Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Oil Review 2020

beard oil

In this article we’ll be going over our review of Seven Potions Woodland Harmony beard oil.

Beards can either be frightfully sexy and attractive, or the direct opposite. And for millions of men with thick beards of any length, keeping the mane down there tame enough on a daily basis can be challenging. Luckily, there is a specific hair care product designed for caring for beards: beard oil.

Skincare experts have weighed in, and concur that applying special oil tonics to the beard can actually be beneficial. Dermatologists believe that men should pay as much attention to their facial hair as much as the hair they have up there.

About This Beard Oil

Not all products deserve such a long name, but the Woodland Harmony Beard Oil is a notable exception. Seven Potions, the company behind this beard oil, prides itself with possessing the formula for the “best smelling beard oil” in the market.

The Woodland Harmony Beard Oil is for the contemporary bearded gentleman who wants to keep his facial hair healthy and smelling musky and properly masculine all day long. If you love the vibe of the 1950s and the dapper lifestyle of the True Gentleman then, you’ll love this beard oil.

Not every beard oil has its scent game at 100%. We’re happy to report that Seven Potions took extra care in devising the base, middle, and top notes of this beard oil so that it never overpowers the user, and consequently, it doesn’t drive away the ladies, too.

No scent is so good that it will keep people around despite of its high intensity. The game is to keep those musky, woody scents and overtones to a comfortable medium, so you can smell like a rose all day and make people love your new beard oil.

The Woodland Harmony Beard Oil is made from cedar wood oils, sandalwood oils, and a top secret combination of four other essential oils that make it The Bomb of contemporary beard oils. Yes, essential oils. The same essential oils that they use in spas where everything smells like spearmint.

But you won’t smell like spearmint when you use this beard oil. You’re going to smell masculine. Completely manly, with an abundance of Superman and Batman, even. In the 1950s. You get the picture, right?

The Benefits

It would be completely out of character for a man to buy a beard oil just for the smell benefit. We like smelling nice for the ladies, but we need more.

And Woodland Harmony Beard Oil is willing to give you more, just like you on a desperate date night when you haven’t groomed your beard properly, and your date is looking at you with one brow raised.

Applying this beard oil will literally give your unkempt beard a massive, manly makeover. Yes, makeovers can be manly, make no mistake about it. The blend of manly essential oils will revive your dead-looking facial wires and make them look soft and beautifully manly again.

The oil will also reduce flaking and itchiness under the beard, which is a great development if you have been troubled by dandruff and other nasty things under there. Split ends will also be dealt with in due time, as long as you keep using this beard oil.

The Good

Seven Potions is a pretty cool company, and they support the advocacy for cruelty-free and vegan products. Here’s a list of ingredients of the Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Oil:

  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Fragrance
  • Cedar wood oils
  • Crambe abyssinica oils
  • Sandalwood oils
  • Jojoba oils
  • Tocopherol
  • Sweet almond oils

That’s plenty of good in a perfect little bottle of beard oil, and it’s a nice afterthought that you won’t have to buy each one of these just to get the skincare benefits.

Bearded Men Weigh In

We’ve taken a good look at actual user reviews of Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Oil and here’s a summary of what they think of this beard oil:

1. It is effective in taming and controlling unruly and wiry-looking beards, no matter the volume.

2. The beard oil is of a nice and light consistency, which makes it easy to apply on the beard and spread throughout. Great for folks who have never tried skincare before, much less beard care.

3. The natural ingredients feel great on the skin, it’s a mild concoction, so it doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin underneath the beard.

4. It has a smooth and refreshing scent that’s perfect for all-day wear. The smell is appreciated by both females and males. Not overpowering, which is a plus because you don’t want your beard to stink?

5. You can use the beard oil to reduce the inflammation and itching after shaving. We’re talking about the post-razor burn feeling and the itch that occurs when the beard starts growing out again. The blunt tip of the growing hairs are responsible for the itch, and the beard oils makes these itchy hairs softer, reducing the itchiness overall.

