10-10-10 Incline Treadmill Workout For Weight Loss


The 10-10-10 incline treadmill workout is a beast of epic proportions, and it is perfect for folks who are unable to sprint outside because of bad weather, or just because they want to stay indoors on sprint day.

When you are doing with this workout, you are not going to mind that you weren’t able to run outdoors for that day. You are only going to care about your burning thighs, and the unbelievable pump in your muscles.

To do the 10-10-10 incline treadmill workout, you will only need a treadmill that is capable of giving at least a ten percent incline. And your willpower- you are going to need plenty of that to.

Breaking Through A Fat-loss Plateau 

1. If you have never tried a method similar to this before, it’s going to come as a bit of a shock to your system, and that’s okay – shocks can help you break plateaus and make you even stronger.

Start by standing at the sides of the treadmill – don’t step on the belt just yet. Adjust the incline of the treadmill to 10%, and then set the sped to 1-3 miles more than your average speed.

By average, we mean here the speed that you use to get past the fatigue so you can just finish the workout without having to stop.

If your jogging pace is 5 mph, set the speed of the inclined treadmill to 6-8 mph. This should be a good beginning, and will help your body adapt to the strategy more quickly.

2. Wait for the treadmill to warm up. Give it a few seconds until you hear that its motor is running at the desired speed. Once it has reached this point, feel free to jump in at any time.

When you are on the belt, start sprinting for your life! You are going to feel extremely challenged in the beginning, mainly because there’s no warm up anymore, and your speed is higher than your usual. Your muscles are going to be screaming for air, but just keep pushing and don’t worry about it.

3. The first sprint should be no more than thirty seconds. That’s it. Thirty seconds, grab the sides of the treadmill and step off by stepping outside the bounds of the belt.

Give yourself a thirty second break, and immediately jump on the belt again for another half minute. Do not take a break just yet – keep the momentum going, so that heart rate stays up, and your muscles keep pumping. Repeat the cycle ten times.

4. If you think this isn’t challenging yet, hold on a sec because we’re not done yet. Each time you finish a repetition, try to increase the speed of the belt until you hit the 10 mp mark.

When you reach this level, try your best to complete ten rounds at 10 mph. The incline should remain at 10% at all times – this is where much of the challenge comes from, and is an integral part of the fitness routine.

The Benefits of Cardio

The treadmill is as classic as it gets when it comes to conventional gym cardio workouts, and there’s a good reason why, despite its challenging nature, it is still being embraced by people: it just works. Cardio benefits everyone who wants to have a healthier body, and there’s just no substitute for a good cardio workout.

Whenever you push yourself through aerobic exercises that really pump your muscles and force you to breathe more regularly and deeply, you gain the following health benefits:

– Your cardiovascular and respiratory systems are strengthened. The heart is a muscle, and over time if you don’t use it well enough, it starts to weaken. The lower your heart rate when you are performing exercises, the better off your heart.

That’s why people who have high blood pressure are advised to do exercises because it improves blood circulation and strengthens the heart at the same time. Over a period of time, lung capacity can also increase if you do your cardio workouts regularly.

– You burn calories hard. There are studies in the past that show that simple cardio exercises can increase your metabolism for up to a week after the actual exercise.

If you are exercising daily, that means your body is literal fat burning furnace, and there’s nothing stopping in your way of burning calories and staying fit.

– Regular cardio can help improve your mood. This happens because the body releases mood-regulating compounds to reward the body after a day of hard work.

This is the natural high that fitness buffs experience when they have a good workout. Endorphins help kill pain and also make you feel good inside. That’s not something you can get anywhere else. So exercise!

– The physical exhaustion brought about by exercise simulates the normal physical activities that our ancestors experienced thousands of years ago when they had to walk miles just to get food.

Our bodies, through our genetic makeup, remembers those days, if only vaguely. Our ancestors tuck themselves in after a long day of foraging and hunting.

Of course, with modern life came distractions to normal sleep at night, and exercising can actually help reduce the effects of these distractions because you will feel sleepier, earlier. Deep sleep is also a consequence of regular exercise, and you will wake up feeling great.

– Did you know that regular cardio can also help with chronic or acute pain? Cardio helps strengthen muscles and joints, and vastly improves the physical condition of the musculoskeletal system.

What this means is that if you are suffering from rheumatism, it is possible for you to experience less pain when you use your muscles and joints more. Exercise has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, and this is pinpointed as one of the major reasons why exercise helps relieve pain.

