How to Make Money Engraving Watches or Other Jewelry

engraved watch

If you are interested in engraving jewelry because you already have the artistic bent and your hands are quite steady when doing lettering, then all that’s left to do is to learn how engraving works.

Watch engraving/jewelry engraving can be picked up as a regular hobby, and you can move on to making money from it when you have mastered how it’s done, and you have accumulated the basic equipment needed for engraving metals.

What is engraving?

Engraving is the process of marring or marking the surface of metal to create a design. Usually, people have their jewelry engraved to add a name, string of words, or a date to the jewelry to commemorate an important event.

Engraving is considered a nice way to customize jewelry, and both old and new jewelries can be engraved and customized nicely. One thing you have to realize about engraving is that it is considered a permanent alteration to the metal, so you have to be careful and precise when adding marks to any kind of jewelry.

Actually, we encourage beginners to practice on cheaper metals before experimenting with silver or gold jewelry. Just developing the right dexterity for engraving takes a few weeks or months to develop, so don’t rush it.

Manual or rotary engraving tools can be used on most surfaces, from glass to wood to soft metals. However, if you are planning to engrave on crystals for instance, you may have to shift to laser engraving to get better results.

What you are really paying for when you invest in a laser engraver is the ability to create really precise marks on the surface of the gemstones minus the need for extreme elbow grease. Laser engraving is also a good choice if you’re planning to create intricate designs on glass pendants and similar jewelry.

What tools do you need for engraving watches and jewelry?

There are multiple tools you can use to make engraving easier, but the first thing that you should invest in would probably be a graver, or an engraving pen.

There are three kinds of gravers: carbon steel, HSS, and carbide. HSS gravers are considered “middle of the road” when it comes to cost and efficiency, and they’re also less likely to chip if mishandled. We recommend HSS gravers for beginners.

If you need something that’s sharper, go for carbon steel blades. In terms of durability under normal use, carbide steel gravers are best but if you don’t know how to a graver properly, they are more likely to chip.

Pair your new blade with a graver handle (metal or wood), as these are designed for quick change (a boon if you are using multiple blades to accomplish certain things while engraving metal).

While engraving metal, you will immediately notice that small metal pieces move around a lot, and this can make engraving a pain in the neck. Luckily, there are vises that are designed specifically for watch and jewelry engraving.

These vises have a solid base and are meant to clamp on to pieces of metal while you work on them.

These vises are called block ball vises and they come in a variety of builds. The most expensive ones are used for center positioning and have the most number of functions. The economy models are just simple vises where you have to perform the measurement and centering on your own.

he cost of block ball vises range from $190 to a high of $998, depending on where you are buying. Obviously the European builds that are heavier and are meant for commercial or industrial use are going to be more expensive than the ones meant for light use or DIY projects.

Are there engraving machines, too?

Yes, there are automatic tools for engraving on metal, and each one has its own pros and cons. Self-contained kits have their own large motors and cables, and are meant for prolonged use. These can be use on a variety of metals, from copper, gold, silver, steel, titanium, etc. The best thing about these self-contained units is you can easily switch blades and control the rotation of the blade itself (RPM), and you can also change the pressure on the metal while engraving.

Would it be easier to engrave using self-contained engraving machines? Yes, but the output would still depend on your artistic skills. So we recommend that you work on your artistic skills alongside your engraving skills as these two would come together to bring the best output for your customers.

If you want something that is less bulky, but will less power as a result of being less bulky, you can try vibrating engravers. Vibration engravers don’t have larger, separate motors, so this affects the power that these engravers can deliver.

If you only plant to engrave on softer surfaces like wood, steel, and softer metals, you can try your hand on these smaller engravers. Be sure to check out how many strokes per minute your handheld engraver can deliver before making a purchase.

Now if you are really serious about setting up your business, you need a commercial-grade flat jewelry engraving machine. These machines have a flat, sliding surface for engraving multiple lines of text, an adjustable, swinging arm connected to the engraver and blade, and a massive motor to deliver lots of power.

We recommend using this type of machine if you are planning to engrave objects on a commercial scale. You can also invest in a benchmate system for your engraving tools. These support systems allow you to clamp jewelry on the side of your table and apply a graver on the contours of the jewelry.