6. The beard oil can be used as an alternate concoction for your beard conditioner, especially if your beard is down to your chest already.

What’s the best way to apply beard oil?

If you want to start grooming yourself better with beard oil, here are some easy to remember tips:

1. Apply the beard oil on a daily basis, to help moisturize the beard itself and the skin underneath.

Itchy and infected skin under the beard is no fun, and specially formulated beard oils like the Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Oil can help prevent pimples and itchy spots.

2. Apply the beard oil after bathing or showering. Apply only a light layer and remember to rub the oil into the hair and skin underneath.

3. You may use the beard oil as a styling agent, and it would be a good idea to grab an appropriate wooden beard brush to help your beard along.


Keeping Your Mane Healthier: Hair Care Tips For Men

Man Fixing His Hair

Your crowning glory isn’t going to take care of itself, so it is imperative that you start taking better care of it this year. In line with our view that males should be more attuned with skincare, hair care should definitely be part of the skincare routine. Here are some super easy tips to start maintaining your hair. It’s best to do it now than later, trust us.

1. Avoid over-washing your hair. Yes, it’s possible to over-wash both skin and hair. Too much washing can cause problems, especially when the scalp dries out and runs out of the natural oils that help keep your hair healthy. What you should aim for is just three or four washes per week, and make sure that you use the right type of shampoo for your hair type.

Don’t use ultra fragrant shampoos for women, keep it simple, and use shampoo that has natural ingredients as much as possible.

If you have been prescribed by your dermatologist a shampoo to treat any hair or scalp problems, follow the dermatologist’s instructions but don’t overdo the washing, either. If the instructions state that you should wash once a day, stick to that routine and use only the right amount of medicated shampoo or hair wash.

2. If you are already in your thirties or forties, you have probably already noticed that your hair is becoming more and more brittle every day. Hopefully the brittleness is caused by your genes, and not because you are using a hair care product that is too harsh for your mane. After washing your hair, avoid rubbing it hard to dry it.

Instead, pat it dry and gently, and allow the towel to do its job. Eventually the extra moisture will dry out, so there’s really no reason to rub the hair vigorously. Vigorous rubbing will only break the gentle hair strands and over time, this will thin out your mane.

3. Try egg yolk. Believe it or not, conditioning your hair with egg yolks actually works. The reason for this is quite simple: egg yolks are simple in structure (from a molecular point of view) and the natural proteins and compounds in the eggs are absorbed readily by the hair and your scalp. The result? Better looking hair and healthier scalp. It might sound weird now, but do try it, as it’s one of the cheapest ways to get better-looking and shinier hair.

4. Over time, the products that you put on your hair will cause a build-up of residues, which can affect the appearance of your hair. What usually happens is that the hair begins to look dull and lifeless.

What you need to remedy this situation is a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos deal with the residues and attempt to restore what is underneath that layer of chemical residues. Think of the stuff that you put on your car to remove the grime and the water marks.

5. Do not overdo shampooing. You only need to apply the shampoo once, lather, and then rinse the product off completely.

Some shampoo advertisements want people to leave the product on the hair for a few minutes, rinse, and then reapply the shampoo. Chances are, your hair will start thinning after a few months because it is being exposed to too much shampoo. Yes, you will probably get soft hair, but that hair is going to be thinner than it should be.

6. Which is better, cold water or warm water? We recommend warm water (not scalding or too hot) because cold water actually reduces the circulation around the scalp, which may reduce the delivery of much-needed nutrients. The hair is a living thing and relies on proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water as much as your nails and skin.

So when you shower, opt for a warm shower when washing your hair, and be sure to gently rub the scalp with your fingertips to ease out the dirt and excess oil. The goal is to remove the dirt without removing all of the oils because oil is needed by the hair to stay healthy (and healthy-looking, too!).

7. If you like wearing hats, avoid wearing these too tightly around your head. This isn’t an old wive’s tale: there’s actually a condition called traction alopecia that is caused by mechanical stress on the hair follicles.

