Best Standing Desks Under $200 In 2020

Standing desk

Finding the perfect standing desk or desk converter can be challenging, especially if you do not want to overspend. Luckily, we know how that feels and would love for our readers to find the best deals on standing desks under $200. The sturdier the table, the safer your displays, so let’s get right on it.

EleTab Standing Desk Converter

The EleTab Standing Desk Converter is a handsomely built riser for folks who’d like to elevate their two displays easily without the hassle of moving the displays while working.

This standing desk converter is beautifully built and has a nice dark wooden finish, complete with a mobile device dock at the center of the main workspace. It is part of the large EleTab desk risers family, which is focused on providing ergonomic solutions to individuals who wish to spend more time standing up than sitting down while working.

The EleTab desk converter sits perfectly on top of your main workspace and is the perfect option if you wish to stand up when your back is already sore from sitting down for long stretches of time. The design emphasizes quick transition, and has a bottom resting point of just 4.2” and a maximal vertical adjustment of 19.7” from the main work surface.

The desk measures a generous 31.5” x 15.7” and can easily be used for dual monitor setups. The lower deck or keyboard shelf is also spacious and stable, which makes this desk converter perfect for long hours of work indeed. There is minimal assembly required when taking the table out of the box, but once the joints are secure, you are ready to work.

BestOffice Standing Desk Converter Computer Workstation

This option is simply perfect for folks who want a full sized table to themselves that can be adjusted at will for both seated and standing positions. Unlike desk converters, this is a full table, which means you will have a replacement for your own desk that can actually be adjusted height-wise.

The height of the main work surface goes up to a maximal height of 45” from a base height of 29”. The table has also been ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and ease to the user. It keeps the user’s arms at a most comfortable 90 degree angle, and you can definitely make minute adjustments to the height of the monitors so you can see everything at the perfect level and there will be no additional muscle strain on your part.

Full standing desks have been known to improve efficiency, ease tired muscles, and reduce overall stress when working long hours. The desk workspace measures a whopping 48” x 24”, and has enough surface area for two large monitors. The surface of the desk is waterproof and scratchproof, and has been designed for quick setup once out of the box.

VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36-Inch Stand Up Desk Converter

International mobile device brand VIVO has released its own line of ultra-convenient desk risers designed for people who want the best workspace at home or in the office. The VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36-inch Stand Up Desk Converter features a unique slanted designed that reduces wrist strain while optimizing the space on the top shelf.

You can use up to two displays and one mobile deice or laptop on the main working space, and the lowered shelf for the keyboard and mouse is stable and wide enough so there will be no wobbling while you are working.

The desk area measures 36” x 22”, while the lower shelf provides a space measuring 10.5” x 25”. The total weight capacity of this desk riser is 33 lbs. With minimal assembly, you will be able to add this desk riser to your workspace with ease and start garnering the benefits of a standing desk immediately.

Seville Classics AIRLIFT 36” Gas-Spring Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

The Seville Classics AIRLIFT is built for much larger displays than usual and is classified as a wide, dual-monitor desk converter. The massive workspace that measures 35.4” x 23.2” is larger than other more average desk converters, and is perfect for both PC and Mac setups.

This is one of the most popular sit-stand desks from the Seville Classics collection. Perhaps the best thing about this desk is that it has a pneumatic sit-stand mechanism that greatly reduces the effort needed to adjust the height of the main workspace. The desk stands at a minimum height of 6.2” to a maximal height of 19.1” which makes it ideal for all kinds of users, whether they’re average height or tall. Use this desk in schools, homes, and offices.

This desk is also ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 Compliant, and meets the safety and ergonomic standards in the industry. The desk can support up to 33 pounds easily and will raise vertically without any tilt, which safeguards your dual monitor setup.

There is also a built-in mobile dock or stand setup on the desk, which is compatible with all kinds of devices, whether Apple or Android in origin. You can even dock your e-readers here and have a long read without having to worry about your device slipping. The Seville Classic AIRLIFT comes assembled straight from the box, so all you have to do is to grab it and go.

FEZIBO Standing Desk

The FEZIBO Standing Desk is unique because of its wide design on the top shelf and lower shelf, which is great because we often place cups and other small items on the desk when we’re working. Compared to other desks that are just straight square in design, the FEZIBO Standing Desk provides sufficient space for smaller accessories to be placed on the desk.

