Back From The Future: Cool Men’s Watches in 2020

Looking for an awesome watch to cap off the year? Getting a new watch is always a good idea – because you can’t ever have too many watches (like you can’t have too many fountain pens, but that’s another story).

This is our 2019 rundown of the best watches for men, with our theme “back from the future.”

Apple Watch Series 4

The ubiquitous Apple Watch has evolved so much from Series 1 that it’s now more of a personal assistant than just a watch.

This relatively tiny piece of Apple engineering features the largest Apple display from Series 1, and an electrical heart sensor to help monitor your progress while performing your fitness endeavors.

The shiny metal construction fits with every kind of look, and is the perfect accompaniment both in the gym and in the office. It’s also possible to share activities with family and friends, engage in head to head fitness competitions, and more.

Let’s not forget that the Apple Watch can make calls, open messages, stream Apple Music, and your favorite Apple Podcasts. It is independent of your phone, but also works seamlessly with other devices if you want it to.

POLAR Ignite

The POLAR Ignite reminds us of the clean, sci-fi vibe of the seventies, minus the kitsch beeps and bops. This timepiece features a clean, glass finish, a silver border, and a waterproof bracelet perfect for watercrafting and other sporty endeavors.

It also carries with it Polar Precision Prime Heart Rate technology, which according to the manufacturer, “sets the standard for optical heart rate accuracy.”

POLAR Ignite also comes with the Polar Fit Spark Daily Training Guide so you can get the best possible workouts with your new POLAR watch. It has an integrated GPS with route tracking, and it can be used to send messages and make phone calls.

And when you lay down at night, the POLAR Ignite still works hard in tracking your activity so you will now if you’re making progress with your lifestyle changes. All in all, POLAR Ignite is a pretty comprehensive timepiece for fitness and adventuring.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a fitness timepiece that focuses on tracking your workouts, sleep pattern, and stress levels.

It has a simpler interface than the Apple Watch, but remains a superior choice if you’re looking for a digital watch to pair with your Samsung handset, or any other handset with fitness apps installed.

The timepiece has a minimalistic design, is dustproof, and has a simple strap that doesn’t scream for attention, and is constructed with military precision and durability. It is NFC-compatible and works well with both Apple and Android handsets. Comes in green, black, silver, and rose gold.

SEIKO Astron

The SEIKO Astron is touted by the manufacturer as the “world’s first solar GPS watch,” and is one of the heftiest timepieces from the brand as of writing.

The Astron communicates with GPS networks globally to obtain accurate time, and features a high speed time transfer feature and adjustment, so you will have the right time when shifting from one time zone to another. The time transfer function changes both the home and destination dials on the mechanical display.

The Astron comes from 5X Series of high-end watches from SEIKO, which includes the Novak Djokovic Limited Edition, Executive Sports Line, and Executive Line.

Tissot T Touch Expert Solar II Men’s Analog-Digital Watch

The Tissot T Touch is our contender for rugged watches in our countdown. Built with a solid yet lightweight titanium case, the T Touch comes equipped with a comfortable rubber strap and a bi-directional ceramic bezel.

The pure black dials are highly luminescent, affording the wearer clear and accurate time readings even in pitch black conditions.

It is a hybrid timepiece that has a classic mechanical construction melded with digital technology. The digital display that complements that classic mechanical construction displays the altimeter, alarm settings, and the additional timer subdials.

The face of the timepiece is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and the watch is water-resistant to up to 100 meters or 330 feet.

The T Touch is a sporty timepiece that comes with other useful functions: compass, barometer, altimeter, perpetual calendar, stopwatch, and timer function. An well-balanced, all-in-one watch that provides the best experience from both the classic world of watches and the disruptions of the digital world.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Digital

The Suunto Traverse reminds us so much of the classic rugged watches of the yesteryears with its stylish analog display. The black and white monitor provides the perfect visibility for tracking routes, and the watch’s heavy construction is a sure hit for people who want a watch that can withstand impact, rain, and sun.

The Traverse is mainly an activity tracker that comes with Training & Outdoor functions, and works seamlessly with GPS networks and GLONASS Navigation.

Weighing 16 ounces, and with a case diameter of 50 millimeters, we recommend the Traverse for people who don’t like the bulkiness of G-Shock but would still like GPS/GLONASS Navigation features.

Braun Men’s Prestige Swiss Quartz Watch

Braun’s Prestige is a Swiss quartz digital watch that has a countdown feature, and a 100-year perpetual calendar setup, complete with day.

The Prestige’s display is also able to convey information in five different languages, and is water-resistant to up to 99 feet. It is constructed with a grey, stainless-steel band and a 37-mm stainless steel case that completes the professional look. It’s stylish and chic, and is also the winner of the Red Dot Awards.

Casio G-Shock GF-8250CM-2JR

The Casio G-Shock Frogman is one of three current GShock collections of chronographs that are built for adventuring and sports. The G-Shock Camouflage Frogman features a refreshing new face architecture, futuristic lines, and a solid hard plastic construction fit for submersion.

It is water-resistant to up 200 meters, and comes with a dive timer, tide & moon graphs, tough solar power assembly, and is imported directly from Japan. The Frogman is self-charging, and continues to be an inspirational G-Shock model for wearers looking for that extra functionality and the convenience of not having to change batteries anymore.