Chemyo SARMs Review 2019

This is our review of Chemyo SARMs, a US-based pharmaceutical company that engages in the manufacture and sale of SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators. They accept payments via Checkbook – Secure eCheck, cryptocurrencies and altcoins (these are given 10% discount by the website’s store) and Visa & Mastercard at an additional 12% fee.

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Chemyo highly recommends that you purchase using Checkbook – Secure eCheck so you can get a 3% discount on your purchases. And unlike other stores from the US, Chemyo accepts orders from international locations, as long as the customer has ensured that he knows the local laws on the purchase of compounds like SARMs, then you can order from Chemyo.

Chemyo specializes in solutions mainly, but they do offer one raw powder SARM – RU58841 (5 grams). The rest of their products are prepared liquid solutions that are ready for use in research or laboratories. They currently sell the following: RAD140, Andarine S4, S-23, GWS501516, MK-2866, LGD-4033, MK-677 and RU5884.

It’s really easy to make a purchase on their website. Simply create an account, choose your products and checkout. Chemyo operates from 9 AM to 4 PM, from Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

You can shoot them an email at if you have any inquiries. Chemyo is clear in its policies that they are not selling SARMs for human use or consumption. Buy these only if you are engage in research about the effect of SARMs on living tissue. The company invites old and new customers to review their terms and conditions before making any purchase.

In the event that you tried to make a purchase but was declined by the website, it is possible that even though your credit card is good or viable, that your billing address and shipping address are different. If this is the case then simply update your card details and you should try purchasing again.

The company reminds its customers that the zip codes and addresses on both the shipping address and billing address must match. If you continue to have problems buying from their website, you can just email their support so that support can manually place the order for you via email. Then you can just confirm the payment through the website.

After the confirmation of your order and payment of the SARMs you have purchased, you should receive a confirmation email containing the details of your order. When the package is finally shipped out, you will be able to obtain the tracking information of the package. If the order originates from the United States, the package will be shipped out via USPS priority mail. You do not have to sign for the package once it arrives.

What if you have to cancel a current order? If you have made a purchase by mistake, the first thing to do is to contact support and Chemyo’s support team will do their best to reverse the order. Of course, if it has already been processed then they will not be able to reverse any fund transfers that have already completed.

Packages are sent out daily (business hours) and a confirmed order should be sent out in about 24 hours. After shipping, you can expect your package to arrive in three to four days if you live within the United States. On the other hand, if you live outside the US, the arrival of your package will probably take longer as there can be great differences in the transit time of international packages.

Take note that companies like Chemyo do not have control over delays in international shipping, so set your expectations when it comes to the length of time needed for your package to arrive. It’s also possible that delays in delivery are due to customs procedures in your own country.

There is currently no letting up in the popularity of SARMs globally because medical science is looking for viable alternatives to anabolic steroids that have so many side effects. If all goes well in the near future, SARMs will become legalized in different countries, and the human consumption of SARMs will no longer be prohibited. Until such time, we will be limited to the research use of SARMs, as laboratories across the world continue to understand how SARMs actually affect animal tissue and the human body.