Electric Shaver Vs Razor Blade: The Best Face Shaving Tool For Men

In this post I want to discuss electric shavers vs razor blade shaving, to help you decide which may be better for you to get a great face shave.

Shaving is a part of life for men, so choosing the best shaving tool can make a difference in how your day to day life goes.

You don’t just want to waste your money in buying one that wouldn’t even last or worse something that you cannot efficiently use.

It is quite a challenge to choose which one to get especially when there are plenty of options available.

So, it helps that you are at least know the different kinds of shaving tools to find out which one is the best for you.

Electric Shavers And Razor Blades: Whats The Difference In Them

types of shaving options


Depending on your preference, you may opt to use either an electric shaver or a razor blade.

If you want a modern tool that is suitable for quick shaving,  an electric shaver is the one for you. It comes in two forms the foil and oscillating.

man with eletric shaverUsing electric shavers give some benefits since it is a very safe tool and it is less likely to nick yourself while you are shaving.

On top of that, if you are always in a hurry, this offers a quicker solution instead of a razor since there is no need for lathering.

But as with anything else, it is not all pros. One of the downsides of using electric shavers is it does not give you as close of a shave.

Other downsides in using electric shavers include constant maintenance and cleaning, changing of batteries and it is much more expensive unless its rechargeable, which most are nowadays.

cleaning a electric shaver

Electric shavers are perfectly suitable for those who need a faster shave and if you are willing to spend more just to have a quicker and modern shaving tool.

If you want it the traditional way, a razor blade is the one for you.

man shaving his faceIt is readily available in the supermarket and comes in different variations. One of the pros of using a razor blade is that is way much cheaper.

It does not require maintenance or the use of batteries, however there are a few downsides.

When using a razor blade, you have to allot a few minutes to wet and lather your face as this will only work best when in wet skin.

So as not to irritate the skin, you need to use soap or a shaving cream.

Another drawback is that you may have small cuts and nicks especially if it is not a good blade.

A razor blade is the best choice if you have more patience and time and you don’t want to spend that much for an electric shaver.

Different Types Of Electric Shavers

Electric shavers are the perfect way to go especially if you want a quick and clean shave.

There are now electric shavers that can operate dry or wet.

And when it comes to choosing an electric shaver, you get to choose between two types which can sometimes cause the confusion: the foil shavers and the rotary shavers. How do they differ?

Rotary Shavers: This type of electric shaver refers to the movement of blades where it spins rapidly and in a circular motion.

The shaving tool is designed in such a way that it glides smoothly all over your face contour and to prevent cuts and nicks, the rotary shavers flex.

This electric shaver is perfectly suitable for those who have strong features like if you have high cheekbones and sharp jawline.

With its multi-directional capability, this choice does an excellent job in following the contours of the face and in handling long facial hair.


  • It Is great for those who have thick facial hair.
  • Can deliver a solid performance
  • Suitable for men who don’t want to shave on a daily basis


  • May cause irritation if you have extremely sensitive skin
  • Not highly recommended for those who want precise shaving

Foil Shavers: Foil shavers are different from rotary shavers as they work in a completely different manner. The blades oscillate behind a thin metal foil which serves two purposes.

First is that this foil protects the skin and second, it lifts the hair up and towards the blades. As the hair is pulled towards the foil, it is then cut. A full-size foil shaver features 3 or 4 blades.

So what does it mean to have more blades? Having more blades would only mean that shaving can be made faster.

But this has a limit since you wouldn’t want a shaving tool that is too oversized and difficult to use.

A bigger foil shaver can be unwieldy which eventually compromises the quality of performance.


  • Features close shave
  • Much better choice for those who have sensitive skin
  • Allows you to do precise shaving compared to rotary shavers


  • Not flexible and it works best in straight lines

Rotary Shaver Vs. Foil Shaver: Which One Is Better

Rotary Shaver Vs. Foil Shaver

There is no argument in the fact that electric shaver is worth the purchase and a must have tool.

Not only does it keep you clean and looking your best, it also saves time.

Given the two choices, how do you select which electric shaver to get?

If you want to have a quick shaving tool and you do not really shave that often, a rotary shaver is the one to get.

It does not make too much noise and it is perfect especially if you have prominent facial features.