– And finally, regular cardio, coupled with the right diet, can help reverse the effects of degenerative conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

What Is German Volume Training Workouts


If there’s one thing that classical bodybuilders and modern sports researchers can agree on, it is this: that you need to pack on some volume if you want to see gains, and if you want to cut your fat hard.

Volume has always been a key ingredient in the bodybuilding matrix, and there’s just no way around it – if you’re lazy, or if you are only hitting the weights half-heartedly, you cannot possibly expect miracles.

Now, in order to increase the overall volume of your workouts, the increase has to reflect in your reps and sets. Increasing the resistance isn’t really the first thing you should do, as this will likely reduce your volume because higher resistance accelerates muscle fatigue.

On the other hand, doing high-rep sets too much can remove you from the hypertrophy zone pretty quickly.

The German strength coach Charles Poliquin was well aware of the limitations of the conventional sets that worked like a slide rule when it came to reps and resistance: the tendency is to simply reduce resistance to increase the repetitions, and vice versa.

Poliquin developed an alternative to the conventional technique which required too much experimentation to offer any fast benefits to both beginners and intermediate bodybuilders. His technique is called German Volume Training or GVT, and you should definitely pay attention if you have been having trouble with cutting or gaining.

The GVT Principle

German Volume Training, also called the Ten Sets Method, is actually one of the more brutal approaches to packing muscle and building strength. However, if you are serious about making those gains, you will not shy away from it.

While it’s true that any method of training will inevitably work, use German Volume Training if you want faster results.

However, it is imperative that you remain consistent, and you take the principles to heart. The goal of GVT is for the bodybuilder to complete 10 sets of 10 reps per set.

You are going to use the same resistance for each set. To determine the appropriate resistance if you are just starting out, reduce the resistance until you can perform sets of 20 reps easily.

That’s the sweet spot: go no higher if you are just starting out. In most cases, the resistance will be 60% of 1 RM (one rep max).

For example, if you can bench-press 200 lbs., 120 lbs. would be the sweet spot we’re looking for.

German Volume Training works because it creates plenty of tension in multiple motor units, and the tensions goes on and on for a longer period of time, compared to other training methods. The extended period of repetition with 60% of 1 RM resistance prompts the body to respond with muscular hypertrophy.

The muscle fibers split, and voila – you begin packing lean muscle mass by prolonging the muscular strain in a systematic way.

How effective is GVT? There have been anecdotal reports of people gaining as much as ten pounds in just half a year of consistently using GVT. This is huge, given the fact that the Ten Set Method works well with both beginners and expert bodybuilders.

The GVT method can be used for all the major muscle groups. A five-day program can look like this: on the first day do chest and back, followed by legs and abs on the second day. Third day will be your rest day.

On the fourth day, do arms and shoulders, followed again by another rest day on the fifth day. It’s important that you have regular rest days to give your body sufficient time to heal and recovery.

Recovery means the muscles are consolidating, and rebuilding the muscle fibers at the tissue level. As with any new training method, remember to always write down your sets and reps, and any observations you may have during workout days.

Write down anything that comes to mind during and after the workout, so you will have a detailed record of how you are progressing with the training method that you have chosen to apply.

German Volume Training FAQ

How important is the rest interval?

Many bodybuilders who begin with German Volume Training often skip one or two rest days and just go full steam ahead with a continuous chain of workouts. This is brought about by the fact that the resistance used will feel light, and therefore, “non-beneficial.”

The resistance is supposed to be lighter than the usual, because you are aiming for frequency, and not intensity. Also, there is plenty of cumulative fatigue involved, so the rest days are important to keep your muscle tissues healthy.

What kind of tempo is ideal?

The ideal tempo for German Volume Training is 4-0-2, which is basically doing a four-second negative phase, followed by a two-second positive phase (upward). For movements like triceps curls that recruit smaller muscle groups, the negative phase should be shorter by just one second, so the tempo will be 3-0-2.

How many workouts per day?

You will be performing just one workout per day, focusing on one or two muscle groups. That’s why you should try to do movements that recruit a lot of other minor muscle groups to make the workout really effective for the entire body.

But we don’t want to do additional isolation workouts for other muscle groups apart from the one or two that you want to work on for the day because we ware after volume, and you can’t negotiate on the volume. So less fatigue from other movements is necessary to make GVT work.