Then of course it would be a good idea to invest in stencils and sharpeners, too. Graver honing kits will allow you to re-sharpen your blades, and hone wheels will provide the right amount of sharpening for the type of blade you have at home. Sharpening fixtures will hold the graver blade in place while you run the honing wheel. Adapter kits can also be used for dual angle fixtures.

How To Make Money Boosting Accounts In LoL 2020

league of legends guide

A way to earn some side income is by boosting other peoples accounts in league of legends, so how do you go about doing this?

League of Legends has millions of players globally, and the market for elo boosting is huge. If you are a LoL player and have a lot of time on your hands, you could definitely star making money boosting accounts in LoL.

What is elo boosting?

You may have come across the term in message boards or in chats while playing LoL yourself. “I’m massively boosted!” Elo boosting happens when a higher-level player signs in to a lower-level account and helps that account achieve better ranking.

The act is called an “elo boost” and the account is called “elo boosted.” LoL players sometimes have “smurf accounts” just so they can help boost other players’ stats for free.

But then again, there are dedicated LoL players who, for one reason or another, are unable to dedicate sufficient time to rank their characters up in LoL.

These are your potential customers: people who want to rank well, but don’t have time to play more. You will charge them for playing their accounts.

Professional players of different levels or degrees can offer elo boosting services, for monetary compensation. Some of the things that you should think about if you want to get into boosting LoL accounts are:

– Your skill level in LoL. How well do you play the game and can you really help lower-ranking players achieve higher divisions?

– Time needed to rank up. Professional elo boosting services usually have a turn-around time of just one day per division. Can you match this, or provide even better services?

– Your free time. It’s important to figure in your free time into the equation. Boosting accounts will eat up hours at a time, and you should only try LoL boosting if you don’t have anything else to do throughout the day. There are professionals who spend most of their days boosting accounts and they can earn a decent amount of money on a monthly basis. Are you mentally and physically prepared to go overdrive to make other people’s LoL accounts better?

What is the code of honor of elo boosting?

Professional boosters follow a strict code of conduct designed to protect the reputation and status of the account being boosted. Among the most important rules are:

– Speed of delivery. Like we mentioned earlier, you should be able to rank up the account given to you for boosting at least one division every 24 hours. This is the bare minimum, all things considered.

– Zero interaction during game play. When an LoL account is being boosted, the booster should never interact with any person from the boosted account’s friend list.

The friend list is considered a no-go zone, and this will also reduce the chances of being found out. Reputation-wise, boosted accounts are 50-50 in the LoL community.

Some boosted accounts get positive rep, while many use the term “boosted account” in a derogatory manner. This may be due to some inexperienced boosters performing badly during rank matches.

– Absolutely no flaming. While flaming is extremely common in the LoL community, that doesn’t mean the booster has the right to flame anyone using the client’s account.

Player honor is huge, and is a primary requirement for professional boosting teams on the Web. Simply put, if a booster can’t keep himself from flaming other players, he has no chance of staying a professional booster because this is not what boosting is about in the first place.

– Rank is important. Many boosters have at least Diamond 1 rank before they proceed to boosting other accounts. This is a mark of game proficiency, and is a huge assurance to the clients that they are being handled by someone who has been able to overcome the divisions. The higher your level, the more trustworthy you will appear to potential customers.

How can you improve your chances of being hired as an elo booster?

You should create a social media account that is dedicated to elo boosting. A dedicated website is fine too, as long as there is a social media component that will allow people to find you on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. The following can be used as marketing materials to promote your elo boosting services:

– Your turnaround time. How fast can you improve the rank of other players? Screenshots and timestamps are invaluable for providing proof.

– Testimonials from other players. LoL players don’t have to be listed as their player accounts. Get genuine testimonials from people you have boosted before and put them up on social media and your website.

– Your player credentials. Your league rank will encourage people to have their accounts boosted. Players know just how much effort is needed to reach Diamond 5 and above league, and this is your primary badge or credential to make people sign up for your services.

– Case studies. Simple case studies that describe your process and how fast you can get things done will definitely encourage customers to hit that chat button or give you a call. Every boosted account is another medal for your services, and it just makes perfect sense to record your experiences as an elo booster and show them off.

How will you get paid?

There’s a huge chance that you will eventually find people who will pay you for your services, so make sure that you sign up for different payment services so you can get paid. PayPal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies are a good idea.

Give your customers different payment methods so they will find your services convenient, and they usually gravitate to providers who have a lot of payment methods available.

