Cool Camping Gadgets To Take On Your Next Trip 2019


Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of being under the stars – and everyone knows that camping has always been a great way to commune with nature.

That’s why this year, we are encouraging everyone to start exploring their local hiking and camping grounds, because who knows? You might fall in love with camping and nature trekking.

Use these gadgets to make your camping more fun and convenient. Don’t forget to tell us if you know any more cool camping gadgets you can use this year and the next!

1. Camping Pillows 

Rugged Camp’s Camping Pillows are the epitome of convenience when you are out on the trial. The pillows provide the right kind of cushion for the head and ideal neck support, which can help you feel refreshed the next day if you have spent the entire day trekking.

The pillows are inflatable, and can easily be decompressed when you are packing up to go home. The pillows fit into these tiny pouches that will not take up much space in your backpack, too. The bright colors are also nice, too – definitely a must in a camper’s backpack.

2. Tent Light + Fan

Odoland’s Portable Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan is definitely a must have because it packs three tools in one: a USB-out charging function that taps the device’s batteries for charging your USB devices, an LED ring light assembly, and a DC fan smack in the center.

We love the portability of this device, and the fact that it has a sturdy hook on top that you can use to easily attach the device on a cloth strap above you (while you’re in the tent).

Grab two or more of these to make sure that you don’t run out of light while camping, or hook it up to a portable solar assembly to charge it when you don’t need it.

3. Folding Campfire Grill

While setting up a primitive grilling frame works too, a heavy duty campfire grill is a good idea especially if there are more than two people in the group, and you need to cook a good amount of food over an open fire.

The AmazonBasics folding campfire grill is sturdy yet lightweight, and can be used not just for grilling, but for boiling water, soup, or even frying if you have a pan. The width is there, so we’re sure you can think of more creative ways of using this portable grill.

4. Headlamp

Lighting Ever’s headlamp looks good enough to be taken to a camping trip. Bringing more than one of each gadget is actually a good idea, especially if you don’t have a way of charging your devices.

It’s a good thing that this headlamp runs on batteries, so you can just bring spares to your camping. This headlamp has a generous amount of head strap, and has three settings to provide you with just the right amount of illumination, based on what you’re doing.

5. Hammock

Winner Outfitter’s camping hammock can support up to 500 pounds of weight, and can be used by up to two people at once.

The material used by the manufacturer is also lightweight, which is good news, because you don’t need any additional and unnecessary weight bearing down on your back while you are hiking.

This hammock comes with thick carabiners and sturdy, flexible rope for fast installation.

6. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes may not sound like a big deal when you are still high and dry in the city, but once you’re on the trail and a good bath is a few hours away, you’ll thank us for reminding you to bring wet wipes.

We recommend Surviveware’s Biodegradable Large Wet Wipes as these are kinder on the environment. Use these to wipe off dirt and grime, and even clean any superficial wounds you may incur along the way. It’s safer to use wet wipes on wounds than river water, which is naturally contaminated with bacteria and parasites.

7. Hammer Axe

Make sure that you bring your Swiss knife along when you go camping.

If you don’t have a Swiss knife or any kind of multi-tool, try RoverTac’s 14 in 1 Stainless Multitool, which comes complete with knives, bottle openers, a small saw, and a hammer axe.

Use the hammer axe to drive in nails and to cut wood.

8. Bellows

Bellows are used to increase oxygen around fire, so it should be part of your fire-starting kit.

The Jonhen pocket bellows is a good addition to any camper’s toolkit because it’s small, and it works like a charm.

Use it both on the trail and at home.

9. Entrenching Tool

Being able to dig holes is a boon if you are going to camp for a long while.

Of course, bringing a full sized shovel is not going to cut it, because that would be too heavy and big for your backpack.

IUNIO’s military portable folding shovel and pickax should do the trick.

