What Equipment Do You Need To Start Streaming On Twitch

If you’re looking to get into the streaming scene on twitch then you will need certain equipment to get started, which we’ll be covering in this article.

I’ll be breaking this article down into a couple of different sections by the absolute bare minimum items you need, a nice to have section and a best of the best twitch equipment setup.

There will also be a recommended item suggestion with each section, with upgrade options also available for those who may have more money to spend.

Twitch Bare Minimum Low Cost Streaming Equipment Setup

This is the option for those who really have zero money currently to put into their streaming equipment but still want to get started.

These are pretty much the bare minimum that you can use to get away with for starting up your stream.

The computer specs that are listed on Twitchs’ website are:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD Equivalent
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

There are a few different software programs available for streaming but OBS is the cheapest option with it being free.

Technically you don’t need a microphone but you’re going to want to talk with your stream but if you can’t afford one then you could just turn your stream on while you play your games.

The mic that comes on your gaming headset is fine and would be better than not having anything.

Most Twitch viewers tend to like being able to see the person that is streaming so a webcam is recommended item that you should pick up.

Twitch Mid Range Gear Streaming Setup Recommendation

This option is for those who have a little money to put into their setup but not enough to go crazy with it.

I’ll post upgrade option recommendations from the above setup for each of these below.

These are the 4 main components to any real streamers setup so this is where you should make sure you’re good first before moving on to extra stuff.

If you only have enough money for certain items then I would upgrade the computer, mic, webcam and then the software, in that order.

OBS is pretty decent software so you may not even feel the need to upgrade it at all but if you have the fun I would look to getting Gameshow.

On the microphone you can stick with a gaming headset mic but the quality in desktop microphones tends to take it to another level and since listening to you is a main aspect of most streams it will play a crucial part.

What Is The Best Twitch Streaming Equipment

I’m not gonna pick some outrageous setup that costs more than most people make in a year but this will feature some of the top gear that most gamers would kill to have to stream with.

This would be my ideal streaming setup if I got to pick pretty much whatever I wanted.

You got super high quality audio with the Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone and the Logitech C930e has everything you need + plus some for your webcam.

The green screen makes for a nice touch that removes the background image of your room/office in your webcam streaming area and allows you to have your game play everywhere behind you as well.

This gives a nice immersion feel which takes your stream to another level.

How To Get Equipment To Start Streaming

When looking at this list or other peoples steams and seeing how good it runs/looks it’s easy to start wanting stuff that’s way out of your budget.

What I recommend is that you get a setup like or comparable to the tier one setup in this article and start streaming.

This allows you to A) See if you even like streaming because it may not be something that is for you & B) You can start to building your following and maybe start to earn some money through your stream.

If you can start getting some money come in then you can slowly upgrade your stream one item at a time until you have an ideal setup.

What I don’t recommend is putting off to begin streaming until you get the best of the best equipment.

This not only takes away valuable time but also I’ve know a few people who spent a crap ton of money on their streaming setup only to find out that they didn’t really like it.

Something that I want to mention is that your streaming equipment is just a piece of the overall puzzle on how your stream is.

Sure it helps but having the best equipment isn’t going to make your stream successful.

I just wanted to point that out because to often in streams that I’ve been in I see some streamers make excuses on why they don’t have a lot of viewers and that excuse usually revolves around their setup.

Either that or they’ll stop streaming all together until they get all the equipment that I want which I think is a bad idea, because that’s time you’ll never get back in which you could be gaining new followers or just more experience as a streamer.

With that being said if you have a computer that does nothing but lag or keeps restarting a bunch because it can’t handle running a game and the stream then this makes complete sense.

I’m talking more on the lines of those who can run the setup just fine but just want better audio or maybe a faster processor, etc..