Calvin Klein Truth For Men Cologne Review 2019

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • 80%

  • Smell
    Editor: 92%
  • Lastability
    Editor: 93%
  • Womens Opinion
    Editor: 92%
  • Uniqueness
    Editor: 90%

In this article, we’ll be looking at my review of the Calvin Klein Truth cologne for men.

I’ll be covering what I like and dislike about this fragrance, along with covering some general information about the product as well. Here is a list of other Calvin Klein colognes that I’ve reviewed, if you’re interested.

Pros And Cons Of Calvin Klein Truth Cologne


  • A Signature Fragrance That Is Straightforward And Honest Combining A Few Components But The Brand Was Able To Come Up With A Really Nice Smelling Scent
  • Gives You That Clean, Refreshing And Rejuvenating Scent Which Reminds You Of The Lush Greenery And The Beauty Of Nature
  • The Scent Is Not Too Heavy So It Is Not The Kind Of Scent That Will Hurt The Nostrils Of People Around You
  • The Longevity Of The Calvin Klein Truth Cologne Is Amazing


  • Some May Have Different Preferences When It Comes To The Colognes Composition

Product Description

The Truth for Men Cologne was launched in 2002 and created by Givaudan.

A cologne that is marketed sensual, aromatic, sexy and masculine, Truth Cologne is inspired by nature. It has this freshness that gives you that clean scent. The aromatic basil adds lush greenery to its composition as well as its fresh cardamom.

Top notes for this cologne include pepper and patchouli. Middle notes include cardamom, basil and sandalwood. Base notes are patchouli and red cedar.

Composition: Just by looking at the specific notes used, it is quite different from other choices that make use of different elements.

It is simple and very straightforward which makes me think as to whether this is related to the name of the cologne. Although I don’t find it really unique, there is something to this scent that makes people like it.

The scent gives you that clean and refreshing feeling as if you are one with nature. It makes you feel refreshed and cool even during warm days.

In terms of its quality, I can say that this cologne is lacking when it comes the richness and uniqueness of scent. But it gives you that very nice and clean type of fragrance that has a nice projection when you wear it.

Best Use: With its clean and rejuvenating scent, it is suitable to wear in just about any occasion. I tried wearing Truth Cologne at work and it was really a nice daytime scent to wear even when the weather gets really hot.

The only downside is that if you want to wear a rich and striking scent like for instance if you are going out on a date or attending events at night, you may want to have a more masculine and distinct scent.

Longevity: Although it has its share of downsides, one of the strengths of the Calvin Klein Truth Cologne is that it has staying power. So unlike other signature fragrances that do not last long, this one is different. You just put on a few sprays and it is good to go.


The Truth Cologne by Calvin Klein may not be the most popular choice among men. It has its share of downsides too. But one cannot also deny the fact that despite some people saying that it is not unique, this cologne has an interesting and captivating scent that will surely entice you.

It may not be a strong and masculine as other scents released by Calvin Klein but it was able to give you that clean, warm, green and refreshing scent which reminds you of the beautiful and relaxing warmth of nature. So is the Calvin Klein worth a try?