Bvlgari Blv Mens Cologne Fragrance Review 2019

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • 80%

  • Smell
    Editor: 93%
  • Lastability
    Editor: 88%
  • Womens Opinion
    Editor: 94%
  • Uniqueness
    Editor: 93%

In this article we’ll be looking at my review of the Bvlgari Blv mens cologne fragrance.

Nowadays, male fragrances fall in a certain type that it can get boring and unappealing and this is what I like about the Bvlgari Blv, it has this really appealing and unique scent.

The freshness that this fragrance brings is very much different from the other male fragrances I have tried.

Pros And Cons Of Bvlgari Blv Mens Cologne


  • Has A Very Nice And Elegant Packaging So It Makes It Very Appealing And It Is Also A Great Gift Choice
  • The Composition Of This Scent Is Unique Which Is One Of The Main Strengths Of This Cologne
  • The Notes Used In This Scent Are Mixed In Just The Right Proportions Giving You That Sensual, Appealing And Manly Scent
  • It Smells Great On Your Skin And It Is Not Overbearing.


  • Scent Only Lasts For About 4ish Hours Or So For Me (Need To Reapply During The Afternoon)

Product Description

Created by Alberto Morillas in 2000, the Bvlgari Blv is marketed as a signature fragrance with the accords of musk, wisteria and ginger.

The harmonious blend of the different notes give life to this cologne which is very striking and refreshing. The brand came up with a very unique mixture to give you that type of scent that will get you attention and get compliments.

Top notes used for this fragrance includes cardamon, galangal and ginger. The core of this cologne is comprised of gingko, juniper and tobacco blossom. Base notes include musk, cedarwood, sandalwood and teak.

Composition: The composition of this scent is very interesting as it catches your senses right away. When the fragrance opens up, you smell the harmonious blend of ginger with the other components.

As the scent goes deeper, you can start to smell the hints of tobacco and juniper which adds strength and uniqueness to his scent followed by the trails of cedarwood, sandalwood and musk.

I like the sensual appeal of this scent, Bvlgari has succeeded in coming up with a fragrance that is not too common. It is something that you cannot find in most male fragrances offered today.

Best Use: Knowing how great-smelling this cologne is, it is just perfect for any occasion. I have tried it a few times and I can say that it is basically a versatile cologne. This is what I like about Bvlgari Blv.

I find it so easy to use even when I am on the go or even when I need a cologne for a special occasion. This only goes to show that a nice scent goes a long way.

Longevity: Is the cologne long lasting? The answer is that it depends. After trying the cologne, I can say that it has a moderate longevity.


The Bvlgari Blv is definitely worth the try. Just by looking at the packaging alone, you’ll get enticed with this cologne.

Once the fragrance opens up, you will notice how the scent opens up your senses and ignites them. And this is something that you cannot always find in male fragrances. It’s refreshing, sexy and very appealing.

The projection of the cologne once you spray it on your skin will surely draw people to you. If you are looking for a cologne that is worth the cost, you can never go wrong in choosing the Bvlgari Blv.

This is a great smelling scent that has a distinct composition and can ladies tend to like it.