Having a bank account to receive funds from Neteller, Transferwise, or PayPal isn’t a bad idea either, as some customers will be transferring funds from their bank accounts instead of EMV cards or credit cards.

But then again, before you get lost in the plethora of possible payment methods, be sure to follow our guidelines for making your marketing materials and put them up on your website first!

How To Make Money From Photography 2020

Camera Equipment

You’ve probably found our blog because you have invested in a nice camera body, a few lenses, maybe some filters, and you’ve been working on your photography skills for some time now.

You feel more confident about shooting daily, and you probably have more than a handful of albums of nice shots that people say are at least good (or even, “amazing!”) You are thinking of upping your game, and in your estimation, your equipment will be able to keep up with a few projects or side gigs.

You finally want to make money from photography, and you’re thinking of investing some more time in making this new personal enterprise work.

Well, there are more than a handful of ways to make money off your intellectual property, and if you are really thinking of digging to make photography your bread and butter, the industry is actually big enough to accommodate any number of photographers. Check out our list of moneymaking possibilities!

1. Small business photography

All businesses that make use of physical spaces need good photography. And you don’t even have to wait for them to contact you. You can call them, or send an email offering your services.

Businesses can put the nicely shot photos on their social media channels or websites. Create an online portfolio first so that your prospective customers would have something to look when you offer your services.

Don’t forget to offer your services to AirBnB, resorts, villas, apartments, and hotels, too. Rented spaces need the best possible photography, and if you can pull it off, you can get those checks rolling into your mailbox in no time.

2. Be a photography teacher

If you already have intermediate photography skills and you can compose most images with ease, it’s probably time to get some students and teach them the basics.

This is a huge market, especially for teens who have parents who are willing to pay for lessons. Go local, so you won’t have to drive too far to get to your students.

Alternatively, you can put up a website and create video lessons and offer a membership to customers so they can access the content. The digital landscape has changed how people get their learning, and in some cases, it may be more profitable to have actual lessons and video lessons available on your website.

3. Sell your photos

There are several ways to generate income from selling your photographs. The “traditional” way would be to submit photos to magazines and other legacy print publications, and they would purchase rights to print your images.

The second (easier) method would be to upload your work to websites like iStock and let people use your photos for a one-time fee. This is called royalty-free stock photography, and it can be a great source of passive income.

The more photos you can upload for different markets, the better off your monthly paycheck will be. There’s also an option of selling videos and animation, though this is only optional if you are focused mainly on photography.

4. Blog your images

This may not be the fastest way to earn your photography paycheck, but it is possible to earn passive income from running ads on your photography website.

The great thing about this approach is you can display your work and offer custom prints and rights to use on the same platform.

Think about it: when people like your photo so much that they’d like to hang it on their wall, they can order a custom print directly from the photographer.

If an agent of a publication, whether that publication be digital or print, says that your work is just perfect for their publication/s, they can talk to you about purchasing rights to use or print your photos. And then there’s the passive income.

Running AdSense ads on your blog will generate income as the number of views of your pages increase over time. Of course, you’d need to improve your photography blog’s visibility so more people will visit it regularly.

5. Hold a photography exhibit

Photography exhibits can be held in a variety of spaces, from public spaces to private art galleries. Or if all else fails, you can display your art in your yard and invite people to take a look.

The point here is that if you really want to exhibit your best photography and potentially sell them, you can display them via custom prints.

Don’t be afraid to show the public your work because who knows – it’s possible that your work will resonate with more than a handful of people, and you will be able to sell custom prints for a nice amount of dollars.

6. Tap social media

Since everyone else is on social media, why not bring your photography to Facebook or Instagram, too? There are a couple of ways that you can increase the likelihood of a sale through these channels.

You can create an online store via Instagram and Facebook and receive orders for prints there. Second, you can promote your exhibits and get online orders for exhibited prints.

People will share your work with their networks and this will widen your net of exposure. The more exposure you get, the higher the likelihood of getting more patrons.

7. Get into portrait photography

If you have been dreaming of establishing a photography studio for a steady income stream, this would be it. Portrait photography is easily the most in demand form of photography because people need portraits for a variety of purposes.

From head-shots to half-body shots, you can practice your craft while earning. You can use the income to invest more in your art, get better equipment, and more. The important thing here is that you are able to earn money from what you love doing, which is photography.