This desk stands at a minimum height of 4.5” and rises to a maximal height of 19.3”. Definitely a good choice for a family if the height needs to be adjusted constantly. The desk is also ergonomic but built tough, and it can easily withstand long hours of use with ease. The desk has a maximum weight capacity of 28.6 pounds.

Best Standing Desks Under $100 In 2020

Standing desk

Whether you’re serious about standing up while working or you are just curious as to whether or not it would actually work, there’s a relatively inexpensive standing desk that is perfect for your workspace waiting for you.

This is our rundown of the best standing desks under $100.

SHW Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk Converter

The SHW is surprisingly well-built for its price point and features a sleek design, a wide work surface and additional spaces for speakers and a central block for mobile phones. There is sufficient space for two standing monitors, as well as a separate shelf for the keyboard and mouse.

The X-frame construction looks sturdy and built for long-term use, and the dark finish of the wooden panel is suitable for most offices or home offices. The easy to operate mechanism for increasing or reducing the height is also a plus, especially if you aren’t used to standing up while working.

All in all we give this desk a solid five out of five because of its streamlined design and durable craftsmanship – definitely not a bad choice for your first standing desk converter. The footprint also looks stable and you should experience any wobbling while typing or working on it.

FITUEYES Height Adjustable Standing Desk Gas Spring Riser Desk Converter

For such an incredibly minimalistic desk converter, the FITUEYES desk converter actually has its own gas spring riser mechanism or adjusting its height. With this desk, you will be able to easily stand or sit on your workspace, depending on your needs

The mechanism is operated by a light lever that makes height adjustment pretty easy. Simply reach for the end of the desk and apply just a little bit of pressure to release the desk or increase the height of the work surface. The desk also has a nice, wide working surface for one monitor and a laptop, and other basic peripherals you might need while working.

This desk emphasizes less space, so it should be considered a minimalistic desk converter. The keyboard goes on top of the main workspace along with the display. The main desk measures 30” x 20”, and can handle up to two standing displays or monitors. The assembly rises to a maximum of 16.1” and can go as low as 2.2.”, which makes this desk converter ideal for all heights.

SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheels Mobile Standing Desk

If you are in the market for a full standing desk with at least two levels, we recommend the SDADI mobile standing desk. It is lightweight, so it should be easy to move around, and has a total of two levels. The lower shelf would be the space for your keyboard and mouse, and all other peripherals and accessories, while the topmost shelf would be for your displays.

The height of the topmost shelf is adjustable (manually) by unlocking the clips behind the risers. The height of the table can be adjusted from its minimum of 27.5” to a maximal height of 45.3”. The height of the risers has been designed to fit the needs of average male and female users.

It’s also possible to lower the topmost shelf to the level of the first shelf so that you can have a full-sized table for seated work. Either way, you have a very versatile mobile standing desk here.

The desk has been manufactured with 2-inch ABS mute wheels that can be locked to keep the table still while working in any fashion. Supported by a 1.2 mm steel frame, the table is rustproof and perfect for any home or office environment.

BRIGHT STONE Standing Desk

The BRIGHT STONE Standing Desk is an ideal choice for students and home office owners who want a simple and easy to operate desk converter. The design emphasizes stability while working, but the overall frame is not too heavy, which makes it easy to move around and store.

The desk converter also feature a quick-raise mechanism, which means you can work either seated or standing up you wouldn’t have to worry about raising or lowering the main work surface from where you are seated (or standing).

The desk’s vertical adjustment has a range of 2.36” to 16.1”, and the table itself measures a nice 20.1” x 31.5”, which provides generous space for one large display or monitor and one other additional large device, such as a slim laptop.

The steel frame of the table can support up to 12 kilograms of load once fully assembled and has a modern, fashionable appearance that should blend in easily with any space. The BRIGHT STONE Standing Desk also comes fully assembled and ready to use, straight from the box.

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk

This is a special type of desk converterthat we thought would be a fine addition to our list of best standing tables under $100. We know that many folks actually work with their laptops and not everyone has a great need for really large or wide desk converters.

If you have just one laptop and you don’t have any peripherals and accessories like a mouse and keyboard, then we recommend Executive Office Solutions’ laptop desk. The desk is especially designed to handle any kind of laptop as it is vented and is supported by a three-joint system that allow you to change the tilt and height of the desk easily.

