Cool Man Cave Wall Decor Item Ideas 2020

When most men start laying out their man cave plans in their head, they tend to start with the obvious things like a big screen, pool table and maybe a mini bar.

Some things don’t get as much thought as the main ‘exhibits’ of the man cave, like what goes on the wall.

Well if you’re having trouble figuring out what to put on the wall of your man cave then you’re in luck because I’ll be covering just about all of the good wall décor item ideas I can think in this article.

Posters For Your Man Cave

I will say you need at least one poster or picture to hang on the wall.

Ideas for these can be: movies, patriotic, video game, sexy chick, sports, cars, fitness, motivation, there are so many here that you can find great posters for your wall so just pick out whatever fits your personality.

Another thing that falls under this is tin signs, like material from stop signs and such. A lot of cool look wall item are made in this material.


Dartboard can be a double win, with not only making your wall look good but throwing in an activity as well.

Try not to go for a cheap one if you can, a good looking dart board can really have a solid impact on how your wall looks.

Sports Memorabilia

This doesn’t have to be a poster like we mentioned above but can be something like a case of baseballs that you have caught or maybe a framed Jersey that you got signed.

Heck, you could even through your old trophies up there to help relive the glory days for when your buddies stop by.

Pool Items

If you have a pool table you could setup a rack set on the wall for your pool sticks, balls & racks.

Wall Storage For Your Alcohol

Even if you have a bar setup for all of your alcohol you could always still setup a wall storage area to put them in, just for the sake of filling up some wall space with something.


If you’ve got a decent selection of books then see about throwing up a book shelf, can be one you build into the wall or one that is already built.


There are tons of guys out there who have some badass looking guns that their buddies enjoy seeing, so maybe have a gun rack on the wall somewhere (high enough away from the kids).

Lights & Light up Signs

A cool light up sign is something I see in a lot of man caves so unless you just want to be different, then look into adding one to yours.

Christmas lights is something I don’t see too often but can add in a Holiday type of feel to your cave.

Grab some Christmas lights and run them across the top of your wall, bottom and around the door frame or just wherever you think may look good with them.


This is just my initial list of things that popped in my head, I’ll continue to add to this list as I come across new things.

For the most part thought, there is no wrong answer for what to use, it’s your area, your style, you pick whatever you want to see everyday.

Some wives may not be 100% cool with a bunch of good looking women posters hanging up but that’s an issue for you to tackle by yourself my friend.