Cool Camping Gadgets To Take On Your Next Trip 2020

Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of being under the stars – and everyone knows that camping has always been a great way to commune with nature.

That’s why this year, we are encouraging everyone to start exploring their local hiking and camping grounds, because who knows? You might fall in love with camping and nature trekking.

Use these gadgets to make your camping more fun and convenient. Don’t forget to tell us if you know any more cool camping gadgets you can use this year and the next!

1. Camping Pillows 

Rugged Camp’s Camping Pillows are the epitome of convenience when you are out on the trial. The pillows provide the right kind of cushion for the head and ideal neck support, which can help you feel refreshed the next day if you have spent the entire day trekking.

The pillows are inflatable, and can easily be decompressed when you are packing up to go home. The pillows fit into these tiny pouches that will not take up much space in your backpack, too. The bright colors are also nice, too – definitely a must in a camper’s backpack.

2. Tent Light + Fan

Odoland’s Portable Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan is definitely a must have because it packs three tools in one: a USB-out charging function that taps the device’s batteries for charging your USB devices, an LED ring light assembly, and a DC fan smack in the center.

We love the portability of this device, and the fact that it has a sturdy hook on top that you can use to easily attach the device on a cloth strap above you (while you’re in the tent).

Grab two or more of these to make sure that you don’t run out of light while camping, or hook it up to a portable solar assembly to charge it when you don’t need it.

3. Folding Campfire Grill

While setting up a primitive grilling frame works too, a heavy duty campfire grill is a good idea especially if there are more than two people in the group, and you need to cook a good amount of food over an open fire.

The AmazonBasics folding campfire grill is sturdy yet lightweight, and can be used not just for grilling, but for boiling water, soup, or even frying if you have a pan. The width is there, so we’re sure you can think of more creative ways of using this portable grill.

4. Headlamp

Lighting Ever’s headlamp looks good enough to be taken to a camping trip. Bringing more than one of each gadget is actually a good idea, especially if you don’t have a way of charging your devices.

It’s a good thing that this headlamp runs on batteries, so you can just bring spares to your camping. This headlamp has a generous amount of head strap, and has three settings to provide you with just the right amount of illumination, based on what you’re doing.

5. Hammock

Winner Outfitter’s camping hammock can support up to 500 pounds of weight, and can be used by up to two people at once.

The material used by the manufacturer is also lightweight, which is good news, because you don’t need any additional and unnecessary weight bearing down on your back while you are hiking.

This hammock comes with thick carabiners and sturdy, flexible rope for fast installation.

6. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes may not sound like a big deal when you are still high and dry in the city, but once you’re on the trail and a good bath is a few hours away, you’ll thank us for reminding you to bring wet wipes.

We recommend Surviveware’s Biodegradable Large Wet Wipes as these are kinder on the environment. Use these to wipe off dirt and grime, and even clean any superficial wounds you may incur along the way. It’s safer to use wet wipes on wounds than river water, which is naturally contaminated with bacteria and parasites.

7. Hammer Axe

Make sure that you bring your Swiss knife along when you go camping.

If you don’t have a Swiss knife or any kind of multi-tool, try RoverTac’s 14 in 1 Stainless Multitool, which comes complete with knives, bottle openers, a small saw, and a hammer axe.

Use the hammer axe to drive in nails and to cut wood.

8. Bellows

Bellows are used to increase oxygen around fire, so it should be part of your fire-starting kit.

The Jonhen pocket bellows is a good addition to any camper’s toolkit because it’s small, and it works like a charm.

Use it both on the trail and at home.

9. Entrenching Tool

Being able to dig holes is a boon if you are going to camp for a long while.

Of course, bringing a full sized shovel is not going to cut it, because that would be too heavy and big for your backpack.

IUNIO’s military portable folding shovel and pickax should do the trick.

This larger multi-tool has all of the general benefits of smaller Swiss knives, with the added benefit of having an actual shovel head thrown in for good measure. The tool also folds up easily for storage, and you can just stow it away along with the other tools.

10. Camping Blanket 

The BEARZ outdoor beach blanket is one of our favorite items on this list because it’s a full sized blanket that fits into a tiny purse for easy storage.

The blanket is sand-proof, and comes in multiple colors, too.

We also like the fact that the blanket is waterproof, because the last thing you need in your camping bag is a moldy blanket that’s been splashed with rain or moisture from the ground. Grab it.

11. Emergency Signal

While we can plan for most things, emergencies do happen, and when you’re alone and isolated, you need to be able to transmit a visual signal.

The Weems & Plath SOS distress light fits the bill for the modern emergency signal.

This device can signal for up to 60 hours using just dry cell batteries – amazing!