Basically when there’s too much stress and pulling, you can go bald from it. Not everyone gets it and it may take years before you start seeing the effects, but be aware that it can happen to anyone, regardless of their age and the health of their hair.

8. If you like using styling products like matt clay, use shampoo to remove the product from your hair at the end of the day.

Women remove their makeup when they get home, so you shouldn’t leave any hair care products on your head before heading to bed. Trust us, you wouldn’t want that wax to accumulate dirt from your pillow all night. Then there’s dust in the air, your sweat, excess oils… You get the picture, right?

9. Learn to manage your stress. Surprised? There’s plenty of science behind this recommendation. The more stressed you are, the more stressed your skin and hair.

And many males exhibit symptoms of falling hair and thinning hairlines when year after year, they fail to manage their stress well. Exercise, eat better, and get some therapy if you need to. A healthy head of hair will depend largely on how well you take care of your sled through the decades.

10. Brushing your hair is actually a good idea because the brushing will help make your hair look shinier, and the bristles will help distribute oil from the scalp toward the ends of your hair strands.

Brushing regularly also untangles hair and makes you look more dapper. Buy a brush, or a wooden comb (especially if you have a thick beard) and don’t forget to brush daily.

Who’s Ashamed of Male Skincare?

Male Skincare

It’s a topic that not many dudes talk about, but they should be: skincare. When guys have to hide that they take care of their skin, beyond your typical body wash, then you know that there’s something wrong with the perspective on skincare.

Guys who do pay more attention to their skin tend to look better, and yes, they do get the girls more often, because really, females notice almost everything when it comes to looks.

Today’s blog post is all about male skincare, whatever your perspective of it may be, because dudes, we have oily skin and we need to take better care of ourselves.

What’s Your Skin Type?

First of all, it’s important that you know what type of skin you have before buying skincare products. There are five types of skin based on the skin’s appearance and how it ‘operates.’ Sensitive skin tends to experiencing burning or stinging sensations when you apply skincare products.

It’s not always the product’s fault, it just so happens that sensitive skin needs less aggressive skincare products that won’t trigger its inflammation responses.

Normal skin on the other hand looks clear for the most part and doesn’t react frequently to the application of skincare products. If you have normal skin that is not too oily, then rejoice! This means you can experiment more with skincare products because your skin doesn’t respond negatively to chemical compounds.

The third type of skin is dry skin. As the name implies, dry skin tends to look dehydrated and you will often see flakes coming off of it. A person with dry skin can also experience chronic or acute itchiness and roughness. The fourth type is oily skin.

Oily skin tends to have overproduction of sebum, which is the substance on the skin that actually hydrates it and keeps bacteria away. However, if there’s too much sebum, problems can arise, too.

The fifth and final type of skin is called the combination skin. Combination skin can exhibit oiliness and dryness in patches or in different regions of the body. Consult with your dermatologist for a lowdown of how these different skin types can affect your skincare routine.

The Guidelines

If it’s your first time to actually go out and buy products for a skincare routine, here are some tips from the American Academy of Dermatologists:

1. If your skin tends to develop pimples and acne, stick to skincare products that are fragrance-free and oil-free. Non-comedogenic products are also recommended, as some products have compounds that actually increase the incidence of forming pimples or adult acne.

Non-comedogenic skincare products will take better care of your pores, and they won’t be clogged. Clogged pores can lead to whiteheads, blackheads and inflamed and painful skin.

2. You can keep washing your body with regular bar soaps, but for your face, the American Academy of Dermatologists recommend that you use a more appropriate product, which is a mild cleanser .

Also, you may want to skip the cold water in favor of lukewarm water as the slight increase in the water’s temperature will help ease out oil and dirt, and will also help open up pores. Remember the recommendation about oil-free and fragrance-free products if you have acne-prone skin.