This larger multi-tool has all of the general benefits of smaller Swiss knives, with the added benefit of having an actual shovel head thrown in for good measure. The tool also folds up easily for storage, and you can just stow it away along with the other tools.

10. Camping Blanket 

The BEARZ outdoor beach blanket is one of our favorite items on this list because it’s a full sized blanket that fits into a tiny purse for easy storage.

The blanket is sand-proof, and comes in multiple colors, too.

We also like the fact that the blanket is waterproof, because the last thing you need in your camping bag is a moldy blanket that’s been splashed with rain or moisture from the ground. Grab it.

11. Emergency Signal

While we can plan for most things, emergencies do happen, and when you’re alone and isolated, you need to be able to transmit a visual signal.

The Weems & Plath SOS distress light fits the bill for the modern emergency signal.

This device can signal for up to 60 hours using just dry cell batteries – amazing!

Essential Survival Equipment: Best Off Grid Tools 2019

Hiking Route

When the travel bug bites, there’s no way to deny it – but you don’t have to go unprepared.

If you’re thinking of going abroad or just exploring the local nature trails or mountain ranges, it’s important that you have the right tools and gadgets for adventuring.

This is our special rundown of the best survival tools & equipment for adventuring. Be well-prepared when you hit the trail!

1. Portable Generator

Portable generators have gone a long way since their humble beginning. With the advent of greener technologies like solar panels, hybrid generators like the Vetomile 250-Watt Portable Power Generator can be charged through a regular AC wall outlet or through a solar panel assembly.

While this portable generator is heftier than your usual solar-battery setups, it can be used for more than just charging your laptop or mobile phone.

It can actually power an air-conditioning unit or a rice cooker. We think this is a huge convenience if you’re going off-grid for a while in your adventuring.

2. Military Shovel

Also called an entrenchment tool, the FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel provides an axe blade, shovel, hammer, saw edge, and paracord.

Larger multi-tools like this one may be heftier, but they are extremely useful especially if you are planning to visit jungles and mountainsides.

Even a simple nature trek or camping trip can be made easier with the right set of tools. Decide wisely and bring the right kinds of tools to your adventure.

3. Emergency Shelter & Bedding

When you are exposed to the elements and the possible fury of nature, it’s important to be prepared for “the impossible” – like losing your main tent.

The Go Time Gear Life Tent solves the problem of bulky tents and stays neatly packed until such time that it needs to be deployed. This emergency tent will keep you warm, cool, and completely dry regardless of the weather.

This tube tent can accommodate up to two persons comfortably and is manufactured with puncture-resistant polyethylene.

Gears like this Life Tent are also perfect for emergency bug-out packs. Think ahead and get yourself some emergency shelter before heading out.

You can also add the Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag to your shopping list. Redundancy preparation is vital, and items like sleeping bags can get lost, punctured, or otherwise unusable especially when things make a turn for the worst.

You can place your emergency shelter and emergency sleeping bag in a safe place in your main pack so they will stay dry and safe.

4. Survival Blankets

Hypothermia is a huge problem in the great outdoors, and being in a group with like-minded adventurers is no guarantee that there will be no illness or injuries as you traverse point A to point B.

Buying a quantity of emergency blankets like the General Medi Emergency Blanket (12-pack) ensures that each person in the group would have at least one emergency blanket to use in case you lose your main equipment stack.

5. Flameless Lighter

Sounds like science fiction, but the technology used for flameless lighters are actually old school.

The Tough Tesla Lighter has a double-arc system that sets fire on anything that it touches.

It’s rechargeable, so this one’s perfect if you have a small power generator unit with you. Otherwise, you can just max out the 200-300 times you can use it with each full charge, which takes only 1.5-2 hours to complete.

What we like about the Tough Tesla Lighter is its waterproof and windproof features, as well as the extra grip designed onto its main casing. The extra loop on the side is also pretty useful for attaching the lighter to your backpack.

6. Trauma Kit

Having basic medical, first aid, and trauma supplies and tools are a must when you are leaving the city.

