Gfuel Review: Using Gfuel As My Pre-Workout Supplement

This is my review on the Gfuel supplement & why I decided to use it as my pre-workout supplement rather than traditional supplements that are marketed specifically for pre-workouts.

Gfuel is marketed as a supplement for gamers to help them with energy & focus.

So, let’s go into why I use it as my pre-workout.

Pre-Workout Supplement Without Beta-Alanine!

My biggest reasoning for going with this is I could finally get a pre-workout supplement without beta-alanine.

This is what causes you to feel all tingly or itchy after you take it.

On top of that I also didn’t care much for other stuff that has become popular in pre-workouts, such as Yohimbe.

Yohimbe, makes me sick to my stomach & that is common from what I’ve read.

Gfuel Focus Complex

Along, with the energy boost from Gfuel it has ingredients for their “Focus Complex”.

This is added to help you stay focused on what you’re doing rather than using all that energy all over the place, it helps with utilizing that energy on what you’re trying to get accomplished.

This would be getting a good workout in in my case, others it may be studying or pvping.

A lot of pre-workout supplements also have a lot of focused based ingredients as well.

Does It Have Enough Caffeine?

Most pre-workouts you find these days will be at a minimum 200mg of caffeine per serving, with some as much as 400mg!

Gfuel has 150mg which is perfect for me, as I hit the gym after work, and I don’t need anymore issues with trying to fall asleep at night.

Even with my timing of the gym I still fine anything more than 200mg too much for me.

Sure, if I was to take 200-400 mg then lay around then it might not be too bad but I’m up moving, lifting weights doing cardio. Blood is pumping, I don’t need my heart to have any extra stress than it needs.

I just need something to help me get going.

Well why not just use coffee or an energy drink?

Glad you asked!

No Sugar Crash & Love The Taste

I’m honestly tired of drinking coffee & it doesn’t give any extras than just the caffeine boost.

I like how Gfuel tastes and they have a ton of flavors, with more coming out pretty much every month it seems like.

Energy drinks do have a little extra kick to them & I do like the taste.

However, for the price, I’m losing money compared to using gfuel & also I can feel the sugar crash.

The price point is huge for me. Especially if you can catch one of their BOGO deals that they seem to run fairly often.

Antioxidant Complex

The antioxidant complex in gfuel is just a bonus. It’s not a must have for me as it’s something that they have in it because it may help with keeping you healthy.

I say “may” because I have zero clue how much it helps.

Here is a quote from this article, that is pretty much my sentiments on the antioxidant complex.

“I wouldn’t expect to see any ergogenic benefit from this complex, i.e. you won’t aim any better, or make decisions any faster. Adding some antioxidants to your diet, however, isn’t usually a bad idea. They’re generally healthy, and it’s possible that other good active molecules may be coming from the fruit and veggie extracts provided as well.”

Best Place To Buy Gfuel

At the time of writing this, the best place to buy gfuel is from their website which is usually not the case for most supplements.

Most of the time (with other supplements) you would find a better deal from a vendor.

With gfuel there is more than one reason why I buy it directly from gfuels website.

Reward Points

You earn points in a variety of ways but the main one is when you make a purchase through their site.

These points can be used to pay for more products or can be used for insane rewards such as a video game console at the highest tier. (This is what it says at the time of writing this, this may change in the future).


Another big factor is that they run deals pretty often & not crappy 10% off type deals either but like BOGO deals on their gfuel tubs.

Hopefully this doesn’t change in the future!

Final Thoughts

This has been my go to energy supplement, not just for pre-workouts but for any caffeine.

Compared to buying a soda or energy drink everyday for my caffeine I’m saving money by using gfuel.

I would say the only reason I would swap to something else is if they jacked up the price, added an ingredient I didn’t like or if I got tired of the taste.

The latter I don’t see happening because of how many & how often they launch new flavors.