On the other hand, if you want to shave slowly and you do it often, you should get a foil shaver. This choice is suitable for those who have fine features.

Whichever you decide to get in the end, it depends on what you need so take the time to weigh your choices and know the differences between the two.

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are much more expensive compared to traditional shavers. And just before you finally decide to buy one, here are some useful tips to guide you through the buying process.

Personal Preference: Everyone has different preferences and it is the same thing when it comes to choosing a shaving tool. Know what you need and what you like. If you like a wet rotary-based shaver then switching to a foil-based shaver may not be the best option.

Best Brands: The market is flooded with several cheaper alternatives and it can be quite tempting to buy them. But if you seek quality and performance, you should always go for the best brands that have been receiving good and positive reviews from their customers. Brands like Remington, Philips, Panasonic among many others are established names in the industry so you can never go wrong.

Price Point: The prices of electric shavers greatly vary and it really depends on you as to how much you are willing to spend. However, you need to keep in mind that price is the main indicator of a shaving tool’s performance. You may be willing to get the most expensive electric shaver out there and still end up getting disappointed with its performance.

Source of Power: Since it is not manual shaving, you have to consider the power source when choosing the right electric shaver for you. There are now rechargeable electric shavers which are perfect for those who are on the go. But if you run out of charge, you can also plug it in.

Dry or Wet: One of the main selling points of electric shavers is that it is very versatile which only means that you shave anytime and anywhere. When you use a dry shaver, you shave even when you are at your desk in just a few minutes without having to clean up any mess. Many modern electric shavers now offer wet or dry shaving capacity so you can just choose which one works well for you.

Skin Type: Some men have really sensitive skin and if you have one, you need to consider this factor especially since you may be prone to burn. Find an electric shaver that is not harsh on the skin. This is a very important factor that you have to consider especially if you want to use a foil shaver.

Different Types of Razor Blades

types of shaving razors

Disposable Razor

disposable razor

For men who would rather do it the traditional way when shaving, using a disposable razor is the way to go.

The ease and convenience that comes along with using this type is the best choice for many especially when it is also the cheapest option. 

A disposable razor is your usual razor blade that you find in drugstores or in the supermarket.

Should you buy a single or a multi-blade disposable razor?

Most men nowadays prefer to use multiple blades with the ease and convenience that they offer.

Some may not prefer to use disposal razor due to the fact that they don’t last long.

But there are actually a lot of excellent disposable razors available. It is just a matter of finding the best one.

Many might go for a disposable razor that is too cheap just to save cost.

But keep in mind that this might also mean low quality.

So, it is best that you go for respected and well reviewed brands. They are popular for a reason and you can be hopefully be assured of their quality.

Cartridge Razor

Many would tend to confuse disposable razors with cartridge razors, but these two are completely different. They are a combination of old-school & modern design.

Nowadays, it is one of the most common tools used for shaving.

It gives you that classic feel of shaving and the familiarity that comes with it makes it easy and convenient to use.

When you use a cartridge razor, the shaving process is quick and easy especially if you are using a shaving cream.

It has its share of drawbacks too. For one, it can be quite costly since you have to replace them once they are past their prime. Second, you may experience bad shaves when the blades are clogged.

Safety Razor

For a proper and clean wet shave, another good alternative is the use of a safety razor. It makes use of doubled edged blades that are disposable can are held in the razors head.

They work like straight razor but the difference is that the razor blades are held firmly to the right angle.

Safety razors are convenient and since it features a disposable blade design, it means that you do not have to sharpen the blades.

It is relatively safer to use compared to a straight razor. You don’t need precise shaving because the blade is already in the correct angle.

Straight Razor

When you hear the word wet shave, the very first thing that comes to mind is the straight razor.

This razor blade features a sharp and straight edge tool that is suitable for shaving wire-like facial hairs.

What most people like about straight razor is that it can shave through hairs without causing irritation.

Some may think that just because they are open blade, they are dangerous. But in reality, they are pretty much safe to use since the blade direction goes down the skin and it does not cause any skin cut.

Using a straight razor offers a few benefits. If you want a masculine way of shaving your beard, this is a must have.

Not only that, it also gives you the closest shave that you can get compared to other shaving tools.

Now let’s go to the drawbacks.

The downside of using a straight razor is that you have to sharpen it and when done the wrong way, it can cut to the face.