Scuddles’ Emergency Trauma Tactical Kit has a good number of basic supplies, including a ergonomic bag, combat tourniquet, sprint roll, trauma bandage, compressed gauze, trenmal blanket, elastic badge, triangle bandage, burn dressing, and more.

Not that we are planning to get hurt when you go adventuring, but if you do get hurt and you are all alone, your chances of survival and getting home in fairly sound condition will be higher if you have a kit of your own.

Also, don’t forget to learn emergency preparedness and first aid. This kit won’t be so useful if you don’t know how to disinfect and dress different kinds of wounds.

7. Filtering Straws

Also called life straws, these extremely portable filtering straws are built with highly efficient filtration membranes that allow you to drink from contaminated sources of water like ponds and rivers. Use this if your source of potable water has run out, and you are at risk of dehydration.

Of course, no portable system is 100% efficient, but between drinking from a river straight and having some filtration going between you and those nematodes, you have a better outlook with filtering straws. Membrane Solutions’ Portable Water Filter Straws are a good pick, and you can even choose what colors you like. We like the camo ones, though!

8. Satellite Phone

Satellite phones are not influenced by the limitations of terrestrial cellular sites, and can be used on almost any location, excluding territories that prohibit their use due to security concerns.

Extreme adventurers at sea or in the deepest jungles in the world use satellite phones as a fail-safe for communication, as cellular phones are notorious for losing signals when you are far enough from towns and cities.

While the initial cost of one is high compared to other phones, it’s going to be worth it – trust us. A good pick would be the IsatPhone 2.1 that comes with a 100-unit SIM card and 77 minutes of calls.

9. GPS Communicator

The Garmin eTrex 30 has a two-inch screen and a database of global relief maps for the ultimate adventurers.

It is ruggedly built, looks good, and has GLONASS and HotFix support.

The 3-axis compass also helps provide accurate guidance when moving, and it is powered with AA batteries, so you can just replace the batteries when they run out. Bring a large pack of batteries just in case!

Note that this GPS is our best budget option. If you want to see our top of the line gps option then check this article out.

Picking Gear for Beginner’s Photography 2019

Photography Gear

Photography is an amazing hobby to pick up, and for decades now, people have found happiness learning about this wonderful art.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate practitioner of photography, it pays to know the different types of gear needed to perform specific actions while photographing subjects or objects.

The Camera

There are two general types of cameras in the market: the DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera and the point and shoot camera.

DSLR cameras are more expensive, but offer the highest level of adaptability when you are challenging yourself to accomplish more things with your photography.

This is not to say that point and shoot cameras aren’t dependable; the common user shoots with a PNS camera and endless photos have been produced, and memories kept, with these lower-cost cameras.

The main advantage of higher-tier DSLR cameras is they are able to render RAW files (great for post-processing) instead of just JPEG (many experts now say that high quality JPEGS are rivaling RAW files) and you have the option of switching lenses.

A good example of a camera body with an 18-55 mm stock lens, 2 pieces SanDisk 32 GB memory cards and additional photography accessories would be the Canon EOS Rebel T7 Camera Bundle.

Different kinds of lenses accomplish different feats. Your regular stock lens (the one that came with the camera body that you purchased) is usually alright for basic landscape shots, portraits, and a little macro photography if you like taking photos of flowers and smaller objects.

However, they aren’t good for taking close-ups of far away objects, and it would be difficult to shoot some wider scenes with stock lenses. For the former, you’d need a telephoto lens, and for the latter, a wide angle lens.

What about point and shoot cameras? Point and shoot cameras have just one, built-in lens and the zooming function is digital, meaning, the lens isn’t the one doing the magnification, it’s the built-in computer.

Basically, when you zoom in an image while shooting, the computer in the camera just cuts away portions of the image and magnifies it. What results is often a grainy shot with lower quality light and color.