8. Join photography competitions

Like writing competitions, photography competitions are all over the Web. Just make sure that the website is legitimate and feel free to sign up for these competitions. The awards and accolades will definitely help build your confidence and improve your craft in the long term, too.

The Rules of Wealth: Seven Takeaways


If you’ve ever navigated to the world of prosperity and wealth building, you’ve probably heard of or at least read about The Rules of Wealth: A personal code for prosperity by Richard Templar.

This book is one of the classics of personal wealth and prosperity, and is definitely one of the books that you should read first if you don’t know the first thing about wealth and how it wholly relates to yourself as a thinking, feeling being.

First published in the United Kingdom in 2006, the book has been reprinted multiple times because of the demand and is now considered a pillar stone reading in prosperity.

Our take of the book is: it’s a hands down, no hold barred inspirational book on building personal wealth.

Other books on wealth are often hard-edged because they’re written by really passionate people who don’t like excuses, but this book somehow softens the transition and helps people understand that wealth building is a process, and it’s a day by day effort.

The Seven Takeaways

The book is of course a set of “rules” that aren’t really rules but more of guiding concepts that are flexible and are meant to be philosophized a little bit so they can apply to everyone’s social status and life conditions. Suffice to say there’s something for everyone in the book.

1. Define your destination

According to the book, you need to first decide on a definition of what being wealthy means to you.

It can be as simple or as complex as you want, but you have to make the concept as concrete as possible.

Only then would you be able to create goals and figure out how to get to your new destination. So the place you are now was a destination, it’s now a matter of transporting yourself to another place, and this is defined by how you perceive wealth.

2. Put in the hours

Templar doesn’t mince words in saying that most people want the wealth, but don’t want to put in the hours. Wealth means working your socks off, and putting in more effort than the next guy.

There really is no shortcut, other than wishing that the wealth will just arrive by accident or chance. He believes that people want this type of wealth route because it’s not “tainted’ by hard work. In short, the real evil here is laziness, or the lack of desire to work for the wealth.

3. Know the difference between price and value

Rule number 15 talks about the difference between these two. Price doesn’t equate to value and vice versa. Something can have high value for you, but little to no value to other people.

The price of something is determined by the capacity of people to pay. An object that is worth thousands of dollars can only become ‘real’ in the sense that it can create wealth for you only if people are willing to shell out the price that you wants. Therefore, what you really need is to do is to start creating value before you think about price.

4. Put yourself in a fantastic place while working

We all know that work can be draining. Many people hate work. But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Hatred of work will only drain you, and the only person who can change this perception is yourself. Therefore, Rule 35 states that you need to “work as if you didn’t need the money.”

This rule is focused on the mindset that you have when earning your bread and butter.

When you are angry and stressed, you become less focused, and less likely to hit upon those eureka moments.

Instead of being angry or stressed, we want you to be relaxed and inspired. Put your heart in what you are doing, even if it means that you will feel inspired to do something that you thought was boring or uninspiring all these years.

5. Develop a keener eye for detail

Developing wealth is actually a game of being an eagle for all the smallest details that can affect your wealth-building efforts. You have to be critical, and your lens has to be as clear as the sky at all times.

Alongside the keen eye for details is the ability to have an open mind while simultaneously being critical of the things that are being offered to you.

We’re talking about loans, interest rates, the works. All the small things add up, and some ‘small things’ aren’t really what they seem. They can have huge repercussions on your life.

Rule 56 is an essential take on a life skill that everyone should never stopped developing past the age of seven – being observant and inquisitive at the same time. Relearn these two and your dreams of wealth will become that much more concrete than ever before.

6. Don’t ignore your hunches

Hunches, also known as instinct, are the agglomeration of your life experiences and the wisdom you have so far. People have uneven quantities of instinct in their lives, because we have different life backgrounds and social statuses.

So all we can ever work with is the type of instinct that we have. Instinct may not be measurable and people struggle to express it, but you must not ignore these.

The mind is giving you a hint based on past experiences, a memory, or a pattern that it remembers. Act on your hunches but make sure that you measure the risk and costs associated with acting upon your hunches.

7. The wise know when to stop

Happiness and wealth are two different things, and knowing when to stop the process of acquiring wealth (whether temporarily or for good) is a good skill to develop.