3. Take note of the results after you shave. If you have plenty of razor burn, cuts, and even ingrown hairs, that probably means that your razor is cutting in too deeply or too closely to your skin. This usually happens when men use multi-blade razors.

Multi-blade razors are built for efficiency and for the “closest shaves,” meaning the blades are cutting across the tissue too much. If you keep getting damaged from your hyper efficient razor, switch to a dual blade razor instead (the simpler-looking ones) and make sure that you wet your face with lukewarm water and a bit of mild soap before shaving.

If you are using a shaving cream, make sure that the cream you are using has moisturizing agents and remember to wash off the blade and your face after each round of shaving.

4. This is really important: wear sunscreen when going out. Sunscreen protects the skin from invisible UV rays that cause skin cancer. Even when there’s only a little sun out, the UV rays are still there, and you are best protected when you have a little sunscreen on.

Some additional tips to improve your skin health are:

1. Try to get more sleep than you usually do, especially when you are constantly on the graveyard shift, or when you don’t get enough sleep because of other reasons. The reason for this is that sleep actually has an effect on skin health, because like the heart and liver, your skin is actually an organ, too. Seven or more hours of sleep per day is recommended for radiant-looking skin.

2. Use moisturizers. Water doesn’t cut it, because water evaporates after a minute or two. Moisturizers are packed with vitamins and other compounds that help keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Since male skin is different from female skin, try to stick to gentler male skincare products that bring the benefits but will not be too harsh on your skin.

3. Cut down on your sugar consumption. Some studies have shown that too much sugar in your diet can cause allergies, trigger inflammation and generally just reduce the healthiness of your skin.

To be on the safe side, reduce your consumption and just use low glycemic sweeteners and alternative sweeteners on your coffee and other beverages you mix at home. Soda is definitely packed with high fructose corn syrup and should be reduced as much as possible because it’s basically flavor, sugar, and water.

4. Avoid highly fragrant soaps and body wash products that are marked ‘for men’ but basically are just soaps and body wash with too much perfume added to them. The perfume is guaranteed to be bad for your skin because fragrances are often mixed and integrated with alcohol, which actually dries out the skin.

Top 10 Best Smelling Cologne Fragrances For Men 2019

Fragrance Bottles

If you’re trying to find good smelling colognes then get settled in because this article will be all about the best smelling colognes for men that will have women following you around.

Picking the top colognes to make this list was very difficult because not everyone enjoys the same smells and other things such as certain fragrances cause people to have headaches, things such as that made me have to redo this list multiple times.

When creating this list I did a personal survey with my buddies, lots of female opinions and also asked my co-workers so that I could get a more professional type of opinion on the different colognes.

Here is a table with the overall rating combined from all of the opinions I’ve gotten plus of course my own overall liking of it.

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

Overall winner is Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men coming in with an amazing amount of compliments from the ladies with multiple guys asking men what cologne I was wearing. This fragrance actually launched in 1996, something I did not know, and has become one of the most well know colognes to date. I highly recommend this cologne and would be very surprised if you didn’t like it.

See the full review here.

Paco Rabanne Invictus

Coming in at a close second is Paco Rabanne Invictus. This was another overwhelmingly popular hit with the ladies that kept the compliments coming in almost like clockwork. Trying to decide whether to wear this or the Acqua Di Gio has become a daily struggle that I don’t see me being able to shake for a long time.

See the full review here.

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Polo Blue was one of the first colognes I had ever gotten and it was the cause for many girls back in high school to start a conversation with me which led to some awesome dates. Fast forward to today’s time this cologne is still and will always be a staple fragrance for me. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who said they did not like the smell of the Polo Blue.

See the full review here.

Dolce and Gabbana The One

Dolce and Gabbana The One is a lesser known cologne than some of the others that have been mentioned here but it has its place right up here with the big dogs because they nailed it with this fragrance. I really like that I don’t ever notice any other guys wearing this so I feel somewhat unique when I have this on.

See the full review here.