The scissor-type construction of the legs also ensures ultimate comfort and stability while working, and the extra shelf on the right side of the table is perfect if you want to use a mouse or just want a space for your mobile phone while you are working.

This laptop desk is easy to carry and can even be used as a portable dinner tray or a surface for gadgets like projectors and speakers. Since it’s small, it’s actually quite versatile in use, so we like that versatility, definitely. And did we tell you that it also has nonslip feet, so nothing slips and falls over when you are making vertical adjustments?

Best Standing Desks for PC Gaming To Buy In 2020

pc gaming standing desk

Let’s face it: gaming all day in a couch can really affect your posture and health. Using standing desks for a few hours per day can help you burn calories (surprisingly!) and decrease the chances of developing back problems.

What’s the difference between someone working for long periods of time and a gamer? None, actually. They’re both in a prolonged position for long stretches of time. So if you want to fix your aching back or sore wrists, take a look at our roundup of the best standing desks for gaming.

FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk Converter

The FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk Converter offers a classic look perfect for folks who aren’t looking for additional spots or storage spaces in their gaming standing desk.

This table adjusts easily to the height that matches your height, and it’s a versatile companion when you really want to break free from being stuck in a chair or couch for hours at a time.

The work surface of this table has been made extra wide and spacious, so you can comfortably play with a dual monitor setup or if you must, you can also add additional items on the surface without having to nudge your displays an inch. They keyboard tray underneath has a special wide U design that can house all your peripherals and additional accessories with ease.

Should you want to expand the setup with another laptop or additional accessories, then you can use the keyboard space easily for additional storage. The keyboard tray is also quick-release, and in one movement it can be removed if you want to use the main table as the surface for your keyboard and mouse.

The gas spring hovering system and the “X” structure of the table ensures the smoothest transitions when changing the height of the desk, and it also protects the display from wobbling and shifting during adjustments. And best of all, the desk is designed to go straight up and straight down without missing a beat and its legs do not shift an inch during adjustments.

RESPAWN 3000 Gaming Computer Desk

The RESPAWN 3000 Gaming Computer Desk is a sleek addition to any gaming setup because of streamlined design and top of the line wood and metal design. This adjustable gaming desk is pneumatic and can go from 28.125” to 43.875” in one move.

This desk was designed to withstand the additional movements and vibrations associated with gaming, to give the user the best experience even for long periods of time.

This extendable table can be used for both work and gaming. It also has additional accessory solutions so you can easily position your gaming gear or accessories. Accessories like headphones can be placed within arm’s reach and you can also easily position your gaming speakers as there are shelves for them. What about beverages?

Unlike other standing tables, the RESPAWN 3000 Gaming Computer Desk has cup holders so you can place your tumbler or soda can there while gaming.

This great gaming table can take a total load of up to 200 pounds and measures 42” x 24.62”, with a height of 33.5” to 49.5”. Additional colors are also available so you can match with your gaming gear and other furniture.

VIVO Black Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Frame

Now, if you have been looking for a stand up gaming desk that has a simpler form factor and looks as sleek as your office desk, then what you need is the VIVO Black Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Frame.

Made with top of the line materials and VIVO’s signature sophistication and attention to detail, this table meets our standards for elegant gaming desks, and should definitely be considered by gamers who want a simpler design, with emphasis on a wide working space.

The table allows users to go from seated to standing in a few seconds, and is very ergonomic, which places it on a league of its own. The table top measures a whopping 63.1” x 31.5”, almost twenty inches wider than other gaming desks, and is more than enough for tow displays. There is also sufficient space for your gaming gear, or even one additional laptop should you need one nearby while gaming.

The frame adjustment mechanism is easy to control, and you can easily adjust the height of the table from 29” to 48” with a hand crank system that’s easy to control and durable. The crank system ensures long service, unlike pneumatic models that eventually break down.

With the hand crank system, this table will definitely serve you for many, many years with virtually no issues. As for durability and stability, VIVO has manufactured this table with a solid steel frame that can handle up to 132 pounds of weight. When you buy this table, you will need to put together just three sections of the furniture and you are ready to go.

Best Standing Desks Under $300 2020

Standing desk

Nothing can really compare to the experience of having a desk converter or standing desk at home. Being seated for long stretches of time can make all your muscles and joints hurt. The answer is a standing desk – and we happen to know the best standing desks under $300.

So take a look at our roundup of the best that fits your budget!

