Best Leather Laptop Messenger Satchel Tote Bags For Men

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Trying to find the best Leather Laptop Messenger Bags for us men is not the easiest of tasks.

For one finding a local store that carries a good selection can be somewhat difficult depending on where you live.

Other reasons can be little things such as does it provide enough room, do you like the feel of the leather and things of that nature.

After doing tons of back & forth research when shopping for one I decided to help out others by putting out an article of the ones I liked the best.

Kattee Men’s Leather Satchel Briefcase


  • Genuine Cow Leather
  • Great Leather/Brass Handle On Top
  • Can store up to a 16” Laptop In Main Compartment
  • Has A Back Exterior Area With Zipper For Ipad/Tablet
  • Has A Good Professional Yet Stylish Look To It

My top pick goes to Kattee Men’s Leather Satchel Briefcase. It has everything most people would need, with an adequate amount of store space for everything from your digital items to notebooks/textbooks.

My favorite feature is the looks because it can work great for a very professional situation such as court or something simpler such as using it for college. Overall I highly recommend this as a great carrying case.

Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Messenger Satchel


  • Rustic Look Leather
  • Main Compartment Can Hold Up To 16 Inch Laptop
  • Great Inner Layout For An Organization
  • Shoulder Strap Is Adjustable & Removable

The Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Messenger Satchel is my runner up pick and boy was it hard to pick between those two as which would be my top choice.

They have a very similar look/style to them from the layout to the types of straps used. The only reason it didn’t make it as my top is because I liked the handle better on the Kattee as well as the feel of the leather but I also paid more for it.

So if price is an issue but you still want something very similar to the first one then this is your next best option because it’s a great satchel bag.

Texbo Genuine Leather Men’s Briefcase Messenger Tote Bag


  • High Quality Thick Top Cowhide Leather
  • Multi-Use For Briefcase, Shoulder Bag, Or Messenger Bag
  • Comes In A Light & Dark Brown Color
  • Main Area Has Padding For Laptops
  • Can Fit Up To 17 Inch Laptops

The Texbo Genuine Leather Men’s Briefcase Messenger Tote Bag is a bit different from the previous ones mentioned. Rather than a flip over top it has a straight zipper open slot which some people prefer over the other.

I really like that it has a padded area around where you put your laptops, it puts my mind at ease if anything else in case I drop it. Rather than having more separated compartments like the previous bags mentioned this one has a more main area where you can store most of your stuff in one area but it does still have compartments for things such as your phone/wallet/pens, stuff of that nature.

The only reason I actually didn’t list this one as my favorite is because of the color. The Dark brown was a bit too dark for me and the light brown was to light which made it look somewhat feminine to me.

Other than the color I honestly can’t find anything I dislike about this bag, an excellent choice for those who like the colors.

Langforth Laptop Canvas Messenger Satchel Bag


  • Rugged Yet Smooth Leather
  • 2 Color Tone Of The Bag
  • Can Hold Up To A 15.6-inch laptop
  • Easy Reach Pockets On Back and Inside

The Langforth Laptop Canvas Messenger Satchel Bag is one of the more unique leather bags I’ve seen with the entire bag not being the one color. I do like the uniqueness to its overall look with it still retaining a professional approach.

The two big pockets on the front make it very convenient for easy to reach items such as your cell phone or possible your wallet. Besides the looks it seems that it was made with quality in mind or at least it sure feels that way. I think this bag is perfect for those who don’t want a 100% pure looking leather bag but still some.

Komal’s Passion Leather Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag


  • Fits Laptops Up To 17 Inches
  • Great Worn In Leather Look
  • Good Inner Pocket Layout
  • Used For Both Professional & Casual Use

Closing up our best of list we have Komal’s Passion Leather Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag. This bag has a more old school vintage look to it compared to the others which a lot of people are going for style wise here lately.

This bag has a much more simply look to it without as many pocket areas. If you have a laptop that is to big for the previously mentioned bags then you should look into this one as it is allows for the biggest available laptop to fit inside of it.

I get a writer vibe from this bag like an entrepreneur traveling writer which is my own personal feel I get from it.

How To Choose Which Bag?

This depends on what all you need it for, if you have specific requirements like a specific laptop size or a certain amount of needed pockets then I would start you a check list and then go from there.

If all of these bags mentioned have everything you need and you’re still up in the air on which one to buy then I would go into the judging by how you think it will look on you.

Other than that if there are specific questions you’re looking for on the bags then you can look at the sellers page to see if they might have received previous questions to see if they possibly might have already answered it there or you could always ask them yourself.

Wrapping up this article I believe if you go with any bag on this list then you would be satisfied so hopefully my top list didn’t let you down!

For a different style of laptop bag look at our tactical backpack list.

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