Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men Cologne Review

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    Editor: 100%
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    Editor: 99%
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Recently we did our best of article review for mens cologne with Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani For Men taking the top spot on that list which makes me very excited to give you a more in depth review on this cologne! Some of the information here will be stuff I’ve already mentioned in the best of men’s cologne article but we’ll also go more in depth and cover a lot more information on here as well about this cologne.

Let’s dive into some general details about this product followed by the pros of what I like about this cologne.


  • Amazing Scent That Works For Both Work Or Nightlife
  • So Many Female Compliments
  • Doesn’t Take Much For Full Effect
  • Not An Overwhelming Scent
  • A Very Sophisticated Smell

Alright that’s enough of the box label stuff, some people do like to read that general information about the product so I do like to add that into the reviews for them.

Now let’s get into why I chose this product as my overall winner for the top cologne for men.

I could keep going on with this list but I think these 5 points cover a lot of what most of you may be looking for question/answer wise.

There are a lot of colognes made for specific events such as one style of cologne would be made specifically for date night while another has a more professional wear to the office smell to it.

However, there are some that just work perfectly as an all-around cologne and Acqua Di Gio falls into that category. Alright I hear you, let’s get to the important part.

Do Women Like It

Here it is, drum roll please! A big ole yes to that question! I honestly can not count how many times I’ve been complimented by the ladies on how good I smell. Let’s just say if I got out with it on and don’t get at least 1 mention of it by the end of the night then I would be very surprised.

A lot of men ask about it as well just because they want to buy some as well which is a compliment in it’s own right as well.

If you main reason for buying a cologne is hoping it will help you out with the ladies then I think this cologne will be a great wing man for you.

How Long Does Each Bottle Last? (Scent & Amount Wise)

A good question that most people over look when buying cologne is how long the scent lasts on them after spraying it on.

They usually go straight for how it smells and forget everything else which isn’t the best way to pick out a cologne. I usually spray about three sprays each two front and one back before leaving for work around 7:30 AM.

I really quit noticing the smell around 2 but I have asked co-workers just to get a better answer and they say they can still smell it as I’m we’re leaving work which was kinda shocking for me.

Of course the scent isn’t as strong as it was earlier in day but the fact that the scent is really even noticeable after 7 hours makes it one of the longest lasting colognes that I have personally used.

So basically between 4-6 hours is a good scent life for this cologne.

Where To Buy

Finding local stores that carry the cologne you’re looking for is always hit or miss usually ending in a disappointing night with no cologne and gas being wasted.

This is why I literally buy most of my grooming products online with cologne falling into that category. I always buy mine through amazon which always works great for me and I’m not even a prime member (which I should be now that I think of it) so if you’re prime member that’s just icing on the cake.

There are a few other online based sites that sell them but I always ran into issues with it being out of stuck or price being to high.

So if you’re one of the lucky few to have a walk in shop near you that sells it then grab it up if not I suggest buying it through amazon.