Should I try an entire week of GVT?

You can spread the sessions throughout the week, but seven days a week of GVT is too much. That’s pushing your body to the extreme, and you don’t really need to do this to see the results. The GVT has been rated to have a power factor rating of about eight billion, which makes it one of the most stressful techniques around.

Gfuel Review: Using Gfuel As My Pre-Workout Supplement


This is my review on the Gfuel supplement & why I decided to use it as my pre-workout supplement rather than traditional supplements that are marketed specifically for pre-workouts.

Gfuel is marketed as a supplement for gamers to help them with energy & focus.

So, let’s go into why I use it as my pre-workout.

Pre-Workout Supplement Without Beta-Alanine!

My biggest reasoning for going with this is I could finally get a pre-workout supplement without beta-alanine.

This is what causes you to feel all tingly or itchy after you take it.

On top of that I also didn’t care much for other stuff that has become popular in pre-workouts, such as Yohimbe.

Yohimbe, makes me sick to my stomach & that is common from what I’ve read.

Gfuel Focus Complex

Along, with the energy boost from Gfuel it has ingredients for their “Focus Complex”.

This is added to help you stay focused on what you’re doing rather than using all that energy all over the place, it helps with utilizing that energy on what you’re trying to get accomplished.

This would be getting a good workout in in my case, others it may be studying or pvping.

A lot of pre-workout supplements also have a lot of focused based ingredients as well.

Does It Have Enough Caffeine?

Most pre-workouts you find these days will be at a minimum 200mg of caffeine per serving, with some as much as 400mg!

Gfuel has 150mg which is perfect for me, as I hit the gym after work, and I don’t need anymore issues with trying to fall asleep at night.

Even with my timing of the gym I still fine anything more than 200mg too much for me.

Sure, if I was to take 200-400 mg then lay around then it might not be too bad but I’m up moving, lifting weights doing cardio. Blood is pumping, I don’t need my heart to have any extra stress than it needs.

I just need something to help me get going.

Well why not just use coffee or an energy drink?

Glad you asked!

No Sugar Crash & Love The Taste

I’m honestly tired of drinking coffee & it doesn’t give any extras than just the caffeine boost.

I like how Gfuel tastes and they have a ton of flavors, with more coming out pretty much every month it seems like.

Energy drinks do have a little extra kick to them & I do like the taste.

However, for the price, I’m losing money compared to using gfuel & also I can feel the sugar crash.

The price point is huge for me. Especially if you can catch one of their BOGO deals that they seem to run fairly often.

Antioxidant Complex

The antioxidant complex in gfuel is just a bonus. It’s not a must have for me as it’s something that they have in it because it may help with keeping you healthy.

I say “may” because I have zero clue how much it helps.

Here is a quote from this article, that is pretty much my sentiments on the antioxidant complex.

“I wouldn’t expect to see any ergogenic benefit from this complex, i.e. you won’t aim any better, or make decisions any faster. Adding some antioxidants to your diet, however, isn’t usually a bad idea. They’re generally healthy, and it’s possible that other good active molecules may be coming from the fruit and veggie extracts provided as well.”

Best Place To Buy Gfuel

At the time of writing this, the best place to buy gfuel is from their website which is usually not the case for most supplements.

Most of the time (with other supplements) you would find a better deal from a vendor.

With gfuel there is more than one reason why I buy it directly from gfuels website.

Reward Points

You earn points in a variety of ways but the main one is when you make a purchase through their site.

These points can be used to pay for more products or can be used for insane rewards such as a video game console at the highest tier. (This is what it says at the time of writing this, this may change in the future).


Another big factor is that they run deals pretty often & not crappy 10% off type deals either but like BOGO deals on their gfuel tubs.

Hopefully this doesn’t change in the future!

Final Thoughts

This has been my go to energy supplement, not just for pre-workouts but for any caffeine.

Compared to buying a soda or energy drink everyday for my caffeine I’m saving money by using gfuel.

I would say the only reason I would swap to something else is if they jacked up the price, added an ingredient I didn’t like or if I got tired of the taste.

The latter I don’t see happening because of how many & how often they launch new flavors.

Bodybuilding Techniques: Ripped to Shreds 2019

Whether you are new to bodybuilding or already months or years into it, it pays to understand the actual techniques that you can use to reach specific results.

