Do Women Like Men With Facial Hair And Beards

Trying to get catch the eye of a pretty girl is something every man aims for and there isn’t anything wrong with that, it’s just how we’re built mentally.

Even though the way men aim to impress women has changed over the course of time looks will always play a factor in some way or another.

Well for this article we’ll be talking about the looks aspect on whether or not women prefer men with facial hair/beards or go for guys with the cleaner shaven look.

Before I really even get into this I know that not everyone is going to have the same end result because we all look different. Person A with patchy facial hair is not going to impress women as much as person B who has a full beard.

What Attracts Women To The Beard?

If I had to give a one word answer it would be manliness. Most women prefer their man to be tough or at least to have a tough side to them.

This goes back to our natural instincts, women like to feel protected for not only themselves but someone who can protect their children as well.

It’s the main quality women looked for in a man to determine their mate. Of course times have changed in how we protect our families; it largely went from killing things with our hands for food to being able to put in enough work hours to keep the fridge stocked. 95% of the time if you put a full beard on a man he gives off a manlier look, not necessarily better looking just manlier.

For the most part women are going to have that desire to have a manlier spouse, even if that desire is pushed behind other qualities they’re looking for first in a man.

So basically there will always be women who like beards on men, but with today’s time you need to keep it groomed neatly not just let it grow wild. If you have a weak jawline then growing a beard usually adds from what I’ve seen a positive boost in looks.

What About Stubble, Do Women Like That On Men?

Stubble has really taken off big time in terms of how men wear their facial hear nowadays.

You use to be looked at as if you were just too lazy to shave but now you can buy trimmer designed to keep your stubble specific lengths. I’ve noticed from my own experiences that stubble to be perfect for attracting the most women. It kind of gives the best of both words.

You get the ladies who like a nicely groomed man wear beards turn them away and you also get the women who don’t want their men to have a baby face.

As I’m currently in my mid-twenties the stubble look is perfect for attracting older, my age and younger women as to where a beard may turn away many girls my age or younger.

If you have a good jawline then stubble is also perfect because a solid jawline is a positive thing ladies like to see. A beard of course hides your jawline.

Keep Your Beards Groomed

Even having the most epic beards genetics won’t matter to most women out there if you don’t keep it properly groomed.

This means keeping it washed just like you would with your normal hair, comb it, keep it lined up, and look into using some beard oil on it as a major plus.

Another major factor in the look of your beard is having your face cleaned up, by that I mean don’t be that guy who has the beard that runs all the way down his neck.

This looks very unkempt like a homeless man’s beard and it will probably itch you like crazy to boot.

The commitment to keeping a beard looking good is where most men bail on the beard because they don’t realize how much work it is to maintain.

Most just think “heck yea I don’t have to shave anymore” and that they won’t have to do anything to maintain it.

Basically what I’m getting at is if you have or are growing a beard don’t be that guy who ends up with a crappy looking hippy beard who thinks he looks alpha, when in reality you probably have a birds nest built inside your beard because you haven’t combed it ever to know what’s going on in there or you have Cheetos from yesterday just chilling on it.

Know When To Bail On The Beard

Some men have poor facially hair genetics that won’t allow them to have a good full looking beard no matter how long they wait.

There are some things that you can take to help but overall it may not be enough to overcome your genetics being stubborn.

I only mention this because I had a buddy who had the most patchy, poor excuse for facial hair that you could imagine that was dead set on having an “alpha looking beard like Gerald Butler had in the movie 300”.

I didn’t want to discourage him but after about a year I finally had to have a serious bro talk with him because it just wasn’t making any progress and because he was my wing man when we were out in which his beard, if you want to call it that wasn’t doing us any favors with the ladies.

Having a beard work for you is like having a certain hairstyle, not every hairstyle works for every guy not matter how much you try to force it to work for you, work with what you’re given.