Find A Date: Where Is The Best Places To Meet Single Women

Chatting up a pretty girl can already be a difficult task for most guys but something that makes it even harder is finding them to even begin with.

This Is why I decided to write this article to discuss the best places to meet single women. I realize online dating sites have become the major trend here lately but I think so many people are burnt out on them, guys and girls included.

For this article we’re going to focus mainly on actual physical places (not bars or clubs) to meet women as opposed to logging into all of these different dating sites or the new dating app.

Just forget they even exist, at least for the sake of this article.

Meeting Women At The Dog Park

My absolute favorite spot is the dog park for many reasons. First women love dogs and the ones that bring them to the dog park are usually good looking.

A major perk of meeting women at the dog park is it that it’s super easy to strike up a conversation with them which is half of the battle. Just compliment their dog or ask what breed it is.

This can get a conversation rolling and a lot of times the ladies will actually come up to you (not necessarily to meet you but to pet your dog).

I suggest that you actually bring a dog with you, not just go there to try to pick up girls.

The dog park is great but what makes it great is actually having your dog with you (he or she) is your best wing man so don’t leave them at home!

Meeting Women At The Grocery Store

I’d say there is at least one good looking girl in the grocery store in every time I go, sometimes it’s an employee but most of the time it being another customer.

A great thing about meeting them at the grocery store is that you can get within conversation distance easily without looking like you’re actually trying to hit on them.

Just pretend you’re shopping for something in the same isle that they’re in unless they’re buying female products which will probably just make it obvious to them what you’re doing.

Games & Practice

This one requires you to have a either a kid, niece, nephew or maybe a god-kid. Being at your kids practice (assuming your single) is a great way to chat up moms who are also single.

The best part about this is usually all parents get in a text messaging group with each other to be updated with whats going on practice/game wise.

I don’t recommend texting one you’re interested in until they actually show some interest in you and until you know they’re single.

This could make for a very long season if you don’t.

Getting Dates At Work

First off I do NOT recommend dating co workers for many reasons in which I’ll cover in an article just for that topic.

However if you work with the public or meet with different clients here and there then this could be a good way to get your foot in the door with potential dates.

I would recommend walking a line of caution here because “sexual harassment” is very serious in the workplace and many people interpret things in different ways or at least that’s what they’ll tell HR anyways so be very careful here.

Also what happens if you make a move on a co-worker and she rejects you? You have to deal with seeing her however often which usually means awkward occasions from that moment on. Just food for thought.

Picking Up Women At The Gym

There are many good reasons that make picking up a date from a girl at your gym a smart choice and also a lot of bad ones. I will list both and let you decide if the pros out way the cons here.

The Pros

  • Getting A Good Pump Can Make You Look Better
  • The Gym Allows The Women To Start Conversations (What Does This Do?)
  • Large Amount Of Potential Candidates
  • Allows You To Show Off Without Showing Off

The Cons

  • More Competition Between Other Males
  • Rejection Can Lead To Future Awkward Encounters

On second thought I don’t think the gym is a good place for picking up women.

Meeting Ladies At Clothing Stores

I know most men don’t go shopping for clothes no where near the amount of time that women do but you can use that to your advantage.

There are so many potential opening liners that don’t come off as you trying to pick them up but just generally wanting their advice.

Throw out some questions like, “Which shirt looks better?” or “Can You Tell Me Which Of These Colognes Smells Better To You?”

Women realize that men generally do not know as much about style and whats matches so playing dumb on certain things can help you get a foot in the door with some conversations.

Look For Dates In Places That Match You’re Interests

This may seem like common sense but most men overlook it, they usually just try to go where there is the most good looking women available as there “hunting grounds”.

The problem with this is your may not have anything in common with her or end up having to pretend to be so that the date doesn’t come off as super awkward.

For example if you hate dogs don’t go to the dog park trying to pick up women or but maybe you’re a big gamer then maybe look for local gaming conventions.

This is if you’re actually trying to start up a relationship, if you’re just trying to get laid then all of what I just said is off of the table. I’ll end this article with this final thought.

It’s hard for someone who knows nothing about you, your hobbies or personality to tell you where the best place to find women is because well it’s a big shot in the dark.

The places I listed above are really just common places not directed to any sort of type of people but hopefully one of those might help you out or at least get your brain rolling to come up with other potential spots that you may have been overlooking.