There are different makes of digital cameras, so we don’t recommend that you get the cheapest ones as that would usually mean they sacrificed on the optics side of the gadget. Check out Canon’s take on the classic family point and shoot: the Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II Digital Camera that comes with a SanDisk 64 GB memory card, point & shoot camera case and flexible tripod.

The Tripod

If you are tired of shaky and bad-looking shots, it’s time you learned to shoot with a tripod. Tripods are mechanical stabilizers, and they keep everything as still as possible while making a shot. Whether you are shooting portraits or landscape scenes, a reliable tripod would be your best partner while practicing photography.

If you are rocking a DSLR with a heavy lens, we recommend sturdier tripods like the Vanguard Alta Pro or the Neewer Carbon Fiber tripod.

If you are using a point and shoot, you can still use these heavier tripods, but if you don’t want the heft, you can opt for smaller versions like the Geekoto 77” Tripod.

Remote Shutter Release

The remote shutter release connects to your camera via infrared and triggers the completion of a shot. There are wired and wireless versions of the remote shutter release. Why do you need this?

Well, some shots are better made with the image composed on the display and no one touching the camera body. Using a remote shutter release eliminates shakes/vibrations that can have small but visible effects on the final product.

Many remote shutter releases are universal, meaning they work with most brands of cameras like Nikon, Leica, or Canon. Others are made for specific families of cameras, like the VILTROX wired/wireless shutter release, which works for the Canon 80D, 77D, 60D, T6i, etc. Then we have Nikon-dedicated shutter releases like the AODELAN Wireless Shutter Release for the D5300, D5600, D7500, and so on.

External Flash Unit

While it’s true that balancing light with the cold light of flash can be difficult at times, an external flash unit is an absolute blessing when you are shooting objects and some portraits.

External flash units can be mounted on a tripod and activate when it senses the built-in flash from the camera body, or they can be triggered via IR manually using their own remote control. You can also mount an external flash unit on the camera body itself, as an alternative to the smaller and weaker built-in flash.

There are many off-brand external flash units available for photographers and each one has different features that will help enrich your experience with photography. Some great examples of these would be the Neewer TT560or the Altura Photo Professional Flash Kit.


Diffusers help spread light more evenly and reduce the harsh glare associated with the bright white light of camera flash. There are many types of diffusers; some are designed for the built-in flash of cameras while others are built for the external flash unit.

The most basic take on the diffuser would be the single-unit diffusers like the Movo Photo SB3 Universal On-Camera Pop-Up Flash Diffuser. Then there are more ornate designs that cover the entirety of the speedlite, like the Neewer Camera Speedlite Flash Softbox and Reflector Diffuser Kit.

The majority of diffusers are made from plastic, so they will be pretty cheap, unless you are using a ring flash, which goes around the lens of the camera. An example of this would be the PLOTURE Flash Light with LCD Display Adapter Rings and Flash Diffusers.

We suggest you get a few of them and try them out first to see which ones are the best for your specific uses. The effect of diffusers will vary slightly from one design to another, and it’s essential that you are able to compare the performance of different diffusers before settling on using one more frequently.

Enacfire Future Plus Wireless Earbuds Review 2019

enacfire future plus

This will be my review of the Enacfire Future Plus wireless earbuds.

Before we begin, my main purpose for buying these was using them in the gym, so reliability & price was my focus when picking out a pair of earbuds to buy.

Why Did I Choose These Earbuds?

I did a lot of searching/comparing before buying these. I decided to go with the Enacfire Future Plus for a few main reasons beside the obvious things such as price & positive reviews.

What really made me go for these is that you can use the charging bank to also charge your phone & the fact that they provide you with a great warranty.

This is my first pair of wireless earbuds, so I have no idea what to expect on how well these hold-up or if Enacfire makes quality products, despite my thorough research process.

I was also searching for a power bank to carry as I’ve been traveling a lot so finding that I could use this to charge my phone was a huge win.

