Emporio Armani ART3004 Mens Hybrid Smartwatch Review

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In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the Emporio Armani ART3004 Mens Hybrid Smartwatch.

The watches that people use today do not only exude style and aesthetic value but as well as modern features.

Over the years, there have been various changes and developments in trends. Watchmakers do not just factor in the quality and design.

They also have to be innovative and utilize the current technology to make watches packed with powerful features and specifications different from the traditional watches that people used to wear.

Pros And Cons Of The Emporio Armani Hybrid Smartwatch Mens ART3004


  • Gives You Dynamic And Trendy Style Perfect For Use For Both Men And Women With Its Beautiful Dial, Durable Stainless Steel Case And Quality Leather Strap.
  • Makes Use Of The Current Technology To Give You A Modern Watch That Has Amazing Features That You Can Use Including Receiving Notification, Health And Fitness Tracking Features, Sleep Monitoring Capacity, Filtered Notifications And A Whole Lot More.
  • Has An Amazing Battery Since You Do Not Have To Worry About Charging
  • This Watch Gives You Accuracy And Reliability Since It Automatically Adjust To The Time Zone And Date Based On Your Current Location.
  • Allows You To Receive Notifications As It Is Directly Synced To Your Smartphone And With Just A Gentle Buzz You Know If You Have A Message Or A Call.


  • None

Product Description

One of the most sought after timepieces is the Emporio Armani Connected Hybrid Smartwatch.

Ever since the product was launched, it has been gaining popularity not just among watch lovers but even for those people who want to get the advantage of the innovative features of a smartwatch.

If you are looking for a modern watch that can give you functionality on a different level, this might just be what you need.

Emporio Armani is a global brand that finally made its way into producing timepieces. The brand introduced its Emporio Armani Connected Hybrid Smartwatch.

This is not your ordinary watch as it uses the current wearable technology that you can use with any of your smart phones.

This watch is compatible with Android and Apple smartphone.

There are so many things to like about this watch as it can wirelessly sync to your mobile phone which means that it can give you accuracy wherever you are.

When you travel to another country, it converts the time is zone and the date automatically.

Not only that, it also tracks your other activities and you can also set up your own notifications.

By simply pressing the button, you can connect to your music.

And unlike the usual watches where you have to worry about this functional or unreliable batteries, this product uses coin cell battery which means that does not need charging.

Product Features

Emporio Armani Smartwatch has a lot to give in terms of product features and specifications.

One of the things that you really like about this watch is the dynamics that it offers in terms of style as it integrates the new technology.

This one is not just stylish but it also showcases the wearable technology that people really need today.

Subtle Notifications

In using this smart watch, you can have filtered notification or alerts for any of your mobile phone activity.

For instance, if you have calls, texts or any other messages, you can easily receive these notifications using your smartwatch.

No Need For Charging

For sure you have encountered problems with your previous watches where you have to deal with winding or failing batteries, the good news is that there is no need for charging.

It has coin cell battery which only means that it does not need charging and the battery can last up to 6 months.


This is not just a watch that enables you to see the time and the date.

It also serves as your alarm since you can set and you can even receive your scheduled alerts straight from watch.

Enjoy Music

If you want to control the music that you want to listen to, it can easily connect to your smartphone which means that you can just press the button if you want to start, stop or skip any track.

Track Your Activities

In today’s world, everyone is trying so hard to have a healthy lifestyle.

And this watch can help you monitor and even track your daily accomplishments like the distance you have walked, the steps or even the calories you burn all throughout the day.

You now have the opportunity to look into your health and fitness details straight from your timepiece.

Sleep Tracking Feature

There is no doubt that the Emporio Armani smartwatch gives us different features but one of its most unique attributes is its sleep tracking capability.

This watch can automatically track and even monitor your sleep duration as well as your sleep quality.


Emporio Armani is an analog display type made from stainless steel that guarantees you durability and quality.

Its case diameter measures at 43 mm with band width measuring 22 mm which is quite bigger than other watches.

But when you look at the features, you will know why this watch is slightly bigger.

The band material is made from leather which complements the over-all aesthetics of the watch.

Its blue dial color with mineral dial window type adds depth to the Emporio Armani Connected Hybrid Smartwatch.


With all the amazing features and specification that you can find in this smart watch, you simply cannot any reason as to why you wouldn’t want to purchase this product.

In terms of its aesthetic value, it exhibits a very classy, stylish and trendy style.

But it’s not just a beautiful watch, it can give you functionality and necessary features that you really needed in your daily life.

This watch does not only allow you to see the time and the date accurately wherever you are but it also allows you to get motivated and have a healthier lifestyle with its sleep tracking, health and fitness monitoring feature.

In terms of its overall built, you can still see that there are other much more durable and sturdy watches that you can find.

However, if you’re going to look at this watch and what it can offer to you in terms of its capacities and functionality, this is truly a good buy.

If you are looking for a watch that you can use on a daily basis and you can connect to your smart phones, the Emporio Armani Connected Hybrid Smartwatch is a wise choice.