AVLT-Power 36” Standing Desk Converter

The AVLT-Power standing desk converter is one of the best designed converters we have seen in a while. The base of the desk converter has a solid manufacture that ensures wobble-free operation, and the x-brace of the converter also looks pretty sturdy and perfect for long term use.

We love the fact that you can load up to two large displays at a time and you can use two, 24” displays at once, while you still have sufficient space for books, two laptops, and a your mobile devices in front. There is a built-in mobile dock or stand near the keyboard shelf, so you can still watch videos on your iPad if you want while working.

This is something that you cannot get with a single level working table because there literally isn’t any space for mobile docks when you have just one level to work with. The AVLT-Power measures 35.4” x 31.9” and can also be used for two 21:9 Curved Display.

Comes with a full sized keyboard shelf for keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. The keyboard shelf is removable. The manufacturer has chosen to design a dual-gas spring mechanism into the desk and you can increase the elevation of the main surface from 5.9” to 19.7”. This makes this desk converter perfect for all kinds of users, from those with average height to taller ones with heights in excess of 6’1”.

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Gas Spring Riser Converter

VIVO has released several desk converters as of late, and this is one of the more sophisticated models available online. As part of the VIVO Desk Riser Solutions, you can really see how much work they’ve put into designing and streamlining this desk converter. What we love the most about it is the robust and sturdy base which seems to be designed to withstand even the worst wobbles.

Since this desk is powered by a gas spring riser, getting the main work surface up is going to be a breeze, and it’s possible to make those small adjustments in height without disturbing everything on the table. This is especially important if you have a lot of gadgets on the table – you don’t any of them sliding out.

The DESK-V000B model is one of the bestsellers from this line because it can easily handle two displays at once. The riser has a minimum height of 6.5” and a maximal height of 16” which is higher than other risers in the same category (dual display risers). The work area measures a generous 36” x 22”, meaning you can put multiple devices and displays at once and not worry about running out of space. The sturdy lower deck is spacious enough for a laptop, or the usual keyboard and mouse combo. Looks very professional and even has cup holder areas on either side of the main workspace.

Seville Classics Airlift 30” Compact Gas-Spring Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Workstation

The Seville Classics Airlift is an incredibly well-designed desk converter that has a gas-spring height adjustment system to facilitate raising and lowering of the main workspace. It is an ergonomic desk riser and is perfect for both office and home use.

It has a relatively large space for working (35.4” x 23.2”) and has a beveled front edge for aesthetic value and smoother finish. Use this desk riser regardless of the work device that you use in your office or home office. It can handle all kinds of display loads from regular PC displays to heavier Apple devices.

This is one of the more popular units in the Seville lineup, and has earned accolades for its many great features that allow people to shift to a “sit to stand” work setup in mere seconds.

The minimum height for this riser is 6.2”, but you can increase it easily using the pneumatic controls to an impressive height of 19.1”, which is three inches higher than the maximal height of other desk risers in the market built for a maximum of two displays.

According to the manufacturer, this Airlift desk was designed for people who want to change their monotonous work hours and make them healthier in the process.

SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk

The SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk occupies a league of its own for being a highly compact, streamlined, and full sized height adjustable desk. Unlike the previous products we’ve reviews; this isn’t just your regular desk riser: it’s an actual desk. Of course, this has its own advantages if you think about. A desk riser is naturally limited (space-wise) but it can be used on any surface.

This desk on the other hand, is perfect for those who won’t want a riser, but instead wants a table that goes up and down at will.

This gives you more space to work with, less clutter on the whole on your table, and it’s just generally a better experience especially if you don’t have that much stuff to put on your table anyway. The digital display control has four preset options so you can just set which height you want when you want to adjust the table’s height.

The table also has an electric, motorized lift system that can bring the table from its minimum height of 28” to 46” easily. In the event that this is still not enough for your needs, you can always purchase a separate riser to increase the height.

The desk supports are made from industrial grade stainless steel and the desk has grommets so you can easily organize all your cables to make your workspace clearer and more efficient.

Best Standing Desks Under $1000 For 2020

Standing desk

Today’s power lineup is going to focus on desk converters and standing desks that are going to withstand the test of time.

Many of these desks are motorized, which means you are going to be exerting zero effort in raising and lowering your workspace.

Are you ready to meet the best of the best of standing desk world? We are excited to give you the best standing desks under $1,000.

