Making Money Flipping Flea Market & Yard Sale Items Online

I couldn’t decide where to put this under the hobbies or money category, so it’s going under both!

There has been a huge surge in people wanting to flip items after shows like storage wars and flip this house starting airing.

Most people watching those shows probably think you can only flip stuff in the same way that they do, like flipping a house or selling a storage unit full of stuff.

While these are some good ways to go about it they can be both expensive and pretty risky to boot and also increasing in competition, with those shows becoming so popular.

This leads me to explaining about how you can make money in this same type of mindset but by flipping actual items that you buy in flea markets or yard sales.

Pros & Cons Of Flipping Flea Market & Yard Sale Items


1. Can Be A Fun Treasure Hunt Type Of Way To Make Some Money
2. Not A Huge Money Investment Compared To Flipping Other Things
3. Can Find Some Cool Stuff That You May Want To Keep
4. A Good Way To Get Some Extra Cardio In


1. You Need Patience
2. Be Prepared For A Grind To Make Consistent Money Or Be Lucky

Where To Begin

Find some flea markets around you and spend a few hours looking through them.Try to focus on some that you may be knowledgeable about.

As an example, I don’t know crap about sports memorabilia, so if I was to try to flip something I thought was priced low, then it’s a gamble.However, if I find something like collectors’ cards then I might have a better idea of what they might run for.

With that being said, you can always use your phone to look up to try and see how much an item is worth, so technically you can check on every item but this quickly becomes time consuming if you do this on every item that you see.

When I was younger I found a Dragon Ball Z card at a local flea market that was priced around $10 bucks and I knew this was actually a pretty rare card. I ended up selling that same card online for like $50 bucks, only reason I even looked twice at that card was because I use to collect them when I was younger.

This an idea of what I mean by focus on items you already know about.

Be Prepared To Sift Through Some Items

Depending on what type of flea market/yard sale you go to, you’re most likely going to have to go through a lot of stuff to find something good.If something is just sitting in plain sight, then there are going to be plenty of eyes hitting it.

One of the main flea markets I hit have two types of setups, which is a glass case area where everything is locked and big booth areas where you can pick up and look through the items.

It’s very hard (not impossible) to find anything that you can flip that are in the cases because most of the time the sellers that put items in the cases have done their homework and priced the items accordingly.

With that being said, the booths are usually a more of a cluster type of setup where you can tell it’s people just wanting to get rid of a lot of stuff.

Going through these booths is where I’ve found some really cool stuff that make me some money over the years.

Note that some flea markets will have different rules, so before you go touching items make sure that market is fine with it.

Bring Cash

This mainly applies to yard sales but, some flea markets as well.The last thing you want to do is find a great item and not be able to pay for it because it doesn’t take card/check.

Also be sure to have a variety of bills because plopping a 100 down wanting to buy a $5 item may not work for a yard sale that doesn’t have change.

Another good rule here is limit yourself to how much you can comfortably spend.

If your like myself you can get carried away with seeing all this cool stuff and go on a spending spree when you know you don’t really have the funds for it, by limiting how much you bring will put some sort of self-control system in place.


Hitting up flea markets/yard sales can not only be a great way to make some extra money but it’s actually a pretty fun hobby as well.

If you like digging through old stuff in hopes of finding a hidden gem, then you might enjoy this whether you actually make any money or not.

Overall just be realistic here, don’t go off quitting your job and thinking this is going to replace your day job pay, think of it more like a good way to make some beer money.

Hope you enjoyed this article!