the safest or glorious position but it (usually) comes with benefits and OK pay.

Some people skills will be required to talk with a dispatcher and residents.

Education wise usually a GED or high school diploma is the only thing required (may vary per state/city)

Video Editor

Becoming a video editor can be a great field for anyone interested in computers/technology.

Education level needed is a bachelors degree and the pay falls in the above average range.

Depending on the exact position some social interaction will be required more than some.

Being A Pilot

Flying a plane is a scary job in my opinion but no where near as frightening as giving speeches in front of large crowds which might make this job a good fit for some of you.

This job will require some communication between some co-workers but not an overwhelming amount.

The pay for this job depends on if you fly a small private jet or big commercials airlines, so they pay scale is what you make of it!

Education wise, you will need a pilots license which takes a certain amount of flying training hours.

Which Job Should You Pick If You Prefer To Be Alone

It’s hard to pick a job where it requires zero interaction ever but the ones I listed above are good ones that require very few amount of actual interaction.

This is only my first run of this article so be prepared to see many more added to this list as I find/think of more which make for a great fit on here.

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