Best Smelling Body Shower Wash For Men 2019

In this article we’ll be taking a look at my picks for the best smelling & cleaning body wash products for men.

Before I begin with the list I’ll let you know how I judged the products.

The ingredients were a strong focus of mine because I’m not a fan of chemicals that some of these companies throw in their washing products that can jack up our skin over time, not trying to be a hippie here I just am careful with what I put on my body. After that I had smell as another strong factor followed by its cleaning result.

RUGGED & DAPPER Power Body Wash + Shampoo For Men

The RUGGED & DAPPER Power Body Wash + Shampoo For Men earns my top pick for many reasons. First off I really like their natural based ingredient profile, huge thumbs up here on that.

Next they nailed it with the smell here; it has a great manly cleanliness aroma to it. The best part here is it’s not an overwhelming scent which is perfect because I wear cologne a lot so having two different smells doesn’t always work so well together plus makes for a bad headache sometimes.

However when I’m using this without cologne I always get compliments from my girlfriends when they hug me saying about loving my cologne smell.

Now don’t let the natural ingredient profile make you think that it’s weak in the cleaning department. It does a great job of leaving my skin refreshed and feeling clean.

I don’t use this as a shampoo just because I like the shampoo I use so I can’t comment on that but that just means I get more out of it as a body wash!

Bath & Body Works Midnight for Men

My second place pick goes to Bath & Body Works Midnight for Men.

Just reading the description on this made me eager to try it I mean just read this and tell me it doesn’t want to make you try it.“The fresh sexiness of Bergamot Spice and Blue Sage meets the warm masculinity of Leather Woods, with a final rush of One final rush of intoxicating Caramel Liqueur”.

So you’re thinking so what, they’re good at marketing but is it actually worth buying? A big ole yes on if you should buy it. From the outstanding smell to the very fresh feeling it gives after stepping out of the shower I cannot speak highly enough of this body wash.

Again I don’t use it as a shampoo so can’t comment on it in that department.

Chiefs Sandalwood Men’s Body Wash

Coming in at #3 is Chiefs Sandalwood Men’s Body Wash. I actually received this as a gift from my sister some months back. I was very surprised by this body wash because when reading the name and looking at the bottle I immediately started thinking that this body wash is was going to be a dull smell or something of that nature.

This is why you never judge something by its cover because this quickly became one of my favorite body washes with a great non fruity type of smell to it which makes it perfect for us guys.

I also really like the natural based ingredients and that it’s made in the USA.

Dial Magnetic Body Wash For Men

The Dial Magnetic Body Wash For Men is a more common known product compared to the others on our list. Dial is known for its soaps and cleaning products so you can pretty much guess that it does well in that department.

As for the smell it has one of the best smelling scents of the body washes I’ve used but the smell doesn’t last all day which was the only problem for me. After first using it I’ve been told it has a really noticeable smell to it almost to where you could mistake it for cologne but towards the middle of the day it tends to drop off.

I like to use this if I’m going to be in a crowded area like a movie theater to where I don’t want bombard everyone near me with my cologne but I still want that good looking girl one row down to still be able to notice that smell when I walk by.

This is a great body wash and chicks dig the smell of it.

Dove Men+Care Body Wash Clean Comfort

Our final body wash to make the list is the Dove Men+Care Body Wash Clean Comfort. Many of my buddies use this so I know it’s a popular choice among-st guys and understandably so.

It gives off a good clean smell and does a heck of a job for cleaning. My favorite thing about this is it does wonder for moisturizing the skin so if you have issues with dry skin then I would suggest using this to help out your skin issues.

Dove Men has a few different scents for their body washes in which I’ve tried this one and the extra fresh version in which I really enjoyed both.

How To Know Which Body Wash To Choose?

Choosing the right body wash is a lot like choosing a good cologne, one that works the best for one person might not be for the other.

Overall first off I would obviously aim for a smell that not only you enjoy but others around you will as well, don’t be that guy with the weird smell to you that everyone hates but you like it so you make everyone else deal with it.

After that I suggest looking at the how well it cleans which is hard to do without actually having and using it. I suggest read reviews similar to mine and ones on amazon to maybe get a good idea of what your about to purchase so hopefully you don’t waste money on something that you won’t like.

I would say that picking any of the 5 on this list would be a solid pick that you’d like but I can’t because everyone is different but these are the one that I personally enjoy using.