What Is & How To Become An Alpha Male

There are many different opinions on what is an alpha male and even more opinions how to be one. In this article I’ll be describing how I define the alpha male term and things that I recommend to help assert oneself to become more of an alpha.

Before I dive in I realize not everyone will agree with my thoughts on this topic which I’m 100% OK with because this is one of those topics where there is no clear definition here. This is determined by how you see it but there are a lot of things that many agree as common traits to an alpha male that are now commonly connected with that term.

What Is An Alpha Male (With Examples).

An alpha male is known as a leader, a bad ass if you will that no-one wants to cross but yet everyone wants to try to be friends with.

Most of the time alphas will not only be in great shape with strong fighting abilities but will also have strong mental abilities as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean a really high IQ like a scientist or anything but a mental ability to talk as a leader to friends or put foes in their place through their words alone.

An example here would be Achilles from the old times known as a legendary warrior/leader but a more recent example would be something like a Special Forces member of the SEALS or Rangers. The Special Forces vetting programs actual weed out the weak so this is basically an ALPHA test if there ever was one.

What Are The Behavior Characteristic Traits Of An Alpha Male

There is no one personality fits all here so I can’t group them up in a category but like I mentioned before there are many traits that to seem to be common among-st alpha males.

  • Don’t Back Down From A Fight
  • Not Shy
  • Most Do Well With The Ladies
  • In Good Physical Shape
  • Confident
  • Mentally Tough
  • Carry Themselves Well
  • Dominant (Through Conversations Or Physically Like Sports)
  • Most Times A Natural Leader (Most But Not Always)
  • A Man Of His Word

I feel that most of these are things that most people could agree on with the last one being a toss-up. I think being an alpha doesn’t necessarily make you a strong leader in general, however they are most likely an above average leader through simply their presence of how they carry themselves alone.

Why Do Women Like Alpha Males

After reading of the above traits list you should realize the answer to this question but I’ll bite anyway.

Women like confidence more than just about any other thing out there in men and also they highly value knowing that their man can not only stick up for himself but her as well. Ask any woman this and she’ll agree or she is lying.

This is just how nature works from animals to humans the bigger/stronger males get the ladies.

What Are Some Good Books On Teaching How To Become The Alpha Male

Trying to become more of an alpha is not an easy task because you can’t just walk up to a random guy and ask, “Hey can you teach me to be more of a man?” will just net you a weird look.

Unless you have siblings or friends it’s not easy to have a mentor to teach this sort of thing.

One of the most accessible things to most people is reading material in which I’ve found some good books that I feel would help you out to answer some of the questions you may be having or possibly answer some that you weren’t even aware of.

First book is Let Your Inner Alpha Loose by James Beckett. His book is a great straight to the point with hardly any fluff type of book. He goes into good detail with examples and overall general information for self-improvement for men. Overall this book will give you a good boost in drive for wanting to better yourself.

The other book I recommend is Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich. This book is a bit different than the first one mentioned because rather than just focusing on how to gain alpha male status in general it goes more into controlling your mindset which is literally 90% of the battle in life. If you find yourself struggling with self-doubt issues and constantly questioning whether you handled that situation the right way or not then this book is perfect for you.

Chasing The Status Of Alpha Male

Most people who talk about becoming an alpha male act like it’s some sort of actual title that you can add to your name like Doctors do or be able to wear it as a name tag. Obviously this isn’t the case but I just want to say stop focusing on just becoming he alpha male, focus on bettering yourself everyday. Overall the alpha male status is not some switch you flip on, even though some men are born with it others have to work at it.

Basically don’t get wrapped up in earning this fictitious title, focus on becoming a better you.