Dollar Shave Club Vs Harrys Vs Gillette Vs Bevel Vs Razorun

In this article we’ll be looking at some of the best shaving subscription services and how they stack up against one another.

The companies that we’ll be looking at are Dollar Shave Club Vs Harry’s Vs Gillette Shave Club Vs Bevel Vs Razorun.

Tip: Here is a good shaving kit if you prefer to get one without any subscription service.

Some of these names you may recognize, like the Dollar Shave Club commercials were always playing about a year ago.

Also some real big names like Gillette will be covered in this article but what a lot of people aren’t aware of is that they have started their own subscription type of service recently.

Note any prices I mention in this article can change in the future, this is just what they are at the time of writing this.

Alright enough babbling, let’s get started!

Dollar Shave Club

dollar shave club info

Let’s start off with pricing, this was the main thing they focus on in their marketing efforts, so you would think it’s priced well, right?

Well, you would be correct. For everything that you get within the boxes you get an insanely good deal.

They have it where you get your first box for $1, I guess to get your foot in the door and let you judge the products for yourself.

I like this because it allows you to gauge not only if you like their product or not but you get to see how long the blade will last you, that way you can set up your schedule on how often you will need them delivered.

In terms of brands, there isn’t a lot of different variety to choose from when it comes to the different products to go in the box, however the brands that are available have to cover multiple products.

For instance, if you want a hair product, you have Boogies brand but you can choose between: pomade, clay and hair gel.

The actual razors come with 3 different options: The Humble Twin (2 Blades), The 4X (4 Blades), & The Executive (6 Blades).

The Executive seems to the favorite among st most men, especially those with thicker beards from what I’ve gathered.

Overall Dollar Shave Club is a solid brand and has helped change price of shaving for the better!

Harry’s Shaving

harrys shave club info

Harry’s is another type of subscription shaving service that I noticed around the same time that I did with DSC.

It may have even began sooner but, DSC grabbed my attention first just from the sheer amount of commercials I seen from them.

Let’s start off with the pricing. Harry’s has two choices on it’s started set, the difference in them is the razor.

These kits start at $15 & $25, which may change in the future, this is just at the time of writing this.

They offer a free trial, which all you have to do is cover the cost of shipping, this is a great option to let you get an idea of the quality of their products.

The main difference between Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club is selection from DSC is slightly better, as you have more options on products to choose from.

Also the items that Harry’s carry is actually their brand, instead of Dollar Shave Club offering different types of brands for certain products, like their hair gels for instance.

This can either be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

One of the best things I like about Harry’s is The Winston razor, it gives you a real premium type of look/feel to it for only $20.

There is also a really neat option to have engraving added into the razor when you’re at the checkout option which makes it even more unique and a can make for a cool gift option by adding that into it.

Gillette Shave Club

Gillette shave club info

Most men know the name Gillette when it comes to shaving. It’s one of the biggest names in the shaving industry and it’s no surprise that they have launched their own monthly subscription shaving service.

Gillette is much more straight forward with their subscription service, with offering just pretty much the basics for what you need for shaving, no extra grooming stuff (at the moment anyways).

A look at the different tiers of shave plans they offer (at the time of writing this anyways) is in the picture just above.

So if you like Gillette’s products and don’t care for any of the extras that other shaving companies offer then this would be a good pick for you.

I didn’t notice a “low cost first time trial” type of offer that I the other two had offered but with a brand that’s a big as Gillette is, you can always just run down to pretty much any local store to buy one if you want to test out their products.

Bevel Shave System

Bevel Shave Info

Bevel is a lesser known compared to the others but it hasn’t been around too long, so I expect this to change immensely in the near future.

Bevel offers a shaving subscription service, which gives you all of the products you will need for an amazing shave, all created by Bevel.

Instead of just your basic razor, shaving cream type of setup you can get that as well as some great extras like the priming oil and restoring balm.

You can also get a shave brush to help apply the cream but like most men nowadays we tend to just use our hands.

With that being said, the brush is a great tool if you have little kids, like my daughter likes to use a brush to help me apply the shaving cream.

Compared to the other mentioned on this list, Bevel is a little bit pricier but you also get a lot of extras that you don’t usually get with the other services.

So if price isn’t a major factor in your decision then give Bevel a look to see if those extras are something that maybe worth it for your shaving routine.

Razorun Shaving

razorun shaving info

Razorun is another subscription shaving service that recently began in 2014 (I think).

The style of this service is really cool and screams manliness from the types of items they use, all the way down to how they even pack the box with straw type of packing.

They have everything you need for a perfect shave and then some.

In their boxes you can find: Double Edge Safety Razor, Shaving Brush, Blades, Soaps (shaving cream basically), Aftershave, & for the coolest part is their mystery item.

The mystery item is a nice touch that puts some excitement into when you get your box, props to Razorun on that.

As you can tell you get everything you will need here for a complete shave, the only thing that you may have to buy is shaving cream if you prefer the thickness of the cream over shaving soaps.

Overall though this is a company that I see becoming a major player in the shaving scene very quickly.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell shaving subscription services is starting to become very popular and even though there are just a handful today, I see this industry surging in competition in the next 4-5 years.

All of the services I mentioned in this list tend to have something that sets them apart from each other, even though you might think shaving is shaving, just be sure to truly look into what you’re looking for in your shaving kit before just choosing the first one you see.