There always has to be a system if you want consistency in the way your workouts affect your body. In this post, we’re going to examine the different bodybuilding techniques that are frequently used in the industry, and what they mean for you when you use them.

1. Accentuated Eccentric Workouts

This technique focuses on eccentric or negative phase of movement.

When you curl a dumbbell for example, you usually pay a lot of attention to how you fight gravity to lift the dumbbell from waist level to shoulder level.

With accentuated eccentric workouts, you pay closer attention to the ‘weaker’ phase of the movement, where the muscle is more challenged – the eccentric phase.

Technically, you can lift more because your muscles are only fighting the descent due to gravity.

So if you can only lift fifty pounds per hand during dumbbell curls, with accentuated eccentric workouts, you will be able to build up your strength more quickly and lift more with your one rep max set.

Some people might say: well, wouldn’t that mean that you are only performing half of the actual movement? Yes, technically that is true, but the thing is, your body doesn’t know that.

All that it knows is that it is fighting against a higher weight or resistance on the eccentric movement. The additional tension that your body feels will signal to your body to release more chemical compounds in the bloodstream that will help heal and build lean muscle tissues. This is what we want – more muscle-building processes, and ultimately, more muscles.

To try out this technique, ask two spotters to help you out on the shoulder press machine or any other rack or machine that you want to use.

Shoot for going 20%-40% above your known one rep max resistance.

Ask the two people to help you lift the additional resistance, but work alone when lowering the weight. Repeat as many times as your body can take.

You will have a little help going up, but the eccentric phase will be all yours.

2. Drop-Set Workouts

Drop workouts were used by legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger to build massive amounts of muscle in shorter periods of time during season.

What’s interesting about this approach is that it emphasizes both training to exhaustion and using reduced resistance so you can do more reps.

Here’s how you can apply drop workouts:

1. Begin with two sets where you are near your maximum. Keep the reps low so the resistance will be set as high as you can. The final set should be extremely challenging to complete, taking out all your endurance and physical strength.

2. When you’re done marauding your muscles with your first two sets, it’s time to lower the resistance. Reduce the weight by 25% and do more reps – as many as you can. When you reach exhaustion, drop by another 25%. Continue until you’ve doubled or tripled the amount of reps from your initial baseline of two sets.

What this technique does is it triggers the release of additional metabolites in your body, and these metabolites signal for more muscle growth in particular areas of strain.

Essentially, you will be signaling to your body repeatedly that you need more muscle “here and here” because there is additional strain that needs to be dealt with.

3. High Repetition Workouts

With high repetition workouts, the emphasis will be on the volume of reps and not on the level of resistance itself. The science behind this technique is that with higher weights, you only hit the fast-twitch muscle fibers, and neglecting the slow-twitch ones.

Studies show that by reducing the weights or resistance during workouts, you will be able to focus more on your slow-twitch muscles because of the longer duration of the workout and the extended time that these muscle fibers have been exposed to physical tension.

Does this mean that you have to let go of the heavier sets from now on? Not at all. The higher resistance works on the fast-twitch muscles, but you just need to pay attention to the slow-twitch fibers.

We recommend that you simply add this tweak to your workout system once or twice a week. Work with lower resistance to get that volume up. Sets with higher reps will definitely benefit you if you are after symmetry and bigger muscles in specific areas.

If you’re still unimpressed, here’s another benefit: when you expose muscles to longer periods of strain, protein synthesis increases, and this greatly improves the formation of actual lean muscle tissues. In the end, the experts say that you will have bigger, thicker, more durable, and more impressive muscles.

4. Paired Workouts

Paired workouts are often done to add strain to associated muscles and keep the tension going in those target regions. The idea is you are going to perform two workouts or movements back to back without stopping, and the target should be opposing muscle groups. Quads and hamstrings, for example, can be attacked effectively via paired workouts.

The science behind paired workouts is the concept of reciprocal innervations, where it is believed that the associated or opposing muscle groups are readied by the previous movement of a nearby muscle group. So with extra pump and strain, you may get better results in the end because the target muscles have already been primed by the previous sets and reps.

5. Work-Stretch Sets

Work-stretching is using light weights to extend muscles so they would ‘pop’ and trigger the process called splitting.

With muscle splitting, you are essentially turning one muscle fiber to two, and so forth.

Hyperplasia is encouraging the body to begin producing more independent muscle fibers, so there is visible growth in certain parts of the body.