Another positive is they look decent. Nothing crazy, not huge and bulky but just like normal earbuds. I like the low key look to them.

Charging Case Features

The main difference from the future and the future plus is the charging bank & it’s one of the main reasons I bought this one.

It’s a high-quality build charging bank case that charges your earbuds & also doubles as a backup charger for other things such as your phone.

It’s a great weight and size, fits easily in your pocket or in a small pocket of a gym bag.

The charging connectors are magnetic so it automatically pulls your earbuds in the correct spot so that they are charging whenever you start to put them in each charging slot.

Sound Quality

The sound quality on these is maybe just a bit better than the iphone earbuds, (not the airpods idk what those sound like). It pretty much eliminates any background noise because of the snug fit of the ear tips.

They sound just like I expected them to. I realize I’m not buying beats or seinnheiser branded earbuds so if you’re expecting to get that sort of quality in the price range of the Enacfire then I don’t know what to tell you.

Base was a little more noticeable than the regular apple earbuds as well.

How Was The Microphone?

I didn’t really care about the mic options when I was looking for pair of wireless earbuds.

With that being said, I was quite surprised by them in terms of the mic.

I honestly wasn’t even going to test the mic out but I happened to get a phone call on the way home while wearing these and I answered it.

To my surprise the person I was on the phone with said they could hear me perfectly. They said even better than when I’m just regularly on the phone which shocked me.

I figured the mic was going to be sub-par because the mic is built into the earbuds which is no where near your mouth. So I figured I would have to pretty much yell for it to hear what I was saying. This was not the case at all.

I honestly was baffled that the person I was talking to was able to hear me at all, much less at such a high quality that she said she was able to.

Pros & Cons

Here is a quick overview of everything I did & did not like about these.

The Pros

  • Solid build quality
  • Great warranty
  • Price
  • Superior charging bank
  • Looks sleek, not goofy like some wireless earbuds

The Cons

  • Would be nice if you could change the volume directly from the earbuds

Not being able to adjust the volume isn’t a big deal for me since I can pause/play directly from the earbuds but I guess this would be something that some people may find useful.

This might be something we see in a future version of Enacfire earbuds, along with volume control from the earbuds directly then this would be amazing.

Do I Recommend These & Where To Buy

I absolutely recommend these. I’m glad I didn’t go with any of the more expensive earbuds options as this gives me exactly what I need at a reasonable cost.

Now, I’ve only had them for a few weeks so if something should happen that may make me change my mind then I’ll be sure to update this article. 

With that being said that’s where the warranty they offer to take care of it.

Hopefully I don’t need to worry about any of that though!

You can pick these up on Amazon or Ebay.

How To Create an Ergonomic PC Gaming Setup At Home 2019

ergonomic gaming

If you are into training for eSports or just downright in love with gaming on your PC, there are a couple of things that you should get and do to create a an ergonomic PC gaming setup. In this blog post, we will be tackling the specifics of an ergonomic setup that will reduce the stress on your joints, and improve your overall well-being even if you are engaged in gaming for long periods of time.

Positioning Your Keyboard

The keyboard is probably the most used peripheral device of the PC, and whether you are working or playing, your hands will be connected to this input device the moment you want to get things done. But the problem is the keyboard is also the primary source of strain and pain for gamers. How do you position the keyboard so there is less strain on your wrist and fingers?

The solution is to re-position the keyboard about three inches above your knees. Ideally, your keyboard should be around the same height as your bellybutton so your shoulders, forearms and all associated joints don’t have to work harder just to keep your hands aloft.

What about wrist rests? Unfortunately despite the convenience that wrist rests seem to provide, they actually double the amount of carpal tunnel strain, so you can do away with a keyboard that has one.

Instead of a wrist rest, what you really need is an arm support attachment for your gaming chair that will support your arms near the elbows, so your shoulder muscles can naturally relax even when your hands are really busy.

