DanTDM Gaming Setup | Net Worth | Age | Merch | 2019

For this article we’ll be looking at what gaming chair, headset, keyboard, webcam that DanTDM uses, along with his net worth & some background information on how he became popular.

DanTDM Gaming Chair

What gaming chair does DanTDM use?

He uses the GT Omega EVO XL Racing Office Chair.

DanTDM Gaming Headset

What gaming headset does DanTDM use?

He uses the Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones.

DanTDM Gaming Keyboard

What gaming keyboard does DanTDM use?

He uses the Madcatz V5 Keyboard.

DanTDM Gaming Mouse

What gaming mouse does DanTDM use?

He uses the Mad Catz R.A.T.5 Gaming Mouse.

DanTDM Webcam

What webcam does DanTDM use?

He uses the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

DanTDM Net Worth

How much does DanTDM make from gaming?

He is estimated to make around 6 million dollars a year from his YouTube gaming channel. Giving him an estimated net worth of around…well my math isn’t great so let’s just say his net worth is a heck of a lot.

Who Is DanTDM

How did DanTDM become popular?

DanTDM aka TheDiamondMinecart aka Daniel Middleton is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers out there.

At the time of writing this he comes in at having 16,680,219 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His game of choice is Minecraft, but he has also started expanding out to more general type of vlogs as well.

What We Can Learn From DanTDM

What makes DanTDM so popular is his personality so this really isn’t something we can or should try to replicate (always be yourself).

However, there are some key takeaways that can be used from him.

With him recording Minecraft, it makes his audience a wide range for an age group.

I know my daughter has watched his videos (9 years old).

With that being said he keeps it very G rated on his videos, I don’t know if I ever heard a curse word come out of his mouth.

Me as a parent I am fine with letting my kid watch his videos. Which I bet make up a large chunk of his viewership.

Basically be aware of what type of viewers you might have.

Another main factor we can learn is you don’t HAVE to be on camera if you don’t want to.

DanTDM didn’t put a face to his video until he was at like 100k subscribers.

Obviously that’s nothing from where he’s at now but still most people would love to have 100k subs on their YouTube channel.

DanTDM Merch: Clothing, Backpacks, Toys Etc…

Sure he is making a killing off of the digital side of things but he didn’t stop there.

He sells his own actual physical products like DanTDM branded: hats, wristbands, shirts, key chains & even his own branded fidget spinners!

He is building multiple income streams for his brand & doing a heck of a job with it.

Alas, We Have Come To The End…

DanTDM is a great example of where you don’t have to be an eSports skill level gamer to be popular in the gaming niche of YouTube.

If you look at his channel you’ll notice he is consistent on pumping out content which is really what it comes down to.

If you put out quality videos at a regular base, viewers will find you.

It will take time but just keep on keeping on.

Final thing, we’ll try to reach out to Daniel at a later time to see if we can get an interview with him but no promises here.

If we do get it, then we’ll post it here on his page for our site.