Cool Water By Davidoff

You’ll probably recognize this one from the TV commercials when they had Paul Walker (RIP) advertising it which is where I first noticed it. The Cool Water cologne is one that grew on me the more I wore it. After a while I naturally started putting it on more than others in my collection. Davidoff priced this very well considering how much you get and the scent usually lasts me all day which means I don’t need to reapply more throughout the day.

See the full review here.

Man by Bvlgari

Man by Bvlgari is what I use for my dating cologne. Really hard to describe it but if confidence had a scent then I would relate it to this. I don’t wear this at work because it just doesn’t fit with how it smells; the fragrance truly puts off a romantic type of vibe to it. Fellows add this cologne to your kit if you need something to bring out the big guns for trying to impress a lady.

See the full review here.

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport

The Ralph Lauren Polo Sport is another well-known brand of cologne that most men recognize. This fragrance was insanely popular just around the time I was getting old enough to start wearing cologne and everybody; I mean everyone had it on. It got so popular that I lost interest in it because I just didn’t want to smell like everyone else.

Fast forward about 10 years later and most people have moved on to other trending colognes, which has me glad to start wearing this cologne again. Best part is that it gives off that nostalgia type of scent and ladies around my age have been quick to comment on how they remember that smell.

See the full review here.

Kenneth Cole Black By Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Black isn’t much to look at packaging wise and the name seems rather dull but as for how it smells it really gives off a professional/manly scent. I prefer to wear this at work and I get a lot of compliments and questions about it from customers. This is all a buddy of mine will wear now and he’s tried just about every cologne under the sun.

See the full review here.

Guilty By Gucci

Guilty By Gucci is another great cologne to wear for date night or possibly the bar/club scene. It works great for romantic wear but not limited to it. Has a neutral smell so it can be fine to wear at work or just out and about during the day.

See the full review here.

L’homme Yves Saint Laurent By Yves Saint Laurent

L’homme Yves Saint Laurent is one of those colognes where I absolutely loved it and looked forward to putting it on. Then the next week I wasn’t really feeling it as much. This could be just a personal thing but the sheer fact of how much I loved this cologne when I first got it made it a must for me to add it to my top 10 list somewhere.

I had wrestle with whether it should be placed higher on this list but overall I feel that it’s still one of the best colognes out there so just because it’s at the bottom of my list doesn’t make it in anyway a bad cologne.

See the full review here.

Why Some Colognes Are Better Than Others

I wanted to clarify on why I picked the ones I did.

My list was strongly influenced by outside opinion because since I’m around the same people all the time I value their opinions since their smelling me everyday, alright that sounded odd but you know what I mean.

After that I had to like the smell of course and whether or not it gave me any sort of issues like a headache.

So if you don’t see you’re favorite cologne on this list then don’t take it personal because like I mentioned everyone is different which is great because if everyone went around wearing the same cologne the world would be boring!

How To Handle Having A Beard In The Summer Heat

Beard Guy

Having lots of facial hair in the summer can be challenging if you don’t know how to care for your beard.

Let our list of tips guide you in the hottest months of the year so you can look your best while keeping yourself comfortable with your beloved beard.

1. Keep your beard

Having a beard doesn’t necessarily mean your neck area will be warmer than it already is because of the weather.

Generally speaking, beards are poor insulators so they don’t lock in heat, despite their appearance.

You can trim your beard to make it look tidier, but there’s no need to perform a clean shave just because it’s summer.

Think of all the time you spent growing it!

2. Keep It Clean

Hair in general catches dirt and other types of grime easily. Use a beard cleansing agent to keep your beard free of dirt, excess oils and other nasty pollutants.

The best time for beard cleansing is in the morning, right after your shower.

If you don’t keep your beard clean, you’re going to experience itching and irritation.

A clean beard gets along with associated skin just fine.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Skin and hair require lots of moisture to remain healthy and shiny.

During the hottest months of the year, natural moisture in the skin dissipates more quickly, making hair more brittle and prone to damage.

Drinking water solves this problem by allowing the body to naturally replenish moisture in the skin lost to the heat of the sun.