Seville Classics Airlift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk

If you have been watching the Seville line for some time now, you would know that this particular manufacturer always goes out of its way to offer something that other brands simply don’t have in terms of design and features.

This Airlift model goes way beyond our expectations for a full sized standing desk. It has an ultra beautiful and modern tempered, white glass top, which has a beveled edge, which creates a truly beautiful work surface for anyone.

The Airlift desk is equipped with two powerful motors that support the thick steel legs of the desk. The lowest setting is 29” and you can increase the height of the table top to a maximum of 47”. The steel frame is grey-finished and can support a whopping 160 pounds of resistance.

This is at least double the usual weight capacity of tables in this class, which really makes this Seville Airlift model a cut above the rest.

In addition to the large space, heavy duty legs, and ergonomic design, the table also comes with dual USB charging ports (USB-A) which allows you charge your mobile devices from the table itself (no need for an extended adaptor).

Each USB-A charging port provides 2.4 A of power each, and is perfect for higher end devices like Apple iPhones and iPads.

As for the control of the height of the table, there is also a touch screen height controller that is equipped with three, touch-sensitive memory buttons and an LED height display mechanism to complete the look and feel of the desk.

SONGMICS Gas-Spring Sit-Stand Workstation

The SONGMICS Gas-Spring Sit-Stand Workstation is finished in natural grain, and is a full sized desk for gamers and those working in their offices/home offices.

The manufacturer designed this table for health and wellness, as its very simple design allows users to sit or stand whenever they like while working.

Switching your position while working will help relieve stress along the usual tension points along the body, such as the upper back, lower back, shoulders, and even the chest.

This desk comes with a pneumatic lifting mechanism (gas-spring powered) which makes it easy to raise or lower the main workspace from its minimum height of 28.3” to 44.1”.

The main workspace measures 47.2” x 23.6”, which is larger than your average desk converter for dual monitors.

This is an ideal study desk because of its streamlined design and easy operation. The capacity of the desk for all static loads is a total of 110 pounds.

The sturdy frame is coated with rust-resistant paint and its minimalistic color scheme makes it easy for this table to blend in with any décor or room aesthetic.

VIVO Black Height Adjustable stand up Desk Frame with Crank System

VIVO has been manufacturing multiple desk converters and standing desks for years now, and this sit and stand combo design is amazing for people who are looking for a lightweight and fast solution to their workspaces.

You can easily go from sitting to standing in a matter of moments with this table, and if you don’t want to spend more than the average, grab this desk because it’s been equipped with a crank system that’s light on the effort but big on the results.

This is one of the largest tables so far in our line up with a generous work surface measuring 63.1” x 31.5”, which provides room for a wide variety and number of items from large displays to computer or gaming accessories.

The table is supported by a solid steel frame that can easily carry up to 132 pounds of static force.

The entire frame is built for stability, so you shouldn’t worry about any wobbling whenever you raise or lower the desk.

FLEXISPOT Electric Stand Up Desk

FLEXISPOT has been consistent in innovating its own line of electric desks and manual desk converters, and we can say that their iteration of the modern electric desk is a beautiful sight.

We especially love the fact that the table looks very modern with its shiny white finish, which makes it perfect for most office settings.

The spacious work area measures 48” x 30” and has been manufactured with the environment in mind. There is sufficient space for different kinds of displays and gadgets, and feel free to throw in your usual office trinkets and supplies – the table can handle them all.

The way we visualize it, you can add up to two large displays and then your keyboard and mouse combo with lots of space to spare. That’s how big this table is, considering the fact that it’s an electric table.

You can easily transition to this table painlessly without sacrificing any of your stuff from your old table.

The table comes with its own motor lift mechanism that offers the smoothest possible adjustments from the base height of 28” to the highest possible adjustment of 47.6”.

The table is also low-noise, clocking sound at less than 50 dB. FLEXISPOT has manufactured this desk with industrial-grade steel, and the surface and frame can handle static loads up to 154 pounds.

If you’re worried about operating such a modern desk, don’t worry because FLEXISPOT has added a seven-button controller interface that can store up to three programmable presets, so you can change the height of the table at will.

Switching from standing to sitting and vice versa has never been this easy. The manufacturer also currently offers a limited two-year warranty for the controller, switch, and other electric/electronic components of the table itself.

Best Standing Desks Under $500 For 2020

Standing desk

Whether you are a gamer or working professional with a home office, investing in a sturdy standing desk or desk converter just makes complete sense, especially if you are after the health benefits.

