Cardarine GW 501516 Vs SR9009 Stenabolic Vs S4 Andarine

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Today’s post will discuss the effects of Cardarine or GW-501516 Vs SR9009 Stenabolic Vs S4 Andarine on the human physiology.

Undoubtedly, Cardarine, Stenabolic, and Andarine have made huge waves in recent years as top SARMs for building mass, bulking, and cutting fat.

Various scientific outfits and laboratories have continued doing research on these SARMs and their effects have continued since the discovery of SARMs many decades ago, and pharmaceutical companies have also made great strides in identifying key areas for improvement that will lead to better results in patients who require SARMs for various health conditions, including the improvement of lean muscle mass.

Where To Buy These

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Disclaimer: We are not recommending any of these products, yet simply reviewing the products based on our research. SARMS are sold for research purposes only & is not approved for human use or consumption! Please do your own research before making any decisions related to these products.

Cardarine GW 501516

Cardarine or GW-501516 is known for boosting the body’s capacity to increase the body’s natural capacity to transform sugar to glucose and use that as a direct source of energy.

Improved insulin sensitivity is essential for improving athletic performance, as well as reducing fatigue during any type of continuous physical exertion.

This SARM has also been noted for sustaining the stamina of athletes, as well as reducing fatigue during workouts. People engaged in HIIT (high intensity interval training) regimens have been observed to have fewer breaks between sets and better recovery, too.

Cardarine GW is technically not a stimulant, so it does not offer a temporary buzz to improve physical performance.

Rather, it unlocks the body’s natural capacity to withstand physical strain while improving energy distribution throughout the body, which in turn leads to better cutting of fat tissues as the body’s metabolism is enhanced.

Stenabolic SR9009

SR9009 Stenabolic can be considered one of the “gatekeepers” of SARMs because it is one of the oldest SARMs used by professional bodybuilders and by patients with muscle-wasting conditions.

The earliest animal trials of this SARM have shown a rapid and sustained increase in physical performance in rodents. Animal subjects were observed to have been able to increase their running distances by as much as 30%.

Stenabolic affects the gene expression in cells and causes better mitochondrial activity to occur. It also appears to have a positive impact on lipid metabolism (burning of fat) as well as how the liver stores and uses glucose for energy.

The reduction of fat as the body increases its capacity to physical exerts appears to be a natural byproduct of Stenabolic.

Researchers continue to look at SARMs like Stenabolic of their potential to treat different kinds of metabolic diseases that involve glucose expenditure, energy levels, and all sorts of ailments that primarily have something to do with insulin sensitivity and the liver.

The liver is technically the energy powerhouse of the body and if there’s something wrong with how the liver dispenses energy, then athletic performance will be compromised.

Stenabolic shows promise in the way it increases the body’s physical endurance, and fat burning ability even when the max heart rate is lower than the usual. Since Stenabolic improves gene expression, the impact on the body is longer, more permanent, and with fewer possible side effects.

Andarine S4

S4 Andarine was primarily developed as a potential treatment for people who have chronic or in-born bone disease and lean muscle issues.

There are folks who are unable to develop or maintain lean muscle tissue, and Andarine S4 works on improving an ailing body’s capacity to retain lean muscle tissue, in an effort to improve the patient’s health.

Early animal trials of Andarine S4 showed rodents who were set to lose bone mass and density improve with the application of Andarine S4.

Andarine S4 exhibited natural tissue selectivity, which meant it acted specifically on muscle tissues and bone tissue specifically, and not on other tissues or cells.

This is especially important for medical application because if any compound increased tissue formation, it should do so only on specific tissues; otherwise, it may lead to the formation of unwanted lumps or tumors around the body.

Fortunately, Andarine S4, like other SARMs like Stenabolic, are tissue-selective and will not touch or affect other kinds of tissues in the body.

This SARM has also been shown to block sex hormones that are associated with the onset of hair loss and the increase of mass of the male prostate.

Prostate hypertrophy was one of the conditions that Andarine S4 set out to address in patients. The primary effects of Andarine S4 when taken for the long term include an increase in bone strength and density, stronger and larger muscle mass, and an increase in overall muscular strength.

Since SARMs only work with what a patient has, it will only enhance what can be enhanced in the first place. The patient will still have to work to improve his overall physiology so that Andarine S4 can increase what naturally occurs in the body.

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