Why? Because we don’t want to sacrifice your life in exchange for wealth. Eventually, you will hit that level when wealth will appear like a placebo and it is no longer a need, and it becomes an obstacle to happiness. If you hit this place early on, you know what to do. Just remember Rule 88.

Develop The Millionaire Mindset


Everyone can be a millionaire, but only a handful is able to carry the journey through to its natural conclusion. Developing the millionaire mindset is crucial if you want to lead a life of financial independence and if you want to retire early, too.

The millionaire mindset is no guarantee that you will become a millionaire instantly – but it will definitely help you get there. Below are some of the best traits and practices by CEOs and millionaires from around the world. Since they’re already there, their words surely hold water when it comes to creating wealth in immensity.

1. It Starts With a Vision

At one point in your life, your mind will be ripe with ideas that might make you wealthy. The problem is that people don’t go ahead and mind-map their ideas.

They treat their ideas as if they didn’t have any value at all. We have to remember that everything in this world began with powerful ideas, and it is only when these ideas are pursued to the ends of the Earth that they became stardust: the stuff that makes millionaires out of people who previously were just ordinary Joes and Janes.

One way to motivate yourself to build a worthy vision is by thinking of all the good things that you will be bringing into this world when you pursue your millionaire’s goal.

Apart from building your empire that would make you financially independent and more or less bulletproof for years to come, what else do you want to make of your business?

Wealth is created when something useful or good is added to the world. How would communities benefit from your ideas and efforts? Map these things out, as your ideas are now starting to take shape. Soon enough those ideas and your vision will be ready to be born.

2. Start Loving Life

The journey to becoming a millionaire is definitely going to be a life-changing one, which is why you have to start loving life right now if you want to be able to start this unique journey in full force. Loving yourself and then loving life will transform your mindset and will help you adopt a more solution-oriented mindset.

Because if you love life, you are not going to dwell on the negatives but instead, you will be focused on treating failures and stumbling blocks as merely things that require solutions. Every challenge becomes an opportunity for you to grow, and you are simply going to be amazing when you see how much you can grow in a short span of time as you pursue your dreams.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

Embarking on a millionaire’s journey is a unique time because it exposes you to all of the different facets of business and creativity that you formerly were not exposed to.

It’s important that you do not shy away from failures but instead, use failures as merely situations where you are getting feedback on the overall system that you have put in place.

The common mindset when it comes to failure is that something is not working, and it’s easy to become depressed when you see faults in the overall plan or blueprint. If you want to become a millionaire, you need to do away with this common mindset.

Instead of treating setbacks as a manifestation of personal weakness, it’s better to treat these setbacks as merely feedback that you can then use immediately to find solutions to your problems. So it’s high time that you changed your overall mindset. There is no failure – only feedback. Remember this important principle and you’re good to go.

4. Become a Natural Leader

You will be meeting a lot of people along the way, and the one thing you have to realize right now is that if you are not a natural leader, you are going to have a tougher time changing circumstances to make it easier for you to reach your goals.

A business is only as good as its leader, so ask yourself: what kind of leader do you want to be, ultimately?

How should you be relating to employees and other businesses?

Read books on leadership and business, and make sure that you internalize the important traits that high-ranking business people use to make their jobs more effective and ultimately, easier.

5. Never Stop Learning

This is a huge step in your journey to becoming a millionaire. It’s easy to say that “you don’t go to lectures, you give them.” This is a huge mistake on your part because even a 99 year old can still learn new things. Not wanting to learn means you are automatically limiting yourself and your business’ growth.

Your mind has to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. We see it all the time on TV: business owners who don’t want to change tack, because what they’re doing presently has been done for three or more decades. Change is inevitable, and learning is your shield. Learn and you are going to thrive. Avoid learning and the opposite is probably going to occur.

6. Trust Your Instincts

Risk mitigation is an important part of business, but so is taking risks. In fact, a huge part of the journey of becoming a millionaire is becoming someone who is accustomed to taking calculated risks.

Growth is often spurred by risks, because you never really know how the world is going to react to your business if you don’t try. Your instincts are more than just gut feel – they actually represent the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that has distilled over the years. Not listening to your instincts is tantamount to saying that you do not trust the things you’ve learned over the years.

The best combination is to listen to your instincts while paying attention to the concrete and readable signs if something is going to prosper or not. You can combine data and gut feel to make the best decisions. You become more analytical this way, without sacrificing your own wisdom on things.

