Best Quality Mens Belts For Dress Pants & Casual Jeans

Take a look at our top picks for the best mens belts for casual & dress wear in this featured article.

Most men do not put enough thought into the actual full attire when getting dressed or when buying clothes for that matter. We usually focus on the main things like does it fit and do we like the color.

The little things usually don’t cross our minds until someone mentions something about that not matching or that color doesn’t go with that color, these comments usually come from a female who are much better at these sorts of things.

mens trousers The main issue with this is that a lot of men don’t take into consideration how the little things like does a belt fit with what their wearing.

Myself for example only had 1 belt for many years and I wore that with everything; jeans, dress pants, shorts you name it if I needed a belt I would be using ole faithful.

This drove my girlfriends crazy and I never understood why until I actually started to pay attention to the little things in how I look. This is why I decided to put together an article on the best belts for us guys.

Top Dress Wear Belts For Guys

Nautica Feathered Edge

The Nautica Feathered Edge Belt comes in as my top pick for dress belts for numerous reasons. The overall crafting quality is top of the line and you will notice that as soon as you lay your hands on it. This belt gives off a sleek professional look with the nautical symbol adding a subtle yet stylish bonus to it.

It comes in 3 main colors with which I only see most people ever using two of them. They have a cognac (light brown) one that is my favorite and a dark brown version which gives off a more professional look. The downside is they don’t have a black color in this belt (as far as I know) which is a bummer because I wish they would replace the navy blue belt with a black one.

Marino’s Men Genuine Leather Dress Belt

The Marino’s Men Genuine Leather Dress Belt is your more traditional looking belt with no extra flair or symbols added anywhere. This belts perks are in the quality build of it which most men seem to forget about by just going for whatever stands out looks wise.

It comes in two colors with brown & black with both having the same silver buckle on them. The black version is my go to belt for when I wear my black dress plants. My only suggestion is if you’re unsure of which size to go for then round-up for where you’re thinking because they run a tad bit small.

Geoffrey Beene Men’s 32mm Feather-Edge Dress Belt

The Geoffrey Beene Men’s 32mm Feather-Edge Dress Belt is like that cool guy standing in the corner type of belt. Nothing trying to really grab anyone’s attention but with the sleek leather look and the metallic belt buckle it provides a nice look to fly under the radar it just might grab a few double take looks.

Geoffrey Beene has a reputation for great quality items so I expected nothing less when I got this belt.

Kenneth Cole Men’s 32mm Dress Reversible Belt

We finish up the top dress belt list with the Kenneth Cole Men’s 32mm Dress Reversible Belt. This belt is reversible as the name gives away with one side being black and other being brown. What really grabbed my attention about this belt over others is the color of brown on it.

If you noticed on the brown side it has a good looking brown color with shaded black around it when makes it look like one of the best brown colors belts I’ve ever seen. The buckle has a very professional look to it with the KC at the end providing a great finishing touch to this belt.

Top Casual Wear Belts For Guys

Quiksilver Men’s Edge Type Ii Belt

The Quiksilver Men’s Edge Type Ii Belt has a great worn in type of leathery look to it which goes great with just about any style of jeans out there. If you’re looking for a good leather belt without the professional look that comes from the dressy type of belt styles then I highly recommend this belt.

O’Neill Men’s Lockdown Scout Belt

The O’Neill Men’s Lockdown Scout Belt is the first non-leather belt to make our list. This belt is made of 100% cotton and comes in black color.

The actually belt isn’t much to marvel at by itself but when added in with the buckle with the O’Neill logo and the metal branded tip it makes this belt one of the top cotton belts I’ve come across.

Volcom – Mens Redux Pu Belt

I might catch some flak for adding this one onto my top list but there is something about the look of it that I like and others as well since I’ve gotten compliments while wearing it. The Volcom – Mens Redux Pu Belt comes in two different colors with white/black which is the main reason I like this belt.

I think every man should have a white belt to go with outfits where he has black pants on to help match up with if he is wearing a white shirt. However I don’t like ALL white colored belts it needs to have an offsetting color in it or even possible a black belt with white being the offsetting color. This is why this belt works so well with many outfits.

Xhtang Men’s Fashion D-Ring Buckle Sturdy Canvas Belt

The Xhtang Men’s Fashion D-Ring Buckle Sturdy Canvas belt has the d-ring buckle which is not something you see very often anymore.

These come in 5 colors with only 2 being ones I wear, those being the the black/grey version and my favorite the blue/tan version.

I really like the offsetting colors and for such a cheap belt the buckle actually looks pretty awesome.

How To Pick Out A Good Belt

Belts need to go with your clothing style obviously. By that I mean don’t be some skinny jean wearing hipster sporting a cowboy buckle belt, use common sense.

Next is belts can last you a lifetime as long as you don’t lose them or your dog gets a hold of it so don’t feel bad about spending some money on one.