Make sure you gulp cool water when you’re at the beach, as sun exposure is constant and seawater doesn’t exactly promote moisturized skin (i.e. salt draws away moisture from the skin).

4. Watch Your Beard Oil

Not all beard oils are appropriate for the summer heat. Check any fragrances or additional oils formulated in your beard oil.

Opt for cooler oils such as lavender and peppermint to keep your skin hydrated and cool.

Wood fragrance oils are better suited for cooler months of the year, so swap them for beard oils that will help keep your skin cool and free of irritation.

5. Grab Your Scissors

If despite all your preparations you feel uncomfortable having a beard, we still do not recommend shaving it all off.

Try trimming, first. Removing two inches of beard usually does the trick, if you feel itchy and irritated from the length of your beard.

If you’re up for it, you may want to try shaping your beard, too.

6. Get A Mini-Spray

Empty fragrance bottles made of plastic can be reused as mini-beard conditioners.

Simply spray your beard with a little water when you feel that it is already drying out.

If you’re able to spray your bead consistently, you won’t have to reapply beard oil and cleansing your facial hair will be easier, too.

7. Don’t Forget To Soften It

Due to the incessant heat, you may notice your beard becoming stiffer and stragglier than usual.

While water helps moisturize facial hair, it does nothing to keep in moisture. For effective locking-in of moisture, you need a beard softener.

Beard softeners introduce a variety of compounds to the hair and skin, including beeswax, which prevents moisture from escaping quickly into the environment.

8. Remember To Exfoliate

Exfoliating the skin, either with dedicated tonics or even basic salt scrubs is essential for beard care during the summer months.

Here’s why: when you’re dealing with summer, you’re dealing with heat and humidity. The skin sweats more and catches more dirt than usual.

Skin underneath your beard is hidden, so it doesn’t get as much attention as we would want when you’re washing your face.

Exfoliation takes care of this detail: by gently exfoliating the skin under your beard, you’re taking away not just dead skin cells but dirt and grime as well.

If you keep your skin pristine, your beard will look shiny and healthy, too.

9. Protect It From The Sun

The sun can be so harsh on our beards that they actually crack under the intense heat.

You can either hide from the sun or just apply hair sunscreen, instead.

Any sunscreen product designed for hair will do.

A small quantity of sunscreen is sufficient, as long as you remember to apply it evenly on your beard so the entire facial net is protected.

10. Don’t Scratch It!

Scratching doesn’t give you a single known benefit.

If you scratch your beard, you’re going to develop sore spots and terminally itchy points on your facial net. Just avoid scratching as much as possible.

If your beard is itchy, then it’s probably sweat or grime. Wash your beard and dry it out completely and see if your beard cooperates.

If not, a trim is in order. A trimmed beard is better than skin damaged from scratching.

11. Keep The Chlorine Off

This applies to hair on the top of your head, too.

If you’re constantly in the pool in the summer, your beard is going to take damage from the chlorine in the water. But don’t worry: you can still save your facial hair.

The trick is to keep your beard cleanser nearby. After swimming, simply wash your beard thoroughly and reapply sunscreen before swimming again.

Make sure that you apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before swimming as this is the average time needed for sunscreen to set effectively.

Take care of your beard so you won’t have to perform intensive conditioning after summer.

You can maintain your springtime beard appearance by shielding your beard from summer injury.

12. Avoid Experimenting With Your Beard

Beard oil, softeners and cleansers are all you will ever need to keep your beard in top condition.

If you’re not sure with a new product, there’s no need to ‘mix up’ your beard grooming routine.

Some products can actually more harm than good by drying out facial hair, especially products that promise “instant shine and fragrance.”

Check the active ingredients of any new beard care product and watch out for any alcohol content.

Alcohol draws out moisture, which is a no-no when you’re sporting any length of beard in the summer.

