Emporio Armani Diamonds For Men Cologne Review

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • 80%

  • Smell
    Editor: 93%
  • Lastability
    Editor: 95%
  • Womens Opinion
    Editor: 90%
  • Uniqueness
    Editor: 90%

In this article we’ll be looking at my review of the Emporio Armani Diamonds mens cologne fragrance.

When it comes to choosing your type of scent, not everyone is adventurous and would try out different kinds of scent just to find one they really like.

Some people would just prefer a good fragrance that is a little bit mainstream which means that the type of composition used in the fragrance is most common in the colognes that other signature cologne brands create.

Each scent is different in same way as personal preferences widely vary. Although this cologne is not my best personal choice, I like its smell and the way its scent lingers on the skin.

Pros And Cons Of Emporio Armani Diamonds For Men Cologne


  • Uses Bergamot As Its Top Note Giving You That Citrus Scent Followed By Spicy, Sweet And Woody Fragrance
  • You Can Find This Cologne Very Versatile As You Can Easily Wear It Everywhere You Go From Casual Even To Formal Events.
  • Has That Nice Woody And Vetiver Scent That Is Not Too Shocking And Sugary As It Has Just The Right Blend
  • Its Lasting Effect Is Superb So Even When You Spray Just A Few Amount; It Can Already Go A Long Way.


  • The Composition Of The Scent Might Not Be Too Distinct And Unique

Product Description

Emporio Armani Diamonds is not so old but it is also not the newest scent from their fragrance lineup.

Launched in 2008, this scent is created by well-renowned perfumer Jacques Cavalier with Giorgio Armani himself designing the bottle.

The scent is characterized as an aromatic and woody fragrance that is perfect for any occasion. The top notes include guaiac wood and bergamot.

Middle notes make use of Sichuan pepper, cedar and vetiver followed by base notes with amber and cacao.

Composition: When I first came across this cologne, I already had an idea of what its prevailing notes were.

I myself also noticed that it’s a bit mainstream with its bergamot notes that hit straight your nose once you open the cologne bottle. But even if it is not so unique, I still find this scent really good.

The transition from the orange scent to the scent of wood and cocoa, it is quite sophisticated. Not the best scent that you can find but it is also a nice fragrance in its own right.

It has cocoa undertones with Sichuan pepper in its middle notes that give you that vibrant and spicy yet warm and woody scent.

Is it the best scent? Personally, I have a different view. But then again, it is just my own view. Others may have an entirely different opinion. Does it have a nice scent? Yes, it does!

Best Use: What I like about Emporio Armani Diamonds is that its very composition is just right meaning that I won’t have any troubles wearing this scent anywhere I go.

It is not the type of scent that is too strong and would end up suffocating people’s nasal passages.

This cologne is just right for any occasion whether you are running errands for the day or you have to attend a fun event at night, you can consider this a good smelling scent and a safe choice.

Longevity: In terms of its longevity, it is excellent. The scent is long lasting that you no longer have to add more sprays or to re-apply later on.

The long lasting fragrance of Emporio Armani Diamonds is just enough. A few sprays would be enough.


Is this cologne worth a try? Yes! Why not? If you are the type who wants a great scent with just the right blend of woody aromatic and spicy fragrance, this is the one for you.

It has this orange top notes that you usually find in most signature fragrances.

As long as you feel like wearing this type of scent and this is where you are truly comfortable with, the Emporio Armani Diamonds is a great choice.

It smells good on your skin and it has this long lasting fragrance that is suitable for any time and any event.