Bi Fold Wallet Vs Tri Fold Wallet: Which Is Better For Men

Basically there are two common styles available for men: the bifold wallet vs trifold wallet. Depending on your needs and budget, you can find the wallet that best suit your lifestyle.

As with women, men’s wallet should not just be functional, they also have to be stylish and durable. After all, it is where you put all of your valuables and it is also a part of your over-all look and even personality.

So if you are buying one given a wide range of choices available, it can be quite confusing as to which one to get.

Difference Between Bifold and Trifold Wallets

This kind of wallet can be folded in half and has a rectangular shape. What you find in a bifold wallet is that it has a long open pocket where you can put your money and may have different slots where you can put in your receipts, ID cards and credit cards.

Depending on the kind of wallet you intend to buy, there are some bifold wallets that have coin purses in them. Most bifold wallets are made from leather.

Trifold wallets are also rectangular in shape but what makes it different is that it has 2 flaps that fold. Each section makes up about 1/3 of the length of the wallet. It also has an open pocket where you can put your money and different slots.

Compared to bifold wallets, trifold wallets only have vertical slots where you can put in your ID cards, credit cards and receipts. The downside of a trifold wallet is that it is much heavier and then to be bulkier compared to bifold. But in terms of capacity, they offer much more.

Which Wallet To Get

There is no such thing as a wrong choice when you are choosing a wallet since every person is different. Your choice will actually depend on your preferences, budget and lifestyle. For instance, do you want to go for a thick or a thin wallet?

Having a trifold wallet can give you more cash and card capacity but the downside is that they are really heavy and some can be quite bulky.

For some people, it is okay while there are others who want a much sleeker design in which case you should go for a bifold wallet. They are much slimmer and thinners. The only downside is that these wallets don’t have much capacity.

So when buying a wallet, take into consideration your lifestyle and preferences. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming.

Take the time to buy that wallet that best suits your personality and has the functionality you need. It is definitely much better if you can find a wallet that has more capacity and innovative features that can protect your personal data and information.