Guide For Picking Which Shaving Tool To Buy

Your choice of shaving tool depends on several factors.

Depending on your needs, lifestyle, and budget, you can choose among a wide array of options.

Given that there are just numerous choices to choose from, here are some tips to guide you through the process of buying the best shaving tool that best fits your needs.

  • First is you need to identify which kind of shaving tool you prefer. Do you prefer traditional shaving or you prefer the modern way of shaving which is much faster and more convenient? Each of these options has its respective pros and cons. Take the time to weigh your choices as to whether you should go for electric razors or the traditional razors.
  • Read product reviews. There are just too many shavers out there and almost all of them say that they can give you the best performance. The only way to find out if their claim is true is to know what consumers say about their products. It actually helps a lot that you are familiar with razors and shavers that top rated in the market today.
  • Go for well-respected brands. You may find yourself tempted to buy a very cheap blade made from China just to reduce costs. But if you don’t want to end up wasting your money, in this case, go for the best brands. They have been in the industry for a reason and you can never go wrong if you do choose them.
  • Take into consideration the cost. This can be quite tricky considering that most would go for a cheaper alternative like let’s say disposable or cartridge razors. But then again, if you want to save cost in the long run then it is a wise choice that you invest in buying an electric shaver. Unlike the former, you don’t just throw them away in just a short period of time.

Other Shaving Products That You Need

Apart from having the best shaving tool, you also need to have other shaving products to make sure that your skin does not get irritated once you shave.

Here are some of the things that you need to have for a clean, proper and good shaving.

Shaving Brush: You need a shaving brush to mix cream or soap with water in order to have a fine lather.

When using a razor blade, this is important so that you can have a soft and clean shave.

The brush works by evenly distributing the lather to your skin and giving you that rich microfoam.

There are various designs available and the most widely used material is the badger hair. It is soft and it is mild on the skin.

Even when you are traveling, you can always find handy travel shaving brushes for men on the move.

Pre-Shave Oil: You don’t necessarily need to have pre-shave oil during the wet shave process. But in order to avoid razor burn, it helps that you have it.

When the razor comes in contact with your skin, it can result to irritation and burn.

What a pre-shave oil does is that it hydrates and soften the hairs. It nourishes the hair roots to give way to a cleaner and softer cut while you are shaving.

Shaving Soap: Having a shaving soap is a must especially if you have normal to oily skin.

Although you can always use shaving creams, many they prefer to use the traditional option.

You need to use shaving soap when shaving as it aims to soften the air and it adds a layer to the skin so that the razor blade can glide in smoothly without resulting in irritation.

There are now a lot of shaving soaps that contain additional ingredients to prevent skin irritation and even fragrance to have better shaving experience.

Shaving Cream: If you don’t want to use a soap, there is the shaving cream which is a better alternative for those who have dry skin.

man applying shaving cream

The difference between shaving soaps and creams is that with a shaving cream, you no longer have to use water as the formula has it already.

By opting to use a shaving cream, you can directly apply it on the skin and start shaving without having to worry about skin irritation. Most creams now contain oils and other ingredients that are known to hydrate the skin.

After Shave: To protect the skin after shaving, you need to use after shave. This product contains herbal extracts and astringents to tighten the skin, close the pores, reduce skin redness and protect the skin after shaving.

Tips for Shaving

To have that clean and fresh look, here are some tips for the shaving process:

  • Before shaving, it helps that you have a shower first. Your pores are open after taking a bath which only means that it is much easier to shave. You may opt not to use shaving cream.
  • If you want to use cream and brush, you need to dip them in hot water first. Let it drip for a short while and twirl your brush until you see the lather foam.
  • Blades are sharp, so you have to be careful when shaving. Stretch your skin and when you start shaving, you have to hold the shaving tool at a 20-degree angle.
  • When shaving, follow the direction of your hair grown. Have one long stroke after 6 short ones.
  • Wash your face and shave sideways to make sure that everything is smooth.

Which Is the Best Option?

There is no better or worse shaving tool and whichever you choose as long as it best fits what you need then you have your best choice.

Every person varies when it comes to their own preferences and shaving needs.

But what we can advise for those who are still having a hard time choosing, the best way is to try and see for yourself as to whether you are much more comfortable using an electric shaver or a razor blade.