Best Computer Chairs for Working Long Hours 2020

Working long hours seated at home can make anyone sore, thanks to the poor posture that usually results from not being able to move around that much while working.

What you need is a computer chair that provides the right kind of support, when you need it.

Here is our list of best computer chairs for working long hours.

Statesville High Back Office Chair

The Statesville High Back Office Chair is manufactured from bonded leather, which can provide up to 24 hours of extreme comfort while you are working.

It has a high back and large seat, and the design itself aims to support the back fully, including the vulnerable lumbar area. The chair gets close to the lower curve of the back, and makes the waist relax as well.

The chair has an adjustable height of 20.3” to 24”, and it also has a rear angle tilt lock system that you can use any time to change the angle of the chair’s back.

This is extremely important especially if you are working long hours and you need to stretch your regularly to prevent your posture from worsening.

The chair is not just modern; it’s comfortable, elegant, truly durable, and responsive to the needs of the user. If you happen to be a gamer too, then you’re in luck because the Statesville can double as your gaming chair – it’s built for that kind of long use, so don’t worry about wearing down too soon.

Get ready for a sturdy and classy office chair that delivers high comfort all day, and has a built-in inflatable airbag for lumbar support, thick, padded flip-up armrest to make sure that your wrists and forearms are not being strained when they’re not elevated, and a 250 pound capacity, which makes it rank high among the affordable heavy duty office chairs around.

Ergonomic Mesh High Back Chair

The Ergonomic Mesh High Back Chair is a top of the line addition to any workspace, because it simply works.

What we love about the design obviously is the high grade mesh used instead of the usual leather or foam, which makes air circulation better on the back.

When your back is against a material for hours, you’re going to sweat a lot.

Mesh back chairs prevent that from happening because the support that your back needs will be handled by the specially designed back that is placed at a perfect angle to the meet the needs of the user.

This ergonomic office chair also has an adjustable headrest, because people’s heights vary, and you definitely need to have just the right amount of support for your neck if you don’t want to strain it after hours of typing or being at the computer.

Take note that the mesh material extends all the way down to the rear cushion, so you have this great, breathable textile providing excellent air circulation everywhere.

People who work office jobs

know that having poor air circulation can lead to rashes and skin irritation on the thighs and even the upper calves.

If you have such problems, go for mesh instead of leather or cloth.

Built by Smugdesk, enjoy these benefits when you get your own ergonomic high back mesh chair: recline adjust (up to 117° recline), headrest adjust functionality, 3D armrests that swivel left, right, back, and forth, excellent lumbar support for reducing the fatigue on the lumbar area after long periods of work, and full height adjustments (lowering and raising, as well as tilting).

Tilting is often not included in other chairs so if love your chair being at an angle, this chair is definitely a good option.

Contracted Comfortable Office Chair

Another excellent chair by Smugdesk, the Contracted Comfortable Office Chair is in a league of its own because it combines the smooth texture of more traditional office chairs and the obvious benefits of mesh-backed chairs into one smartly designed high back chair that is perfect for any office or workspace.

This chair is highly ergonomic and comes with a padded pillow and a sturdy, reinforced framework, including a mesh back support that allows for better lumbar support and increased air circulation along the upper and lower back.

If you have been looking for a chair that has both high support and excellent air circulation, this would be it.

We can call it a hybrid office chair because the upper back design is for mesh chairs, while the lower half looks like your conventional high back office chair.

The foam seat is built for long hours of work because the manufacturer, Smugdesk, outfitted this chair with high density foam, so it won’t sink or deplete quickly, since it is built for long periods of use daily.

The installed headrest is also sliceable, and can be removed if you don’t want it, or adjusted (height-wise) to meet your needs.

The goal is to make you as relaxed as possible during your busiest working days. When you need any adjustment, then just tilt the sliceable headrest backward or forward.

There is also a tilt lock mechanism under the chair’s seat which can adjust the headrest angle to up to 120°. The armrests are also manufactured for extreme comfort, with the main support set at 120° and the upper support set at 30°.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Rollerblade Wheels

The Duramont Adjustable Office Chair is a top of the line high back office chair that boasts of numerous adjustable features, so you can find the best possible angle for the most comfortable sitting position.

The headrest is fully adjustable, and you can adjust both the vertical position and the depth of the support, too.

The armrest’s position/height can also be changed so your shoulders aren’t strained or forced to be stationary at an awkward angle.

The same adjustments can be made on the seat’s height, the tilt angle of the high back rest, and the tension of the tilt as well.

The premium high back support of the chair is also made of high quality, breathable mesh and cool air will circulate while you are working.

If you have been looking for a cool, sweat-free solution, then this premium chair is what you have been looking for.