Though there still has to be more studies to determine the effectiveness of this technique, there is definitely no harm in trying.

Workout Motivation Philosophy: Harder, Faster, Stronger


Finding motivation for bodybuilding can be tough when you are just starting out. When the physical exhaustion, and mental strain becomes too much, how do you find the will to go on? Our solution is to create what is called a bodybuilder motivation philosophy.

Your unique philosophy will bloom on its own, but for now, you can use these powerful ‘motivation hacks’ to keep yourself from falling off the wagon. Remember: you are already strong. It’s just a matter of keeping at it until you see the results that you really want.

1. Forgive Yourself

This is important – because at one point, you will begin blaming yourself for having been off the wagon for so long that you are physically suffering from the hard work needed to become fit again.

So forgive yourself. Make amends with your lifestyle, and start appreciating yourself more. It doesn’t matter if you can only do fifteen minutes of exercise per day, or you still crave for a donut or two when you feel stressed.

Everyone has to start from somewhere, and you are already winning when you start making small changes in how you live your life. Whether it’s buying organic or exercising more, learn to appreciate what you are already doing as opposed to just blaming yourself for being the way you were. Think of the present, and never dwell on the past.

2. Use Your Competition as Motivation

Imagine any rival that you admire because of his or her physicality. This person can be real or imagined and use that imaginary rivalry to push yourself harder and stronger.

This remains healthy as long as you don’t obsess about the imaginary rival. We just want you to have something to gun for – a weight, a particular look.

And when you think you are about to equal your rival, you can imagine him/her to be gaining just a little more. This will give you an unlimited boost in terms of motivation, because you will never run out of things to strive for physically. Keep the motivation healthy, and you will see yourself outdoing your previous personal bests.

3. Visualize Your Ideal Self

We don’t want any level of self-hate going near your efforts to become slimmer, fitter, or bigger (in a muscular fashion). So what we want you to do is to imagine your ideal look and just keep that in the center of your mind as you continue working out.

That ideal image of yourself will be your recurring motivation when you think that you are going nowhere, or you are too tired to continue. You know deep within that reaching that physical goal will benefit your body so much that you just want to keep on going.

Don’t be sidelined by the pain, or the fatigue. Those things are beyond normal. Every successful weight loss warrior will tell you that the pain and exhaustion is part of the process, and your body eventually adapts as it becomes stronger.

What this means is that as you train more, the fatigue and level of exhaustion that you feel now will begin to decrease exponentially, and you will actually begin craving for more physical challenges as your body becomes stronger.

4. Eat and Enjoy

Calorie counting aside, it is normal to want good food. What we’ve noticed as results for ourselves is after you’ve been cutting weight for awhile & you hit a plateau where the fat is no longer coming off is your body has potentially gone into starvation mode ( aka survival mode) where it’s trying to hold on to everything it can.

This is where doing a high carb cheat meal or even a cheat day helps. Not only does it help mentally but it also tells the body, OK we’re not starving we can utilize our body fat for fuel. 

If you have weight loss goals for example, and you know that a piece of food will set you back almost a thousand calories, you can use that knowledge to make a decision. Do you consume the food and try to make up for it later, or do you eat something else? These are the practical decisions that we have to make as we live in this world. We don’t want you to be enclosed in this unrealistic bubble where everything is organic and lean. There will be days when you will eat out with friends or family, and you can’t just eat a potato because you’re cutting fat.

5. Buy Something That Would Motivate You

Some people feel the rush to train hard when they have new tank tops or gym shoes. Others feel the urge to train harder when they have a new whey supplement or protein shake. What’s your motivation booster? Motivation is a psychological state, and getting there can be practical, too.

Try out a new supplement, get some new gear for your workouts. The new acquisition will do wonders. But we have to reiterate here that you must not become dependent on buying stuff to train. In fact, this should only be done moderately and as a reward, if possible, to help you get out of a training rut.

Maybe a new set of headphones for the gym?

6. Always Train By Baby Steps

“Baby steps” sounds so un-manly, but it’s actually the number one thing that you should be gunning for when training in the gym. Why? Because baby steps doesn’t actually mean babying yourself.

Baby steps refer to setting small goals that are close together, so you can focus on achieving your bigger goals one step at a time. Baby steps allow you to monitor your progress and actually make small changes to what you are doing along the way. It allows you to be more flexible and ‘in the know’ with the direction that your training is actually taking.