If you are planning to invest less than $500 for your first desk converter or standing desk, you are in for a treat as today’s roundup features the best standing desks under $500. Let’s get it on!

FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk

The one thing that we immediately noticed about the FlexiSpot M3B is who wide they’ve made the main workspace.

The extra space beside the two sample displays shows that this desk is longer than its counterparts, and thus, a good choice if you have a tendency to put additional gear or stuff on the main space of your working station while you are typing or reader.

The desk has a generous 47” width that puts it on a league of its own in the dual display niche. The desk also comes with a single-handle elevation mechanism, which simplifies raising and lowering the desk when you want to sit down or stand up.

The manufacturer guarantees that you will never have to use additional energy or effort to raise or lower the desk, unlike other brands.

The desk is also capable of changing its height within its own base’s dimension or footprint, which means you won’t have to move around anything when changing the height.

The desk has a wide and long keyboard shelf that is simply perfect for a keyboard, mouse, and even additional gear like your mobile phone and even a glass of your favorite beverage.

The FlexiSpot M3B is ergonomically built, so you won’t suffer from sore shoulders or wrists while using it.

SHW 55-inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk (Cherry)

This standing desk is literally huge and is probably the widest table we’ve seen in this category of risers/standing desks.

The SHW 55-inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk is equipped with its own 4-setting digital memory control system that allows the user to enter pre-set heights for the table, which simplifies height manipulation on the whole.

The base height of the table (the workspace) is 28” and the table rises to a maximal height of 45”. Take note that the table uses telescoping legs, which makes the height adjustment/transition smooth and wobble free.

The supports are made of industrial-grade steel and there are additional grommets on the table that will allow you to keep those cables as organized as possible, especially when you are adding multiple devices to the table while working.

The dimensions of this table are 55” W x 28” D x 28-45” H.

Seville Classics Airlift S3 Solid-Top Electric Adjustable Desk with Dual Motors

Seville is a well-known brand in desk converters and electric desks, and the Airlift S3 is a huge leap for fans of standing desks.

The working space is streamlined but durable, with smooth contours that make the table look more professional and perfect for any working space.

The thick, telescoping legs are jointed three times, allowing for fast and sturdy elevation when it’s need.

The base itself has the length and width which allows for endless hours of work on the table with zero worries of wobbling or unnecessary movements. The solid, single-piece top measures 54” x 30” and is covered by a 3D vinyl laminate.

The smooth curve on the edge is ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the wrists while working and improve the overall accessibility of the table.

The table also has a digital LED display controller that displays the actual height of the table and this is where you will be controlling the dual motors that are running the telescoping legs.

This is indeed a high end table that’s perfect for your home office. And best of all, it is ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-compliant, making it one of the safest work tables around.

EleTab Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desk

When you are looking for the functionality and space of the larger tables but would like to spend even less for your new full sized standing desk, you need the EleTab Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desk.

This is a manual sit-stand desk that requires only the tiniest of efforts to increase or reduce the height of work surface itself.

Elevating your computer displays cannot be simpler and easier, and in the process you can help your posture and improve your overall working conditions when you get tired of sitting for long periods.

The table has a minimum height of 29”, and can be elevated easily to 47.6” when you operate the simple crank system.

The frame is manufactured from stainless steel and the entire structure can handle up to 88 pounds of load easily.

Some installation is required, but the manufacturer provides explicit instructions on installation so you wouldn’t have to worry about that. Definitely a good investment if you are into middle-tier electric tables.

Eureka Ergonomic V2 Gas Spring Standing Desk Converter

The Eureka V2 Gas Spring Standing Desk Converter looks legendary because of thick base and x-bracket, and its ergonomic design.

The desk is designed to elevate within its own footprint, and the thick metal base ensures that none of your stuff are going to move when you decide to change the height of the table.

The desk features a step less mechanism and dual gas springs for ease of use. The main workspace can handle up to 35 pounds of resistance, and you can use up to two displays at once, with a maximum display size of 27”.

The ergonomic build of the desk is enhanced by the generous 35” x 22” size of the workspace, and the wide-angle make of the keyboard shelf, which makes it even easier for people to work longer periods of time whether seated or standing up.

The manufacturer uses an industry-leading and patented z-shaped construction that has been tested to withstand up to 20,000 movements, all done with no exposed gas struts.