Gearing Up To Become An Instagram Influencer 2019

Instagram Influencer

The social media influencer industry is booming. The definition of an influencer has changed radically in the past few years, thanks to huge leaps in technology.

Just the fact that people are spending more time on Instagram now than ever before is a sign that there’s profit to be had, and you can definitely try your hand in becoming an influencer yourself. Here are some solid guidelines to get you started.

1. Pick Your Niche

Your social media identity is going to be built around your niche, or the portion of the larger market that you’d like to focus on. Picking your niche is important as you need to focus on being as passionate as possible within it.

People who follow influencers have certain expectations as to what type of content they will be getting, and in order to show people that you know what you’re posting regularly, you need to demonstrate your level of involvement with that niche.

A case in point would be Instagram folks who love makeup. Many of the influencers in this niche just love makeup – and the majority of them didn’t really plan to be influencers in the beginning.

They just produce quality content on a regular basis and they naturally grew into the mold of what a influencer is. See what we mean? You need to get into that mindset that will make your posts stand out because of your level of passion and involvement.

2. Decide on Your Hashtags

Like Twitter and Facebook, hashtags are used extensively in Instagram to organize content and it helps the system surface the latest and most relevant photos for specific hashtags. Hashtags make the content on Instagram searchable and you can go back years easily just by picking the right hashtags.

The best practice when using hashtags is to be very specific and to avoid overdoing it. Adding ten or more hashtags doesn’t help, really, because most of those hashtags won’t help with surfacing with the content. To be on the safe side, practice moderation with just three to five hashtags at most.

3. Create the Best Bio

When people stumble upon your Instagram profile for the first time, they’re going to want to know who you are and what you are all about. Apart from the content that you provide your followers regularly, there’s the bio where you can place links like LinkTre.e and other necessary URLs to your other social media accounts. To create the best bio, remember these guidelines:

– Short doesn’t necessarily cut it all the time. If you have to be wordier than usual to create a lasting impact, do so. If you have a lot to say to your potential followers the first time they arrive on your profile, by all means, use the bio space to communicate your message.

– Always remember to tell a good story. But since the space is limited you have to be able to tell your story without running out of space. Using emojis and precise phrases, and a good flow will get the job done.

You can be wordier with your posts, but Instagram has always been about the images and not really the captions, though the captions do give context and additional information that some posts really need in order to make an impact on your audience.

– In addition to attractive posts, what people really love is truthfulness and genuineness of information, even on Instagram. So don’t worry too much about competing with other influencers who have learned the ropes earlier. Stick to what your passions are, and everything is going to flow naturally from your bio to the regular content that you post.

4. Create and Publish Content Regularly

Consistency is huge with the Instagram crowd. While many Instagram users don’t realize it, people actually have mental schedules of when their favorite Instagram influencers are going to post new content.

If the concept is confusing, just think of Instagram as this weird, futuristic TV where people wait for their favorite programs to be aired. By posting content consistently, people will add your profile to their Instagram routine. They will look forward to what you have to post, and their fingers are poised to interact with your posts.

What if you just want to post new stuff, even if it’s not within your regular posting schedule? You can post personal stuff if you want, but if you want to hone your profile professionally, there has to be a fixed schedule throughout the day when people can expect to see your posts. If someone sponsors you to promote a product or service, you can create a series of scheduled posts that will gradually introduce the sponsored product or service into the Instagram narrative.

You have to remember that your posts will be seen as an ongoing story by your followers. Whether you like it or not, they are going to remember what you have posted in the past, and they are going to expect a certain type of continuity with your posts. That’s why consistency is so important with this kind of work.

5. Don’t Forget Interaction

While it’s true that having a million followers is going to be tough on the interaction part, interaction is still going to be a huge part of the job of being a social media influencer. When people comment on your posts, it’s vital that you interact with the most reasonable and substantial comments.

It’s important here that your followers feel that they are able to establish contact with you and not just an echo wall. The more ‘intimate’ the experience of being able to communicate with an influencer, the more people are going to naturally trumpet and promote your IG account. That’s just how things work: people like repeating what they like on social media.

6. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one-off tidbits that serve as highlights for each IG account. Millions of people are using Instagram stories to create even more space for the things that they like to share on their network, so it’s an indispensable part of your journey to becoming an IG influencer.