How To Apply Cologne: Where To Spray & How Much To Wear

Most men these days prefer wearing cologne. Unlike other choices, it gives you that better smell and long lasting fragrance.

But you also have to keep in mind that a cologne is a cologne and it is not a bath. Some may have the tendency to put on too much that it gets really overbearing and overpowering to the point that it starts to get really irritating especially from people near and around you.

That is why it is important that you know just how much cologne to apply and where to apply it. When wearing a cologne, there is always this basic rule. Do not overdo it. There is just no need for you to put on a lot of cologne as it may not serve you well.

What you are trying to achieve here is to have that balance of smelling good and having that personal scent that will make other people appreciate you and not drive people away.

Where to Apply Cologne

To get the most of your cologne, you cannot just spray it anywhere you like.

For one, colognes can be quite expensive and for it to last long, it helps that you know the specific points where to spray it.

There are certain areas that are known as pulse points. These are the areas where you should apply your cologne. You should apply cologne on your chest as well as around the throat.

It blends with your pheromones as well as your natural odor which gives that unique scent that is just yours.

You can also have some cologne under your ear. So if you are out for a date, dabbing some cologne under your ear will surely get the attention of your date.

You may also want to apply cologne in your wrist, just do not overdo it. Apply just a small amount and do not rub it way too hard so that the fragrance will last longer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the longevity of the cologne would actually depend on your skin type.

For instance, if you happen to have oily skin, cologne lasts much longer. If you happen to have a dry skin, you can apply more cologne.

When Should You Put On Cologne

The best time to apply cologne is after you take a shower. After you take a hot shower, your pores open up.

When you apply cologne after you take a shower, your body captures the scent better.

I try to avoid using any sort of scented soaps or body wash because I don’t like having a mixture of scents going on with my cologne.

Buying Your Cologne

Your choice of cologne would depend on your preference.

There are various kinds of scents to choose from nowadays, so finding one that you like should not be an impossible task. For instance, if you want a daytime scent, you should choose light and clean scent, something that has citrus notes.

If you are going to attend special events, you want to wear something that will make you stand in a crowd. For these types of occasions, wearing a much stronger scent is preferred.

Whatever it is that you choose to buy, you cannot just take into consideration the quality of scent. You also need to note where and when you intend to use it.