We recommend mechanical keyboards like the CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are an excellent alternative to membrane-type keyboards and they are also more responsive, with the added benefit of the clicking sounds that allow the user to know when a key has been registered. Great for both gaming and typing.

Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Obviously, you are going to need a table that can be repositioned where your new gaming chair is going. Height adjustment is paramount, so we don’t really recommend office tables for gaming.

If you want, you can try desks like the Eureka Ergonomic Z2 Gaming Desk, which has a unique Z-shaped design for added stability, cable organization features, a cup holder, and other cool features. The important thing here is you can level the surface of the table to reduce the strain on your wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulders.

On the other hand, if you feel that you still are not getting the right type of relief from the new table, you may want to think of ways to craft a keyboard stand on your own that would extend mechanically from the table.

This would take a little DIY know-how, but it’s not impossible, technically. All you will need are a few hinges, screws, a slab of wood, and some mechanical knowledge to make the setup retract and extend as needed. If you are DIY-inclined, this would definitely be a good weekend project to try.

Is There Such A Thing As A Ergonomic Gaming Mouse?

Technically, yes, however their a very awkward feeling. At least to me. 

I would just go with your favorite gaming mouse and try to take necessary steps to make it comfortable on your wrist.

If you love playing Minecraft and RPG games on your PC like Diablo, the mouse is going to be mashed like nothing before. Unfortunately, improper placement of the mouse can also cause wrist pressure and strain, which will eventually wear down your joints. Have no fear: the solution is actually easy.

To improve the ergonomics of your mouse, simply transfer it to the same level as the keyboard (three inches above the knee). This should reduce the strain nicely. Also, try to shop around for a mouse that feels comfortable when you use it. Different hand types and sizes lend well to different mouse models.

If you are looking for a programmable gaming mouse with just the right heft, feel, and number of programmable buttons, check out the Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming Mouse. It has a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, Chroma RGB lighting, a total of nine programmable buttons and best of all – sensitive, mechanical switches.

Ergonomic Gaming Monitor

The distance of your monitor will depend largely on your eyes, and how you see. Some people are near-sighted, others far-sighted, and still some are just sensitive to light so they get migraines frequently when exposed to the light of the computer screen for long periods of time.

The general rule of thumb here is to position the monitor in such a way that your eyes can see the characters clearly, but the eye strain due to light exposure is reduced.

We recommend a monitor such as ASUS ROG PG279Q 27″ Gaming Monitor Adjustable Ergonomic EyeCare G-SYNC.

The minimum distance would be the distance from your shoulder to your wrist, or to some who require the monitor to be farther away, from the shoulder to the tip of the fingers.

This is only a general calibration of the distance, and you should still check if you can see the monitor comfortably. If the monitor is too far, then that’s not good either as your eyes will have to work double time to see what’s on the screen clearly.

Ergonomic Gaming Chair

We don’t have to tell you anymore how long gamers can stay in one position just to have their fill of gaming in a day.

Unfortunately, poor posture while gaming can lead to a variety of progressive and degenerative conditions, including scoliosis and joint inflammation. The basic rule for long periods of sitting down is that the feet have to be flat on the ground, or placed on a relaxed incline.

Having a footrest isn’t a bad idea, either. Your hips and knees should also be parallel to the ground, so the strain on your waist and spine is reduced. Too much pressure on any part of your body can result in sluggish blood flow or circulation, or even a complete disruption or blockage.

The backrest should also be adjusted; aim for ninety to one hundred twenty degrees for maximum comfort and support. Do not lean too far back that your back feel stretched unnaturally. Follow the natural flow of your spinal column and you should be fine.

If you are looking for a gaming chair that’s not too fancy but still does the job right, we recommend the Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair. Support for the lumbar spine is essential for reducing back pain after long periods of playing on the PC.


Aside from the ergonomic setup, make sure you have the essentials for a good gaming setup. This includes a good headset, a gaming tower with good airflow & of course good internal components such as gpu, cpu etc..