Best Professional Hair Clippers For Barbers Under $100 2019

barber clippers

Let’s take a look at the best professional hair clippers that barbers can buy for under $100 dollars for 2018.

Hair clippers to barbers are like a lightsaber to a Jedi.

It’s something they use daily & picking out the right one is an important decision.

Andis Stylist Combo Trimmer

Our top pick goes to the Andis Stylist Combo Trimmer set. For reliability, precision & over all quality this has to be the best for the price.

This combo features:

  • A T-Outliner Trimmer For Trimming, Shaving or Outlining.
  • A Professional Motor Trimmer
  • A BeauWis Blade Brush

This is a great combo, that should be everything you need from a trimmer, to allow all kinds of haircuts, including fades.

An overlooked perk from most trimmers is that these feature easy hanging loops on the ends which helps with storing them safer/easier.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip

Next up we have the Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip.

This clipper not only works amazing but actually as an aesthetic appeal to it as well. Which really doesn’t matter but it’s still a nice plus.

The Features:

  • Powerful Rotary Motor
  • 90 Minute Run Time When Fully Charged
  • 8 Attachment Combs
  • Weighs 10 oz

Wahl has built a very reliable name in the trimmer/clipper line of things & this product continues to follow that tradition.

If you want a quality clipper to use in your barbershop then you’re going to have a difficult time finding one much better than this.

WAHL Professional 5 Star Series Barber Combo No. 8180

The WAHL Professional 5 Star Series Barber Combo No. 8180 takes our third spot in our list.

Similar to our first pick, this is a combo of the main clipper Legend & Hero, which is a smaller blade trimmer which is better for doing lining work.

This Combo Features:

  • Legend – Main Clipper
  • Hero – Smaller Trimmer
  • 8 Attachment Combs & 3 Blade Guides
  • 8 Foot Power Cord For Each

This is another great clipper combo that any barber would love to have.

Wahl Professional Sterling 4 Clipper/Sterling Bullet Trimmer Combo

The Wahl Professional Sterling 4 Clipper/Sterling Bullet Trimmer Combo is very similar to the combo we just mentioned before this one.

However, some barbers/stylists say they do like or dislike one over the other so I didn’t just want to assume everyone one go with the above.

This Combo Features:

  • Sterling 4 Clipper (Main)
  • Bullet Trimmer (Touch Ups)
  • Comes With 6 Cutting Guides Ranging From (1/8” – 1”) Lengths For The Sterling
  • 4 Trimming Guides For Lengths (1/8” – ½”) For The Bullet

What really makes this combo different from the others mentioned above is the size of the Bullet.

For small touch-ups, linings & other things, some barbers prefer a smaller tool for this.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Clippers

One of the first things a barber or stylist learns is how to take care of their equipment.

It doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive equipment out their, if you don’t take care of it then it’s going to start to perform at lesser quality over time.

Now different clippers are made in different ways, so I can’t do a walkthrough for each type/brand of clippers but there are some things that you will do for each clipper not matter what brand or type you’re using.

Here is a good video covering some solid points on what you need to do to take care of your hair clippers.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of your equipment, not only your clippers.

The good thing about most equipment used by barbers is that it can last you a lifetime, if you buy a quality item, take care of it & have a little luck on your side.

On top of that, it directly affects how your work goes.

Clippers Don’t Make The Barber

I remember getting my hair cut when I was younger & it was from someone who had never cut my hair before.

This barber (if I can even call him that) jacked my hair all up, to the point where I just had to get it buzzed all over.

What made this matter ten times worse, is that he had talked about how he had gotten these brand new sweet clippers, & had all these certificates from these barber programs.

Basically what I’m trying to get at is don’t go into buying clippers thinking they will magically make you good at cutting hair.

Just as buying a new bat isn’t going to make a drastic change to a baseball players batting percentage.

With that being said, of course, you still always wanted to focus on the clippers that work the best for you.

If you’re just starting out or maybe wanting to get a whole new setup of equipment, then look into getting an entire barber kit. Rather than buying each piece individually.