Cardarine GW 501516 Vs SR9009 Stenabolic Vs S4 Andarine

sarms info

Today’s post will discuss the effects of Cardarine or GW-501516 Vs SR9009 Stenabolic Vs S4 Andarine on the human physiology.

Undoubtedly, Cardarine, Stenabolic, and Andarine have made huge waves in recent years as top SARMs for building mass, bulking, and cutting fat.

Various scientific outfits and laboratories have continued doing research on these SARMs and their effects have continued since the discovery of SARMs many decades ago, and pharmaceutical companies have also made great strides in identifying key areas for improvement that will lead to better results in patients who require SARMs for various health conditions, including the improvement of lean muscle mass.

Where To Buy These

If you’re looking for a reputable SARMs dealer, we recommend ProvenPeptides

Disclaimer: We are not recommending any of these products, yet simply reviewing the products based on our research. SARMS are sold for research purposes only & is not approved for human use or consumption! Please do your own research before making any decisions related to these products.

Cardarine GW 501516

Cardarine or GW-501516 is known for boosting the body’s capacity to increase the body’s natural capacity to transform sugar to glucose and use that as a direct source of energy.

Improved insulin sensitivity is essential for improving athletic performance, as well as reducing fatigue during any type of continuous physical exertion.

This SARM has also been noted for sustaining the stamina of athletes, as well as reducing fatigue during workouts. People engaged in HIIT (high intensity interval training) regimens have been observed to have fewer breaks between sets and better recovery, too.

Cardarine GW is technically not a stimulant, so it does not offer a temporary buzz to improve physical performance.

Rather, it unlocks the body’s natural capacity to withstand physical strain while improving energy distribution throughout the body, which in turn leads to better cutting of fat tissues as the body’s metabolism is enhanced.

Stenabolic SR9009

SR9009 Stenabolic can be considered one of the “gatekeepers” of SARMs because it is one of the oldest SARMs used by professional bodybuilders and by patients with muscle-wasting conditions.

The earliest animal trials of this SARM have shown a rapid and sustained increase in physical performance in rodents. Animal subjects were observed to have been able to increase their running distances by as much as 30%.

Stenabolic affects the gene expression in cells and causes better mitochondrial activity to occur. It also appears to have a positive impact on lipid metabolism (burning of fat) as well as how the liver stores and uses glucose for energy.

The reduction of fat as the body increases its capacity to physical exerts appears to be a natural byproduct of Stenabolic.

Researchers continue to look at SARMs like Stenabolic of their potential to treat different kinds of metabolic diseases that involve glucose expenditure, energy levels, and all sorts of ailments that primarily have something to do with insulin sensitivity and the liver.

The liver is technically the energy powerhouse of the body and if there’s something wrong with how the liver dispenses energy, then athletic performance will be compromised.

Stenabolic shows promise in the way it increases the body’s physical endurance, and fat burning ability even when the max heart rate is lower than the usual. Since Stenabolic improves gene expression, the impact on the body is longer, more permanent, and with fewer possible side effects.

Andarine S4

S4 Andarine was primarily developed as a potential treatment for people who have chronic or in-born bone disease and lean muscle issues.

There are folks who are unable to develop or maintain lean muscle tissue, and Andarine S4 works on improving an ailing body’s capacity to retain lean muscle tissue, in an effort to improve the patient’s health.

Early animal trials of Andarine S4 showed rodents who were set to lose bone mass and density improve with the application of Andarine S4.

Andarine S4 exhibited natural tissue selectivity, which meant it acted specifically on muscle tissues and bone tissue specifically, and not on other tissues or cells.

This is especially important for medical application because if any compound increased tissue formation, it should do so only on specific tissues; otherwise, it may lead to the formation of unwanted lumps or tumors around the body.

Fortunately, Andarine S4, like other SARMs like Stenabolic, are tissue-selective and will not touch or affect other kinds of tissues in the body.

This SARM has also been shown to block sex hormones that are associated with the onset of hair loss and the increase of mass of the male prostate.

Prostate hypertrophy was one of the conditions that Andarine S4 set out to address in patients. The primary effects of Andarine S4 when taken for the long term include an increase in bone strength and density, stronger and larger muscle mass, and an increase in overall muscular strength.

Since SARMs only work with what a patient has, it will only enhance what can be enhanced in the first place. The patient will still have to work to improve his overall physiology so that Andarine S4 can increase what naturally occurs in the body.