Best Handheld GPS For Hiking And Backpacking 2019

Hiking Route

This topic is going to be an overall review of the best 2019 handheld gps’ for hiking, backpacking, camping or whatever reasons you could need a portable gps.

Unlike a lot of products you won’t find tons of companies that make gps products, more of a few of the big names who make a wide variety of them. So expect to see a brand being mentioned more than once in this article.

My judging criteria for these products will be on things such as ease of use, signal quality, map interface, setting capability and overall durability.

Garmin Oregon 750T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld GPS

My overall best pick is the Garmin Oregon 750T it has everything you need for a quality gps and then some. A huge feature that myself and most of the smartphone users really enjoy is the touchscreen interface that Garmin added into this product.

The size is perfect at basically the size of a regular smartphone and around the same weight as well. It comes with two different options of view for mapping the landscape or portrait view. This comes down to preference here but always good to have options.

Live geocaching & tracking are core features that the Garmin 750T comes with.

My absolute favorite thing about this is the built in camera and let me explain why. First off I always carry a professional camera with me for scenery type of photos so why would I care about a lesser camera on the gps?

The option to geotag the locations with pictures, this means if I find a cool looking spot when I’m hiking by myself and I know my daughter would love to see it I can go right back to it. Instead of just a dot on the screen it can actually pull up the photo of the spot to help re-jar my memory on what that spot actually looked like.

The Garmin Oregon 750T is my overall favorite pick for handheld gps.

Garmin Montana 680T Handheld GPS

My second top pick is also a Garmin brand gps, which should not surprise most people considering how Garmin is the leader is the gps industry.

The Garmin Montana 680t comes with a touch screen, has access to GPS and GLONASS satellites, 8 MP Camera and a Compass plus many other things. The reception quality is top notch even in the most baron of places.

Battery life is not an issue with this gps which I’ve had in the past from others. I can’t give an exact timeframe of how long it lasted me because I’ve had much shorter hikes here as of late focusing more on weight loss than the sights but I would say it easily makes the up to 16 hours mark that Garmin claims for it.

The Montana also comes with the same option of the picture geotagging that the Oregon 750t comes with so you don’t have to decide between the two based on this feature. The Montana 680t is an overall superb quality gps from Garmin and it better be for the price tag.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS

The Garmin GPSMAP 64st comes with built in worldwide maps and is preloaded with TOPO 100k maps. It features a high-sensitivity quad helix antenna for strong signal quality in even very remote areas.

Has a good quality screen to show the most detailed of maps for navigating through multi-style terrain areas. This is a great gps that is perfect for beginners or even the most advanced hikers.

The learning curve is pretty easy for the 64st. If you play around with it for about a week you should have a good grasp on how everything works with it.

Only downside of this compared to the others mentioned above is that it is not a touchscreen which may or may not matter to some people but could be a deal breaker for others.

GARMIN eTrex 30x GPS

The eTrex 30x is the smallest in size of all the ones we’ve mentioned in this list but don’t think size is everything.

This GPS comes packed with tons of features with preloaded maps, built in high quality sensors and much more. It also comes with 3.7 GB of memory to loads a ton of navigation maps. The pricing on this one is much lower than the others as well but you also lose some good features and also the touchscreen aspect.

Note that Garmin does provide the etrex gps in a touchscreen version if you don’t want to lose out on this feature.

Is Garmin The Only Good GPS Brand Maker?

I know it may look this way but there are some brands that do create good devices but I don’t feel as if they were good enough to be put ahead of any of the ones I mentioned.

I usually never have the same brand in my entire best list but since Global Positioning Systems are pretty high-tech there aren’t a ton of competitors in the market right now.

So for right now as you can tell Garmin comes out as the clear winner brand wise of GPS but you should still do your due diligence on the specific gps model you’re look into buying to get the best fit for you.